Remnant 2 Alchemist Unlock [Definitive Guide]

You don't have to slay anyone this time. In fact, you may even have to counterintuitively let your enemies win briefly to unlock The Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2.

remnant 2 alchemist unlock
Unlocking The Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2. The Image displayed is captured by VeryAli Gaming.

Remnant 2 comes with many secret Archetypes to look for and unlock, such as The Alchemist Archetype. Let’s learn everything about it!

Key Takeaways

  • The Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2 is an ideal choice to go with if you are playing the game with teammates in multiplayer/co-op mode and prefer a support-oriented role.
  • To unlock this Archetype, you will need to be able to access the world of Losomn. If you do not have access to it, re-roll until you can finally get into Losomn.
  • Once in Losomn, you will need to locate the Albino Bone Collector and take it down so that you can obtain the Mysterious Stone.
  • You must then take the Mysterious Stone to Wallace in Ward 13 to unlock The Alchemist Archetype.

Is The Alchemist Archetype Worth The Effort?

Unlike other much trickier Archetypes to get your hands on, The Alchemist, luckily for many, is an easier Class to unlock and can be done so during the Campaign mode. The Alchemist Archetype can be a pretty formidable Class to opt for, excellent for players who prefer choosing the support route in multiplayer/co-op games.

The Alchemist is an ideal Archetype to utilize when playing with teammates since it has many abilities that can provide valuable buffs to both the player and allies. Naturally, this Archetype might not be the perfect match for you if you prefer playing Remnant 2 alone. You may want to look at other options which may be far better suited for solo play.

Given all these factors, if you feel like The Alchemist is the perfect choice for you and your style of gameplay, then follow our step-by-step guide on how to unlock it.

Getting To Losomn

remnant 2 alchemist unlock
Choosing Losomn In World Selection. Captured by VeryAli Gaming.

To acquire The Alchemist archetype in Remnant 2:

  1. Let yourself be captured by the monstrous creature in the sewers beneath the world of Losomn. This is essential to unlock The Alchemist.
  2. If you’ve recently started a new character in Remnant 2, visit Ward 13 and go to the checkpoint stone. From there, you can reroll your campaign until you have Losomn and Morrow Parish as your starting regions.
  3. Keep in mind that rerolling your campaign will cause you to lose all progress in your current ongoing campaign.
  4. If you prefer not to reroll, you can naturally progress through the game until you reach Losomn in your playthrough.
remnant 2 alchemist unlock
Morrow Parish on Map. Captured by VeryAli Gaming.

Steps To Follow

Step 1: Search for the sewer grates

Once you have entered the world of Losomn, you should start exploring the slums in search of sewer grates big enough to squeeze in through that could show up on some of the walls.

Remnant 2’s worlds are procedurally generated, so sadly you will have to do this tedious searching task on your own as we cannot pinpoint you to the locations where these might spawn. But here’s an image that could give you a pretty good visual of what they look like:

remnant 2 alchemist unlock
What sewer grates in Losomn would look like. Captured by VeryAli Gaming.

Step 2: Enter the Lair of the Albino Bone Collector

As I encountered sewer grates in Losomn, I stood in front of each one and waited to get captured. Yes, getting captured by the enemy was necessary for this objective. Once captured, I was taken to the Lair of the Albino Bone Collector. It’s crucial not to accidentally escape the capture animation, and in multiplayer mode, my friends had to die intentionally to join me in the bone pit.

Step 3: Beat the Albino Bone Collector

Inside the Bone Collector’s den, I woke up on a pile of bones and faced the Albino Bone Collector in battle. To defeat it, I dodged its heavy attacks and continuously fired at it until it was defeated. After winning the battle, I received a vital item called the Mysterious Stone.

remnant 2 alchemist unlock
Obtain the Mysterious Stone. Captured by VeryAli Gaming.

Step 4: Take the Mysterious Stone to Wallace

remnant 2 alchemist unlock
Ward 13 Map in Remnant 2. Captured by VeryAli Gaming.

You will have to take the acquired Mysterious Stone to Wallace, located in Ward 13. Hand over the Mysterious Stone to him and purchase the Philosopher’s Stone. You will also need to pay the additional cost of around ten Lumenite Crystals and a thousand Scraps.

remnant 2 alchemist unlock
Getting the Philosophers Stone from Wallace. Captured by VeryAli Gaming.

The essential Engram required for you to unlock the Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2 is The Philosopher’s Stone. You will have access to it now and can easily change your currently equipped archetype to Alchemist. Or, if you want, you could even set it as your secondary Archetype.

remnant 2 alchemist unlock
Captured by VeryAli Gaming.

Alternatively, you can also reroll a completely new character to obtain all of The Alchemist’s starting equipment. We hope you found our Remnant 2 Guide on unlocking The Alchemist useful!


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