Remnant 2 All Archetypes [Definitive Guide]

Here we have listed down for you all the Archetypes currently available in Remnant 2.

REMNANT 2 - All Archetypes
REMNANT 2 - All Archetypes

Remnant 2 offers a variety of Archetypes or classes that you can pick from. Currently, there are 11 known Archetypes, and there is a good chance that we might get to see more in future DLCs. Let’s dive into this guide and learn everything about these classes.

Key Takeaways

  • Remnant 2 has a total of 11 Archetypes currently available in the game.
  • Each has a set of three skills and 5 perks.
  • The perks type include Prime, Damage, team, utility, and Relic.
  • All of the archetypes have expertise in a variety of things. Some may boost up the power, or others are mainly focused on healing and assisting.

All Archetypes in Remnant 2

Class Name Each Archetypes’ Usage
Hunter Long-range damage, burst damage, exploits weak points.
Gunslinger Mid-range DPS, Focuses on ammo preservation, Instant reload.
Challenger Durable, melee, and ranged damage.
Handler Support, heal allies, and enhances ally damage.
Medic Healer, prioritizes health, and buffs damage.
Engineer Heavy weapon expert, Turret assistance.
Summoner Support, Regeneration of health.
Invader High-level damage, Focus lies on evasion.
Alchemist Stats boosting, increase damage resistance.
Explorer Offers utility, aids in finding the high-quality loot.
Archon Support, utility, generates mod power.


Hunter Archetype
Hunter Archetype | Captured By Us

The Hunter Archetype has made a comeback in Remnant 2. It exploits the weak points perfectly and is capable of dealing significant long-range damage. It is suitable for players who prefer ranged attacks.

This archetype allows you to mark the opponents around you, or sometimes it gets challenging for enemies to detect you easily. Hunter Archetype is also known for its high precision and impressive shots.

Archetype TraitsLongshot Increases the ideal range of a weapon. By upgrading the archetype to level 10, you can get the ideal weapon range increased by 600 (cm).
Starting Weapons 1. Huntermaster M1– Long-range hunting rifle.
2. Steel Sword-Melee weapon with extended blade and deals moderate damage.
3. Repeater Pistol-Semi-automatic hand weapon.
How To Unlock You need to have Sniper War Medal Engram to unlock the Hunter Archetype. To craft this Engram, purchase the Rusty Medal from Brabus at Ward 13 by spending 1500 Scrap.


Skill Description
Hunter’s Mark Increases Hunter’s spatial awareness by casting an Aura that automatically applies MARK to all enemies within 35m.
While senses are heightened, Hunter also gains 15% increased Ranged and Melee damage.
Lasts 25s.
Cooldown: 67.2s
MARK: Crit Chance against MARKED enemies is increased by 15% for all allies.
Hunter’s Focus Heightens Hunter’s senses which cause Aiming at an enemy for 0.01s to apply MARK.
Continuously Aiming Down Sights uninterrupted and without shooting for 1s causes the Hunter to enter a FOCUSED state.
FOCUSED reduces Weapon Spread, Recoil, and Sway by 75% and grants 25% Ranged & Ranged Weakspot Damage and 10% Ranged Crit Chance.
Lasts 20s.
The FOCUSED state can last up to 10s after the Skill duration expires.
Cooldown: 48s
MAR: Crit Chance against MARKED enemies is increased by 15% for all allies.
Hunter’s Shroud Hunter becomes Shrouded, reducing enemy awareness and making them harder to hit while moving. Attacking or activating a Mod or Skill will instantly exit Shroud.
Exiting Shroud applies MARK to all enemies within 10m and grants AMBUSH to the Hunter for 2s.
AMBUSH: Increases Ranged and Melee Damage by 50% which diminishes over its duration. Ranged and Melee attacks apply MARK.
Hunter will automatically Shout again after 1.15s if no offensive actions are performed.
Lasts 15s.
Cooldown: 86.4s
MARK: Crit Chance against MARKED enemies is increased by 15% for all allies


Perk Type Description
Dead to Rights Prime Dealing 55 Base Ranged Weak spot Damage extends the duration of active Hunter Skills by 3.5s. Can extend timer beyond its initial duration.
Dead Eye Damage Gain 40% Ranged Damage, 15% Weak spot Damage, and 5% Ranged Critical Chance.
Damage increases with Hunter Level.
Return to Sender Team Kills due to Weakspot and Critical Hits increase ammo drops by 50% and double the chance of Ammo drops.
Urgency Utility Firearms gain 15% Reload Speed, and 15% increased movement speed after a kill lasts 5s.
Intuition Relic Using a Relic extends the duration of any active Hunter skill by 10s.
Effect degrades with each subsequent use.
Weakspot kills against MARKED enemies increase the speed of the next Relic Use within 15s by 5%. Stacks 10x.


Gunslinger Archetype
Gunslinger Archetype | Captured By Us

The Focus of Gunslinger Archetype in Remnant 2 mainly lies on ammo preservation. So, if you are going to have this by your side, then you won’t have to be stressed about running out of ammo. The Gunslinger Archetype is inspired by Western design and gives an amazing overall look.

It comes with classy perks, and these can increase the ranged damage, rate of fire, reloading speed, and more. If you ever find yourself in need of a quick reload, then the prime perk, loaded, can do wonders for you.

Archetype TraitsAmmo Reserves This increases the ammo Reserves by 5% on level 1 and by 50% on level 10.
Starting Weapons 1. Wrangler– Reliable Hunting Rifle
2. Scrap Hatchet– Tool for Chopping.
3. Western Classic- Single-action Handgun
How To Unlock There are two ways to unlock Gunslinger: one includes the pre-ordering of Remnant 2, while those who couldn’t avail of this chance can go for the second method. In this one, you will have to attain the Worn Cylinder, and this will be used to craft the Iron Cylinder Engram, which will eventually unlock the Gunslinger.


Skill Description
Quick Draw  Pull out your trusty side piece and unload up to 6 Critical Shots from the hip. Each shot deals 35 base damage and double stagger value.
PRESS: Instantly fires toward all enemies in view within 25m. Upon release, rounds will be divided evenly among all targets.
HOLD & RELEASE: Allows manual Aim and fires one single powerful shot upon release.
Cooldown: 38.4s
Sidewinder Calls upon the power of the Desert Sidewinder snake to increase ADS Movement Speed and Draw/Swap Speed by 50%. Cycling weapons will automatically reload incoming Firearms. Lasts 12s.
Cooldown: 76.8s
Bulletstorm Unleashes the full power and speed of the Gunslinger. Increases Fire Rate by 20% and Reload Speed by 50% of all ranged weapons. Lasts 20s.
Single Shot Weapons become fully automatic.
Kills instantly reload the current weapon.
Instead of becoming fully automatic, Bows and Crossbows gain a 15% Critical Chance, and a 50% increased Projectile Speed.
Cooldown: 57.6s


Perk Type Description
Loaded Prime When Activating any Gunslinger, both weapons are instantly reloaded and gain infinite reserve ammo on all weapons for 8s.
Posse Up Team Ammo pickups reward 30% additional ammo per player, with the bonus split equally among teammates.
Causes the ammo box to drop additional ammo on the ground.
Swift Shot Damage Gain 15% fire rate, 25% ranged damage, and 5% Crit chance for all firearms.
Quick Hands Utility Firearms gain 100% reload speed.
The bonus is DOUBLED if the magazine is empty.
Sleight of Hand Relic Using a Relic reloads equipped firearm and increases ranged damage by 15% for 10s.


Challenger Archetype
Challenger Archetype | Captured By Us

Challenger is known for excellent survivability and can deal amazingly in close encounters. This Archetype is highly durable and can give tough time to enemies. It seems to be most suitable for the tank role due to the qualities it holds,

As Challenger focuses on other aspects, so you may not get too much accuracy during the combats. Besides this, it is worth giving a try in Remnant 2.

Archetype TraitsStrong Back With this trait, the effect of armor weight on mobility gets reduced.
Starting Weapons 1. AS-10 Bulldog – A completely automatic long gun
2. Silverback Model 500 – six-shooter potent handgun
3. Iron Greatsword – highly damaging melee weapon
How To Unlock You are required to craft the Steel Enswell Engram to unlock the Challenger. To craft this engram, you have to get Old Metal Tool which can be bought for 1500 scrap from Reggie.


Skill Description
War Stomp Create a high-impact tremor that deals 210 damage and additional stagger in a forward cone up to 7.5m.
Deals damage in all directions t blank range
Cooldown: 35s
Juggernaut Become nearly unstoppable BULWARK L3, 15% increased movement and melee speed, and 50% increased melee damage.
Stagger damage is reduced by 1%.
Lasts 25s
Cooldown: 42s
Rampage Enters a heightened state of battle which increases fire rate by 15%, reload speed by 20%, and movement speed by 10%.
Lasts 20s.
Dealing high damage to enemies grant 1 stack of RAGE, which increases ranged damage by 5% per goes BERSERK, which reloads their current firearm and doubles rampage effects for 20 s.
Cooldown: 63s


Perk Type Description
Die Hard Prime When receiving fatal damage, the challenger becomes invulnerable for 5s and regenerates 100% of max health.
Can only happen once every 10 minutes.
Close Quarters Damage Gain up to 40% ranged and melee damage to all enemies within 7m.
Damage bonus tapers off until 13m.
Critical Chance is increased by up to 10% at the same range.
Damage increases with challenger level.
Intimidating Presence Team After activating a challenger skill, enemies within 10m deal 10% less damage for 15s, with an additional 2.5% damage reduction per enemy affected.
Powerlifter Utility Both the additional stamina cost increase for each weight bracket and stamina regen delay are reduced by 50%.
Face of Danger Relic Perk Using a relic within 10m of an enemy grants 2 stacks of Bulwark and 10% increased damage for 10s.


Handler Archetype
Handler Archetype | Captured By Us

The Handler comes along with a dog as a companion, and we get to see its significant role in the abilities. Being a support class, Handler can provide great assistance to the team during fights, such as granting a variety of buffs.

If luck goes against you on the battlefield, then through Bonded Perk, you can get yourself a second chance. This dog companion proves to be best when it comes to assisting in a down situation.

Archetype TraitsKinship The Friendly fire hurt, which is received and dealt gets reduced. At level 1, it will be 8%, and by leveling up at 10, you can increase it to 80%
Starting Weapons 1. Blackmaw AR-47– complete auto rifle
2. Rusted Claws– Melee weapon with curved blades.
3. Tech 22-Auto pistol with a mid-level capacity
How To Unlock You have to craft Silent Whistle Engram to lay your hands on Handler Archetype. And to craft this Engram, get yourself Old Whistle from Mudtooth for 1500 scrap.


Skill Description
Guard Dog A dog companion will follow the player. The companion gains a 15% increased threat, and all damage to them is reduced by 20%.
SINGLE PRESS: Companion engages enemies near the targeted location.
DOUBLE TAP: The companion returns to the handler and remains by their side.
HOLD: Howl reduces damage by 15% to all allies within 20m, and the companion generates additional threat. Lasts 20s
Cooldown: 90s
Support Dog A dog companion will follow the player. The Companion continuously heals allies within 3.5m for 0.25% of max health per second.
SINGLE PRESS: Companion engages enemies near the targeted location.
DOUBLE TAP: The companion returns to the handler and remains by their side.
HOLD: Howl grants 2% of max health per second and 25% increased movement speed to all allies within 20m. Lasts 25s.
Cooldown: 90s
Attack Dog A dog companion will follow the player. The companion gains 20% damage.
SINGLE PRESS: Companion engages enemies near the targeted location
DOUBLE TAP: The companion returns to the handler and remains by their side.
HOLD: Howl increases damage by 20% for all allies within 20m. Lasts 20s.
Cooldown: 90s


Perk Type Description
Bonded Prime When Handler is downed, the companion will attempt to revive them at 50% max health.
Can be used to revive allies with command. The downed ally must have a Dragon Heart.
Pack Hunter Damage Gain 30% Ranged, and Skill damage and 5% Ranged and Skill critical chance while the companion is active and within 25m of the player.
Spirit of Wolf Team Increases Movement Speed by 10%.
All allies within 10m equal the Handler’s movement speed (if faster).
Reduces the stamina cost of all actions for all allies by 15%.
Teamwork Utility The handler and the companion gain a 30% increased revive speed.
While reviving, Handler and companion receive 25% less damage, and the companion gains -1 stagger.
Best Friend Relic Using a Relic fully restores companion health and grants them 25% damage and 35% damage resistance for 15s.


Medic Archetype
Medic Archetype | Captured By Us

The Medic also involves support, and you can simply guess it from the name. It is concerned with healing the allies and enhancing their survival ability. The potent enemies can bring down the health instantly, and in such a crucial time, this archetype can be extremely helpful.

In terms of health assistance, it is best and the perks also provide you with tons of benefits.

Archetype TraitsTriage This trait brings improvement in weapon mods’ healing capabilities.
Starting Weapons 1. XMG57 Bonesaw – A long gun that offers sustained firing and is suitable for medium-range combats.
2Service Pistol – Pistol that deals decent damage.
3Steel Flail– Destructive melee weapon.
How to Unlock The unlocking of the Medic Archetype depends on the crafting of the Caduceus Idol Engram. And to craft this, you will have to get the Medic Pin; this one can be purchased from Dr. Norah.


Skills Description
Wellspring The Medic channels healing energy into their fist, punching a hole into the ground to create a 3m Healing Spring AOE which restores 10.5 health per second and greatly increases Blight Decay Rate. Lasts 15s.
Cooldown: 52.5s
Healing Shield The Medic quickly expels healing energy to SHIELD all allies within 25m for 100% of their max health for 10s.
While shielded, allies regenerate 30% of their max health over the duration.
Cooldown: 70s
Redemption The Medic unleashed a shockwave that revives downed allies and restores 75% max health over 10s.
For each additional 1s holding the SKILL button, the healing gains an additional 75% (up to 300% max).
Revived allies will only receive 25% of the healing amount.
If revived, allies cannot be revived again by Redemption for another 150s. Resets at Worldstone or on death.
Cooldown: 126s


Perk Type Description
Regenerator Prime After restoring 250 total health to allies, regain a spent Relic Charge.
Resting or Respawning at a Worldstone resets healing accumulation.
Each additional player increases the healing requirement by 50%.
Invigorated Damage Grants a 25% increase to all the damage and 5%Critical chance.
Damage increases with Medic level.
Benevolence Team Increases Relic efficacy by 15% and heals nearby allies for 30% of the total healing value, increasing to 60% for any ally below 35% max health.
Backbone Utility Increases the hit Medic can take before losing Grey Health by 2.
Benefactor Relic Increases Relic Use Speed by 20%. Relic Use gains -1 Stagger.


This one has a high specialization in heavy weapons and can even deploy or carry extremely strong arm equipment. The highlighted abilities are Fortify Metalworker and Magnetic Field. The Engineer can overclock themselves,

And by doing so, you gain unlimited ammo along with an increased rate of fire. If you feel slow while walking around with a heavy weapon, then you can look at the perk: heavy mobility, which can make this task convenient by increasing the mobility speed.

Archetype TraitsFortify This trait enhances the defensive abilities of equipped armor.
Starting Weapons 1. Pulse Rifle – High-tech long gun and is known for extraordinary precision
2. Rupture Canon – Pistol shotgun that can deal significant damage.
3. Atom Smasher – Crushing melee weapon capable of creating chaos.
How to Unlock The engram Drzyr Calipar is required to craft the Engineer archetype. And the Alien Device must be obtained to craft this Engram.


Skills Description
Heavy Weapon: Vulcan Deploys a Vulcan Cannon Turret, which lasts until its Ammo is exhausted.
Turrets that can aim well prioritize the target that the player Aims at. Press SKILL again to enable autonomous targeting.
HOLD: Deploys to Heavy Carry Mode. If Engineer Prime is available, it will Overclock the weapon if already in hand or on the battlefield.
DOUBLE PRESS: The weapon is reclaimed, returning 75% of its remaining ammo.
Heavy weapon ammo is regenerated by 1.246% every second, and heavy weapons can only be deployed if at least 25% ammo is available.
Heavy Weapon: Flamethrower PRESS: Deploys a Flamethrower turret which lasts until its Ammo is exhausted. Turrets that can aim will prioritize targets that the player Aims at. Press SKILL again to enable autonomous targeting.
HOLD: Deploys to Heavy Carry Mode. If Engineer Prime is available, it will Overclock the weapon if already in hand or on the battlefield.
DOUBLE PRESS: The weapon is reclaimed, returning 75% of its remaining ammo.
Heavy weapon ammo is regenerated by 1.246% every second, and heavy weapons can only be deployed if at least 25% ammo is available.
Heavy Weapon: Impact Cannon PRESS: Deploys an Impact Cannon Turret, which lasts until its Ammo is exhausted. Turrets that can aim will prioritize targets that the player Aims at. Press SKILL again to enable autonomous targeting.
HOLD: Deploys to Heavy Carry Mode. If Engineer Prime is available, it will Overclock the weapon if already in hand or on the battlefield.
DOUBLE PRESS: The weapon is reclaimed, returning 75% of its remaining ammo.
Heavy weapon ammo is regenerated by 1.246% every second, and heavy weapons can only be deployed if at least 25% ammo is available.


Perk Type Description
High Tech prime Holding the SKILL button will overclock a carried or deployed heavy weapon.
Overclocking grants infinite ammo, increased fire rate, and a 25% damage increase for 15s.
Cooldown: 48.155s
Metal worker Damage Increases Skill Damage by 5%
Heavy Weapons gain 5% Ammo Capacity and +2.5% Max Health
Magnetic Field Team Heavy Weapons grant 15% Damage Reduction to all allies within 2.5m.
Heavy Mobility Utility Movement Speed while Carrying a Heavy Weapon is increased by 35%.
Surplus Relic Using a Relic refills 15% of Heavy Weapon Ammo. The bonus is doubled when Heavy Weapon is stowed.


The summoner Archetype involves minions that can be a bit distracting, but it’s something distinct stuff to experience. The minions can be enraged, and this grants them enhanced movement speed, damage, and attack speed.

If the minions get sacrificed, then this act will make the summoner’s attack powerful for some time. These minions keep benefiting in one way or another, such as when they die while leaving behind the healing auras. There are three different kinds of minions that can be spawned.

Archetype TraitsRegrowth It increases the rate at which regeneration of health takes place.
Starting Weapons 1. Crossbow – Lethal single-shot Long gun.
2. MP60-R – Compact-sized handgun with a high fire rate.
3. Rebellion Spear – Extremely damaging Melee weapon, perfect for ranged fights.
How to Unlock To unlock the Summoner Archetype, you need to craft Tome of The Bringer Engram. But to craft this Engram, you have to get Faded Grimoire, and it can be crafted at Bloodmoon Altar by using the Blood Moon Essence.


Skill Description
Minion: Hollow PRESS: Summons a Root Hollow Minion to fight by your side. Costs 15% of Max Health to summon but will not kill Summoner. Max (2).
HOLD: SACRIFICE Root Hollow Minion will explode, dealing 150 damage within 5m. Reduces Skill Cooldown by up to 50% based on the remaining Health of each Minion Sacrificed.
Cooldown: 24s
Minion: Flyer PRESS: Summons a Root Flyer Minion to fight by your side. Costs 10% of Max Health to summon but will not kill Summoner. Max (2).
HOLD: SACRIFICE all Root Flyer Minions, dealing 50 damage within 3m and spawning 3 homing projectiles which explode on contact for 150 damage each.
Cooldown: 36s
Minion: Reaver PRESS: Summons a Root Reaver Minion to fight by your side. Costs 35% of Max Health to summon but will not kill Summoner. Max (1).
HOLD: SACRIFICE all Root Flyer Minions, dealing 200 damage within 6m and spawning Spore Bombs, which bounce and explode on contact for 200 damage each.
Reduces Skill Cooldown by up to 50% based on the remaining Health of Minion.
Cooldown: 96s


Perk Type Description
Ruthless Prime When the summoner deals damage to their minion, it causes them to ENRAGE. Minions gain 30% increased damage, attack speed, and movement speed. Lasts 20s
Dominator Damage Increases Mod and Skill Damage by 7% while a Minion is active.
Sacrificing a Minion increases Ranged and Melee Damage by 6% for 30s or until another Minion is summoned.
Increases with Summoner level.
Residue Team Minions that expire leave a 3m Aura, which heals 2.5% Health per second. Lasts 10s.
Outrage Utility Sacrifice grants 3% Lifesteal for each Minion Sacrificed. Lasts 10s.
Incite Relic Using a Relic grants Minions 5% Max HP per second and increases their damage dealt by 15%. Lasts 30s.


The Invader is one of the hidden archetypes in Remnant 2. They are expert at the act of misdirection and take away the attention of enemies from the allies and can also place decoys. Invader can turn the battlefield in their favor through their special abilities and specific actions,

Like increasing damage and reducing threat generation, they can go well with solo players who like thrill and adventure. The micromanagement is required in case of perks and skills for the best outcome.

Archetype TraitsUntouchable Upgrades the invulnerability period when evading.
Starting Weapons Coach Gun – Double-barrel long gun that performs well at short-range.
Service Pistol – Reliable pistol that can deal with a variety of combat situations.
Steel Katana – Melee weapon that offers fast-pace, focused attacks.
How to Unlock The Invader archetype gets unlocked through the crafting of the Serrated Root Blade Engram.


Skill Description
Void Clock Automatically Perfect Dodge incoming direct damage for the 60s. Each auto-evade reduces the timer by 33% – 100% based on damage absorbed and spawns a Decoy for 3s.
Cooldown: 61.7s
Worm Hole Wraps the caster forward through space-time. The next melee or ranged attack within 5s will deal 300% damage.
Holding the Skill button will show the targeting device. If an enemy is directly targeted, the caster will emerge behind them.
Cooldown: 28.8s
Reboot Initiates a Data Backup of the caster’s current Health, Stamina, Relic Charges, Ammo, and Negative Status Effects, which are stored for 30s.
While the Backup is active, it increases Movement Speed by 15% and Damage Reduction by 10%.
Reactivating the Skill restores, all saved values from the Backup and spawns a Decoy which lasts 3s
Cooldown: 45.2s


Perks Type Description
Shadow Prime Casting an invader skill leaves a decoy for 3s which draws enemy fire. Deal 5% Additional damage to enemies not targeting Invader.
S.H.A.R.K. Damage Sprinting for 1s or Evading adds 1 Stack of Momentum, which increases Ranged and Melee damage by 0.7% for 15s. Max 5 Stacks.
Increases with Invader level.
Loophole Team All ally  Ranged, and Melee damage against enemies distracted by the Invader’s Decoy grants 5% base damage as Lifesteal.
Circumvent Utility Reduce the cost of Evade and Combat Slide by 10%.
Override Relic Using a Relic reduces Threat Generation by 25% for 10s. While Override is active, the next Evade leaves an Empowered Decoy, which lasts 4s.


This Archetype Focus on support and utility. They can provide the allies with potent buffs and can boost up the stats. The main role of the Alchemist is to make the effectiveness of the team better. And this is done by providing a variety of effects that can be amazingly beneficial.

Archetype TraitsPotency The duration of all consumables increases by a percentage with this trait.
Starting Weapons 1. Wrangler 1860 – A versatile hunting rifle that shows great reliability.
2. Double Barrel – Strong Handgun that can give a hard time to close-range enemies.
3. Bone Chopper – Melee weapon that deals great damage.
How To Unlock For this Archetype, you need to craft the Philosopher’s Stone engram. But first, you will have to obtain Philosopher’s Stone (Material) to craft the engram. This can be attained by defeating Manticora.


Skill Description
Vial: Stone Mist Creates a mysterious vapor cloud that lasts 10s and applies STONESKIN.
STONESKIN reduces incoming damage by 25%, reduces Stagger by 1, greatly increases Blight Buildup Decay Rate, and makes the target immune to Status Effects. Lasts 15s
PRESS: Slam the vial on the ground, creating the effect at the Alchemist’s feet.
HOLD & RELEASE: Aim and throw the vial, causing the same effect where it lands.
Cooldown: 70.5s
Vial: Frenzy Dust Creates a mysterious vapor cloud that lasts 10s and applies FRENZIED.
FRENZlED increases Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Melee Speed by 20% and Movement Speed by 15%. Lasts 15s.
PRESS: Slam the vial on the ground, creating the effect at the Alchemist’s feet.
HOLD & RELEASE: Aim and throw the vial, causing the same effect where it lands.
Cooldown: 70.5s
Vial: Elixir of Life Creates a mysterious vapor cloud that lasts 10s and applies LIVING WILL.
LIVING WILL grants 5 Health Regeneration per second and protects against fatal damage. Can revive downed players. Lasts 20s.
Revived allies cannot be affected by living will for the 180s. Resets at Worldstone or on death.
PRESS: Slam the vial on the ground, creating the effect at the Alchemist’s feet.
HOLD & RELEASE: Aim and throw the vial, causing the same effect where it lands.
Cooldown: 84.6s


Perk Type Description
Spirited Prime Alchemist can have 1 additional Concoction buff active.
Liquid Courage Damage Gain a 2.5%  increase to All Damage.
Increases with Alchemist Level.
Panacea Team Curative effects apply to all allies within 15m and grant 15 additional Resistance.
Gold To Lead Utility Picking up Scrap has a 15% chance to also award Ammo to the Alchemist.
Experimentalist Relic Using a Relic applies a random buff on the Alchemist for 30s. Cannot be overridden.


The Explorer archetype is best in terms of utility as it can get you valuable and essential items by finding them. Furthermore, they can get more items spawned and also the rare drops on turning down the opponents.

You all may have desired to have enhanced looting ability, and this is possible with Explorer. Besides this, they can increase the team damage and bring improvement in movement speed. You can read below to learn more about their skills and perks.

Archetype TraitsSwiftness All movement speed gets increased.
Starting Weapons 1. Ford’s Scattergun – Extremely powerful long gun.
2. Repeater Pistol – Semi-automatic pistol with great precision.
3. Hero’s Sword– versatile and adaptable melee weapon.
How to Unlock Crafting of Golden Compass Engram is required to unlock this archetype. To craft the engram, get Broken Compass, and it can be attained by taking down the Annihilation.


Skill Description
Plainswalker Increases movement speed by 20% and reduces Stamina Cost by 80% for all allies. Lasts 30s.
Cooldown: 54s
Gold Digger Dig into the ground to spring a fountain that grants a random buff. Fountains last 45s, and their buff last 15s.
Fountains can grant either: 10% increased damage dealt, 15% damage reduction, 1.5 Health Regeneration per second, or HASTE.
Cooldown: 40.5s
Fortune Hunter Increases the Explorer’s treasure sense to reveal special items within 40m for all allies. Lasts the 60s.
Cooldown: 81s


Perk Type Description
Lucky Prime Grants a 10% chance to spawn additional items and rarer drops when defeating stronger enemies.
Scavenger Damage Pickups increase all damage dealt by 5% per stack for 15s and all crit chance by 5%. Additional stacks increase the duration up to 60s. Max 5 stacks.
Damage increases with Explorer level.
Metal Detection Team Increase Ammo, Currency, and Metal Drop Rate Chance for the entire party by 10% and increases the chance of consumables being rewarded from chests.
Prospector Utility Relic Fragments discovered by Explorer drop at a higher quality. When picking up a fragment, the Explorer has a 5% chance of picking up a second one of the same type and quality.
Self Discovery Relic Using a Relic instantly fills Scavenger Stacks, grants+1 stack, and prevents stack decay for 30s.


This archetype is also focused on utility and support and is more into weapons Mod stuff. Equipping the Archon allows you to build the Mod power more quickly than ever. They are pretty complex but extremely powerful.

The allies also get the mighty buff through their abilities. Archon holds a significant position in Remnant 2 due to its exquisite functions.

Archetype Traits: Flash Caster Enhances Mod and Skill casting speed.
Starting Weapons 1. XMG57 Bonesaw – A long gun that can perform at several ranges.
2. Enigma – Handgun that offers effective encounters.
3. Labyrinth Staff – Deadly melee weapon.
How to Unlock You need to craft the Hexahedron Engram to unlock this archetype. And for its crafting, you are required to obtain Strange Box.


Skill Description
Reality Rune Conjures a 7m protective dome that applies SLOW to any enemy or enemy projectiles.  Allies inside gain a 25% Damage Reduction. Lasts 15s.
Cooldown: 75s
Chaos Gate Conjures a 7m unstable zone which grants allies a 15% to all Damage Dealt, 25% increased Mod Generation, but increases the damage that allies take by 15%. Lasts 85s.
Cooldown: 85s
Havoc Form Unleashes the powers of the  Labyrinth to empower the caster with new abilities.
Duration is reduced when Havoc from special abilities are used.
FIRE: Blasts Lightning Tendrils from the Archon’s hand, dealing 84.2 SHOCK Damage per second to targets within 15m.
AIM: Raises a 3m Energy Shield which deals 35 SHOCK damage per second and reduces incoming damage to all allies by 50%.
DODGE: Performs a Blink Evade that deals 100 SHOCK damage to enemies within 3m.
Cooldown: 120s


Perk Type Description
Tempest Prime Automatically generate 2 Mod Power per second. Casting a Mod increases all Mod Generation by 50% for 6s
Amplify Damage Increases Mod Damage by 5%.
Increases with Archon Level.
Power Creep Team After casting a Mod, 5% of the Mod Power spent will be regenerated by all allies over 10s.
Spirit Within Utility Reduces the Mod Power requirement for all Mods by 15%.
Power Leak Relic Using a relic grants 200 mod power for both equipped mods.

Now it’s time to wrap up our Remnant 2 all archetype guide. All of them are distinct from each other in their skills, abilities, and expertise. You can also pick the one depending on your gaming style, i.e., solo or Co-Op.

We have tried our best to cover all of them in detail so you can learn about each archetype in detail. If you find it hard to maintain health during combat, then you can go for the support ones, or if you have some other preference, then you can go through others.

We will be back with some other new stuff; till then, happy gaming.

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