Remnant 2: All Armor Sets [Quick Guide]

Remnant 2 offers a variety of armor sets, each unique to its name. The following guide will breakdown each armor alongside their location and stats!

Remnant 2 All Armor

There are 18 Armor Sets found in Remnant 2 and they provide resistances like shock, damage, bleed, fire, and many more. Which armor set is best for your build and how you can get them? Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways

  • There are 18 Armor Sets found (there may be more, but until then, make do with those listed in the guide!)
  • Armor provides Shock Resistance, Damage Reduction, Blight Reduction, Bleed Resistance, Fire Resistance, and Corrosive Resistance,  but they don’t offer any significant stat bonuses.
  • Armor sets can be found by solving puzzles and unexplored areas in different worlds.
  • You can get your hands on a few armor sets in Ward 13 when you start playing Remnant 2.
  • As there are more than one Archetypes in Remnant 2, you can choose to move forward with a unique Armor Set that looks appealing for that specific Archetype.
  • Wearing overweighted Armor decreases the movement speed and demands a hefty Stamina penalty. You need to choose a perfect combination that synergizes well with the character.

All Remnant 2 Armors And Comparison

No.Armor PieceArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.
1Academic's Hat11710032
2Academic's Gloves7400021
3Academic's Overcoat372120063
4Academic's Trousers171020041
5Bruiser Helmet15912001
6Bruiser Gloves11712001
7Bruiser Bodyplate572926002
8Bruiser Boots271514002
9Dendroid Mask7320002
10Dendroid Grips4310011
11Dendroid Chest231240025
12Dendroid Leggings13730228
13Elder Headdress12603020
14Elder Gloves3302011
15Elder Raiment17904042
16Elder Leggings12603024
17Fae Royal Headcover15822020
18Fae Royal Vambraces10711010
19Fae Royal Bodyplate572743020
20Fae Royal Greaves251323020
21Field Medic Hat9500021
22Field Medic Gloves8520011
23Field Medic Overcoat351690030
24Field Medic Trousers16940022
25High Noon Hat8401101
26High Noon Armguards8602201
27High Noon Duds381904402
28High Noon Soles181003202
29Knotted Helm13800012
30Knotted Gloves10610012
31Knotted Cage512810037
32Knotted Greaves2614100215
33Leto Mark II Helmet221323112
34Leto Mark II Gloves171021213
35Leto Mark II Armor834434453
36Leto Mark II Leggings4623323310
37Nightstalker Shroud11601130
38Nightstalker Gloves6321170
39Nightstalker Garb341823220
40Nightstalker Pants18922110
41Radiant Visage14811310
42Radiant Bracers11611200
43Radiant Protector593022410
44Radiant Greaves291711310
45Realmwalker Beret4200110
46Realmwalker Gloves3201110
47Realmwalker Tunic211132340
48Realmwalker Pantaloons12621230
49Red Widow Headdress13820020
50Red Widow Bracers7520020
51Red Widow Raiment452350041
52Red Widow Leggings231200032
53Space Worker Mask6310202
54Space Worker Gloves4211101
55Space Worker Body221111402
56Space Worker Legs12711307
57Survivor Gloves6411111
58Survivor Overcoat361932222
59Survivor Leggings18101115
60Technician Helmet14801202
61Technician Gloves10601201
62Technician Bodyplate563002602
63Technician Greaves261401307
64Trainer Cap7400001
65Trainer Bracer7320311
66Trainer Clothes361830413
67Trainer Workboots17810117
68Void Carapace552803404
69Void Wraps8601101
70Void Skull15801201
71Void Greaves261502203

Comparison Table.

Remnant 2 All Armor Sets

If you intend to increase your stat bonuses, you may want to look into a few mutator mods for that purpose. On the other hand, it is still clear that each Armor has a unique offering for Damage Reduction, Shock Resistance, and more. Clearly indicating a need for a different approach to increasing a player’s stats.

A few good Armor Sets can be unlocked for each Archetype. For instance, when choosing the Gunslinger Archetype, you unlock the High Noon Armor Set. Similarly, you can get the Bruiser Set if you choose the Challenger Archetype. If you’re not satisfied with the current look of your character, you can always explore new worlds and unlock the armor set you need. You may even find some in Ward 13!

Please note that the list of Armor sets mentioned in this particular section might not be displayed in order of story mode, and you will have to unlock certain areas in the world to access the specific Armor Set. With that being said, here is the first Armor set on our list;


Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.
Academic's 7242500157

The Academic’s Armor Set is a default for the Alchemist and falls in the Light Armor category. As a lightweight Armor Set, players can quickly move around and dodge incoming projectiles from the enemies. Although it has an overall 72 Armor weightage, it still provides excellent Protection from any attack.

Furthermore, considering the stamina penalty you get for an overweight Armor, the Academic’s Set falls on the safe side and allows for faster dodges and rollbacks. It is perfect for dodging energy balls and plasma beams.

How To Obtain:

  • It can be found in the region of Losomn.


Bruiser Armor Set – Image Captured By Us.
Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.

Going above the average weight, we have the Bruiser Armor Set that falls in the Heavyweight Armor Set. Unlike the previous lightweight Armor set, you’ll sacrifice your mobility in return for great Protection. The overall 60 weight of the Armor makes movement chunkier and bulky, causing your character to slow down and be more prone to projectiles.

Regardless of mobility, the Armor protection deems the set respectable compared to the rest, but that does not mean it falls in higher ranks! The damage you receive with this Set equipped is reduced significantly, allowing you to survive longer in tough fights. In terms of appealing looks, the Set makes your character look like the Butcher who’s ready to chop a neck!

How To Obtain:

  • It is available if you choose the Challenger Archetype.
  • Bruiser Set can be purchased in Ward 13.


Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.

I would not recommend using the Dendroid Armor Set after progressing through the first quarter of the game because the 47 Armor Protection does not prove to be efficient against tough opponents. Although it has an excellent elemental bonus for Bleed Resistance, it does not mean you should roam around worlds wearing a lightweight Armor Set.

Yes, I know the Dendroid Set looks exotic and appealing. However, it does not mean it’ll protect you from even the weakest attacks thrown by enemies from the Labyrinth, Yaesha, or any other world, for that matter! If you want to show off, that’s another case.

How To Obtain:

  • It can be found in the Ashen Wasteland, specifically the Root Earth region.


Elder Set – Image Captured By Us.
Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.

The Elder Set looks as if it’s come from ancient times, and yes, it may be true due to its great elemental bonuses. Despite the low Armor Protection, the Armor Set greatly resists Fire and Corrosiveness. Let’s not forget its lightweight attributes that make the Armor much easier to move around in. It is best to equip the Set in low-level areas without potential threat.

I would rate it three on a scale of ten regarding Protection. However, many players take good regard for a unique look. Therefore, if this Armor Set looks appealing to you, go for it!

How To Obtain:

  • Purchase the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition to unlock the Elder Set.

Fae Royal

Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.
Fae Royal1075599007

Now isn’t this a cool Armor Set to own? The Fae Royal not only kills the looks, but it also provides great Armor Protection AND enough weight to stay off the Stamina Penalty! You will still get a 50% Stamina Penalty which is a bummer. It would be a killer combination against the Custodian Eye and the weird bug boss you encounter while hunting for the Seeker’s Keys. Eh, who am I kidding?

Fae Royal could be regarded as the best-looking Armor Set in Remnant 2 if the players deem it worthy. It also provides exceptional Elemental Bonuses against Bleed, Fire, and Corrosiveness. Anyways, I currently do not have access to this Armor Set, but it is killing me to look for it!

How To Obtain:

  • It can be found in Losomn after solving the pieces puzzle in Postulant’s Parlor.

Field Medic

Field Medic Set – Image Captured By Us.
Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.
Field Medic6835150028

Much like the masks used in World War I, the Field Medic turned Caustic from Apex Legends provides a deadly look to your character. As a mediumweight Armor Set, the Field Medic is much preferred as a support type and has an Armor Protection of 68, which is superb against long-range enemy attacks.

You get excellent Protection at the expense of mobility due to its weight, i.e., 38. However, there seems to be no Stamina Penalty when evading enemy attacks. The flawless design also allows for excellent Resistance against Bleed and Corrosiveness, standing at 15 and 8, respectively.

How To Obtain:

  • It is the starting Armor Set for the Medic Archetype.
  • It can also be purchased in Ward 13.

High Noon

High Noon Armor Set – Image Captured By Us.
Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.
High Noon7239010960

The High Noon Armor Set follows a lone mercenary-type design that looks elegant and crafty. In terms of Armor Protection, the Armor falls at 72, which is considered satisfactory when up against tougher opponents. The enemies you face in N’Erud and the Labyrinth cannot penetrate this Armor (they will, but not that effectively!), and the damage received is significantly reduced. However, I might not consider it to be amongst the best damage-reducing Armor Set in Remnant 2 as there are plenty of other options to look at.

As I said before, Armor Sets serve little purpose for Protection against Elements such as Fire, Bleed, and Shock and against incoming damage. Instead, they focus more on the character’s overall appearance or Archetype.

How To Obtain:

  • It is free for the Gunslinger Archetype only.
  • You can also purchase the Armor Set from a Merchant in Ward 13.


Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.

The Knotted Armor Set is the default Armor for the Summoner Archetype. It has an excellent resistance of 15 against Blight, and considering how it falls under the Heavy Armor category, you will face a 50% Stamina Penalty. The overall design of the Armor Piece is something I wouldn’t prefer.

On the other hand, an Armor Protection of 100 is really something over the top for the Knotted, much similar to the High Noon Armor set. It also resembles some of the enemies you face in the Yeash world, yes, those nasty fire monsters.

How To Obtain:

  • It can be crafted/purchased in Yaesna from the Bloodmoon Altar.

Leto Mark II

Leto Mark II
Leto Mark II Armor Set – Image Captured By Us.
Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.
Leto Mark II168901010101010

Moving onto the Leto Mark II Armor Set, I find it to be a remarkable piece of equipment. However, the difference between its Armor and Weight is negligible. However, you get a lot of Elemental Bonuses with the Mark II.

The Helmet looks slightly similar to the Mark I Armor in Iron Man (what do you think?) If you’re new to Remnant 2, here is one reason why you should definitely unlock this Armor; it has an incredible balance of Elemental Bonuses than any armor found in the game.

What makes this Armor excellent is its incredible 168 Armor Protection that protects you from heavy and long-range attacks from various enemies. I’ve fought that weird boss that triggers madness with this Armor.

Surprisingly took me one try to beat him up. All in all, it is a must-have armor for players looking for heavy Protection, despite the weight of 90, making it hard to evade projectiles and enemy attacks. That is the only downside for the Leto Mark II Armor I have experienced in Remnant 2.

How To Obtain:

  • A clear walkthrough will be recommended to watch.
  • It requires identifying a secret passage in the Labyrinth and successfully securing a Biome Portal Key after an Environmental Puzzle.
  • The path ultimately leads you back to Ward 13.


Nightstalker Armor Set – Image Captured By Us.
Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.

The Nightstalker Armor Set is a Medium Class Armor with an overall decent look. You can get this Armor while selecting the Hunter Class as a default. With an Armor Protection of 69 and a Weight of 36, you’ll get excellent Damage Reduction and only a 50% Penalty for Stamina.

That’s actually nothing to be scared of. What’s scarier is a 70% Stamina Cost penalty that makes your character fall to the ground belly first (ouch!) And we all know the Leto Mark II is a great example. It provides a cool vibe to your character and makes it seem interesting as well, and wearing it is up to the holder.

How To Obtain:

  • It is exclusive to the Hunter Archetype when you select your class.
  • You can also purchase it in Ward 13.


Radiant Armor Set – Image Captured By Us.
Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.

I chose to opt for the Handler class when starting Remnant 2, and I was able to get the Radiant Armor Set for I don’t know what reason (at the time), But it is available to players if they buy the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition. In my experience, the Armor was durable and excellent during the first two worlds. I mean, I did struggle with the main boss fights. Nonetheless, the superior Armor Protection helped a lot.

On top of that, it offered almost all Elemental Bonuses, such as Bleed, Fire, and Shock. Most importantly, the overall design of the Armor Set is exquisite (doesn’t he look amazing?). The Helm and the Hood make the Armor Set daunting at first sight.

How To Obtain:

  • Buying the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of Remnant 2 comes free.


Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.

The Realmwalker is an excellent piece of Armor for faster movement and timed dodges, considering how it is a Lightweight Armor. The design and appearance of this Armor Set resemble a police uniform worn in some countries (I don’t know why I said that, but it looks cool). The best part about Realmwalker is the Shades that come along with it.

Additionally, you get a slight resistance to Elemental damage while roaming the worlds. Seemingly enough, the Armor Protection at 40 helps players withstand light blows from the enemies, and dodging tough attacks accounts for the lightweight of the Realmwalker!

How To Obtain:

  • When opting for the Explorer Archetype, you can get it as a default Armor Set.

Red Widow

Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.
Red Widow88481200211

Four Horns and a badass Helmet, yes, it comes along with the Red Widow Armor Set. It has incredible resistance against Bleed and Corrosiveness (Blight) and offers excellent Armor Protection at 88. The Red Widow is a Mediumweight Armor Set and holds the user accountable for that 50% Stamina Cost Penalty.

Nonetheless, the overall lavish design of the Armor Set attracts many eyes! Who knows, you might as well start equipping it to your character more often.

How To Obtain:

  • It can be found in Yaesha, specifically in the Lament Region.
  • You may also need to complete the Consort’s Puzzle.

Space Worker

Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.
Space Worker4423431070

The design of the Armor Set looks obnoxious enough not to want it. However, the slim appearance and the binary Helmet attract the weird fellas out there. When talking about the overall performance of the Armor, it has an excellent resistance to Shock and Blight. On the other hand, the Armor Protection that stands at 44 makes it durable in most fights, and its Lightweight attribute allows for faster movement and successful rolls without any significant Penalty for the Stamina Cost.

How To Obtain:

  • Void Vessel Facility of N’Erud.
  • You’ll need to use the Stasis Pod Glyph.


Survivor Armor Set – Image Captured By Us.
Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.

All you need to know about the Survivor Armor Set is that it’s your starting Armor regardless of your chosen class. Therefore, not much can be said about its performance being that good. The Survivor Set is the perfect example of Aesthetics and flawless armor designs. There is not much difference in any of the mentioned Armor in Remnant 2; instead, there is a 70% focus on character customization and aesthetics for different players.

How To Obtain:

  • Available to any character you choose in the beginning.


Technician Armor Set – Image Captured By Us.
Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.

It was difficult for me to obtain the Technician Armor Set, considering how random the spawn location for this Armor can be. I love the overall design of the Technician Set. Especially the Helmet that resembles the opening of a badass laser beam. It is a pure Defense type Armor and offers high resistance against Electricity.

How To Obtain:

  • It is the default Armor Set for the Engineer Archetype.
  • Obtaining the Technician Armor Set is difficult if you choose another Archetype.
  • Requires a player to endlessly search the edges of the map in N’Erud, specifically in Titan’s Reach.
  • We need to be aware of the poison surrounding the edges.
  • A walkthrough is recommended for a better idea.


Trainer Armor Set – Image Captured By Us.
Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.

The Trainer Set is considered an everyday attire or equipment you get at the start of Remnant 2. The fancy cap immediately transforms you into a dad (figuratively), which is honestly a good impression for the Trainer Set. As I said, the game focuses more on aesthetics than post-apocalypse Protection. What good will a Hat do against enemies?

How To Obtain:

  • It is the default equipment for the Handler Archetype.
  • You can also purchase it from Whispers in Ward 13.


Void Armor Set – Image Captured By Us.
Armor SetArmorWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Corrosive Res.

You unlock the Void Armor Set by purchasing the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of Remnant 2, similar to getting the Radiant Armor Set. The Void looks like you’ve left it hungry for days, but enough of the roasts. Here’s why this Armor Set is a better option for you. Not only does it provide good Armor Protection. But it also excels in Defense and the overall appearance of your character.

How To Obtain:

  • It is available if you buy the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of Remnant 2 as a bonus Armor Set.

Time to wrap up our guide on “Remnant 2 All Armor” with a decisive moment. All Armor Sets mentioned above are available in Remnant 2 to make your character look flawless, aesthetic, and badass for a much more exciting experience. The remaining 30% is focused on providing your character with the best Protection against damage and Elements.

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