Remnant 2 BEST Alchemist Build [Weapon, Armor, Rings]

I played Remnant 2 for 3 weeks and more. The Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2 offers some very interesting options for giving you the best edge in combats.

Image taken by VeryAli Gaming.

The unlockable Alchemist Archetype may have the best build option available for support-centric roles in Remnant 2. Let’s dive into this build and learn everything about it.

About The Author

I have invested more than 30+ hours in playing Remnant 2. During my playthrough, I was able to tinker with various character builds, weapons, tricks, and armor. Hence, you can easily trust the information I give related to Remnant 2!

Key Takeaways

  • The Alchemist is the perfect Archetype for support mains. If you want to master this Archetype, you should focus all your resources on playing support in your team.
  • The standard starter equipment and loadout for the Alchemist are perfect as it is, but there are some unlockable weapons and armors that can really take your game to the next level.
  • Since you can select an Amulet and up to 4 Rings to further enhance your Stats, I recommend directing your selection towards maximizing your support potential in a team.
  • If you plan to play the game solo, there are some Amulets and Rings which may help in that case as well.
  • The best Dual Class combination involving the Alchemist has to be Medic+Alchemist with Medic set as your primary Archetype

What To Aim For With The Alchemist

Best Support Build

Why did I Choose Alchemist?

This build features Alchemist and Medic, two prime support Archetypes that have a ton of abilities to aid yourself or your team in every aspect, from healing and providing various buffs to reviving downed teammates. 

The Alchemist build in Remnant 2 is highly suitable for support mains. Its skillset revolves around defense improvement, movement, attack and reload buffs and removing status effects such as toxin, shock, and fire.

It may be the perfect Archetype for support roles, especially in co-op play. Players can avail of its Archetype Skill, called Vial: Elixir of Life, which gives a great deal of health regen. Not only that, but Vial can also potentially revive fallen teammates and protect against all enemy attacks for up to 3 minutes.

The Best Alchemist Weapon Loadout

When you start with The Alchemist Archetype, you will find yourself with some very good weapon choices already available with the Class unlocked.

Your Loadout might look something like this:

StatsWrangler 1860Bone Chopper (Melee)Double Barrel
Ideal Range25m-7m
Falloff Range70m-20m
Max Ammo50-24
Critical Hit Chance10%7%5%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+110%+105%+100%
Stagger Modifier0%-3%10%
Now, even though you could max out the stats on this equipment and gain a huge edge over your enemies, I would like to recommend some replacements that might suit your role better as a support.

Best Primary: XMG57 Bonesaw

XMG57 Bonesaw
XMG57 Bonesaw (Captured By Us)
Ideal Range19m
Falloff Range45m
Critical Hit Chance10%
Max Ammo300
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%
Stagger Modifier0%

As a support role, you would want to maximize your skills and abilities utility as much as possible. You cannot survive on burst damage and powerful weaponry without costing your teammates a buff and healing edge that supports normally are supposed to provide.

Therefore, I suggest to should keep your XMG57 BoneSaw as your Primary Weapon choice since it can greatly help with sustaining you through long matches and keep some vital distance between you and the enemies.

Perhaps the best part about this weapon is if you decide to try the Medic+Alchemist Build, you can obtain this weapon as starting equipment easily.

Best Secondary: Alpha Omega

Ideal Range24m
Falloff Range70m
Critical Hit Chance10%
Max Ammo275
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%
Stagger Modifier0%
You will need to craft this item by gathering the right material, but rest assured, the investment is worth it.

Alpha Omega is perhaps the best pulse rifle in Remnant 2. But it is even better in the hands of an Alchemist. To drastically improve your odds of survival by maximizing the distance between you and the enemies when you are running low on health and ammo from your primary, you should opt for this weapon.

The 24-meter distance for the ideal range means that you can fall further back and strategize before switching back to your primary and diving in. It may have lesser capacity in its magazine, but the shots that hit will surely pack a punch.

Best Melee: Atom Splitter

Ideal Range-
Falloff Range-
Critical Hit Chance5%
Max Ammo-
Weak Spot Damage Bonus90%
Stagger Modifier6%
As a support main, you will mostly play it safe and provide backup to your teammates. But when push does come to shove, you might find yourself in the center of the battlefield. For times like that, Atom Splitter should always be in your arsenal in my opinion.

Being a special melee weapon, it can be upgraded a further ten times to improve its damage output. But that is not all. It is the perfect weapon for support roles engaged in close-quarter fights cause of its additional abilities, particularly Fission Strike.

A Fission Strike can cause a wave of charged particles to deal damage to all targets that lie within its AoE of 20 meters. This can provide you with not only some crowd control and room to back off but also an active role in team fights wherever necessary.

The Best Alchemist Armor

The Starting Armor equipment for The Alchemist Archetype is a great set to focus on and max stats on. When you start off as this Archetype, you might as well go all in on this equipment if you wish to do so.

StatBody Armor: Academic's OvercoatGloves: Academic's GlovesHead Armor: Academic's HatLeg Armor: Academic's TrousersSpace Worker Set Overall Stats
Bleed Defense20124
Burn Defense00003
Shock Defense000010
Blight Defense31210
Toxin Defense62347

However, I do recommend that you look into the Elder Set. Similarly to our Medic Guide, the Elder Set for Armor serves The Alchemist well as a support role.

It can offer a good amount of Blight, Burn, and Toxin resistance, which can complement well with The Alchemist since its skill, Vial, and Team Perk, Panacea, can offer some crucial Status Resistance and Immunity to you and your teammates.

Best Choices for Amulet and Rings


Since you can equip an Amulet to provide yourself with vital Stat Buffs, I recommend my first option to be the Cleansing Stone, especially if you intend on playing co-op and providing valuable stat boosts to your allies as well. 

  • The Cleansing Stone can greatly reduce Elemental Status Effects duration by up to 50%.
  • Along with the Status Effect reduction, it can also provide an increase to your team’s defenses by providing them with 15% of your Max HP within an AoE of 7 meters.

Our secondary option would have to be the Vengeance Idol, Located in Kaeula’s Rest at Yaesha

  • Vengeance Idol can provide an increase of up to +30% in damage done when your health is below 50% which can often make or break your position in combats.
  • This Amulet can serve you well if you intend to play in solo mode since you do not have to lose a lot of life HP before you can activate this buff. This advantage can mean that you can do more damage by yourself for a much more sustainable duration.


In Remnant 2, you can also equip up to 4 Rings on your Character for useful Buffs. For Rings, I recommend Burden of the Divine, Ring of Grace, Dense Silicon Ring, and Ring of Diversion.

  • The Burden of the Divine: It can be found in Meridian as a drop on a corpse. Burden of the Divine can help in reducing damage to health by 10% and apply 50% self-healing to all of your teammates.
  • Amber Moonstone: Purchased from Cass at Ward 13. Amber Moonstone can complement Vengeance Idol as your Amulet choice pretty well. It provides damage reduction to you if your HP falls below 30%. The overall damage reduction you’ll receive is 25%, which can serve you well in solo combat scenarios as well as co-op fights.
  • Dense Silicon Ring: Located in Labyrinth – Entangled Gauntlet. This Ring serves to provide regeneration of 200% health as mod power. 
  • Ring of Diversion: Located in Yaesha – The Lament. This Ring can increase your invulnerability window while you evade and slide past enemy attacks.

Best Class Combination With The Alchemist

remnant 2 best alchemist build
Ideal Class Combo with the Alchemist in Remnant 2. Image Taken by VeryAli Gaming.

For the best Dual Class combination to try with the Alchemist Archetype, I recommend that you set Medic as your primary Archetype with the Redemption Skill and Alchemist as your secondary Archetype with the Vial: Elixir of Life Skill.

This way, you will be able to maximize your role as a support. Additionally, you can sustain yourself and your allies for much longer, providing valuable buffs and heals constantly. 

To make Alchemist build work in Remnant 2, before each battle, cast the Elixir of Life on your teammates near you and then fully charge in Redemption before diving into the fight. This may help provide your team with around 200 to 300 HP healing for a good duration, along with automatic protection against fatal damage while active. 

  • Healing and Revive Abilities.
  • Resistance Buffs.
  • High Survivability.
  • Ideal as Team Support Role.
  • High Elemental Damage.
  • Low DPS.
  • Not good for Solo-play.
  • Heavily relies on specific Traits and Mods.
  • Expensive as it works on Consumables.

Why Others Were Not Choosen?

  • Alchemist-EngineerRequires a lot of effort to make it playable.
  • Alchemist-ChallengerBad DPS and only works at close range.

My Experience With Alchemist Build

The Alchemist+Medic build combo gives double benefits as a support member in Remnant 2, with damage, healing, and other buffs. Considering the perks, I don’t advise it in solo play, as the damage output is very low. It’s also very expensive to use, as most of the perks are related to using consumables, but it’s still worth it. 

Another decent option might be to pair it with an Engineer. But that requires you to put some effort into upgrading it first.

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