Remnant 2: Best Archetype [All RANKED]

In this guide, we provide rankings Best Archetype that help improve your gameplay and play style.

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Remnant 2: Best Archetype

An Archetype is the starting class players choose to explore in their gameplay. These classes are dependent on both solo and multiplayer gameplay. However, starting the game while choosing the best Archetype will give you an advantage if you understand your character through skills and abilities. Let’s look at some of the Best Archetype in Remnant 2.

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Key Takeaways

  • There are eight Archetypes in Remnant 2. Five of them are available initially and the other three are unlocked by progressing in the game. 
  • Players are allowed to select a Primary as well as Secondary Archetype for their builds.
  • The Primary and Secondary choice depends on the user’s play style and experience. 
  • For new players, it is suggested to play team support characters and understand their abilities.
  • All archetypes have abilities, traits, and perks that must be utilized to their full potential in gameplay.
  • Some classes, like Explorer, unlock after finishing the game once. 
  • Most archetypes perform better in multiplayer mode when you are eliminating zombies with your friends.

Currently, there are 8 Archetypes In Remnant 2 available for you to choose from. They are:

  • Gunslinger
  • Challenger
  • Explorer
  • Medic
  • Handler
  • Hunter
  • Alchemist
  • Summoner

Each class has different abilities and a unique way of contributing to gameplay. Moreover, these classes have regular and prime perks that are of importance. Choosing the best Archetype will let you utilize their skills and abilities to maximum potential so you can increase your survivability rate.

Best Archetype

It should be obvious that all Archetypes in Remnant 2 are useful and must be chosen at least once for testing and gaining experience.

The choice of picking them for the long run is player-dependent. Therefore, we will mention the Best Archetypes in Descending order (The best choice on top) so you can understand their abilities and have an easy time deciding what to choose.


Handler Archetype
Handler | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

If you are playing with a bunch of friends, then this will be the best Archetype for you. Players can either pick this class in the tutorial phase or collect the Old Whistle item from an in-game vendor and take it to Wallace for exchange with the class engram. 

This support Archetype is the best because of the dog companion that comes with it. The dog provides damage buff, and team support, and creates distractions for enemies so you can flank and eliminate them. Furthermore, the Handler is allowed to signal its companion, telling the dog what to do in the specific situation.

Handler is the only Archetype that comes with a companion which is why it should be utilized for team support rather than solo play.

Damage Buff

When you signal your dog to approach a nearby enemy, it will rush and damage them to assist you in combat. Players can make use of this if they are under attack by a large group of zombies and there is no escape. Moreover, the dog will drain half its maximum health to revive if you get knocked down.

Team Support

Coming towards the team support abilities, the dog companion can revive your friends during combat if they are knocked down. However, your allies should keep the DragonHeart item with them in this case. 

The best perk about Handler Archetype is the team support. If players hold the command to the dog, it will howl for two to three seconds. The howl will decrease the damage you and your allies take if they are in a specific radius. Hence, this increases your team’s survivability

Creating Distractions

If a bunch of tough enemies is on your way and you can’t defend against them, you can signal your dog to create a distraction by bringing attention to itself and running away. By doing this, you are dividing a large group into two smaller groups, that are easier to eliminate. 


Medic Archetype
Medic | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

This is another support Archetype that proves useful in multiplayer. As the name suggests, a Medic will heal his teammates and provide support from behind by either flanking the enemies or assisting the team when they are low on ammo or health. 

When stuck between a horde of enemies, Medic Archetype can provide shields to teammates that let them last longer in combat.

Having a Medic Archetype in your team is essential if you playing Multiplayer and advancing in Dungeons that are difficult to explore in solo gameplay. Ensure you are utilizing the abilities carefully and with accurate timing.


Usually, after you heal a single friend, you are bound to pass the cooldown period until you are allowed to heal another teammate. However, with the prime perk Regenerator, Medic Archetype can heal multiple teammates in no time as there is no recharge period. 

The perk becomes useful in difficult situations when you must survive groups of enemies but you are low on health. Ensure when you are playing as a Medic, you stay behind your teammates because if you die, they will have no hope.


A Medic Archetype can’t heal teammates in all situations. Therefore, using Wellspring ability will allow them to create a healing ring on the ground. Any teammate, including yourself, standing in this ring will automatically get healed. 

The Wellspring healing ring lasts for typically more than 10 seconds, which is enough for all parties to get healed and deal damage to nearby opponents.


Using this perk will allow Medic Archetype to include an additional shield bar for their teammate. The Shield bar will have a similar length to the Health bar and it will last for 10 seconds only. During this period, your health keeps regenerating, therefore, you have improved health after the Heatshield effect ends.


If your teammate gets knocked down during intense zombie-killing situations, Medic can revive them using Redemption skills. Use this skill by pressing the selected button to generate a shockwave that revives teammates in its range and heals the players who are alive.

The healing will increase your health bar by at least 30%. However, if you press the selected button for more time, the healing increases proportionally. Use the Redemption skill in the most difficult situations when more teammates are on the ground rather than on foot.


Hunter Archetype
Hunter | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Every team requires a scout to overlook enemies approaching from a long distance. This Archetype is responsible for dealing with long-range enemies with the highest single-shot damage among all classes.

Players can explore this Archetype by using different snipers or semi-automatic rifles and enhance their damage through ability usage.

Although this class is crucial at long-range, it can struggle a lot when it comes to close combat, which is its biggest drawback. Hence, only choose the Hunter Archetype when you have teammates who are skilled in close combat so you are not vulnerable. 

Dead To Rights

The biggest concern of most players during Remnant 2 gameplay is that the abilities don’t last long enough. The Dead to Rights prime perk will overcome this problem by increasing ability usage time when a Hunter deals damage to enemy weak spots at long range. 

If more damage is dealt, the ability duration can surpass the initial time, letting you utilize it to greater potential. Players are expected to pair this prime perk with other abilities so their active time is enhanced.

Hunter’s Mark

A very useful ability, Hunter’s Mark, lets you locate your enemies through walls. Players will be able to see any opponent’s exact location inside a 35-meter radius. Moreover, your teammates will also see the enemies the same way you do, therefore, Hunter’s Mark offers team support. 

Along with enhanced vision, players will also experience improved fire rate and high damage. This lasts for only 30 to 40 seconds. Therefore, utilize it when you are under attack by a large group or you are about to face a boss.

Hunter’s Focus

As the name suggests, using the ability will increase your focus so your shots land more accurately. Use the active skill to enter a more focused state where you are provided with aim assist and low recoil. Furthermore, you can also mark your opponents while aiming down sights, so they can’t hide or flank.

We suggest that you use this ability before facing a story boss as it will enhance your fire rate, damage output by a significant margin. Moreover, aiming down sights without shooting for over a second makes you enter a rage state where you gain advantage over your enemies.

Hunter’s Shroud

As the Hunter archetype is responsible for scouting and dealing with long-range foes, he can also flank them using Hunter’s Shroud. When utilized, your character becomes invisible so the enemies won’t notice his presence.

Note that the use of any other ability or weaponry will remove your invisibility. Therefore, try to get behind all the enemies first and then start shooting to eliminate them all. If the Shroud’s effect is not canceled, it will automatically end after the ability usage time.


Challenger Archetype
Challenger | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

This one is a tanky Archetype that packs heavy armor to demolish his opponents. Players who choose the Challenger class have access to powerful melee weapons that deal significant damage. Furthermore, this class creates room for other teammates so they can rely on it and make the enemies suffer.

The abilities of this archetype are designed to minimize the damage intake and maximize damage output so it can act as a strong tank. Moreover, Challenger is a good archetype for players who are new to this combat system as they get confident with weapons due to high damage and other features.

Die Hard

This prime perk is used to regenerate Challenger Archetype’s health to full when they are close to death. When the perk is utilized, players will enter a temporary state of health regeneration. To balance it out with other Archetypes, you are restricted to using Die Hard every 10 minutes

Note that you are only allowed to use this when your health bar is below 10%. It is the most important Challenger perk and should be valued highly.

War Stomp

Using the War Stomp ability generates a wave in the forward direction. Any enemy caught in this white wave will suffer significant health loss. Moreover, War Stomp usually does not defeat the enemies in a single go but it weakens them to a point that causing a single melee hit will be adequate.

The most appropriate use of War Stomp is when a horde of enemies is pushing towards you and melee weapons are not enough to eliminate them all. The wave will weaken them so you, along with your teammates, can get out of the crowded situation.


The tankiest ability for the Challenger Archetype is Juggernaut. When used, players will observe swift movements, increased melee damage, and quick melee swing. Furthermore, your character will also present higher resistance to incoming damage, making you unstoppable.


Utilizing the Rampage active skill will take Challenger Archetype into a Rage state where damage dealt by any weaponry will enhance. Moreover, all weapons will take less time to reload along with an increased fire rate.

After you deal enough damage and pass a certain threshold, your Rage state will enhance, making you a warlord by automatically reloading your weapons and tripling the damage dealt. 


Gunglinger is a duelist archetype
Gunslinger | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

If you are an aggressive shooter where your sole focus is on rushing and eliminating enemies, Gunslinger is the perfect choice. This duelist Archetype can initiate a killing spree with unlimited ammo and quick reload perks. 

Gunslinger comes with certain skills that can be utilized in combat. They will enable Gunslinger to get more kills and stay alive through the process. Furthermore, this Archetype is for those types of players that love to speed up things and enjoy an increased fire rate for their weapons.


This is Gunslinger’s prime perk. It lasts for five seconds and players will get infinite ammo and the fastest reload speed in this period. Use this ability when you are low on ammo or you have equipped a piece of heavy machinery that takes ages to reload.

Quick Draw

Like a Wild West revolver, the Gunslinger Archetype will fire six bullets from the hip in a single shot through Quick Draw skill. This is useful when you have multiple enemies approaching your way and escaping requires killing them all quickly. 

Each bullet deals significant damage and it is also equally divided among the six hits. Moreover, the Quick Draw skill lets the players target the enemies so the landed shots are not random. 


Movement is important when you are facing big groups that are tough to take down. Due to good movement, you can dodge enemy bullets and deal more damage so they are eliminated at a faster rate. 

With the Sidewinder skill, players will feel a boost in their movements. Moreover, your gun swap and draw speed will enhance significantly.

The most important feature of this skill is that your weapons will automatically reload when swapped. This saves time, considering you don’t have to worry about your ammo count.


This is the most overkill ability as it maximizes Gunslinger’s combat efficiency. Bulletstorm Active skill will attract players to choose Gunslinger as their primary Archetype. When used, you will experience an enhanced fire rate and faster reload speed. 

More conventional weapons such as bows have increased range which allows players to hit the target far away. 


Explorer is a deluxe archetype which unlocks after completing the game once. It provides team support by providing extra loot which can help during combat. All the abilities are oriented to help teammates which makes this an important class.

Using Explorer Archetype in combat becomes essential when you learn the role of team support. It can help explore new areas by highlighting loot items and providing stat buffs through ability usage. However, once you finish the game once, you will understand how the combat and abilities work. 


During Dungeon exploration, you often interact with tough enemies that will resist your team from entering. Explorers will use the Lucky Prime perk to increase their chances of providing rare loot to teammates that will help them proceed further.


When escaping is the only option, utilize the Plainswalker ability to decrease stamina consumption rate and increase running speed. Using the ability will turn your arms red which will let you know that you can run faster. 

Players are expected to use this when exploring undiscovered areas so they can dodge any hidden enemies. Moreover, dungeons hold valuable items like currencies that have immense value. Use Plainswalker to grab them and escape.

Gold Digger

Explorer will use a shovel to dig so a fountain emerges from the ground. Standing on the fountain can provide several stat buffs such as increased weapon damage or improved healing. Utilize this ability when you are stuck in an open area and you need time to clear before finding a route.

Fortune Hunter

There are many chests and loot items hidden in new areas that are difficult to track down. However, using the Fortune Hunter skill will highlight these chests in any nearby area. The highlighted items will be visible to your teammates as well, so any new region is explored at a faster pace. 


Alchemist Archetype
Alchemist | Image Credits: Vulkan (YT)

This one is a support-oriented Archetype that unleashes her full potential with a tanky Archetype like Challenger. Unlock Alchemist by collecting a Mysterious Stone from searching sewer drains in Ironborough that leads you to a hidden area.  


The Spirited Prime perk offers three Concoction buffs to players that provide gameplay improvements like a fire rate increase or enhanced damage output. They are applicable to teammates in a 120-meter range and have a cooldown period. 

Stone Mist

Applying the skill emerges you in a cloud that turns your character into a tank when paired with an aggressive Archetype. It allows you to deal significant damage to your opponent so they suffer. Moreover, Alchemist will provide higher resistance to any incoming damage.

Note that you can throw these vials towards other teammates so they can also enjoy the effect of this ability. 

Frenzy Dust

Utilizing Frenzy Dust will increase your movement, fire rate, and reload speed. Unlike other archetypes, Alchemist is allowed to share these buffs with the party so everyone enjoys. Moreover, try to use this ability when all teammates are rushing into a big crowd, so all buffs are used to their maximum potential.

Elixir Of Life

When stuck and low on health, use Elixir of Life to recover your health bar. The vial will also heal your teammates and revive them if they get knocked down. Moreover, an Alchemist can revive herself as well by pressing the ability keybind.


Summoner is a compelling class that takes help from his followers known as minions. He will summon different kinds of minions that emerge from underground and provide assistance in combat. Moreover, the summoner can also sacrifice his followers at any time he wants.

The minions are summoned for a temporary period as they share the stats of the summoner himself. However, when their time is close to the finishing point, they create healing pools that can keep them for a longer while.

To unlock this Archetype, players must gather 15 Bloodmoon Essence in nearby regions of Yaesha. To collect them, you must shoot the red orbs first.


Ruthless Prime perk provides buffs to Summoner’s minions so they have increased attack speed and swift movement. This will let them be better supporters of to summoner archetype and not have to carry their teams.


Minions come in different forms. Using this ability will let you summon a couple of Hollow minions that convert into cannonballs to damage the enemies. However, they can also interact with opponents on foot so they are vulnerable to mid-air foes.


To back up the Hollow minions, Summoner can introduce two Flyer minions that stay in the air and target the flying targets. They can pair up with Hollow minions to clear out a region without much effort from Summoner itself.


Reaver is the strongest companion that can handle both on-foot and mid-air opponents. It has a large health bar so huge damage intake will still keep it alive for a significant amount of time. The only drawback of this minion is that Summoner only gets to summon a single piece.

Best Archetypes Comparison

Since there is a lot to understand, we present a summary table that will help you compare all the Archetypes and choose the best one according to your liking. Note that choosing from the starting five archetypes is suggested as they are more suitable for new players that are not experienced with the first installment of this series.

Archetype Prime Perk Ability #1 Ability #2 Ability #3
Handler Bonded: Revives handler with half of its max health Guard Dog: Damage intake reduced, companion threat increased Support Dog: Handler signals companion to attack or retreat, howl for heal Attack Dog: Companion will come with Handler to deal increased damage
Medic Regenerator: After certain healing, relic charge restored Wellspring: Creates healing pool in ground Healing Shield: All allies are healed in a 25m circle Redemption: A shockwave revives knocked down allies and heals alive friends
Hunter Dead to Rights: Ability usage time increased Hunter’s Mark: Vision through wall and enhanced damage with fire rate Hunter’s Focus: Hunter enters in a Rage state where all weaponry stats are increased Hunter’s Shroud: Become invisible to stay unnoticed by enemies
Challenger Die Hard: When accepting too much damage, become invulnerable to heal War Stomp: Give enhanced damage to any close enemies Juggernaut: Go insane with better movement and higher melee damage Rampage: Enters an aggressive state where gun reload and fire rate is improved
Gunslinger Loaded: All weapons receive instant reload with infinite ammo for the first 5 seconds Quick Draw: Hit close group of enemies with six bullets in an instant Sidewinder: ADS speed increased and guns auto reload upon swapping Bulletstorm: Better fire rate and reload speed for initial 20 seconds
Explorer Lucky: Higher chance of rare drops from high health opponents Plainswalker: Greater movement speed and stamina reduces at a lesser rate Gold Digger: Dig a hole in ground to create a fountain providing stat buffs to party Fortune Hunter: All items, rare or common, are visible through walls in a 40m radius
Alchemist Spirited: Single extra concoction buff added Stone Mist: Emerge yourself in a cloud to reduce damage intake Frenzy Dust: Emerge yourself in a cloud to improve all weaponry and melee speed Elixir of Life: Emerge yourself in a cloud to restore health when in danger
Summoner Ruthless: Deal damage to your minions to improve their stats Hollow: Minions that target ground units (two spawn at a time) Flyer: Minions that target air units (two spawn at a time) Reaver: Minions that target both ground and air units (only one spawns)
Best Archetype Summary Table

Here, our guide on Best Archetype in Remnant 2 comes to an end. Ensure you understand the abilities of each class so they are easier to execute on every world of Remnant.

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