Remnant 2 BEST Archon Build [Weapons, Armor, Skills]

I have played Remnant 2 for more than 3 weeks, and the Archon class is a Mod-abusing Archetype that has automatic Mod Power generation and better Mod Damage.

Remnant 2 best Archon build.
This is our recommended best Archon build.

Remnant 2 features even more Archetypes than before, with the Archon class being one of them. This Archetype focuses on generating Mod Power and frequently activating Weapon Mods. But using this overpowered ability wisely is a tricky task. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Archon Archetype relies on abusing Weapon Mods by generating Mod Power and boosting Mod Damage.
  • You need the Hexahedron Engram to unlock the Archon Archetype.
  • I highly recommend building the Nightfall Long Gun, Cube Gun Hand Gun, and Krell Axe Melee Weapon paired with the Realmwalker Armor Set.
  • For the Amulet, I suggest the Spirit Wisp Amulet with the Encrypted Ring, Zohee’s Ring, Shard Banded Ring, and White Pawn Stamp for the Rings.
  • You will highly benefit from the effects of the Havoc Form Skill complemented by the Flash Caster Trait.
  • For the Dual Archetype, the Challenger is the best for its close-range combat and sheer power.
About The Author

I have invested more than 30+ hours in Remnant 2, dealing with various character builds. You can easily trust my hands-on experience related to the best archon build in Remnant 2!

Archon Archetype Explained

Best Archetype for Weapon Mods

Why did I Choose Archon?

This build utilizes the weapon mods to their full extent. Combine it with the Challenger, and you get an overpowered beast that can overwhelm any battle.

The Archon is one of the 11 available Archetypes in Remnant 2, designed for heavy use of Weapon Mods. Weapon Mods provide significant enhancements to your weapons but have Cooldowns and require Mod Power.

The Archon Archetype rapidly uses Weapon Mods, reduces casting times, and boosts Mod damage. They can also generate Mod Power for themselves and allies. From my experience, this class is versatile and suitable for solo players and co-op mode, offering damage output and ally support through its Perks.

How To Unlock The Archon Archetype?

You can unlock the Archon Archetype after acquiring the Hexahedron Engram. This is one of the hardest Engrams to obtain as it requires a specific loadout that you can only get post-game.

Here’s the loadout you need:

  • Weapons: Ford’s Scattergun, Cube Gun, and Labyrinth Staff.
  • Armor: Realmwalker Set.
  • Explorer Engram upgraded to Level 10.
  • Invader Engram upgraded to Level 5.
  • Relic: Void Heart.
  • Amulet: Leto’s Amulet.
  • Rings: Black Cat Band, Zania’s Malice, Amber Moonstone, Anastasija’s Inspiration.

With this loadout, here’s the way I suggest for acquiring the Hexahedron Engram:

  • Enter the Labyrinth and go to the twitching portal.
  • A cutscene will play out where you fall into a void. Wait a few seconds and then head into the area.
  • You’ll find a long bridge that grants you access to the back of the room.
  • Go right from here and locate the Corrupted Door. It will only allow you to enter when you have the necessary loadout I mentioned above.
  • Once you enter, you’ll need to look for the Strange Box. Take this opportunity to find the Gunfire Security Lanyard Amulet and Bisected Ring.
  • Using the Strange Box, craft the Hexahedron Engram and equip it to use the Archon Archetype.

Best Archon Weapon Loadout

StatsLong Gun: NightfallHand Gun: Cube GunMelee Weapon: Krell Axe
Ideal Range18 meters18 metersN/A
Falloff Range50 meters50 metersN/A
Critical Hit Chance5%5%3%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus105%85%85%
Max Ammo90105N/A
Stagger Modifier15%0%-10%
UpgradeLevel 10Level 10Level 20
Best Weapon ModDreadwalkerCube ShieldKrell Edge
Best MutatorHarmonizerTimewaveSteadfast

Weapons Loadout Table.

Long Gun: Nightfall

Remnant 2 best Archon build Nightfall stats.
Nightfall has one of the best Weapon Mods to abuse. (Image captured by us)

I highly recommend Nightfall for the Long Gun for its overpowered Weapon Mod and high firing rate.

  • Nightfall is a medium-range Long Gun with moderate damage and rate of fire.
  • It has a small magazine but high Max Ammo and grants 105% extra Weak Spot Damage.
  • Nightfall’s Stagger Modifier is 15% for extra Stagger damage.
  • It comes with the “Dreadwalker” Weapon Mod, providing brief infinite Ammo, 10% Lifesteal, 25% Firing Rate increase, and full-auto mode for 10 seconds.
  • Using Dreadwalker makes you harder to target but prevents using other skills and weapons unless manually deactivated.
  • The Mod costs 1,250 Mod Power.
  • Harmonizer Mutator is recommended, offering a 10% Mod Damage boost and passive Mod Power generation for a Level 10 weapon, generating 25% Mod Power for the stowed weapon.

Hand Gun: Cube Gun

Remnant 2 Cube Gun stats.
The Cube Gun is an excellent defensive and offensive gun. (Image captured by us)

As for the Hand Gun in this Archon build, you should opt for the Cube Gun for its high support capabilities.

  • The Cube Gun has low damage but a high rate of fire, with bullets that return after hitting enemies.
  • Reloading the gun grants infinite Ammo by refilling fired projectiles.
  • It synergizes with the Nightfall, which briefly offers infinite Ammo through its Weapon Mod.
  • Cube Gun includes a “Cube Shield” defensive weapon modification.
  • Cube Shield creates a 500-damage shield for 15 seconds, and after it disappears, you can shoot projectiles at enemies, their damage scaling with absorbed shield damage.
  • The mod power cost is 1,000, which is manageable for an Archon.
  • Timewave Mutator is recommended, slowing enemies within 7.5 meters for 5-7 seconds when using a mod, which is ideal for the Archon’s mod-centric playstyle.

Melee Weapon: Krell Axe

Finally, I suggest you use the Krell Axe as your melee weapon for its raw damage output.

  • The Krell Axe deals significant damage and can be thrown when charged with enough Stamina.
  • The built-in Weapon Mod “Krell Edge” allows charging and throwing the axe.
  • Upon hitting an enemy, it Overloads them, dealing 50 Shock Damage per 5 seconds for 10 seconds, and the axe returns to your hand.
  • Overloaded status causes an enemy to explode when applied twice or near another. Overloaded enemy, dealing massive Shock Damage to multiple targets.
  • Steadfast Mutator is recommended, granting immunity to interruptions during Charged Melee Attacks and reducing damage by 10%. At Level 10, damage taken during Charged Melee Attacks becomes Grey Health.

Best Archon Armor: Realmwalker Set

StatBody Armor: Realmwalker TunicGlove: Realmwalker GlovesHead Armor: Realmwalker BeretLeg Armor: Realmwalker PantaloonsRealmwalker Set Overall Stats
Bleed Defense30025
Burn Defense21014
Shock Defense31127
Blight Defense41139
Toxin Defense00000

Armor Set and Stats table.

For the Armor Set, I went with the Realmwalker. I would not confine you to this armor, but you are free to explore other options. 

  • The Realmwalker Set features a total Armor of 40 and a Weight of 21. It features high Blight Defense with adequate Bleed, Burn, and Shock Damage.
  • Unfortunately, this Armor Set doesn’t feature any Toxin Defense. Opt for the Dendroid, Elder, or Space Worker Sets if you want added Toxin Defense. 
  • No specific Armor Set works here, but rather, any Light Armor Set according to the situation will work.
  • Light Armor allows you to perform a Fast Dodge. Fast Dodges have a quicker animation and let you travel further than regular Dodges. 

Amulet & Ring

Remnant 2 best Archon build Rings, Amulet, and Armor Set.
These are the recommended Rings, Amulet, and Armor Set. (Image captured by us)
  • Amulet: Spirit Wisp Amulet
  • Rings: Zohee’s Ring, White Pawn Stamp, Encrypted Ring, Shard Banded Ring
  • Ring Alternatives: Burden of the Follower, Burden of the Rebel, Faelin’s Sigil, Faerin’s Sigil, Kinectic Cycle Stone, Spirit Stone, Stone of Malevolence

Remnant 2 allows you to equip 4 Rings and only a single Amulet.

Here are the Rings and Amulets I recommend with this Archon build:

  • Consider using the Spirit Wisp Amulet, reducing Skill Cooldown by 3% for every 300 Mod Power spent, synergizing well with Archon Skills and Perks.
  • Zohee’s Ring, as your first Ring choice, offers a 15% Mod Duration boost, especially effective with the Dreadwalker Mod on Nightfall.
  • The White Pawn Stamp, your second Ring choice, reduces the Mod Power requirement by up to 10%, obtainable during the Flames Event in Losomn.
  • For your third Ring, the Encrypted Ring generates 10% of Max Health when using a Mod, and using a Mod a second time extends this effect to 30 seconds.
  • Lastly, the Shard Banded Ring is recommended for its 12% increase in raw Mod damage.

Recommended Trait: Flash Caster

For the Trait, in my opinion, there is none better than the Archon’s Archetype Trait, “Flash Caster.” This Trait is automatically unlocked with the Archon Archetype, significantly boosting your Mod and Casting Speed.

  1. Flash Caster (Recommended): This Trait is automatically unlocked with the Archon Archetype. It increases Mod and Casting Speed by 5% at Level 1 and by a substantial 50% at Level 10. This boost in speed is highly beneficial for quickly using Mods and casting spells.

  2. Expertise (Alternative 1): Expertise reduces the Cooldown of all your Skills by 2% at Level 1 and 20% at Level 10. It’s a good choice if you want to quickly cast Skills without waiting for long cooldowns.

  3. Spirit (Alternative 2): Spirit enhances Mod Power generation, increasing it by 2% at Level 1 and 20% at Level 10. This Trait complements other Perks that improve Mod Power generation, allowing you to use your Mod more frequently.

Best Archon Skill: Havoc Form

I prefer Havoc Form, which channels the Labyrinth’s abilities into the Archon, providing unique buffs:

  1. Fire: Releases tendrils of electricity, dealing 84.2 Shock Damage per second with a range of 15 meters.

  2. Aim: Creates a 3-meter Energy Shield reducing damage by 50% for you and allies while also dealing 35 Shock Damage per second to nearby enemies.

  3. Dodge: Performs a Blink Evade attack, dealing 100 Shock Damage to nearby foes in a 3-meter radius.

These special buffs last 30 seconds, but their duration decreases when using Havoc Skills (Fire, Aim, Dodge). The cooldown for Havoc Form is two minutes, unlocking at Archon Archetype Level 10, requiring diligent archetype upgrading.

Best Archon Perks

The Archon Archetype has five Perks that provide constant buffs, following a specific unlock and upgrade order:

  1. Prime Perk (Level 0, upgraded at Level 10)
  2. Damage Perk (Level 1, upgraded at Level 6)
  3. Team Perk (Level 2, upgraded at Level 7)
  4. Utility Perk (Level 3, upgraded at Level 8)
  5. Relic Perk (Level 4, upgraded at Level 9)

Note: These Perks are fixed for the Archon build and cannot be changed.

Prime Perk: Tempest

  • Unlocked at Level 0 and upgraded at Level 10.
  • Passive Mod Power regeneration of 2 per second.
  • When you activate a Mod, it boosts Mod generation effects by 50% for 6 seconds.
  • Upgrades:
    • Level 5: Mod Power regenerates at 2.5 per second.
    • Level 10: Mod Power regenerates at 3 per second, and Mod activation enhances Mod Power regeneration by 100% for the next 10 seconds.

Damage Perk: Amplify

  • Unlocked at Level 1 and upgraded at Level 6.
  • Grants a 5% Mod Damage boost.
  • At Level 6, Mod Damage is increased by 30%.
  • Provides 10% more Mod Critical Chance, allowing Mod Damage to critically strike.

Team Perk: Power Creep

  • Unlocked at Level 2 and upgraded at Level 7.
  • Regenerates 5% of the Mod Power you used up after activating a Mod for all allies.
  • Effects are distributed over 10 seconds.
  • At Level 7, grants a 5% Mod Power regeneration boost for all allies, including the player.

Utility Perk: Spirit Within

  • Unlocked at Level 3.
  • Decreases the amount of Mod Power required to cast a Mod by 15%.
  • From Level 8 onwards, you receive a refund of 15% of your spent Mod Power after activating a Weapon Mod.

Relic Perk: Power Leak

  • Unlocked at Level 4 and upgraded at Level 9.
  • Whenever you use a Relic, each of your Mods receives 200 extra Mod Power.
  • At Level 9, this Perk grants an additional 100 Mod Power to the Mod you have equipped.

Secondary Archetype: Challenger

Remnant 2 best Archon build summary.
I recommend this loadout, Skill, and Dual Archetype with the Archon. (Image captured by us)

When you can activate two Archetype effects simultaneously, I recommend pairing the Archon with the Challenger Archetype for an effective Remnant 2 build.

The Challenger Archetype excels in close-range combat, focusing on raw damage and sustainability. This complements the Archon’s ability to spam Mods.

For the Challenger Archetype, equip the Blackmaw AR-47 with the Hot Shot Weapon Mod for a burning effect and increased burst firing rate. Choose the Enigma Hand Gun for its unique mod, which deals with AoE electrical damage.

Lastly, use the Stonebreaker melee weapon with the Faultline Mod for powerful Shock Damage.

  • High Mod Power Generation.
  • Suitable for Close and Mid Range Fights.
  • Uses the full potential of Weapon Mods.
  • Supportive abilities for allies.

  • Need to complete the story once to unlock it.
  • Difficult to play in beginning levels.

My Experience With Archon Build

The Archon Archetype is a resourceful class that’s both supportive towards its allies and also overpowered, being able to use WeaponMods more frequently. That’s why I created this Archon build.

To recap, I highly suggest the Nightfall and Cube Gun for their extraordinary Mods that will benefit from the Archon’s Mod-abusing nature. I also suggest equipping practical Rings and Amulets like the Spirit Wisp Amulet and Zohee’s Ring to maximize your use of Weapon Mods.

Lastly, I recommend building the Challenger Archetype as your secondary Archetype. Its raw power and close-range damage perfectly complement the damage of the Archon.

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