Remnant 2 Best Builds [DPS, Tank & Healer Build]

After playing Remnant 2 for more than 20+ hours, I have compiled the Best Builds you can use!

Remnant 2 Best Builds

Remnant 2 features 10 classes or Archetypes to choose from, and their playstyle varies greatly. The game gives players free rein over creating one’s path and build to claw through enemies in their way. This guide will be looking over all 10 archetypes and listing the best builds.

About The Author

Shoaib has played Remnant 2 for 20+ hours and gone through various modes to understand the game, so you can easily trust the information he gives related to the Amulets in Remnant 2.

Key Takeaways

  • For the best DPS build, I recommend a Gunslinger + Hunter archetype build focusing on raw gun damage and uptime.
  • For the best Tank build, I recommend a Challenger + Engineer archetype build focusing on Utility, High resistance to damage, and ludicrous melee damage.
  • For the best Healer build, I recommend a Medic + Challenger build for great survivability and large amounts of healing in a large radius.

Remnant 2 Archetypes

Remnant 2 sets roles for players to engage with its archetypes, and it highly recommends the co-op mode, although solo play is also possible. Some fights even seem to cater more toward co-op play rather than solo play. The choice of class in a group could be a fun gimmick for people’s playthroughs.

The current 10 Archetypes in Remnant 2 are:

  • Medic: Healing, Support, Well rounded
  • Hunter: Long range, Marking, Precision Damage
  • Challenger: Close Range, Durable, Hard to Kill
  • Handler: Pet Companion, Teamwork, Utility
  • Gunslinger: Gun Handling, Fire Rate, Ammo
  • Summoner: Minion Spawner
  • Alchemist: Sharpshooter, Buffer
  • Explorer: Resource Focused, Drop Rate Increase
  • Engineer: Tool Focused, Utility
  • Invader: Evasion, Shadow Decoys

1. Best DPS Build

Best Gunslinger DPS Build

Why did I Choose Gunslinger and Hunter?

Gunslinger and Hunter make the best raw damage combo. The weapon buffs of Gunslinger combined with the Hunter’s MARK and its complementary effects ensure your weapons perform with maximum efficiency for the highest damage output.

DPS is a big part of fighting games like Remnant 2, and many people like me purposely choose these builds for aggressive gameplay. Very regularly, players will be faced by massive bosses with really high HP pools, and having a character deal large amounts of damage becomes a must. For the Best DPS build, my choice is the Gunslinger Archetype.


The class I’ll focus on is the Gunslinger, with the subclass being Hunter. The class specializes in gunplay, as the name suggests. Skills focus on improving gunplay as well with an increased rate of fire, reload speed, and general stats like critical chance.

Gunslinger Archetype
Gunslinger Class. (image captured by us)

Gunslinger has a perk that lets them reload their weapon automatically after they use a skill. The skill in question I’ll be using is bullet storm, which I’ll cover further. This build requires some setup, but it does huge damage when put together well.


The skill I’ll be going over in this build is the Bulletstorm skill, an Archetype skill for the Gunslinger class.

Skill for gunslinger remnant 2 best build
Bulletstom Skill from gunslinger class. (image captured by us)

This skill allows the player to gain a 20% fire rate bonus and 50% faster reload speed for long-ranged weapons. Generally great for all long-ranged guns and gives an edge to gunplay, which plays a huge role in the game.

Additionally, one huge thing with this skill is the fact that it makes single-shot weapons fully automatic. So, a single-shot rifle that outputs ludicrous amounts of damage with a single hit would become a fully automatic rifle with the same damage.

Secondary Class and Skill

For the secondary class, I’ll be selecting the Hunter class.

Hunter class in remnant 2
Hunter Archetype. (image captured by us)

The hunter subclass has a ton of perks that aid in the build I am going for. The perk deadeye, for example, boosts ranged damage by 40% and boosts weak spot damage by 15%. It also provides a 5% critical chance for ranged weapons.

Furthermore, Urgency is a perk that provides the player with 15% reload speed and 15% increased movement speed, which pairs well with Bulletstorm, providing additional reload speed and allowing for a quick return to combat.

Now let’s take a look at the skill that will pair with the subclass of the hunter.

Hunters mark skill remnant 2
Hunters Mark Hunter skill . (image captured by us)

Hunter’s Mark: Marks enemies within 35m, grants 15% bonus long-range and melee damage, and gives allies 15% increased crit chance. Useful for tempo and co-op play.


Both Gunslinger and Hunter have Perks, which are essential for good DPS builds. Here’s a list of the perks and what they do:

Swift ShotGunslingerAmmo pickups reward 30% additional ammo for every player in the party and the bonus is split equally among the teammates. Causes the ammo box to drop additional ammo on the ground.
Posse UpGunslingerFirearms gain 10% reload speed. The bonus is doubled if magazine is empty.
Quick HandsGunslingerGain 40% ranged damage, 15% weak spot damage and 5% ranged critical chance.
Sleight of HandGunslingerUsing a relic reloads equipped firearm and increases Ranged damage by 15% for 10s.
DeadeyeHunterKills due to weak spot and critical hits increase ammo drops by 50% and double the chance of ammo drops.
Return to senderHunterUsing a relic extends the duration of any active hunter skill by 10s. Effect degrades with each subsequent use. Weakspot kills against Marked enemies increase the speed of next relic use within 15s by 5%. Stacks 10x
UrgencyHunterFirearms gain 15% reload speed and 15% increased movement speed after a kill. Lasts 5s
IntuitionHunterUsing a relic extends the duration of any active hunter skill by 10s. Effect degrades with each subsequent use. Weakspot kills against Marked enemies increase the speed of the next relic use within 15s by 5%. Stacks 10x

Hunter Build Perks.

These perks work together with the skills to buff my main weapon to where players have a full auto rifle dishing out insane damage with minuscule downtime.

The effect of the Prime perk, Loaded, is: When the player activates any gunslinger skill, both weapons instantly reload and gain infinite reserve ammo on all weapons for 8 seconds.

Gunslinger Weapon Loadout

StatsHuntmaster M1Spectral BladeEnigma
Ideal Range27m12m
Falloff Range75m12m
Max Ammo42120
Critical Hit Chance5%8%-10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus110%105%
Stagger Modifier5%-25%-15%

Weapon Loadout Table.

Huntmaster M1 Long Gun

The Huntsman M1 long gun is the main weapon we’re gonna be looking at as this weapon is what goes well with the skills and passives of the Gunslinger

Huntmaster M1
Huntmaster M1 Long gun. (image captured by us)

The Huntmaster M1 is a high-powered long-range bolt action rifle with great accuracy and a scope with a 2.5x magnification scope. This gun checks all the boxes for the Bulletstorm skill because it’s a high-damage, single-shot bolt-action rifle.

Using the skill makes it fully automatic and gives it far quicker recovery time for better uptime in fights.

The mods used on this weapon are:

  • Hot Shot: Imbues ammunition with Fire and increases ranged damage by 15% for a 20s. Shots also apply to burn, dealing 460 fire damage over 10 seconds.
  • Battery +3: Ranged Hits increase the next weak spot hit by 13% per stack. Max 5 stacks.


These are the important pieces that will impact this build. The rest of the jewelry can be up to the player, but it shouldn’t matter too much.

  • Inert overcharger: Standing still increases Fire rate by 20%, reload speed by 16%, and reduces recoil by 50%. Lasts 1.5s after moving.
  • Zania’s Malice: Dealing weak spot damage increases weak spot damage by 10% for 7s. Stacks 3x.
  • Probability Cord: Increases Crit Damage by 30%.

  • Enhanced Weakspot Damage.
  • Deal more damage to MARKED enemies.
  • Boosts Reload Speed, Fire Rate, and Ammo.
  • Ideal for Long Range combat.

  • Vulnerable due to low Defensive Stats.
  • Requires weapon mastery.
  • No Healing Perks.
  • Less fruitful against bosses with no Weakspot.
  • Less effective at close range.

Why Others Were Not Choosen?

  • Hunter-Challenger Deceit Build: Requires a lot of effort, but the reward is just 3k DPS.
  • Ritualist-Challenger Build: DPS is good but costs health, making it very risky.

2. Best Tank Build

Best Challenger Tank Build

Why did I Choose Challenger and Engineer?

The Challenger gives this build its characteristic Tank outlook, with numerous damage reduction boosts and close combat perks, while the Engineer further complements it with its unique Trait, Heavy Weapon buffs.

In ARPGs like Remnant 2, tank builds have a dual role in dealing with and absorbing damage. Ideal for solo play and supporting co-op DPS teammates. I recommend the Challenger build with the Engineer subclass for sustain, high melee DPS, and utility.


Challenger is a base Archetype with use for close-range combat. In a game with guns, the range plays a huge role, and the challenger class is unique in its tanky nature, where it can afford to fight close range.

Best Tank Build.
Challenger Class. (Image captured by us)

The build focuses on a damage-dealing tank that can support their team.


I am gonna be using a skill called Juggernaut for this build. This skill will allow players to get out of impossible situations and improve their survivability.

Juggernaut skill Remnant 2
Juggernaut, Challenger skill. (image captured by us)

The skill allows the user to become unstoppable and gain 3 stacks of BULWARK, 15% movement speed and melee speed, and 50% increased melee damage. For a close combat tank this skill is perfect to go in, slice and dice the enemies, and then get out without a dent in their HP pools.

Secondary Class and Skill

The secondary class I’ll be using is a secret archetype that synergizes great with the challenger build: the Engineer Archetype.

The engineer archetype is a utility and support class that relies on using heavy weaponry and turrets to take on waves of enemies. In a solo playthrough, this is especially useful since it provides backup, much like another player would, but replacing the player with a turret.

Let’s have a quick look at the skill I’ll be recommending for the engineer subclass:

Engineer skill remnant 2
Engineer skill, Heavy Weapon: Vulcan. (image captured by us)

The Vulcan skill is a must for Engineer builds. It lets you deploy a powerful turret that auto-targets and deals damage until it runs out of ammo. You can wield it as a Gatling gun, too, making it versatile.

Your party members can also use the turret, which is helpful for team play, especially with long cooldowns.

You can reclaim the turret and get back 75% of the ammo, enhancing mission mobility and adaptability. A game-changer for Engineers.


Here’s a list of the perks of the challenger and engineer archetype.

Close quartersChallengerGrants a 3.5% increase to All Damage to enemies within 10m. Damage bonus tapers off until 20m
Intimidating presenceChallengerAfter activating a Challenger Skill, enemies within 10m deal 10% less damage for 15s.
PowerlifterChallengerThe Stamina Cost increases for each weight bracket is reduced by 50%.
Face of DangerChallengerUsing a Relic within 10m of an enemy grants 2 stacks of Bulwark for 10s.
MetalworkerEngineerIncreases Skill Damage by 5% Heavy Weapons gain 5% Ammo Capacity and +2.5% Max Health
Magnetic FieldEngineerUsing a Relic refills 15% of Heavy Weapon Ammo. The bonus is doubled when Heavy Weapon is stowed. If the Stowed Heavy Weapon is overfilled, the Engineer will drop additional Ammo based on the surplus.
Heavy MobilityEngineerMovement Speed while Carrying a Heavy Weapon is increased by 35%.
SurplusEngineerUsing a Relic refills 15% of Heavy Weapon Ammo. Bonus is doubled when Heavy Weapon is stowed. If the Stowed Heavy Weapon is overfilled, the Engineer will drop additional Ammo based on the surplus.

Perks Overview Table.

Die Hard is the prime perk for the Challenger class. It grants invulnerability and health regeneration when hit with fatal damage. Here are the effects and upgrades:

  • Base Perk: 2s invulnerability, 50% Max Health regeneration. 10-minute cooldown.
  • Level 5 Upgrade: 2.5s invulnerability, 75% Max Health regeneration. 10-minute cooldown.
  • Level 10 Upgrade: 3s invulnerability, 100% Max Health regeneration.”

This perk is great for players who like to charge into battles and keep fighting, even after taking heavy damage.


Since this build is more so focused around skill usage and melee combat I’ll only be going over the melee and the mods.

The melee sword I went for is the Iron Greatsword, which is the base sword of the challenger. This sword is an absolute monster of a sword with great range and damage. The most important feature I’ve used, though, is the mod.

Weapon for Best tank Build in Remnant 2 best builds
Iron Greatsword. (image captured by us)

Vengeful Strike is the mod I’ve used, which increases melee damage by 20% when below 50% Max HP. This pairs really well with the amulet in my build.

Best Tank Jewelry

These cover the essential jewelry items that aid in the fast movement for quick in and outs with the tank synergizing with the uptime of the skills.

  1. Heart of the Wolf Ring:

    • Max stamina +25
    • Movement speed +10%
  2. Momentum Driver Ring:

    • After 2s of sprinting, movement speed +15%
    • Reduces stagger level by 1
  3. Vengeance Idol Amulet:

    • Increases damage dealt by 30% when HP is below 50%
  4. Restriction Cord Ring:

    • Limits healing above 50% HP
    • Reduces incoming damage by 10%
  5. Reserve Boosting Gem Ring:

    • HP regeneration:
      • 0.333 per second after going below 50% HP
      • Increases to 2 per second until 50% HP is reached
  • Expert in Melee Combat.
  • High Survivability & Tanky.
  • Boosts for Heavy Weapons.
  • Spawns Turret for support.
  • Perfect for close-range fights.
  • Decent blend of offense and defense.
  • Bad Mobility.
  • Not ideal for long-range fights.
  • Ammo Requirements are high.
  • DPS is low at the cost of damage reduction.

Why Others Were Not Choosen?

  • Medic-Engineer Build: Low DPS as compared to alternatives.

3. Best Healing Build

Best Medic Healing Build

Why did I Choose Medic and Challenger?

The Medic+Challenger is the most self-sustainable combo, providing insane healing and damage reduction perks. This makes it a highly survivable and one of the best team-supportive builds.

Healing is a big part of Remnant 2. For new players to the genre, the game will present itself as fairly difficult and nonveterans of the series will have a tough time adjusting to the learning curve and memorizing enemy attack patterns.

Medic is one of the 10 archetypes that focuses on healing.

I’ll be covering the basics in this builds guide and would recommend you check out my full in-depth medic build covered here: Remnant 2 Best Medic Build.


The medic is a great class for solo and co-op as it provides ample healing and makes the game generally easier to play. It is to be noted that being a healer doesn’t disqualify the class from doing serious damage, but healing is just an added perk for this build.

Medic archetype
Medic Archetype. (image Captured by us)

Medic shines in co-op as it’s a dedicated healer and, in tough missions, can easily bring confidence to the team as they don’t need to worry about being out of combat for too long and having a long animation to heal themselves.


The skill I recommend for the best medic build is the healing shield.

Healing shield Medic Skill
Healing Shield Skill for Medic. (Image Captured by us)

Healing Shield: Gives allies a 100% max HP shield in a 25m radius for 10s, with 21% HP regen. 96s cooldown. Unlocked at archetype level 5.

Wellspring: Instant AoE heal but requires allies to stay put. Your choice is based on mission.

Secondary Class and Skill
War Stomp skill for Challenger class.

War Stomp skill for the challenger. (image captured by us)

For a balanced approach in best builds, I recommend pairing the Medic with the Challenger subclass. Survivability is key in this tough game. Challengers make great short-range tanks, allowing Medics to be both healers and battle-ready.

Skill Recommendation: War Stomp

  • Creates a tremor dealing 150 damage and staggering enemies in a cone up to 7.5m.
  • Useful for revives and dealing with nearby threats, especially in co-op play.
  • Synergizes well with a Wellspring build, providing space when allies are surrounded.”

This combo ensures Medics can keep allies healthy and themselves in the fight.


InvigoratedMedicGrants a 2.5% increase to All Damage
BenevolenceMedicIncreases Relic Efficacy by 15% and heals nearby allies for 30% of the total healing value.
BackboneMedicIncreases the hits Medic can take before losing Grey Health by 1
BenefactorMedicIncreases Relic Use Speed by 20%
Close quartersChallengerGrants a 3.5% increase to All Damage to enemies within 10m. Damage bonus tapers off until 20m.
Intimidating presenceChallengerAfter activating a Challenger Skill, enemies within 10m deal 10% less damage for 15s.
PowerlifterChallengerThe Stamina Cost increases for each weight bracket is reduced by 50%.
Face of DangerChallengerUsing a Relic within 10m of an enemy grants 2 stacks of Bulwark for 10s.

Healer Build Perks Table.


After you have given your allies a total of 350 HP in healing, Regenerator grants you back a Relic charge. The healing accumulation resets when you Respawn or Rest at a Wordlstone, and you must heal your companions for 350 HP once again.


StatsLong Gun: Rusty Lever ActionHand Gun: Rune PistolMelee Weapon: Red Doe Staff
Ideal Range30m18m
Falloff Range80m53m
Critical Hit Chance10%3%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%100%95%
Max Ammo60168
Stagger Modifier0%0%8%

Healer Build Loadout Table.

Weapon Mods & Mutators

Long Gun: Rusty Lever Action

  1. Healing Shot:

    • Sends a healing payload to allies.
    • Heals for 30% of their max health.
    • Remains latent until an ally is nearby.
    • The dormant payload lasts 30s, healing power decreases over time.
  2. Extender:

    • Increases weapon magazine capacity by 20%.

Hand Gun: Rune Pistol

  1. Soul Brand:

    • Applies Soul Brand to enemies within 25m for 25s.
    • Killed enemies leave Echoes for 10s.
    • Echoes grant 10% maximum health when touched.
  2. Bandit:

    • 10% chance to return spent Ammo to the magazine on hit.

Melee Weapon: Red Doe Staff

  • Lifeline: After dealing 250 damage, the next charge attack causes the spirit of the RED DOE to stampede forward, dealing 160 damage to enemies and regenerating 10% Health to allies in its path.
  • Shield Breaker: Melee Attacks grant a Shield for 2% of Max Health. Max 20%. Last 10s.


  • Cleansing Stone amulet: Reduces Duration of Elemental Status Effects against wearer by 50%. Relic use cleanses Elemental Status effects and grants 15% of the wearer’s Max Health to all allies within 7m when cleansed.
  • Burden of the Divine ring: All damage dealt by the wearer is reduced by 10%. 50% of self-healing applies to allies.
  • Dense Silicone Ring: Gain 200% of Health Regenerated as Mod Power.
  • Generating Band ring: Regenerate 3 of Max Health per second while a Shield is active.
  • Ring of Grace ring: Taking enemy damage causes 10% of Maximum Health to regenerate over 10s.
          • High Melee Damage.
          • Good Survivability.
          • Numerous Healing Buffs.
          • Team Support.
          • Slow Movement Speed.
          • Ineffective in long-range combat.
          • Less damage output.

          Why Others Were Not Choosen?

          • Medic-Alchemist (Plague Doctor) Build: Relies too much on Corrosive Rounds and perks are only beneficial in co-op. 

          Builds Comparison Table

          Here is a comparison table of my best Builds in Remnant 2 . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

          VariableDPS BuildTank BuildHealing Build
          ArchetypesGunslinger + HunterChallenger + EngineerMedic + Challenger
          Awarded forBest Gunslinger DPS BuildBest Challenger Tank BuildBest Medic Healing Build
          RangeLong rangeClose rangeClose-medium range
          SkillsBulletstorm + Hunters MarkJuggernaut + Heavy weapon: VulcanHealing Shield + War Stomp
          PlaystyleLong-range, Skill tempo damage dealerClose-range melee combat with utilityMedium-range support with tank capability
          WeaponHuntmaster M1AS-10 BulldogRusty Lever Action
          MeleeSpectral BladeIron GreatswordRed Doe Staff
          HandgunEnigmaMeridianRune Pistol
          Stat priorityAttack damage, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Reload SpeedHp regeneration, Damage resistance, Skill damage, Melee damageDamage resistance, Melee damage
          Armor levelLightHeavyHeavy
          CooldownsMedium CooldownsMedium CooldownsHigh Cooldowns

          Builds Comparison Table. 

          My Verdict On Best Builds

          During my experience, I paid close attention to how the synergies b/w the two archetypes in a build work together and how well their perks complement each other.

          These 3 builds are sure to be appreciated in a co-op team and are fun solo as well. I usually go with the DPS build featuring HUGS (Gunslinger-Hunter) as I like an aggressive playstyle; however, I suggest new players try the Tank Build for balanced gameplay.

          As always, please let us know how you’ve been enjoying the game, and I hope I’ve helped with this guide. If you want more information on Remnant 2, be sure to check out our Guides:

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