Remnant 2: BEST Engineer Build [Weapons, Armor, Skills]

I have played Remnant 2 for more than 3 weeks, and I've found that Engineer is a unique when that is both Tanky and Duelist at the same time!

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Remnant 2: Best Engineer Build

Engineer is a unique Archetype in Remnant 2 that focuses on long-range combat with the turret assist. Players find it difficult to play Engineer, as they are not using the appropriate equipment. But do not worry, as I will guide you through everything you need to know for playing as Engineer optimal build. 

About The Author

I have invested more than 30+ hours in playing Remnant 2. During my playthrough, I was able to tinker with various character builds, weapons, tricks, and armor. Hence, you can easily trust the information I give related to Remnant 2!

Key Takeaways

  • For the weapons, I recommend Plasma Cutter as a Long Gun, Enigma as a Handgun, and Atom Smasher as Melee.
  • Plasma Cutter deals damage through pulses that deal more damage if you aim it at a target for a longer period.
  • Enigma deals shock damage, giving damage to multiple targets in range.
  • Atom Smasher is a heavy hammer that deals significant damage in a single swing.
  • Combine the Trainer and Leto Mark II armor sets to come up with a moderate weight but higher resistance against damages of all types.
  • Use the Ankh of Power Amulet to get a damage increase for your weapons.
  • Use Full Moon Circlet, Heart of the Wolf, Soul Link, and Alchemy Stone for rings.
  • Contribute points to the Fortify trait, giving your armor additional strength points.
  • Engineers’ Impact Canon skills will deploy turrets that can fight any targets in the range while giving AOE damage.
  • Pair your primary Archetype with Summoner as a secondary, which can summon his Minions to provide additional assistance.

Engineer Build Overview

Long GunPlasma Cutter
Short GunEnigma
MeleeAtom Smasher
ArmorTrainer + Leto Mark II
AmuletAnkh of Power
RingsFull Moon Circlet, Heart of the Wolf, Soul Link, Alchemy Stone
SkillsImpact Canon
PerksHigh Tech, Metalworker, Magnetic Field, Heavy Mobility, Surplus
Secondary ArchetypeSummoner

Engineer Build Overview Table.

Engineer Archetype

Best Tank Engineer Build

Why did I Choose Engineer?

The Engineer features turrets as its main line of offense and defense. It provides insane buffs for Heavy Weapons, making them unstoppable. This build makes you extra tanky to increase survivability.

The Engineer build is a potential option for solo players as they have tanky armor and assistance from deployed turrets. They associate themselves with heavy weaponry that deals great damage while avoiding enemy bullets through strong armor support.

All Archetypes receive a Long Gun, Hand Gun, and Melee weapon to start their gameplay. The Engineer will get a Pulse Rifle, Rupture Canon, and Atom Smasher. These weapons will get you through the early phases of the game, but you will struggle when you get close to the end.

Unlocking Engineer Archetype

Unfortunately, the Engineer Archetype is not available in the initial pick list. To unlock this secret Archetype, you must visit N’Erud and search either the Timeless Horizon or the Eon Vault. Your objective is to locate and find an Alien Device that can be crafted into a Dryzr Caliper Engram.

  1. Search on the edges of the mentioned areas where you will get affected by the poison gas that drains your health.
  2. You must find a ledge and jump to reach the other side.
  3. When you reach there, grab the complete Engineer armor set lying in the same spot.
  4. Make a quick right to find the Alien Device, which was your main objective.
  5. Note that there is a significant chance of dying as you continue with the mentioned procedure.
  6. If you identify the item but fail to achieve it, use the map to identify your death location and travel to that spot.

My Weapon Loadout Recommendation

best weapons for engineer archetype

Refer to this table that compares weapon stats for the Engineer build.

StatsPlasma CutterEnigmaAtom Smasher
Ideal Range17m12m
Falloff Range30m12m
Max Ammo400125
Critical Hit Chance5%-10%5%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus75%+95%
Stagger Modifier-20%-15%11%
Upgrade Levels101020
Weapon ModHeat SinkChaos DriverAccelerator

Engineer Build Loadout Table.

1. Long Gun: Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutter is currently the most dangerous weapon in the game, as it uses a laser beam to damage opponents. It comes with a long magazine 100 that benefits players, as they can destroy all opponents without reloading. 

  • If you project the beam on an enemy for more than four seconds, the damage increases gradually. 
  • Plasma Cutter has significant range, so it can also eliminate far-away enemies, making it a potential candidate for the long gun slot.
  • It has a built-in mod Heat Sink that will deduct 50% heat generation so the weapon overheats after greater usage.
  • To secure this weapon, you must visit N’Erud and travel to the Extraction Hub area in the Timeless Horizon. 
  • Search the region to find the Navigator’s Helm, a rare armor piece.
  • It will be inside a hole under one of the three spherical structures that keep banging the ground.
  • Drop down the hole under the short window where the structure stays apart from the ground level.
  • Move forward and enter the abandoned ship that requires the Navigator’s Helm for access.
  • Use it to proceed further and find the Plasma Cutter inside a room.

2. Short Gun: Enigma

  • Enigma is the easiest handgun to use as it deals shock damage and requires less aim accuracy.
  • Shock damage travels from one enemy to the other, dealing more damage.
  • Aiming Enigma at the weak spot is unnecessary as shock travels automatically.
  • Players can find it inside Fractured Ingress, a location you must visit on your first travel to Labyrinth.
  • Enigma is a high-DPS handgun that is strong at close and mid-range as enemies don’t stand a chance.
  • It comes with the Chaos Driver built-in mod.
  • Players can use the weapon mod to create an electric spherical AOE.
  • All enemies inside that area will receive shock damage, which makes it easier to clear large groups of enemies when you have less ammo available.

3. Melee: Atom Smasher

  • Atom Smasher is a heavy melee weapon that can crush enemies in a single blow.
  • It comes with a base damage of 72, reaching a maximum of 216 after several upgrades.
  • Atom smasher is heavyweight; therefore, swinging is slow.
  • One piece of advice I can give you is to swing it accurately at the enemies because they can attack back before you recover if you miss.
  • Players can acquire Atom Smasher during the training event on Terminus Station, N’Erud.
  • Search the place from start to end to interact with a few train mechanics and create a way forward.
  • Atom Smasher is the best option for this world, as you’ll need heavy damage support to clear the close-range enemies while the turrets provide long-range assistance.

Best Armor Choice

armor recommendation

Here are all the armor statistics based on my recommended sets.

StatsBody ArmorGloveHead ArmorLeg ArmorArmor Set

Armor Table.

To choose the best Armor for the Engineer build, you must choose the one offering heavy resistance to different types of damage while keeping the weight below a certain threshold. If the weight is dangerously high, dodging and running becomes extremely slow and drains more stamina than usual.

A combination of Trainer and Leto Mark II Set suits best this Engineer Archetype as it provides resistance to all types of damages, and if you pick the appropriate pieces, the weight is moderate.

Follow the steps below to obtain the Leto Mark II Armor Set:

  1. The set is in Ward 13 but you can’t directly get to it.
  2. Players must be on Fractured Ingress in Labyrinth to travel to a secret area leading them to a portal.
  3. This portal can be accessed through the Biome Portal Key. Ensure you have it.
  4. Enter the portal to reach a hidden part of Ward 13. 
  5. Players will find the Leto Mark II Armor set inside an abandoned container.
  6. Searching the area thoroughly will also get you the weapon, the Chicago Typewriter

Follow the steps below to obtain the Trainer Set.

  1. Whispers is a silent NPC in ward 13 that sits on the opposite side of the female doctor.
  2. Players can buy the complete armor set from him.
  3. If you have unlocked the Handler Archetype, you will automatically get the set in your inventory.

Rings And Amulet

Rings: Full Moon Circlet, Heart of the Wolf, Soul Link, Alchemy Stone.

Amulet: Ankh of Power

  • The rings are specifically chosen to increase movement speed and damage to induce the tanky nature in my Engineer build.
  • Full Moon Circlet ring will enhance damage dealt by 20% and introduce Lifesteal when targeting ranged enemies.
  • For the people who are unaware of the Lifesteal mechanic, it will increase your health while you eliminate the far-away enemies.
  • Heart of the Wolf ring will boost your stamina and movement speed, making it easier to make quick movements while wearing heavy armor.
  • Combine this with Soul Link and Alchemy Stone ring to boost damage and increase chances of survivability while holding the ground.
  • Ankh of Power is one of the most used Amulets in Remnant 2, which will enhance all damages by 15%.
  • This damage enhancement doubles after relic consumption, which stays for 15 seconds.

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Suggested Trait: Fortify

Fortify is the exclusive Engineer build trait in Remnant 2 that works to improve how effective your armor is. It indirectly increases armor strength and robustness, making you stronger on the field. The effectiveness starts at 5% and reaches 50% after ten upgrades. Each upgrade level requires you to spend 1 Trait point.

Along with Fortify, another trait players can invest in is Barkskin. It will reduce any damage you intake.

Moreover, players can upgrade it to level 10, which can minimize any incoming damage to 10%, which creates a huge effect and contributes to survivability. When you combine these two traits, this Engineer build can become a damage-resistance, so it can rely on the chosen weapons to deal maximum damage.

Best Engineer Skills

The engineer has three skills that are all relevant to turret deployment. Each skill is a different version of the turret and how it operates. Investing in the Heavy Weapon: Impact Canon skill is advantageous for players as your turrets behave like a railgun when not deployed.

They perform an AOE-damaging attack after you deploy them, eliminating multiple enemies in less time.

Important Note: The Engineer Archetype’s skill usage depends on the live situation; hence, there is a chance of swapping for better output. For instance, during boss fights, Heavy Weapon: Flamethrower skill is more effective, as you create a burning effect on the boss, dealing constant damage for a short period.

Heavy Weapon: Vulkan skill is less used as the Impact Canon replaces it. However, Vulkan unlocks at the initial level, so I suggest you utilize it until the other one is unlocked. Both target the same objective, but Impact Canon provides a better output.

Best Engineer Perks

engineer perks

1. High Tech

This is the Engineer Archetype’s Prime Perk that is correlated with the equipped skill. When you use the skill, your weapons will convert to endless ammo while boosting the damage and fire rate for 15 seconds. It has a cooldown period of 60 seconds, which can be reduced if you spend points on the Expertise trait.

Note that perks are passive skills under effect in the background of your gameplay. The high Tech perk is useful immediately after skill activation, as all the stat buffs last for 15 seconds in that window.

2. Metalworker

Metalworker is a Damage Perk that will increase the damage caused by using any skill. Players will observe a 5% increase, followed by a large ammo capacity and health pool.

This perk is useful when you are using skill, as the buffs will help you deal great damage with heavy weaponry, so eliminating enemies is not a problem.

3. Magnetic Field

This perk will help your teammates in Co-op mode as they will initially experience incoming damage reduction of up to 25%. Note that this effect is applicable in the 2.5-meter radius; therefore, any ally outside the perimeter will experience no changes.

4. Heavy Mobility

Players require quick movement when heavy weapons are in their hands, as movements allow them to dodge bullets. Moreover, using these weapons will grant you a 35% movement speed boost, allowing you to make swift movements and dodges.

This passive skill is helpful during intense fights where players are outnumbered by their opponents and it’s hard to survive. Moreover, making quick dodges and counters is necessary for your gameplay if you wish to conserve your HP.

5. Surplus

Surplus is a Relic perk that is associated with Relic usage. Ammo is the top priority for any archetype, as weaponry usage helps them survive on the field. If players consume a relic, their long guns are automatically refilled with 15% of the available capacity. Moreover, if the gun is not in your hands, you will receive a 30% ammo refill, which is twice the amount you were getting before.

This helps us understand that whenever we wish to consume a Relic for health restoration and whatnot, we should keep a secondary weapon or melee in our hands so a greater ammo refill is allocated to us.

Secondary Archetype Choice

Picking a supportive secondary Archetype is essential as the primary Archetype requires a powerful alternate skill that can be helpful during gameplay. I recommend that you unlock and equip the Summoner Archetype, which will assist the Engineer with minions that will kill any enemies in their way.

Players will have access to the prime perk of Summoner, which will make the minions stronger if you shoot them. Furthermore, the minions will deal 30% more damage to enemies while having greater movement speed for the first 20 seconds.

The Best Skill for Summoner Archetype is Minion: Reaver, which will summon minions that target both ground and aerial units. Moreover, they leave bombs on the ground that burst on enemies, causing 200 damage per body.

This is my suggested skill for the Engineer-Summoner build in Remnant 2, as it can create chaos among enemies with a bomb and regular damage; hence, mastering this skill will give you a huge advantage during boss fights and clearing enemies.

  • Buffs for Heavy Weapons.
  • Decent DPS.
  • Spawns Turrets for Support.
  • High Survivability due to Tanky Armor.
  • Calls Minions for Support. 
  • Damage Reduction skills.

  • Buffs don’t apply to other weapon types.
  • Bad Mobility.
  • Relies on Summons for everything.
  • Require tons of Ammo for Turret/Heavy Weapons.
  • Not suitable for Long-range combat.

Why Others Were Not Choosen?

  • Engineer-Challenger: Not suitable for beginners due to complex utility usage.
  • Engineer-Medic: Less DPS as compared to other options.

My Verdict On Engineer Build

That is all about the best Engineer Archetype build from my side. The recommended items for this build are the best ones that rely on ability usage while maximizing the damage output. Moreover, the build is easier to complete as items do not require much effort to find them, and it’s extra tanky, which helps survive longer in difficult situations. I recommend it for beginners. 

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