10 BEST Guns In Remnant 2 [Long & Hand Guns]

I have played Remnant 2 for more than 3 weeks, and of the dozens of guns available in Remnant 2, I decided to pick out the top 10 Remnant 2 best guns.

Remnant 2 best guns.
Our picks for the top 10 best Remnant 2 guns.

Remnant 2 has one of the widest rosters of guns and weapons players can choose. Hence, picking the right one isn’t easy for the faint of heart. That’s why I gathered the top 10 best guns, including the 5 best Long Guns and 5 best Hand Guns.

Key Takeaways

  • Players can choose from 22 Long Guns and 19 Hand Guns.
  • Of the Long Guns, I recommend Nightfall for its ability to acquire infinite Ammo and become practically unstoppable.
  • Alpha-Omega is another great choice for its high Weak Spot damage and powerful explosive shots.
  • I highly suggest the Rune Pistol for the Handguns due to its healing abilities, which are perfect for Medics and Invaders.
  • The MP60-R is another great choice for its sheer power and customizability.
About The Author

I have invested more than 30+ hours in playing Remnant 2. During my playthrough, I was able to tinker with various character builds, weapons, tricks, and armor. Hence, you can easily trust the information I give related to Remnant 2!

1. Nightfall

Best Long Gun in Remnant 2.
Nightfall stats.
Nightfall is perfect for its overpowered infinite ammo Mod. (Image captured by us)
Max Ammo90
Weak Spot Damage Bonus105%
Stagger Modifier15%
Critical Hit Chance5%
Ideal Range18 meters
Falloff Range50 meters
Max Level10
Weapon ModDreadwalker

Why did I Choose Nightfall?

Its high accuracy stats at long range combined with the overpowered mod makes the weapon very powerful for clearing the crowd.

Nightfall is one of the best long guns, thanks to its high damage output and the Dreadwalker Weapon Mod. Despite its initially lower fire rate and magazine size, it excels in Weak Spot Damage Bonus and Max Ammo capacity. I recommend you use it for staggering enemies.

Weapon Mod: Dreadwalker

The Dreadwalker Mod is what makes Nightfall exceptional. It boosts the firing rate by 35%, provides a 10% extra life steal, and grants infinite ammo for 10 seconds.

During this time, the weapon becomes fully automatic, and your character becomes translucent, making them harder to hit. You can’t use other weapons or activate skills during this period, and it requires 1,250 Mod Power to activate.

How To Unlock:

First, you must defeat the Nightweaver and get the Cursed Dream Skills to acquire Nightfall. I suggest you use that plus 650 Scrap and 7 Lumenite Crystals to craft the gun at McCabe.

  • Overpowered Weapon Mod.
  • Dreadwalker makes you harder to hit.
  • High Weak Spot Damage Bonus and Stagger Modifier.
  • Medium-to-long range.
  • Exquisitely high accuracy.

  • No Skill or other weapon can be used during Dreadwalker.
  • Heavily reliant on Dreadwalker.
  • Low RPS and Magazine Capacity.
  • Dreadwalker has a high Mod Power requirement.

2. Alpha-Omega

High-Fire Rate Long Weapon in Remnant 2.
Alpha-Omega stats.
The Alpha-Omega has a powerful explosive Weapon Mod. (Image captured by us)
Max Ammo275
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%
Stagger Modifier0%
Critical Hit Chance10%
Ideal Range24 meters
Falloff Range70 meters
Max Level10
Weapon ModBeta Ray

Why did I Choose Alpha-Omega?

Alpha-Omega offers a high fire rate with significant accuracy, and Beta Ray mod will return Ammo and Mod power.

The Alpha-Omega is a well-designed long gun that offers moderate damage at a high firing rate and exceptional accuracy.

Alpha-Omega features a unique passive that enhances charged attacks, firing a high-damage beam capable of penetrating targets. Each hit reduces charge time by 0.1 seconds and boosts damage by 10% for 1.5 seconds, with the effect stacking up to five times.

Weapon Mod: Beta Ray

The Beta Ray Mod applies a 30-second Brand to each target, leaving a Brand at the location if the target dies. Swapping or Reloading the weapon causes the Brands to explode, dealing 225 damage. A single target can have up to 3 additional Brands, each dealing 50% of the original Brand’s damage.

Additionally, killing an enemy with Alpha-Omega refunds 5-15% of spent Ammo and Mod Power. This Mod requires 450 Mod Power.

How To Unlock:

First, travel to Root Earth and battle Annihilation for the Forgotten Memory. I advise combining it with 7 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap at McCabe to get the Alpha-Omega.

  • High accuracy and high firing rate.
  • Weapon Mod deals stackable explosive damage.
  • Beta Ray also returns some spent Ammo and Mod Power.
  • Weapon Mod requires low Mod Power.

  • Low damage.
  • No Stagger Modifier.
  • Weapon Mod cannot be swapped or removed.

3. Widowmaker

Best Single-Shot Long Gun.
Widowmaker stats.
The Widowmaker is perfect for sniping enemies from afar. (Image captured by us)
Max Ammo27
Weak Spot Damage Bonus120%
Stagger Modifier20%
Critical Hit Chance10%
Ideal Range35 meters
Falloff Range85 meters
Max Level20
Weapon ModNone

Why did I Choose Widowmaker?

This weapon will give you high single-shot damage and a 3x scope for better-aiming support.

Unfortunately, the Widowmaker is a mighty Long Gun that does not feature any in-built Weapon Mods. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform well.

While it requires reloading after each shot, it compensates with a higher Stagger Modifier and Critical Hit Chance. The gun comes with a 3x scope for precise aiming.

Weapon Mod: None

As for Weapon Mods, you can choose the best fit. Options like Prismatic Driver and Overflow work well, providing benefits like increased Reload Speed and single-target damage.

How To Unlock:

I recommend you buy Widowmaker from Brabus in Ward 13 for 1,000 Scrap. It’s quite easy to acquire, considering this gun has great potential.

  • Deals high single-target damage.
  • High accuracy means shots land where you aim them.
  • Comes with a 3x scope for aiming.
  • Easy to buy (for just 1,000 Scrap).
  • High Critical Hit Chance and Weak Spot Damage Bonus.

  • Requires reloading after every round.
  • No in-built Weapon Mod.
  • Takes a while to reload.

4. Deceit

High Critical Damage Long Gun in Remnant 2.
Remnant 2 best guns Deceit stats.
Deceit has the best Weak Spot damage in Remnant 2. (Image captured by us)
Max Ammo30
Weak Spot Damage Bonus90%
Stagger Modifier5%
Critical Hit Chance15%
Ideal Range28 meters
Falloff Range75 meters
Max Level10
Weapon ModOuroboros

Why did I Choose Deceit?

You can charge the weapon to land dual shots to deal extra damage, which is a unique attribute of Deceit.

Deceit stands out as one of the best guns, thanks to its exceptional damage and remarkable accuracy. This split-barreled rifle fires two shots at once but requires charging before shooting.

Once the shot lands, it deals devastating damage to enemies. It has a moderate range, a high Critical Hit Chance, and a significant Weak Spot Damage Bonus. While it has limited ammo, it doesn’t require frequent reloading like a typical shotgun.

Weapon Mod: Ouroboros

Deceit comes with the Ouroboros Weapon Mod. This Mod deploys three spinning sword fragments that orbit around you for 30 seconds. When you perform a Melee Attack, one of these fragments will strike the enemy. Instead of causing damage, it turns all hits from Deceit into Weakspot hits.

With a Charged Melee Attack, all three fragments are released at once. This Mod consumes 1,440 Mod Power.

How To Unlock:

You must first acquire the Imposter’s Heart by killing Faelin in the Council Chamber. Then, head over to McCabe and craft the Deceit Long Gun along with 650 Scrap and 7 Lumenite Crystals.

  • High single-target damage.
  • Good Weak Spot Damage Bonus.
  • High accuracy will ensure all of your hits land.
  • Excellent range for a rifle of this power.

  • Low Stagger Modifier.
  • Weapon Mod is dependent on Melee Weapon use.
  • High Mod Power requirement.

5. Merciless

Best Energy Weapon in Remnant 2.
Remnant 2 best guns Merciless stats.
Merciless penetrates enemies and deals versatile damage. (Image captured by us)
Max Ammo250
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%
Stagger Modifier0%
Critical Hit Chance10%
Ideal Range20 meters
Falloff Range45 meters
Max Level10
Weapon ModBloodline

Why did I Choose Merciless?

The energy blast from the Bloodline Mod has a significant chance of landing a critical hit, which is important in a boss fight. 

The Merciless Long Gun is a punishing weapon that continuously bleeds enemies. It has low base damage but compensates with a high Rate of Fire (RPS) and a massive Magazine and ammo reserve.

It deals 100% extra damage to Weak Spots but lacks additional stagger damage. Plus, its passive releases flechettes that deal 250 Bleeding Damages over 10 seconds when the reticle is compressed.

Weapon Mod: Bloodline

Merciless features its own Weapon Mod, Bloodline, which I found that cannot be removed. It fires an energy blast, passing through enemies and dealing 150 damage. This damage has a 25% higher chance of being Critical and deals triple stagger damage.

Furthermore, Bloodline’s damage increases as it penetrates more enemies, gaining a 50% damage boost for each penetrated foe. It has a low Mod Power Requirement of 350.

How To Unlock:

You’ll need to acquire the Crimson Membrane, a highly missable item. First, head to Yaesha and, before the fight with the Ravager, opt to kill the Doe. Then, defeat the Ravager to acquire the Crimson Membrane. After that, I strongly advise using it along with 7 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap to craft the Merciless Long Gun.

  • High accuracy with an excellent firing rate.
  • Bulky Magazine and ammo reserve capacity.
  • Deals extra Bleeding Damage as a passive.
  • Weapon Mod boosts all types of damage.
  • Bloodline has a low Mod Power requirement.

  • Does not deal stagger damage without the Mod.
  • Material required for crafting is easily missable.
  • Weapon Mod cannot be removed or swapped out.

6. Rune Pistol

Best Mod Pistol in Remnant 2.
Max Ammo168
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%
Stagger Modifier0%
Critical Hit Chance10%
Ideal Range18 meters
Falloff Range53 meters
Max Level10
Weapon ModSoul Brand

Why did I choose Rune Pistol?

The Soul Brand Weapon Mod is why you need this pistol!

First up on my list is the Rune Pistol, a semi-automatic Hand Gun designed for close to medium-range combat. It features high accuracy and precise control over the trajectory of the bullets, having an ideal range of 18 meters.

Moreover, the Rune Pistol shoots out several bullets in a second and has a good Magazine Capacity. Unfortunately, it has no Stagger Modifier. But it does land some Critical Hits with a standard 100% Weak Spot Damage Bonus.

Weapon Mod: Soul Brand

I selected the Rune Pistol primarily for its Weapon Mod, Soul Brand, which demands 850 Mod Power. This Mod affixes a Soul Brand to all enemies within a 25-meter range of your character.

Each Soul Brand remains active for 25 seconds and creates an Echo when the attached enemy is defeated. These Echoes gravitate toward allies within a 3-meter radius and, upon contact, restore 20% of their Max HP. If an Echo fails to find an ally, it dissipates after 10 seconds.

How To Unlock:

You’ll need to acquire the Decrepit Rune for the Rune Pistol, which can be found after you give the Nightweaver’s Web the Ravenous Medallion. Use the Rune to craft the Rune Pistol at Nimue.

  • High firing rate combined with precision and accuracy.
  • Deals high amounts of Critical damage.
  • Has an ideal close-to-mid range.
  • Powerful Weapon Mod with extraordinary support capabilities.

  • Only fits builds that focus on healing (such as Medic builds).
  • Deals no stagger damage.
  • Weapon Mod cannot be changed or removed.

7. Cube Gun

Best Unique Handgun.
Cube Gun stats.
Cube Gun is one of the best Hand Guns for its defensive and offensive capabilities. (Image captured by us)
Max Ammo105
Weak Spot Damage Bonus85%
Stagger Modifier0%
Critical Hit Chance5%
Ideal Range18 meters
Falloff Range50 meters
Max Level10
Weapon ModCube Shield

Why did I choose Cube Gun?

Infinite Ammo magazine is the main attraction for the Cube Gun that will aid players in the long run.

The Cube Gun is a versatile weapon suitable for both offense and defense. It offers high accuracy and excels in close combat.

Projectiles fired with the Cube Gun return to your weapon upon hitting a target or reaching their maximum range. Reloading the weapon restores these shots to your Magazine, allowing for virtually infinite Ammo. Be mindful of overheating, and note that it lacks stagger damage.

Weapon Mod: Cube Shield

The Cube Gun comes with the Cube Shield Weapon Mod. This deploys a cube-shaped barrier around you and your allies, absorbing up to 500 damage for 15 seconds.

When the Mod is reactivated, the Cube Shield is launched, dealing damage to enemies in its path based on the damage it initially absorbed. The Mod requires 1,000 Mod Power.

How To Unlock:

Kill the Labyrinth Sentinel to get the Conflux Prism. Then, with 7 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap, travel to McCabe’s workshop and craft the Cube Gun.

  • Features an ammo-refunding passive.
  • High accuracy with a great RPS.
  • Has protective potential as well.
  • Perfect for support Classes like Medics and Invaders.

  • The weapon can overheat.
  • High Mod Power requirement.
  • No stagger damage.

8. MP60-R

Best Handgun.
Remnant 2 best guns MP60-R stats.
The MP60-R stands out for its accuracy and fast-action firing. (Image captured by us)
Max Ammo252
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%
Stagger Modifier0%
Critical Hit Chance10%
Ideal Range17 meters
Falloff Range50 meters
Max Level20
Weapon ModNone

Why You Should Pick MP60-R?

A combination of rapid-fire rate and high damage makes the MP60-R deadly!

The MP60-R is a rapid-firing submachine gun designed for close combat. It excels at quickly eliminating enemies with its high precision and large ammo reserve.

With a rapid firing rate and remarkable accuracy, the MP60-R boasts a 10% Critical Hit Chance and a 100% Weak Spot Damage Bonus, making it especially effective against bosses. However, it lacks stagger damage.

Weapon Mod: None

The MP60-R does not come with an in-built Weapon Mod, allowing you to choose the Mod that best suits your playstyle.

How To Unlock:

You will find the MP60-R as the starting equipment if you choose the Summoner Archetype. However, if you haven’t done that, you can still find it in Ward 13.

  • First, travel to Ward 13 and find Ford’s office.
  • I suggest you look for the locked chest here with a 4-digit password.
  • The password is “0415” (found at the base of the Flashlight given by Ford).
  • Enter the password and find the Cargo Control key in the chest.
  • According to my calculations, you must find the area with several containers.
  • Go down this area until you see a locked door.
  • Open it with the Cargo Control Key.
  • You’ll find a room with an MP60-R on the table.

  • High accuracy and precision.
  • Exceptional firing rate for quickly melting enemies.
  • Best for short-range combat.
  • High Weak Spot Damage Bonus and Critical Hit Chance.

  • No in-built Weapon Mods.
  • No stagger damage.
  • Not good for long-range combat.

9. Enigma

Best Electric Weapon in Remnant 2.
Enigma stats.
Enigma deals AoE damage and triggers Overload. (Image captured by us)
Max Ammo120
Weak Spot Damage BonusN/A
Stagger Modifier-15%
Critical Hit Chance-10%
Ideal Range12 meters
Falloff Range12 meters
Max Level20
Weapon ModChaos Driver

Why You Should Go With Enigma?

A powerful close-range weapon that uses electric shocks to damage multiple enemies at once.

Enigma is a unique weapon in Remnant 2, resembling the ever-shifting Labyrinth. It excels in close-range combat, allowing you to eliminate foes in tight spaces.

While its stats may not appear exceptional at first glance, with a negative Critical Hit Chance and Stagger Modifier, Enigma possesses a unique passive ability. It emits an electrical beam that jumps between enemies within 7.5 meters, applying the Overloaded state for 5.2 seconds with each jump.

Weapon Mod: Chaos Driver

Enigma comes equipped with the Chaos Driver Weapon Mod. This mod creates electric rods that attach to enemies, dealing 50 Shock damage per second. Additionally, each rod increases the target’s damage taken from your attacks by 25% for every rod attached.

How To Unlock:

You must first travel to the Labyrinth and find the Cipher Rod. Then, at McCabe’s workshop, I advise you to craft the Enigma Hand Gun using the Cipher Rod, 650 Scrap, and 7 Lumenite Crystals.

  • It applies to the Overloaded status passively.
  • Best for short-range combat in tight spaces.
  • Weapon Mod is cheap and deals with the area of effect damage.
  • Good Magazine Capacity and ammo reserves.

  • Negative Stagger Modifier and Critical Hit Chance.
  • No Weak Spot Damage Bonus.
  • Low damage with low RPS.

10. Star Shot

Best Close-range Pistol in Remnant 2.
Max Ammo60
Weak Spot Damage Bonus110%
Stagger Modifier10%
Critical Hit Chance5%
Ideal Range21 meters
Falloff Range54 meters
Max Level10
Weapon ModBig Bang

Why did I choose Starshot?

Starshot has high accuracy and deals significant damage when aimed at the Weak spots!

The Star Shot is a top Remnant 2 Hand Gun for long-range combat. It offers high accuracy, moderate damage, a strong Weak Spot Damage Bonus, and a high Stagger Modifier.

It has a passive ability that fires hard-to-dodge plasma projectiles, exploding on enemy contact. However, it can improve its Critical Hit Chance and Max Ammo.

Weapon Mod: Big Bang

The Star Shot includes the Big Bang Weapon Mod, utilizing current Mod Charges for added firepower. Each Charge adds 65 direct and 65 Explosive damage on the next shot within a 5-meter radius. Additionally, it inflicts 75 Burning damage for 10 seconds per Charge used.

Each Charge provides a 5% damage boost to the basic attack, with a maximum of 5 Charges. This Mod requires 630 Mod Power.

How To Unlock:

The Star Shot is relatively easy to unlock, as you can get it during the main campaign. You’ll simply need to finish the Supply Ship Event that occurs in N’Erud, and you’ll get Star Shot as a reward.

  • High Weak Spot Damage Bonus and Stagger Modifier.
  • A long-range weapon that also works in close quarters.
  • Deals Explosive damage by default.
  • Mod applies Burning damage over time.

  • Low Critical Hit Chance.
  • Low Magazine Capacity and Max Ammo.
  • Weapon Mod only works at close range.

Best Guns Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my 10 best Guns in Remnant 2. Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

StatNightfallAlpha-OmegaWidowmakerDeceitMercilessRune PistolCube GunMP60-RStar Shot
TypeLong GunLong GunLong GunLong GunLong GunHand GunHand GunHand GunHand Gun
Awarded forBest Long Gun in Remnant 2.High-Fire Rate Long Weapon in Remnant 2.Best Single-Shot Long Gun.High Critical Damage Long Gun in Remnant 2.Best Energy Weapon in Remnant 2.Best Mod Pistol in Remnant 2.Best Unique Handgun in Remnant 2.Best Handgun in Remnant 2.Best Electric Weapon in Remnant 2.
Max Ammo90275273025016810525260
Weak Spot Damage Bonus105%100%120%90%100%100%85%100%110%
Stagger Modifier15%0%20%5%0%0%0%0%10%
Critical Hit Chance5%10%10%15%10%10%5%10%5%
Ideal Range18 meters24 meters35 meters28 meters20 meters18 meters18 meters17 meters21 meters
Falloff Range50 meters70 meters85 meters75 meters45 meters53 meters50 meters50 meters54 meters
Max Level101020101010102010
Weapon ModDreadwalkerBeta RayNoneOuroborosBloodlineSoul BrandCube ShieldNoneBig Bang

Best Guns Comparison Table

What Is My Pick?

Remnant 2 has its fair share of guns with unique passives and Weapon Mods. To recap, there are two types of guns in Remnant 2: Long Guns and Hand Guns. Of the Long Guns, I highly recommend Nightfall for its high damage output and overpowered Weapon Mod.

As for the handguns, I suggest the Rune Pistol since it’s a versatile weapon with both offensive and defensive capabilities. But in the end, your own choice purely depends on your type of playthrough and character build. 

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