Remnant 2: BEST Gunslinger Build [Ultimate Guide]

Follow this guide to understand about Gunslinger and how can you create a strong build while pairing it with Challenger!

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Remnant 2: Best Gunslinger Build

The gunslinger class primarily focuses on high-damage dealing while using less ammo. It is a powerful class if paired with powerful armor and accessories. When Gunslinger is your primary archetype, your main objective is to take the lead when introduced to a new area and dominate your opponents.

As Remnant 2 supports the dual archetype feature, you can pair a secondary Archetype with Gunslinger to unleash its full potential. Apart from damage dealing, you will acquire the powerful guns available, helping to achieve your objective.

Unlike some Archetypes like challenger, this class will focus less on melee attacks as they are not the priority. However, you will keep a mildly powerful melee weapon that does not bear heavy weight, so swinging is easy. Let’s dive into the build phase.

Key Takeaways

  • Gunslinger Archetype focuses on improving long-range combat
  • Weapon recommendations:
    • Long: Nightfall
    • Handgun: MP60-R
    • Melee: Spectral Blade
  • Armor suggestion: High Noon (head-to-toe) with Fae Royal Set
    • Lightweight yet strong for Gunslinger
  • Amulet: Gunslinger’s Charm for increased damage and fire rate
  • Rings: Fire Stone, Gunslinger’s Ring, Probability Chord, Wax Sealed Ring
  • Invest in Ammo Reserves trait for more stored ammo
  • Bulletstorm skill enhances fire rate and reload speed
    • Turns single-shot guns into automatic
  • Consider Challenger as Secondary Archetype for close-range combat and tankiness

The table below lists all the things required for this ultimate Gunslinger build.

Archetype Gunslinger
Long Gun Nightfall
Hand Gun MP60-R
Melee Spectral Blade
Armor Set High Noon + Fae Royal
Amulet Gunslinger’s Charm
Rings Fire Stone, Gunslinger’s Ring, Probability Chord, Wax Sealed Ring
Trait Card Ammo Reserves
Skill Choice Bulletstorm
Perks Loaded, Swift Shot, Posse Up, Quick Hands, Sleight of Hands
Secondary Archetype Challenger

How To Unlock Gunslinger

There are two ways to access this Archetype. Note that if you are unlocking it as a secondary Archetype, you must take your primary character to level 10.

  • If you have purchased the Ultimate Edition of Remnant 2, you can choose the Gunslinger Archetype at the start of the storyline.
  • If not, visit Mudtooth in Ward 13 and ask him to share his stories.
  • There are roughly 25 to 30 stories that you must skim through, as they are compulsory for unlocking Gunslinger.
  • Note that the first time you visit Mudtooth, the Labyrinth world should be finished. This means that you should pass the final boss phase.
  • Initially, Mudtooth will give the Gunslinger’s Ring, which we will discuss later.
  • After you complete another world (Yaesha or Labyrinth), you will receive an item, Worn Cylinder.
  • Take this to Wallace on the crane and craft it into an Engram.
  • Equip this engram in your Archetype to slot to unlock Gunslinger.
Mudtooth will give you Gunslinger crafting engram
Keep listening to Mudtooth’s stories to unlock the Worn Cylinder | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Best Weapon Loadout

gunslinger loadout
These weapons are most suitable with Gunslinger Archetype | Image Made By: VeryAli Gaming

A supportive loadout is essential for an offense build. Therefore, we have some top-notch suggestions that will fuel your Gunslinger Archetype build.

Description Nightfall MP60-R Spectral Blade
Damage 31 9 53
RPS 5 14.2
Magazine 10 32
Ideal Range 18m 17m
Falloff Range 50m 50m
Max Ammo 90 252
Critical Hit Chance 5% 10% 8%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus 105% +100% +105%
Stagger Modifier 15% 0% -25%
Upgrade Level Peak 10 20 10
Weapon Mod Attachments Dreadwalker Hot Shot
Mutator Attachment Bandit Refunder Twisting Wounds

Long Gun: Nightfall

  • Undoubtedly, Nightfall is one of the powerful weapons in Remnant 2 that has laser bullets.
  • It has a moderate fire rate and comes with a 10-bullet magazine.
  • To cover up for a short magazine, we pair Nightfall with the Dreadwalker Weapon Mod.
  • When you activate the mod, the weapon transfers to automatic mode, with infinite ammo and an endless magazine.
  • Utilize the mod against bosses who avoid quick movements.
  • For Mutator, use Momentum, as you will have increased critical damage if you hit the weak spot.
  • Players can get their hands on Nightfall by defeating the Nightweaver final boss.
  • Ensure you do not shoot the glowing part of his chest, otherwise, you will receive an item that will not craft Nightfall.
  • After the boss dies, you will get Cursed Dream Silks. Players must take it to Ava McCabe to craft this into a Nightfall long gun.

Handgun: MP-60R

MP60-R is essential for gunslinger build
Collecting the MP60-R handgun | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  • MP60-R is in the top 5 handguns.
  • It is fully automatic, and you can pair it with the Hotshot mod to induce a Fire effect on enemies.
  • The fire effect stays for a few seconds, so the enemies keep losing their health.
  • When players use MP60-R with Gunslinger passive abilities, they receive an additional fire rate and reload speed increase to support the automatic nature of this handgun.
  • Players can unlock it in Ward 13 by opening a secret door through the Cargo Control Key.
  • The key is in the room you saw Ford at the start of the story.

Melee: Spectral Blade

spectral blade is strong melee weapon
Spectral Blade Showcase | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  • We recommend Spectral Blade Katana for melee as it is lightweight, and you can perform more melee hits in less time.
  • It works best with the Gunslinger Archetype, as you need everything to be quick and effective.
  • The Blade deals significant damage upon every swing, and you can combine it with some handgun shots to destroy enemies.
  • If you pair it with the Whirlwind mod, very close enemies will receive a tornado effect, and you will deal more damage to them.
  • To place your hands on it, defeat the Sha’Hala boss in N’Erud to get the Eidolon Shard crafting item.
  • Players must take it to Ava McCabe, along with some Scrap and Lumenite Crystal, to obtain the Spectral Blade.

Best Gunslinger Armor

armor choice
Perfect armor combination for Gunslinger | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Players with the Gunslinger Archetype need their movement to be quick, so the dodges are perfect. However, it should be enough to provide damage resistance while keeping the weight from low to moderate.

Stats Body: Fae Royal Body plate Glove: High Noon Armguards Leg: High Noon Soles Head: Fae Royal Headcover Armor Set: High Noon + Fae Royal
Armor 57 8 18 15 98
Weight 27 6 10 8 51
Bleed 4 0 0 2 6
Burn 3 2 3 2 10
Shock 0 2 2 0 4
Blight 2 0 0 2 4
Toxin 0 1 2 0 3
  • To put up with the problem, combine the body parts of the Fae Royal and High Noon set to get the lightweight armor you need while providing significant armor stats.
  • Fae Royal Set has higher armor stats than High Noon, so we will equip the body plate.
  • However, this set provides no toxin resistance.
  • To make up for it, use the High Noon Soles and Armguards.
  • Finally, your head requires the most protection to avoid any severe hits. Therefore, we recommend you keep the Headcover from Fae Royal set.
  • Note that the combination can work in multiple ways and we leave it up to you for trying and testing.
  • To help you pick the parts, our summary table includes stats for both armor sets so comparison is relatively easier.
  • High Noon set comes with the Gunslinger Archetype so you don’t have to unlock it separately.
  • Find the Fae Royal Set in Losomn when you are solving the puzzles of Postulant’s Parlor.

Amulet And Rings

Suggested Rings: Fire Stone, Gunslinger’s Ring, Probability Chord, Wax Sealed Ring

Suggested Amulet: Gunslinger’s Charm

  • Gunslinger’s Charm: Boosts damage and fire rate, important for perks
  • Fire Stone ring: Enhances burning damage for MP60-R with Hotshot mod
  • Goal: Reduce reloading speed for full automatic fire
  • Gunslinger’s Ring: Increases reload speed and weapon switching
  • Probability Chord ring: Boosts critical damage by up to 30%
  • Wax Sealed Ring: Offers 4% ranged damage boost (up to 12% in 15 seconds)
    • Increased melee damage when killing enemies

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Recommended Trait: Ammo Reserves

  • All the abilities of the Gunslinger Archetype contribute to improving shooting skills.
  • This requires having lots of ammo to dominate on the battlefield.
  • Hence, we bring the Ammo Reserves Trait which you should upgrade using the Trait points.
  • As the name hints, this trait will increase the ammo your long and handgun preserves.
  • Our Gunslinger build has amulets, rings, and other accessories that focus on increasing reload speed, ranged damage, and critical damage.
  • Therefore, the trait only focuses on increasing ammo capacity rather than picking ammo from the floor each time you run out.
  • With the Ammo Reserves trait, we recommend you buy the ammo boxes from Ward 13 that will fill your weapons to the maximum limit.
  • Use these boxes as a last resort when you are either in a tough boss fight or crowded by enemies and you can’t find any other way of getting bullets for your weaponry.

Best Gunslinger Skills

Skill usage is the most important part of any build as it allows you to build confidence on the field and kill as many enemies as you can. As Gunslinger focuses on offense abilities, we recommend you use the Bulletstorm skill.

  • Bulletstorm skill effects:
    • +20% fire rate
    • +50% reload speed for all guns
    • Semi-automatic weapons become fully automatic, dealing more damage
  • Nightfall + Dreadwalker mod = infinite magazine, deadly combo
  • Gunslingers get increased range with Bulletstorm, good for distant enemies
  • Skill duration: 20 seconds
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds
  • Quick Draw skill for clearing dungeons:
    • Fires six bullets in a single shot
    • Instantly clears one-shot group if possible

Best Gunslinger Perks

archetype perks explained
These Passive abilities help Gunslinger in combat | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Perks are passive abilities for Gunslinger that are applied at all times. These work to improve the stats to enhance the gameplay experience. Players will unlock these perks on their way from level 0 to level 10. Moreover, they will automatically upgrade as your level increases which will further buff the stats.


The Prime Perk for the Gunslinger Archetype, called “Loaded,” offers a powerful advantage. When you activate a skill, it will reload all your weapons and grant you an endless ammo reserve for the first five seconds. Here’s a technique to maximize the benefits of this perk:

  1. Wait until your weapons’ magazines are empty or nearly empty.
  2. When your weapons need reloading, activate the Bulletstorm skill.
  3. By doing this, your magazines will be instantly refilled, and you’ll have another full round of ammunition without the need for manual reloading.

Swift Shot

The Swift Shot perk is a damage perk that enhances your Fire rate and Ranged damage in the game. Here’s how it works:

  • At the initial unlock stage, it provides a 1.5% increase in Fire rate and a 2.5% increase in Ranged damage.
  • After upgrading it to level 6, these values increase significantly to 15% for Fire rate and 25% for Ranged damage.

The Swift Shot perk is particularly beneficial for long-range combat situations, making it easier to deal with enemies from a distance. However, it’s important to switch to an automatic handgun or melee weapon when enemies get too close for effective close-range combat.

Posse Up

This is a Team Perk as it awards 20% additional ammo upon picking from the floor or the dead bodies of your enemies. Team Perk means that the passive effect applies to your teammates as well where the extra ammo is equally distributed.

Quick Hands

This utility perk will get you a 10% Reload speed increase. Combining this addition with the enhancement we get from skill usage and mods can have a huge effect on the reload timing. This makes your semi-automatic or single-bullet weapons nearly automatic which lets you kill more enemies quickly.

Sleight Of Hands

The Relic Perk is essential in gameplay as it will reload the weapon in your hands when you use the equipped relic. Pair this with the Prime Perk to keep your magazines full for a longer period.

Secondary Archetype Choice

The Challenger - Remnant 2
Challenger | Image Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Gunslinger helps in long-range combat while having moderate support in close-range. Therefore, we seek a Secondary Archetype that fulfills that aspect of this build. Challenger is an optimal choice as the desired Archetype has a tanky nature and can resist heavy enemy damage for a longer instant.

Note that if you keep Challenger as the Secondary Archetype, you will only have access to its Prime Perk, Die Hard, and the selected ability. Moreover, our recommendation for the skill is Juggernaut as it enhances your melee damage and armor stats. This helps you become a tank and absorb high damage while dominating your enemies.

Players can unlock Challenger by purchasing the crafting item from Ward 13 and bringing it to Wallace so he can craft the engram. The gunslinger-Challenger build is one of the strongest builds in Remnant 2 that offers high damage-dealing reducing damage intake.

For a DPS-focused approach, players can pair Gunslinger with the Hunter Archetype to enhance damage to a dangerous point.

Wrap Up

That is all about the Gunslinger build in Remnant 2. Ensure you gather the required equipment and accessory items needed for this build. Gunslinger is a potential Archetype choice and has a high pick rate among players due to strong offense abilities. Its combination with Challenger improves the close-range combat, making you unstoppable.

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