Remnant 2 BEST Hunter Build [Shadowstalker]

I played Remnant 2 for 30+ hours, and Hunter is a powerful Archetype that focuses on increasing weapon damage and improve accuracy.

Best Hunter Build: Shadowstalker | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
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I have invested more than 30+ hours in Remnant 2, dealing with various character builds. You can easily trust my information related to the best Hunter Build in Remnant 2!

The Hunter Archetype relates to enhancing your Damage output and focusing on keeping you alive. With that in mind, I present to you an aggressive Hunter Build, Shadowstalker. Follow the guide to notice all the details and incorporate them in your build.

Key Takeaways

  • You can choose the Hunter as your primary or secondary Archetype out of Nine options.
  • I will keep Hunter as a Primary Archetype while keeping Summoner for the secondary slot. 
  • With this combo, your build will solely focus on increasing damage at weak spots and providing assistance from the minions.
  • The unnoticeable drawback of this build is the light armor set choice, as it provides less resistance. 
  • However, with the light armor, you can make sudden movements and avoid incoming damage by dodging

Hunter is a build that focuses on damaging your enemies through Weak spots and Critical damage. The only downside of playing as a hunter is that it becomes hard to fight alone, as light armor choice is the culprit. However, it provides support in other ways which I will discuss.

Remnant 2 Hunter Build

Best Archetype for Long Range and Weak Spot Damage.

Why I Choose Hunter?

It excels in dealing with massive weak spot damage and ranged damage to enemies. Moreover, it can mark enemies and deals even more damage to them.

Here is a Mega Table that includes all the accessories and items for the Best Hunter Build.

Primary Archetype Hunter
Secondary Archetype Summoner
Amulets Ankh of Power, Toxic Release Valve
Rings Endaira’s Endless Loop, Ring of Grace, Heart of the Wolf, Black Cat Band, Sagestone
Primary Weapon Nightfall
Secondary Weapon Enigma
Melee Weapon Krell Axe
Armor Red Widow Set
Recommended Traits Siphoner, Handling, Amplitude

Primary Archetype Choice


Best Hunter build remnant 2
Choosing Hunter and Summoner for this build | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Prime Perks and Skills of Hunter Archetype stack up to give you increased ranged damage, critical damage, and weak spot damage as your level up. With that, I can confidentially say that the Dead Eye perk stacks much damage, so level your hunter to the max fast by defeating and clearing dungeons that provide more XP, such as The Chimney

Here are some facts for you to know about Hunter before keeping it in your builds.

  • The Return to Sender team perk makes it impossible for Hunter to run out of ammo.
  • This happens because Hunter will allow you to farm ammo by killing an enemy and grabbing the dropped magazine.
  • I will advise you to keep the Shroud Ability equipped for this build, as it will allow you to disappear and flank the enemies.
  • As it is the last skill to open, you must farm XP and level up to unlock Shroud.
  • Firing any weapon while using a shroud will also apply Ambush, which will increase your ranged and melee damage by 50%.
  • In my opinion, using the single shot weapons is better, as they deal more damage and use less ammo.
  • Additionally, with the shroud ability, you can go invisible after firing some bullets. This process repeats until the ability timer runs out.

Secondary Archetype Choice

Selecting Gunslinger will make you a build focusing on providing the maximum amount of DPS. However, it also leaves you vulnerable while clearing out dungeons. To avoid that, I will be going with Summoner as my second Archetype. 


Choosing the Summoner Archetype in my build will help you stack up ranged damage from its perks. Having a minion or two on your side will support when you are either low on ammo, health, or reloading weapons. According to my experience, this links perfectly with the Hunter, as the preferred weapons take significant time to reload.

The minions you summon will direct a lot of enemy aggression onto themselves. Moreover, you can also sacrifice them by holding down on the summoner skill button. This will grant you a 3% life steal while increasing movement speed. 

Here are some side facts to note about the Summoner class:

  • Having a summoner sub-class will help you during combat with increasing mod and skill damage every time your minion is active.
  • This will cumulate a lot of damage output. Hence, you can eliminate more enemies while wasting less time.
  • If you set the Flyer skill as primary for summoner, it will help you to control enemy aggression more accurately.
  • However, when going against stronger enemies and bosses, I recommend you to equip the Reaver skill for dealing enhanced damage.
  • Holding the button will also allow you to make the minion explode like a grenade. It will clear out a wave of enemies close to the targeted minion.


The choice for Amulets are as follows.

  • Ankh of Power: This is for extra firepower when facing bosses at the end of a chapter.
  • Toxic Release Valve: Equip this when exploring new dungeons or progressing through hidden areas that are undiscovered.

Ankh of Power

Ankh of Power Remnant 2
Ankh of Power | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • I got this Amulet at Root Earth in Ashen Wasteland.
  • When you equip, it gives a flat 15% bonus to all of your attacks.
  • Consuming a relic with this amulet will double the effect, meaning a flat 30% boost to all base damage rates.
  • This amulet is robust and ideal for fighting against bosses to deliver that extra damage.

Toxic Release Valve

Toxic Release Valve remnant 2
Toxic Release Valve | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • You can find this amulet in the biome of N’Erud, just like I did.
  • This amulet releases a toxic gas cloud that affects nearby enemies within a 7-meter radius with acid damage while also affecting them with the corrosion status.
  • After its effect finishes, reuse it after 3 second cooldown period.
  • This amulet is helpful for dungeons, as it takes out minions and small enemies in a dungeon with ease.
  • It also allows you to stack up status effects on a stronger enemy.
  • Playing as a Hunter with this amulet will help you swap your weapons without taking damage, as nearby enemies are eliminated with the effect of Toxic Release Valve. 


The Ring choices for the Shadowstalker build are as follows:

  • Endaira’s Endless Loop
  • Ring of Grace
  • Heart of the Wolf
  • Black Cat Band
  • Sagestone

Generally, you can have a lot of ring combos to help you increase your mod regeneration or critical damage output. But the rings I chose will help increase your movement speed while also helping you collect resources efficiently.

Endaira’s Endless Loop

Endairas Endless loop Remnant 2
Endaira’s Endless Loop showcase | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • You can find Endaira’s Endless Loop in Endaira’s End in Yaesha.
  • This ring allows you to regenerate your health over time as you sprint.
  • Furthermore, this ring will help you regenerate the health that is chipped off while fighting a horde of enemies before a bossfight.
  • With this ring, you will not waste a relic to heal yourself after an intense combat.
  • This ring is also very helpful to regenerate the health after losing a chunk while summoning your minions.

Ring of Grace

Ring of grace remnant 2
Ring of Grace showcase | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • This ring will help you regenerate health when you take damage from enemies during a fight.
  • Furthermore, it will give you 10% heal out of your maximum health over the next 10 seconds.
  • You can find Ring of Grace in the Biome of Losomn by completing Riewen’s request in Harvester’s Reach.

Heart of The Wolf

Heart of The Wolf remnant 2
Heart of The Wolf showcase | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • This will increase your movement speed and stamina.
  • It provides a flat 10% increase in movement and an additional increase in max stamina by 25.
  • You can find this ring in Endaira’s End in Yaesha.

Black Cat Band

Black Cat Band remnant 2
Black Cat Band showcase | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The hunter class has no ability to cheat death like the handler or challenger class. However, with this ring, you can get that effect.

  • If you take fatal damage from an enemy, You will not die.
  • Instead, your movement speed will be increased by 25% for 10s and your health will drop to 1.
  • This gives you the perfect opportunity to use shrouds and use relics to help yourself back up in a fight.
  • It also has a 2-minute cooldown.
  • You can purchase this ring from Reggie in Ward 13 in exchange for scrap, but you must die at least 15 times before he sells it.


Sagestone ring remnant 2
Sagestone showcase | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • You can find this ring as a random drop in the biome of Yaesha. 
  • It increases the experience you gain by a flat 10%.
  • It will help you out a lot in taking your archetype levels to the max faster.
  • You can use this ring while exploring dungeons and defeating enemies for extra experience.
  • You can also swap it out when necessary to use other rings to fight bosses.

Primary Weapon

For the starting phase of the game, upgrading Huntmaster M1 long gun and having the hotshot mod on it will make it extremely powerful. After some progress, you can pick any long gun according to your playstyle. Some potential options are Deceit and Plasma Cutter.


Out of multiple long gun choices, Nightfall is the best for a Hunter. It can store more ammo and offer good damage at significant distances. You can get this Weapon by defeating the Nightweaver boss in the Losomn biome.

Nightfall showcase | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • This weapon is recommended because of the Dreadwalker mod.
  • Using this mod, you can make this weapon fully automatic with an increased fire rate, infinite ammo, and a 10% life steal. 
  • If you have equipment to boost your mod regeneration, then you can use Dreadwalker to take away chunks of life from bosses at early stages of the fight.
  • Furthermore, the 10% life steal can also help you regain your hp while fighting against a boss. You can use the Momentum mutator to stack up the critical chance and damage.

Secondary Weapon


For the Best Hunter Build, I will choose the electrocuting weapon, Enigma. You can get it early in the game after clearing the first Biome. Labyrinth is the second map for every player, so you are guaranteed to get it in it.

Enigma Showcase | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Enigma can easily wipe out large waves of enemies due to its chaining effect. The electricity applies the overloaded effect giving damage over time while also giving base damage to many enemies nearby. This gun also becomes better when used by a Hunter, as the passive skills increase the range of the weapon making it an absolute killing machine in front of swarms of enemies.

Here are some important facts about Enigma.

  • The mod of this gun allows you to shoot rods that get stuck in the body of enemies.
  • The rods link if they are on different targets, and deal a lot of damage over time.
  • This mod helps remove chunks of health from a boss or immediately melt down sub-bosses in the dungeon.
  • You can assign any mutator on this gun but the Bandit mutator is recommended for this build.

Melee Weapon

Krell Axe

Krell Axe
Krell Axe showcase | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

This Axe is best suited for a hunter as its mod allows you to throw it at enemies. Once thrown it deals shock damage through the built-in mod. You can boost this weapon and the damage of your secondary weapon by wearing the Grounding Stone Ring for an additional 10% increase in shock damage.

  • It can give your enemies a status effect and also help you in taking out stronger enemies by stacking up status damage.
  • You can find this weapon by solving the pressure plate puzzle you encounter at Endaira’s End.
  • You can equip it with the Vampire Blade Mutator to increase melee damage by 10% if you are close to an enemy with a bleeding status effect.


For Armor, the best hunter build requires the weight to be below 50, as movement speed is a big aspect of this build. Although the Dendroid set is a very light weighted armor, equip yourself with a set that provides the max armor you can get while not compromising the movement speed.

Red Widow Set

  • You can find this Armor in the Lament Dungeon by completing the Consort’s Puzzle.
  • When you equip this set, it will take your total weight to 48. However, it still provides mild resistance, which is enough for the Shadowstalker build.
  • This set is great for the Hunter build, as you can find it before encountering Root Earth.
  • It provides good armor stats while keeping the weight at a moderate number. With the medium weight placement, you can get enough movement speed to get you out of crowded situations through dodging. 
Red Widow Set
Red Widow Set showcase | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Here are the detailed stats for the Red Widow Armor set:

ArmorWeightBleed resistancePoison resistanceBlight resistance
Red Widow Set884812112

Recommended Traits

Remnant 2 Best hunter build
Recommended Traits | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

For the early stages of the game, you can use your trait points on Vigor and Endurance to increase your Health points and Stamina. When you progress further and get experience, you can reset your skill points to invest them on more important traits that are mentioned by me.


  • This trait grants life steal and the number increases as you level it up.
  • When maximized it offers 3% base damage as a life steal which will help you keep your health to the max while fighting enemies.
  • You can combine it with the Nightfall Dreadwalker mod to get a flat 13% life steal from your enemies.
  • You can unlock this trait from the Dormant N’erudian Facility in N’Erud.


  • This trait reduces Weapon spread and Recoil the more you level it up.
  • When maxed out you can reduce these numbers by 40% which makes it very easy to hit weak spots with a hunter.
  • Upgrading this trait helps you to become a proper hunter and to deliver good damage to weak spots of enemies as handling recoil and weapon spread becomes much more accessible.
  • You can unlock this trait by defeating the Cancer boss in Ashen Wasteland of the Root Earth biome.


  • This trait increases the Area of Effect size the more you level it up.
  • When maxed out the size of AOE damage you give will be increased by 50%.
  • This trait is specifically very useful to make your Enigma more potent as the area of damage you give will be significantly increased.
  • You can unlock this trait from the Labyrinth biome.

  • High Weakspot and Critical Damage.
  • Stealth Abilities.
  • Mark enemies and deal extra damage to them.
  • Decent Mobility.

  • Vulnerable to damage due to light armour.
  • High Weapon Reload Time  

My Recommendations For Hunter Build

In my experience of playing Remnant 2 for a while, this is an experimental build. I say this because you can switch some aspects of this build according to your playstyle. Moreover, the build is fun to play with, as the minions assist you in combat and help you survive longer.

Ensure you follow the guide and collect the mentioned items before Remnant 2 gets harder. Fighting enemies will be easier once you equip the listed items for the Shadowstalker build including Hunter and Summoner Archetype.

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