Remnant 2 BEST Invader Build [Ultimate Guide]

I have played Remnant 2 for more than 3 weeks and here is the Best Invader Build you can use!

Remnant 2 best Invader build.
Here's our best Remnant 2 Invader build.

The Invader Archetype is one of the hardest to master due to its increased mobility and the quick thinking required to evade attacks. However, with the correct loadout, you can master the Invader Class in no time. This guide covers unlocking the Invader Class, the Remnant 2 best Invader build, and recommended Dual Archetype.

About The Author

I have played Remnant 2 for more than 30+ hours, dealing with various character builds, weapons, and armour. You can easily trust my information related to the best Invader Build in Remnant 2!

Key Takeaways

  • The Invader Archetype in Remnant 2 is skilled in evasive maneuver and quick movement.
  • I suggest equipping with the Nightfall, Western Classic, and Nightshade weapons along with the Space Worker Armor Set.
  • Additionally, I highly advise the Abrasive Whetstone Amulet paired with the Akari War Band, Feedback Loop, Blood Tinged Ring, and Zania’s Malice Rings.
  • For the Skill, I recommend Void Shroud to quickly move through the shadows and avoid attacks. You should pair it with the Untouchable Trait to maximize your movement.
  • For the Dual Archetype, I highly suggest the Hunter, as it deals high Weakspot damage and complements the Invader perfectly.

Invader Archetype Explained

Best Evasive Specialist

Why I Choose Invader?

The Invader excels in deploying decoys and doing evasive maneuvers. Additionally, it has high damage output complemented with various supportive skills for its team.

The Invader is one of the 11 Archetypes or Classes in Remnant 2. It’s a specialized class Class that relies on fast movement and quick evasion. Its primary abilities include creating decoys of itself that enemies will instead start to target and performing evasive maneuvers.

Invaders rely on higher damage output with lower Threat Generation, allowing for better mobility on the battlefield. With the right loadout, the Invader Class will deal tons of single-target damage solo.

However, that’s not to say that it’s to be underestimated in co-op mode. With high precision and maximum elusiveness, the Invader Archeype is also an excellent choice for support. It has some Skills and Perks that grant benefits to allies as well.

How To Unlock The Invader Archetype?

The Invader Archetype, unfortunately, cannot be acquired from the start of Remnant 2. Instead, you must obtain the Archetype Engram to unlock the Invader Archetype.

In this case, you must acquire the Serated Root Blade to unlock the Invader Archetype. You can craft this Engram by travelling to the Corrupted Harbor in Root Earth. Find the arena next to the checkpoint.

If you haven’t already acquired the Escalation Protocol Amulet here, do so now. Then, use your Dreamcatcher here to achieve Walker’s Dream. You’ll need this item in your battle against Bane.

Once you defeat Bane, you’ll get the Wooden Shiv. Now, back in Ward 13, go to Wallace, and he will make the Serrated Root Blade with the materials you just gathered.

Best Invader Weapon Loadout

StatsLong Run: NightfallHand Gun: Western ClassicMelee Weapon: Nightshade
Ideal Range18 meters18 metersN/A
Falloff Range50 meters48 metersN/A
Critical Hit Chance5%5%18%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus105%105%110%
Max Ammo9066N/A
Stagger Modifier15%5%-20%
UpgradeLevel 10Level 20Level 10
Best Weapon ModDreadwalkerRoot BladesBeyond The Veil
Best MutatorFeedbackTwisting WoundsVampire Blade

Long Gun: Nightfall

Nightfall Remnant 2 stats.
Nightfall is a rapid-fire gun that can turn fully automatic. (Image captured by us)

I highly prefer Nightfall as my primary Long Gun for this best Remnant 2 Invader build.

  • Nightfall has moderate damage with a low RPS. However, it has a more extended range and a higher Weak Spot Damage Bonus and Stagger Modifier.
  • But the reason I chose this was for its Weapon Mod Dreadwalker. Dreadwalker grants Nightshade a 35% Firing Rate boost, 10% extra Lifesteal, and infinite Ammo. Additionally, Nightshade becomes completely automatic.
  • Moreover, enemy fire will be easier to dodge if you keep moving. Other Skills and weapons will remain disabled until Dreadwalker ends or you deliberately deactivate it. This state lasts 10 seconds, and the Weapon Mod costs 1,250 Mod Power.
  • Dreadwalker practically turns this semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic one, letting you melt enemies instantly. The Weapon Mod cannot be removed or swapped out.
  • I also recommend the Feedback Mutator. Every time you use Dreadwalker, Feedback grants you passive Mod Power equal to 10% of your single charge value. This generates over 10 seconds but does not stack or rollover. It’s perfect for gaining extra Mod Power for subsequent Mod use.

Hand Gun: Western Classic

Western Classic Remnant 2 stats.
Western Classic is a six-shooter pistol with moderate damage. (Image captured by us)

I decided on the Western Classic as your secondary weapon for the Hand Gun.

  • This weapon has moderate damage paired with high accuracy and a low RPS. It’s excellent for mid-range distances, but you’ll want to switch to your Melee Weapon for closer opponents.
  • I chose the Root Blades Weapon Mod since we’re going for high Bleed Damage here. It shoots out Root Blades in an arc-shaped path. Each blade deals 25 damage along with 200 Bleeding Damage over 10 seconds. It requires 750 Mod Power.
  • At Level 20, this Mod’s average damage will increase to 75, and Bleeding Damage will increase to 600.
  • For the Mutator, Twisting Wounds complements Root Blades well. It enhances your Ranged damage against Bleeding enemies by 10%. It’s a great passive way to boost the Western Classic’s damage.
  • At Level 10, the Ranged damage against Bleeding enemies increases by 20% and Ranged Critical and Ranged Weakspot Hits also apply a stack of Bleeding on the enemies. This deals 100 Bleeding damage and lasts 10 seconds.

For more information on the best pistols, check out my Remnant 2 best pistols guide.

Melee Weapon: Nightshade

For the Melee Weapon, I highly recommend the Nightshade gauntlets to use with this Remnant 2 Invader build.

  • These gauntlets have a fair amount of damage with an excellent Critical Hit Chance. Additionally, you get extra Lifesteal when you perform Neutral Dodges with this, which you will do a lot as an Invader.
  • It comes pre-equipped with the Beyond The Veil Weapon Mod. When the Mod is active, you become a mist during Neutral Evades. Moreover, you gain Lifesteal equal to 5% of Nightshade’s base damage. The Lifesteal lasts 5 seconds but will last 10 seconds on a Perfect Dodge.
  • I recommend this Mod as it’s ideal for an Archetype like the Invader that relies on dodging and moving about the battlefield. This Mod cannot be removed or swapped out.
  • The Vampire Blade Mutator is the best for Nightshade. It grants a 10% boost to your Melee Damage whenever you’re within a 10-meter radius of a Bleeding person. It works well with the Western Classic’s Mod and Mutator.
  • Upgrading Vampire Blade to Level 10 grants Lifesteal equal to 3% of your base damage when hitting Bleeding enemies with Melee Damage.

Best Invader Armor: Space Worker Set

StatBody Armor: Space Worker BodyGloves: Space Worker GlovesHead Armor: Space Worker MaskLeg Armor: Space Worker LegsSpace Worker Set Overall Stats
Bleed Defense11114
Burn Defense11013
Shock Defense412310
Blight Defense00000
Toxin Defense21277

I advise using the Space Worker Armor Set for this Invader build.

  • It includes the Space Worker Body, Space Worker Gloves, Space Worker Mask, and Space Worker Legs.
  • The Space Worker Set adds a low amount of Armor. But it sacrifices Armor for a lighter Weight. This Lightweight Set will allow you to perform a Fast Dodge.
  • Fast Dodges have a quicker animation, travel a longer distance, and have no Stamina penalty. This is perfect for an Invader who relies on maximum Movement Speed and Evasion.
  • The set overall provides a medium amount of Bleed, Burn, and Toxin Defense. It gives the most Shock Defense (10). Hence, use it against enemies and bosses that deal Shock Damage.
  • Unfortunately, it’s the worst set for Blight Defense, as it provides none. For that, opt for the Dendroid Set, which has ample Blight Defense but no Burn Defense. If you want both, opt for the Realmwalker Set, which has no Toxin Defense.

If you want help to find the Space Worker Set, check out my all Armor Sets and locations guide.

Amulet And Ring

Remnant 2 best Invader build Amulet, Rings, and Armor Set.
These are the recommended Rings, Amulet, and Armor Set. (Image captured by us)
  • Amulet: Abrasive Whetstone
  • Rings: Akari War Band, Blood Tinged Ring, Zania’s Malice, Cataloger’s Jewel

In Remnant 2, you can have one Amulet and up to four Rings equipped simultaneously.

Here is my Amulet and Rings choice for this Remnant 2 Invader build:

  • For the Amulet, there is none better than the Abrasive Whetstone. This Amulet grants a 15% Crit Chance and a 30% Crit Damage bonus when hitting Bleeding enemies. It works well with the Western Classic, its Weapon Mod, and Mutator.
  • For the Rings, I chose the Akari War Band. It also grants a 15% Critical Chance and Critical Damage boost, but only when you perform a Perfect Dodge. It’s an excellent choice for a highly mobile Archetype like the Invader. You can buy it from Cass.
  • The second Ring I suggest is the Blood-Tinged Ring. It grants 2 Health Regeneration per second if you’re within 10 meters of any Bleeding person, an enemy, or an ally. This Ring is ideal with the Western Classic and its Mod and Mutator.
  • The third Ring is Zania’s Malice. It enhances your Weakspot damage by 10% for 7 seconds whenever you deal Weakspot Damage. This effect can stack up to three times and pairs well with the Nightfall and Western Classic as they have high Weakspot Damage.
  • Finally, I have the Cataloger’s Jewel, a simple Ring that passively regenerates 8 Mod Power per second. It’s the best choice for unleashing your powerful Mods quicker, like the one on Nightfall. Paired with the Feedback Mutator, it turns Nightfall into an unstoppable force. You can always swap this out for a Ring of your choice.

To explore other Amulets, look at my best Amulets guide. If you want to experiment with Rings, head to my all Rings guide.

Recommended Trait: Untouchable

Traits are special effects you can apply to your player in Remnant 2. For this Remnant 2 Invader build, I highly recommend the Untouchable Trait, the default Archetype Trait of the Invader Archetype. This Trait increases the Evade window, which means you have a more extended invulnerability period after performing any Evade.

For an Invader, you can see why this is the best Trait. It lets you easily dodge enemies and have enough time to get back on your feet. It can be upgraded ten times, with the Evade window increasing by 30% at Level 10.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Fitness Trait, which increases your Evade distance. Footwork is an excellent Trait, too, as it lets you move faster when aiming with your Ranged Weapons.

Best Invader Skill: Void Cloak

For the Skill, I highly recommend Void Cloak. This Skill, while active, automatically performs a Perfect Dodge for you and saves you from all direct damage. Every time you auto-Evade, the timer decrements by 33% to up to 100%, depending on how much damage you absorbed. Additionally, each auto-Evade summons a decoy that will last for 3 seconds.

Void Cloak lasts for 60 seconds and has a 75-second Cooldown. It’s ideal for quickly moving and avoiding attacks while taking down enemies. Additionally, the fact that it performs several Perfect Dodges works well with the Akari War Band and Beyond The Veil Weapon Mod.

Best Invader Perks

Perks are special abilities that your Archetype can use. These cannot be changed and are fixed for each Archetype, including the Invader Archetype.

Every Archetype has a Prime, Damage, Team, Utility, and Relic Perk, which gets unlocked at Levels 0 through 4. After that, they start upgrading from Levels 5 through 9, with the Prime Perk being upgraded a second time at Level 10.

Prime Perk: Shadow

When you cast an Invader Skill, a decoy of your character is created that tanks enemy damage for 3 seconds before disappearing. This decoy deals the same damage as you and gets a 5% damage boost against enemies not hitting the main Invader.

  • Level 0: Unlocked.
  • Level 5: The decoy deals 10% extra damage against enemies not targeting the Invader.
  • Level 10: The decoy gains a 15% damage boost to enemies not hitting the Invader.

Damage Perk: Shark

If you Sprint for a second or Evade an attack, you receive a stack of Momentum. Momentum stacks up to increase your Melee and Ranged damage by 0.7% per stack. The stacks last 15 seconds, and you can have up to 5.

  • Level 1: Unlocked.
  • Level 6: Your Melee and Ranged damage increase by 7%, and your Melee Critical Chance gets boosted by 1% per stack.

Team Perk: Loophole

If enemies are targeting your decoys, all ally hits against these enemies (Melee and Ranged) lend 5% of damage as Lifesteal.

  • Level 2: Unlocked.
  • Level 7: The Lifesteal is boosted to 7.5%.

Utility Perk: Circumvent

Combat Slide and Evade cost 10% less Stamina.

  • Level 3: Unlocked.
  • Level 8: The cost is now reduced by 15%. Additionally, Perfect Dodges have an extra 15% cost reduction.

Relic Perk: Override

When you use a Relic, Threat Generation decreases by 25%, lasting for the next 10 seconds. During Override, an Empowered Decoy is summoned upon your next Evade. This decoy lasts up to 4 seconds.

  • Level 4: Unlocked.
  • Level 9: The Empowered Decoy now lasts 5.5 seconds.

Dual Archetype: Hunter

Remnant 2 best Invader build.
I recommend following this build with the Hunter as your Dual Archetype. (Image captured by us)

A little later into the game, you can acquire what is known as a Dual Archetype. This is a second Archetype that you can have equipped along with your main Archetype. It grants you access to the second Archetype’s Skills, Perks, and Traits.

For this purpose, I chose the Hunter as your secondary Archetype. The Hunter is a long-range weapon-wielder focusing on dealing burst damage and hitting the enemies’ Weak Spots.

It has the Prime Perk “Dead To Rights,” which makes your Hunter Skills last longer whenever you deal 65 base damage as Weakspot Damage. It works best with its Skill Hunter’s Shroud, which makes you more elusive and harder to hit.

When you exit the Shroud state, you also receive a 50% Melee and Ranged Damage bonus. And all enemies get a Mark applied to them. It lasts 15 seconds, but with Dead To Rights, it lasts 17.5 to 18.5 seconds.

  • Deploys Decoys to trick enemies.
  • Dodge incoming attacks quickly.
  • Quick Mobility.
  • High DPS.
  • Co-op Supportive Abilities.

  • Complex Gameplay mechanics.
  • Difficult to Unlock.
  • Requires Ammo conservation.

My Experience With Invader Archetype

The Invader Archetype is one the trickier Archetypes to master since it requires a lot of quick thinking and fast movement. That’s why I sought to compile the Remnant 2 best Invader build in this guide.

To recap, you should use the Invader with Nightfall, Western Classic, and Nightshade. These weapons will complement well with the Space Worker Armor Set. I also advise the Invader Skill Void Cloak to maximize your evasiveness.

For the Dual Archetype, I highly suggest using the Hunter Archetype with the Hunter’s Shroud Skill. It works best when paired with the Invader Class.

If you want to know about the best Medic build, then check out my best Medic build guide.

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