Remnant 2 BEST Medic Build [Perks, Weapons & Skills]

Remnant 2 has eight Archetypes, with Medic being the most resourceful of them all. In this guide, I'll discuss the best Medic build, including weapons, armor, accessories, and Perks, among others.

Remnant 2 best Medic build.
The best Medic build in Remnant 2.
About The Author

Shoaib has played Remnant 2 for 20+ hours and gone through various modes to understand the game, so you can easily trust the information he gives in Remnant 2.

The Medic Archetype is a support class in Remnant 2 that features incredible healing abilities, good teamwork skills, and great defense. However, what matters is your build. This guide looks at the best Medic build, including weapon loadout, armor set, accessories, Traits, Skills, Perks, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Medic is one of the eight Archetypes in Remnant 2, best for its support and healing capabilities.
  • I recommend equipping this Archetype with the Rusty Lever Action, Rune Pistol, and Red Doe Staff for the weapons and the Elder Set for the armor.
  • For the Amulet, I recommend Cleansing Stone. And for the Rings, I prefer Generating Band, Burden of the Divine, Ring of Grace, and Dense Silicon Ring.
  • Additionally, I  recommend the Healing Shield Skill for its burst healing and Shield-giving effect. I also recommend using the Challenger Archetype as your Dual Archetype.

Medic Archetype Explained

Best Tanky Medic Build.

Why do I prefer Medic?

The medic provides exceptional healing support to the player and his team. Combine it with the Challenger, and it makes up for the low damage output of Medic, making it even more tanky and expert in close-quarter combat.

There are eight Archetypes, one of which is the Medic Archetype, primarily serving as the team’s healer. Here’s how to make the most of this Archetype in best Medic build:

  1. Co-op or Secondary Role: The Medic Archetype is best utilized in co-op gameplay or as a secondary Archetype in single-player mode.

  2. Healing Specialization: Medics excel in healing skills and perks, but they can also deal significant damage and have armor, depending on your loadout. You can focus on full support or create a well-rounded damage-plus-support build.

  3. Not Recommended as Initial Archetype: It’s advisable not to start the game as a Medic Archetype, as it’s primarily designed for healing and may not be as well-rounded or durable as other Archetypes at the beginning.

  4. Team Healing in Co-op: When playing as the Medic Archetype in co-op, prioritize healing low-health allies. Your role requires stealth, environmental awareness, and predicting opponent attacks. As the team’s sole healer, your contribution is vital for the group’s success.

How To Unlock The Medic Archetype?

Unlocking the Medic Archetype can be done through two primary methods:

  1. Select it as your starting Archetype when beginning the game. Simply choose the Medic Archetype during character creation.

  2. If you didn’t choose it initially, you can still unlock it by getting the Medic Pin.

  3. You can purchase the Medic Pin from Doc Norah, an NPC behind the Worldstone at the medical site.

  4. Once you have the Medic Pin, bring it to Wallace, who will use it to create the Caduceus Idol.

  5. This Idol can then be equipped in the Dual Archetype Slot, allowing you to unlock and use the Medic Archetype as either your primary or secondary Archetype.

Best Medic Weapon Loadout

Remnant 2 best Medic build weapons.
The best weapons to equip on Medics. (Image captured by us)

Here are my picks of weapons for Medic build.

StatsLong Gun: Rusty Lever ActionHand Gun: Rune PistolMelee Weapon: Red Doe Staff
Ideal Range30 m18 mN/A
Falloff Range80 m53 mN/A
Critical Hit ChanceN/A10%3%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%100%95%
Max Ammo60168N/A
Stagger Modifier0%0%8%
UpgradeLevel 20Level 10Level 10
Best Weapon ModHealing ShotSoul BrandLifeline
Best MutatorExtenderBattery/BanditShield Breaker

Medic Build Weapons Table.

1. Long Gun: Rusty Lever Action

Our best Medic build for Remnant 2 uses the Rusty Lever Action rifle for the Long Gun.

  • Rusty Lever Action Weapon:

    • Chosen for high accuracy, sustainability, and built-in healing Weapon Mod.
    • A slow weapon with medium damage, ideal for medium-range combat.
    • Upgradable to Level 20, increasing damage to 165.
  • Healing Shot Weapon Mod:

    • Launches a shot that detonates on contact with allies, healing them for 30% of their max HP.
    • If the shot doesn’t touch an ally, it remains dormant until a partner approaches.
    • Disappears after 30 seconds, with healing capabilities decreasing each second.
  • Recommended Mutator: Extender Mutator

    • Boosts magazine capacity by 20%.
    • Upgradable to Level 10, increasing magazine capacity by 40% and providing a 15% reload speed boost when the magazine is empty. Useful for prolonging time on the battlefield with a slow weapon.

2. Hand Gun: Rune Pistol

I highly recommend the Rune Pistol Hand Gun for this Medic build.

  • Secondary Weapon (Close-Range Combat):

    • High magazine capacity and excellent rapid-fire capabilities.
  • Weapon Mod: Soul Brand

    • Inflicts a Soul Brand on all enemies in an area.
    • When you or your allies kill these enemies, they leave an Echo before dying.
    • Echos are attracted to your partners and heal them for 20% of their Max Health.
  • Mutator Options:

    • Battery: Increases Weakspot Hit damage by 10% for five stacks (50% damage increase).
    • Bandit: Provides a 10% chance that the shot you just fired returns to your magazine.

3. Melee Weapon: Red Doe Staff

I recommend the Red Doe Staff for its additional healing capabilities when used with the Lifeline Weapon Mod and Shield Breaker Mutator.

  • Medic Staff with Red Doe Spirit:

    • Contains the healing spirit of the Red Doe.
    • Weapon Mod: Lifeline
      • Summons the Red Doe spirit after dealing 250 damage and using a charge attack.
      • The spirit moves forward, dealing 160 damage to enemies and healing allies for 10% of their HP.
    • Two conditions: Deal 250 damage before activation and have allies in the spirit’s path.
  • Mutator Recommendation: Shield Breaker

    • Every melee attack grants a Shield that can absorb up to 2% of your Max HP’s damage.
    • Lasts 10 seconds and applies only to you, not your allies.

Best Medic Armor: Elder Set

Elder Set in Remnant 2.
The Elder Set is the best armor set for Medics. (Image captured by us)

Here are the best armors for the Medic Build:

StatsBody Armor: Elder RaimentGlove: Elder GlovesHead Armor: Elder HeaddressLeg Armor: Elder LeggingsElder Set Overall Stats
Bleed Defense00000
Burn Defense423312
Shock Defense00000
Blight Defense41229
Toxin Defense21044

Armor Stats Table.

For the armor in my Medic build, I recommend the Elder Set. Armor sets in Remnant 2 are essentially armor collections with great synergy.

  • The Elder Set:

    • Combines Elder Raiment, Elder Gloves, Elder Headdress, and Elder Leggings.
    • Grants medium armor and is ideal for a Medic who often becomes the target of enemies.
    • High Burn and Blight Resistance, with some Toxin Resistance.
    • Lacks Bleed and Shock Resistance but compensates with Light Weight, enabling Fast Dodge with no Stamina cost for quick evasion.
  • Alternative Sets:

    • Leto Mark II Set: Offers balanced resistance across all types.
    • Radiant or Realmwalker Sets: Suitable for Bleed and Shock Resistance.

Amulet And Ring

  • Amulet: Cleansing Stone
  • Rings: Burden of the Divine, Dense Silicon Ring, Generating Band, Ring of Grace

In Remnant 2, you can also equip one Amulet and four Rings on your Medic.

  • Cleansing Stone Amulet:

    • Decreases the duration of the Elemental Status Effects (e.g., Burn and Shock) by 50% for the wearer.
    • Using a Relic during this time removes the Elemental Status Debuff completely.
    • Grants 15% of the wearer’s Max HP to all allies within a 7-meter radius, improving defense, sustainability, and healing allies.
  • Recommended Rings:

    • Burden of the Divine: Reduces your damage health by 10% and shares 50% of self-healing with all allies.
    • Dense Silicon Ring: Synergizes with Soul Brand and Healing Shot to generate Mod Power, converting 200% of Health Regeneration into Mod Power.
    • Generating Band: Works well with Shield Breaker, generating 3% of Max Health per second with any active Shield.
    • Ring of Grace: Regenerates 10% of Max HP in 10 seconds when taking damage from enemies, suitable for a more resilient Medic.

Recommended Trait: Triage

The Medic Archetype has the unique Archetype Trait Triage. This Trait grants a boost to the healing granted by the Weapon Mods. This includes recovery given to yourself as well as your allies.

You can see why I mainly chose healing-based Weapon Mods. This effect does not work on Mutators, Amulets, or Rings.

The exact percentage of boost you receive depends on the Level of the unique Trait. Level 1 Triage only grants a 5% boost in healing given by Weapon Mods. However, a Level 10 Triage (the max level for this Archetype Trait) gives a whopping 50% healing boost.

I recommend this Trait over others as it’s the Archetype Trait of the Medic Archetype and will help you heal your allies and yourself.

Best Medic Skills

For the Medic Archetype, you only have three Skill options: Healing Shield, Wellspring, and Redemption.

  • Healing Shield Skill for the Medic Build:

    • Dispels healing energy to all allies within a 25-meter radius.
    • Grants them a Shield equal to 100% of their Max HP, essentially providing a second life.
    • The Shield lasts 10 seconds and regenerates 21% of allies’ Max HP over time.
    • Longer cooldown (96 seconds) and unlocked at Archetype Level 5.
    • Ideal for instant ally healing in both horde battles and boss fights.
  • Alternative Skills:

    • Wellspring: Suitable for healing during breaks from combat.
    • Redemption: A late-game alternative that revives downed allies is best used cautiously and situationally.

Best Medic Perks

Remnant 2 best Medic build Perks.
These are the Perks you have available for Medics. (Image captured by us)

When it comes to Perks, you don’t have a choice, as they are locked behind each Archetype. I will explain what each Medic Perk does. Five Perk types get unlocked from Level 0 to Level 5. After Level 5, they start receiving upgrades.

Perks are permanently unlocked in the same order.

Prime Perk: Regenerator

Regenerator gives you back a Relic charge after you have healed your allies for a combined heal of 350 HP. When you Respawn or Rest at a Wordlstone, the healing accumulation resets and you must heal your allies for 350 HP again.

For every ally you have, the healing needs of this Perk increase by 50%. It’s unlocked at Level 0 and has two upgrades. At Level 5, the healing requirement is reduced to 300. And at Level 10, it’s further reduced to 250 HP.

Damage Perk: Invigorated

You receive a 2.5% Damage boost. This Perk is unlocked at Level 1 and upgrades at Level 6 to grant you a 5% Critical Chance boost.

Team Perk: Benevolence

Relics gain a 15% efficiency boost and heal allies for 30% of their original healing. This Perk is unlocked at Level 2. At Level 7, it gets upgraded and grants 60% healing to allies with less than 35% HP.

Utility Perk: Backbone

You can take one more hit before you start losing Grey Health. You unlock this Perk at Level 3. And at Level 8, the number of hits you can take increases to two.

Relic Perk: Benefactor

Boosts your Relic Use Speed by 20%. This is unlocked at Level 4. At Level 9, it also adds a -1 Stagger for every Relic Use.

Secondary Archetype: Challenger

In the game’s later stages, equipping two Archetypes simultaneously becomes possible, allowing you to maximize your battlefield potential.

I highly recommend pairing the primary Medic Archetype with the Challenger Dual Archetype. Challengers excel in melee combat, boasting durability but limited range. They deal significant damage but must maintain their HP to survive against enemies and bosses.

This combination is effective because the Medic can provide essential healing support to the Challenger. However, when the Medic takes on the role of the Challenger, it adds an interesting dynamic.

Challengers struggle with boss fights due to their short range, making Medics a valuable choice for lasting longer in battles. This combination balances frontline combat and support effectively.

  • Healing Perks.
  • Tanky Build.
  • Expert in Close Range Combat.
  • Impressive Melee Damage & Buffs.
  • Team Support Skills.
  • Ineffective against long-range targets.
  • Low Movement Speed.
  • Overall Low DPS.

Why Others Were Not Choosen?

  • Medic-GunslingerWeak Armor and low close-range damage.
  • Medic-Alchemist: Only works as a support player with insufficient damage output.

My Thoughts On Medic Build

The Medic Archetype is quite resourceful when you’re playing in co-op mode. With the best Medic build and loadout, you’ll be the perfect support for your team. I highly recommend building the Rusty Lever Action, Rune Pistol, and Red Doe Staff as your primary weapons, with the Elder Set as your armor.

I also recommend the Cleansing Stone as your Amulet and Burden of the Divine, Dense Silicon Ring, Generating Band, and Ring of Grace as your Rings of choice. Lastly, I would suggest the Healing Shield Skill for its intense healing abilities.

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