Remnant 2 Best Pistols: Pros, Cons & Unlock Guide

After playing Remnant 2 for more than 3 weeks, here are the best pistols

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Remnant 2: Best Pistols

Keeping a powerful secondary gun is essential because you will not always have your primary gun full of bullets to wipe out large enemy groups. The best choice for a Pistol or a Handgun as a secondary weapon can vary depending on your playstyle. 

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Key Takeaways

  • The top 8 pistols in Remnant 2 are Service Pistol, MP60-R, Cube Gun, Sure Shot, Tech 22, Western Classic, Star Shot, and Rupture Cannon.
  • Some pistols unlock by purchasing from Brabus, while others are special weapons found in secret locations.
  • Pistols like Tech 22 and Western Classic are bought from NPC at Ward 13 for 1000 Scrap.
  • When choosing a pistol, consult your Archetype choice and choose accordingly for the more optimized pick.
  • Some handguns with high pick rates are Western Classic, MP60-R, and Star Shot.

About The Author

I have invested more than 30+ hours in Remnant 2, dealing with various character builds, weapons, and armor. You can easily trust my information related to the best pistols in Remnant 2!

My Picks For Best Pistols

Here is a comparison table of my best Pistols in Remnant 2. Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

PistolAwardDamageRPSMagazineIdeal RangeFalloff RangeMax AmmoCritical Hit ChanceWeak Spot Damage BonusStagger Modifier
MP60-RBest Fully Automatic Close Range Pistol
Cube GunBest Unique Pistol with Infinite Ammo.157.5518m50m1055%0.850%
Sure ShotHighest Damage Pistol1053122m75m2110%1.110%
Tech 22Best Automatic Pistol for Mid Range.8163015m45m27010%110%
Western ClassicBest Revolver for Long Range.325618m48m665%1.055%
Star ShotBest Explosive Damage Pistol222.51021m54m605%1.110%
Rupture CannonBest Shotgun Pistol for Close Ranges.423.11213m35m605%110%

Comparison Table for Best Pistols

1. Service Pistol

Best Base Pistol for Long Ranges.

Why did I Choose Service Pistol?

It is suitable for long-range combat and features high weak-spot damage.

service pistol is a low magazine but high damage pistol
Service Pistol | Image Made By: Us

If a longer range and greater weak spot damage are preferred, I recommend Service Pistol as the best option. These conventional pistols can make enemies suffer if aimed at the right place.

I suggest combining a Service Pistol with an automatic long weapon so they can use the pistol to clear out the area using less ammo and use the long weapon if there is increased enemy traffic.

This strong pistol can be upgraded to level 20 but has no mods. However, you can attach external weapon mods with it according to your needs. Scrap Shot and Dreadwalker are two mods that will work wonders with the Service Pistol.

Ideal Range20m
Falloff Range50m
Max Ammo90
Critical Hit Chance5%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+105%
Stagger Modifier0%

Service Pistol Stats

How To Unlock

  • Players can secure the weapon at Ward 13 by interacting with Brabus.
  • He will be outside the workshop where Reggie and McCabe are present. Moreover, you can always locate him on the map.
  • Brabus will sell you the pistol for 1000 Scrap.
  • If you have the Medic Archetype unlocked, you will get this pistol automatically as a base handgun.
  • You can still get the Medic if you did not unlock it initially.
  • Visit the doctor in Ward 13 and buy the medical pin from her for 1500 scrap.
  • Use another 1000 Scrap to craft the engram for Medic at Wallace. Equip it to get the pistol.

  • High Accuracy.
  • High Range.
  • Quick Reload Speed.
  • High Weak Spot Damage.

  • Low Magazine Size.
  • No Mods pre-installed.

2. MP60-R

Best Fully Automatic Close Range Pistol

Why did I Choose MP60-R?

It’s fully automatic and extremely deadly at close range.

mp60-r is fully automatic

It is fully automatic and can be unlocked earlier in the game. It is easy to aim with low recoil and can deal point-blank high damage when aimed at weak spots. Players can upgrade MP60-R up to level 20 at Ward 13.

You can rely on it to eliminate a group of enemies when their primary gun is out of ammo. Although it is a potential pistol, equipping it with mods can make it more feasible and easy to use. I prefer the Hotshot mod as the most suitable one as it implies fire damage and a high fire rate, eliminating the group quickly.

Ideal Range17m
Falloff Range50m
Max Ammo252
Critical Hit Chance10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus1
Stagger Modifier0%

How To Unlock

There are two ways to secure the MP60-R handgun.

  • The quick way is to find a Cargo Control Key at Ward 13.
  • Players can grab this by climbing up the stairs and entering the room where they saw Clementine and Ford converse at the start of the Remnant 2 story.
  • Locate a chest in that room that gives you the Cargo Control Key.
  • Take the key to a secret door to the far end of where you went with Ford to activate the World Stone. Open the door using this key to find the MP60-R pistol.
  • The second method is to unlock the Summoner Archetype. 
  • This class has MP60-R as a base weapon, so you will automatically get it inside your inventory once you unlock Summoner.
  • Players must explore Yaesha to get the class and purchase the Faded Grimoire from the Bloodmoon Altar.

  • Immense Fire Rate.
  • Large Magazine Size.
  • Available early in the game.
  • Mods and Mutators can be equipped.

  • Low DPS. 
  • Long Reload Time.
  • Less Damage at Long Range.

3. Cube Gun

Best Unique Pistol with Infinite Ammo.

Why did I Choose Cube Gun?

It features infinite ammo and a built-in shield mod to protect from enemies.

cube gun is a unique boss weapon
Cube Gun

Cube Gun is a unique weapon that operates differently than other handguns. It comes with a shorter magazine, but in my opinion, infinite ammo and no reload speed are its essential features, making it one of the best options for a handgun. A Cube Gun is a weapon you get from crafting an item after defeating a specific boss.

Players can utilize the Cube gun to eliminate small groups of enemies as the handgun shines at medium-range fights. It is introduced with a built-in mod that creates a cube shield around the player.

Ideal Range18m
Falloff Range50m
Max Ammo105
Critical Hit Chance5%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+85%
Stagger Modifier0%

Stats for Cube Gun

How To Unlock

  • Defeating the Labyrinth Sentinel boss in the world of Labyrinth will give you a Cube Gun.
  • You can craft it from a cube-like item given to Ava McCabe for crafting.
  • Players must keep some materials, such as Lumenite Crystals and Scrap, to get the Cube Gun.

  • Infinite Ammo.
  • Features a Built-in Mod – Shield. 
  • High Damage and Accuracy at Mid-range.

  • Overheating due to continuous shooting.
  • Less Long Range damage.

4. Sure Shot

Highest Damage Pistol

Why do I prefer Sure Shot?

It has a single bullet that can damage any enemy if hit at a weak spot. 

sure shot is one of the top 8 pistols
Sure Shot | Image Made By: Us

In my experience, Sureshot is for those confident about their aim, as the pistol has a one-bullet magazine. This long-range, effective pistol can work wonders if you aim it correctly on the weak spot. Use the pistol to deal damage to enemies at mid-range or far away, as they will suffer significant health loss if the shot lands.

Players can combine Sureshot with any automatic weapon, such as XMG57 Bonesaw, land a strong hit using a Sureshot pistol, and switch to the auto primary weapon to finish any enemy.

This hunter pistol does not come with any mods, but I prefer boosting it further in terms of damage with an external mod such as Overflow that increases reload speed and introduces a Shock effect.

Ideal Range22m
Falloff Range75m
Max Ammo21
Critical Hit Chance10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+110%
Stagger Modifier10%

Sure Shot stats

How To Unlock

  • High Damage.
  • Quick Reload Speed.
  • Add external mods to increase efficiency. 

  • Requires excellent aim.
  • Single-bullet magazine.
  • Not Suitable at Close Ranges.

5. Tech 22

Best Automatic Pistol for Mid Range.

Why did I Choose Tech 22?

The high fire rate and decent magazine suit it for close or mid-range combat.

Tech 22 is an automatic pistol
Tech 22 – Image Captured by Us.

Everyone loves automatic weaponry, so I had to introduce Tech 22 to my top 10 list of best pistols. Its large magazine and high fire rate will never disappoint you. Whether you are killing enemies at mid-range or clearing a horde of creatures in close quarters, Tech 22 is the weapon you must prefer.

The weapon comes with no built-in mods. However, using mods like Hotshot or Scrap Shot can be useful. Furthermore, Tech 22 is mostly used in Tanky and high-damaging builds, such as the combo of Hunter and Gunslinger builds.

Ideal Range15m
Falloff Range45m
Max Ammo270
Critical Hit Chance10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+100%
Stagger Modifier10%

Tech 22 Stats

How To Unlock

  • Players can gather 1000 Scrap and visit Brabus in Ward 13 to buy Tech 22.
  • If you wish to upgrade Tech 22, visit Reggie inside the workshop.

  • High Fire Rate.
  • High Damage.
  • Quick Reload.
  • Large Magazine.

  • Per bullet damage is low.
  • Not ideal for long ranges.
  • Pre-equipped Suppressor is useless.

6. Western Classic

Best Revolver for Long Range.

Why did I choose Western Classic?

It is highly accurate and deadly at mid and long ranges, especially against boss fights for hitting weak spots.

western classic is one of the top 8 pistols
Western Classic – Image Captured by Us.

Western Classic is a traditional revolver that is a menace in long-range duels. Despite being a 6-bullet magazine, it’s a powerful and precise revolver. From my experience, combined with an automatic long-range weapon such as Blackmaw AR-47, it becomes an overkill loadout for boss fights.

In my opinion, its high fire rate from other pistols nominates it as a powerful handgun. Players can equip weapon mods with Western Classic that enhance its damage and range to be utilized at larger ranges, saving ammo for the primary weapon.

Ideal Range18m
Falloff Range48m
Max Ammo66
Critical Hit Chance5%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+105%
Stagger Modifier5%

Western Classic stats.

How To Unlock

  • Western Classic is included in the base loadout of the Gunslinger Archetype.
  • Players with the ultimate edition of Remnant 2 can choose Gunslinger at the start of their campaign.
  • If you haven’t chosen Gunslinger, farm Scrap from enemy fights and purchase Western Classic for 1000 Scrap.

  • High Damage.
  • High Accuracy.
  • Available since Early Game.

  • Low Magazine Size.
  • Requires decent aim to use it.

7. Star Shot

Best Explosive Damage Pistol

Why did I Choose Sure Shot?

Its primary shots are deadly at close range, and the built-in mod causes an explosion with high AoE damage and applies a burning effect.

star shot is one of the top 8 pistols
Star Shot – Image Captured by Us.

Star Shot is one of the special pistols with laser bullets. It comes with a built-in mod Big Bang that converges all charges into a single shot and ends in a blast.

This implies a burning effect on all enemies in a 5-meter radius. The gun has a mediocre magazine, but a faster reload speed compensates.

I strongly prefer the Star Shot pistol because it has a powerful mod. I recommend players combine it with a high-damage primary weapon, such as a bulldog, that can melt the enemies in less time.

Ideal Range21m
Falloff Range54m
Max Ammo60
Critical Hit Chance5%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+110%
Stagger Modifier10%

Star Shot Stats.

How To Unlock

  • Star Shot can be unlocked on N’Erud during the Supply Ship event.
  • Players must find the Dark Conduit Dungeon underground and supply power to a gigantic deactivated robot.
  • Perform the step above and then go back to the surface and activate the robot so it flies into the sky.
  • Find five closed containers on the Phantom Wasteland and activate them so the robot can pick them up.
  • Go back to the base of the gigantic robot’s container and collect rare loot, including the Star Shot pistol.

  • High Damage fast traveling Laser beams.
  • High Accuracy at Close Range.
  • Built-in Mod with Explosive Damage.
  • Applies Burning Effect.

  • Mod causes self-damage if used at Close Range.
  • Only available during Supply Ship event.

8. Rupture Cannon

Best Shotgun Pistol for Close Ranges.

Why do I Recommend Rupture Canon?

It has insane close and mid-range damage and comes with a stagger modifier pre-equipped.  

rupture cannon is one of the top 8 pistols
Rupture Cannon – Image Captured by Us.

There are shotguns in Primary slots, but it is rare to see one equipped as a handgun. Rupture Cannon fulfills my desires by presenting itself as a pistol shotgun that can dominate enemies at close range. I suggest players use it in boss fights or when fighting elites, as their health can drain faster when shot with special bullets of Rupture Cannon.

The pistol comes with a Stagger Modifier and mediocre magazine size that can be increased upon several weapon upgrades from Reggie. Moreover, players can equip mods like Hotshot that provide a burning effect on every shot. 

Ideal Range13m
Falloff Range35m
Max Ammo60
Critical Hit Chance5%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+100%
Stagger Modifier10%

Rupture Cannon Stats

How To Unlock

  • Rupture Cannon is found inside the Vault of the Formless dungeon on N’Erud.
  • You will come across a secret room in this dungeon containing the pistol.
  • Towards the end of this area, a rotating cylinder will join two separate rooms.
  • Players must enter a room after the cylinder rotates two times.
  • In the first instant, they will find a House, Lythla Glyph, that is used to gain access to the secret door.
  • Open that door and search the room to find Rupture Cannon.

  • High Damage Per Bullet.
  • High Damage even at Mid Range.
  • Built-in Stagger Modifier effect.

  • High Recoil.
  • High Reload Time.

My Pick For The Best Pistol?

The Western Classic is the best pistol, as it has insane damage at long range, making it ideal for hitting weak points. It can easily dominate any battle once equipped with suitable mods and a fully automatic primary weapon. Ensure you leave feedback for us in the comments below to let us know if you found this guide helpful.

With this, I conclude my guide on the 8 best pistols in Remnant 2. These pistols are tested in every aspect of combat and shortlisted based on their stats and usage. Players are expected to choose these handguns in their gameplay to eliminate tough bosses in every world.

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