Remnant 2 Best Solo Class [Expert Picks]

Remnant 2 seems to have completely revamped its class/archetype system for an experience like never before. If you're a solo player, this guide is for you!

Remnant 2 Best Solo Class
Remnant 2 Best Solo Class Guide - Image captured by VeryAli Gaming.

It may seem like the hardcore solo players need to pick their archetype carefully for a competitive edge in the new sequel. They’re all honestly great choices, but one of them exceptionally stands out as the best solo class in Remnant 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Remnant 2 provides its players with an all-new experience by completely revamping its archetype/class system.
  • The archetype you choose will have a stronger impact on your gameplay experience.
  • You should carefully consider your initial archetype depending on whether you will play the story in solo or co-op play mode.
  • If you prefer solo play but do not want to make your gameplay overly difficult, then the best archetype to consider would beThe Handler.’ 
  • If you prefer a more challenging experience, there are some more archetypes that can be chosen in solo play, which may provide a more immersive experience.
  • Eventually, you may be able to unlock a secondary archetype to go along with your initial primary archetype. 

Best Solo Play Archetypes Summary

Here is a summary table for the recommended solo play Archetypes based on your play style in Remnant 2:

ArchetypePrime PerkArchetype Trait Starting Skill
ChallengerDie Hard: Challengers can become invulnerable for 2 seconds and also heal up to 50% of their health when fatally wounded. The only catch is a slow cooldown time of around 10 minutes which resets automatically upon death.Strong Back: This trait can reduce player's Encumbrance by -[Level]War Stomp: This skill can create a high-impact tremor which can deal around 150 damage along with staggering your foes in all directions at point-blank range. Cooldown time: 50 seconds.
HunterDead to Rights: You can extend your active Hunter Skills by 2.5 seconds upon dealing 65 Base Ranged Weakspot Damage.Longshot: Players can expect an increased Weapon Ideal Range by 60-600 centimeters.Hunter's Mark: Increased spatial awareness by an Aura casted which can mark enemies within 35 meters. Players can also expect a 15% increase in Ranged and Melee damage. Cooldown: 68 seconds.
MedicRegenerator: Players can regain a spent Relic charge after having healed allies by 350 Health points. The catch with this is that with each additional player, the healing requirement needed to activate Prime Perk increases by 50%.Triage: Increase in Weapon Ideal Range by 60 to 600 centimeters.Wellspring: This skill channels healing energy into the ground from the Medic with a punch which can create a 3 meters wide Healing Spring. Players within the AoE can experience health regeneration up to 10.5 Health points per second. Cooldown: 60 Seconds.
GunslingerLoaded: You can instantly reload both of your weapons and gain infinite reserve ammo for 5 seconds on all weapons upon activating any Gunslinger skill. Ammo Reserves: Increased ammo capacity for each weapon.Bulletstorm: Gunslingers can do heavy burst damage and elevate their fire rate by 20% with this skill. Additionally, they can also gain 50% increase on their reload speed for 20 seconds.
HandlerBonded: Ally Dog can revive player at 50% Max Health. Handlers can even command their dog to revive allies through commands. Cooldown: 120 seconds.Kinship: Handlers experience reduced Friendly Fire Damage dealt and received by 8 to 80%.Guarded Dog: Your companion will follow you to provide support during combats. All damage to your companion is reduced by 20% as well.
Single Press: Your dog will attack foes near your targeted area.
Double Press: Companion returns back to you.
Hold: Howl will reduce damage by 15% to all allies within 20 meters.

The All New Experience

One of the most highly anticipated features in Remnant 2 is the wholly revamped class system offered. The original title should have explored the possibilities of designating archetypes within the game. 

This time, your initial choice weighs more than you would think. Players are not limited to just a class-specific gear loadout anymore. Remnant 2 explores its class system further by offering Archetype Perks and Archetype Skills along with the trademark standard. You can unlock these specific features and progress through them by gaining experience and level on your chosen archetype.

Possible Classes/Archetypes To Consider

Whether you’re diving into the new sequel with friends or embarking on this journey solo, your choice of class will significantly shape your experience in the game.

In Remnant 2, you’ll have five initial classes to choose from: Challenger, Handler, Gunslinger, Medic, and Hunter. Additionally, there are unlockable archetypes that become accessible as you progress through the game.

Each class comes with its unique abilities, and some may excel in specific situations while others offer a more balanced approach, depending on your play style. So, which one should you pick?


The Challenger - Remnant 2
The Challenger in Remnant 2. The image above is captured by VeryAli Gaming.

The Challenger Class is designed for players seeking a challenging experience in the game. If you’re not interested in pushing your skills to the maximum and simply want to enjoy the story, you might want to explore other archetypes.

Challengers do come with their own unique benefits, including reduced damage taken and the ability to self-revive. However, these perks come with a significant reliance on melee weapons. Getting into melee range can be challenging in a game that primarily focuses on shooting. This can be a recurring issue, especially during boss fights.


Remnant 2 Best Solo Class
The Hunter in Remnant 2. The image above is captured by VeryAli Gaming.

Hunters are a great option for immersive co-op play in Remnant 2. But when it comes to solo player mode, you may want to think it over. The Hunter Class may get you decent perks such as long-range weapons with a high DPS (damage per second) rate, but this role serves best by providing support and boosts to your allies. This archetype will be great if you love putting yourself in challenging scenarios for the thrill of survival shooters. Otherwise, you should consider something else.


Remnant 2 Best Solo Class
The Medic in Remnant 2. The image above is captured by VeryAli Gaming.

We can all unanimously agree that when it comes to Medics, they typically fill a predominantly supportive role in most games. Medics are usually at their best when there are teammates to revive or heal. Having a Medic in your team during co-op play, especially in challenging boss fights, can be a reassuring presence.

However, in solo play, I found that playing as a Medic didn’t allow me to deal nearly as much damage as I might have needed to defeat bosses. The difficulty level increased when I chose this role for solo play. Nevertheless, the ability to heal myself and gain buffs during a boss fight could prove to be useful if I preferred playing the long and cautious game.


Remnant 2 best solo class
The Gunslinger in Remnant 2. The image above is captured by VeryAli Gaming.

The Gunslinger is a rather unique case, as it’s a DLC Class suitable for both co-op and solo play. Gunslingers are capable of dealing immense damage and have a variety of long-range weapons in their arsenal. What sets this Class apart is the seemingly endless supply of ammunition, allowing you to keep firing for as long as you want.

The only drawback I noticed is that you might need to adopt a more defensive playstyle, especially when playing solo, as you won’t have allies to divert enemy attention. However, if that doesn’t concern you, choosing the Gunslinger archetype for your solo adventure can be a rewarding choice.


Remnant 2 best solo class
The Handler in Remnant 2. The image above is captured by VeryAli Gaming.

And now, the undisputed winner of this showdown: The Handler. It appears to be the perfect choice for solo players. As a Handler, you’re equipped with an assault rifle and a rapid-fire pistol as your secondary weapon. What sets Handlers apart is their faster movement speed and a 10% movement buff with each level gained, which can make a significant difference in terms of effective evasiveness during battles.

In most situations, these advantages should be sufficient to fend off your enemies. However, when it comes to those daunting boss fights that can be terrifying to tackle alone, The Handler truly shines. You’ll always have a trusty dog companion by your side, a highly useful ally that excels at distracting your foes and drawing aggro away from you, all while dealing substantial damage.

You can command your dog and direct it to enemies. Your dog can even revive you if you have an extra Relic available!

But What About The Secondary Archetype?

On top of the latest changes to the class system in Remnant 2, you also have the option of eventually acquiring dual archetypes. That is correct, you can unlock a secondary archetype by completing certain objectives which could further enhance your skills and range of capabilities in the game.

Here are some top choices for dual archetypes to complement The Handler:

  1. Medic: The Medic archetype provides self-sustain with constant healing and buffs, making it easier to survive in solo play. It offers longevity and helps you stay alive during tough encounters.
  2. The Summoner: The Summoner is an unlockable archetype that allows you to summon creatures as allies. These summoned creatures can assist in fights, strengthening your abilities to face swarms of enemies and defeat bosses without a second player. The Summoner provides some degree of crowd control and adds more firepower to your arsenal.

For solo players looking to maximize their effectiveness in Remnant 2, The Handler archetype paired with Medic or The Summoner can be an excellent choice. Each combination offers unique advantages, catering to different playstyles. The Handler archetype is a solid starting point for newcomers and casual players, while the additional archetype provides depth and versatility to your character.

We hope you found our best solo class guide helpful!


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