Remnant 2 Best Starting Class [Prime Perks, Skills, Equipment]

After playing Remnant 2 for more than 3 weeks, I'll be summing up all starting classes in Remnant 2 according to different playstyles.

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Remnant 2: Best Starting Class
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I have played Remnant 2 for more than 30+ hours, dealing with various character builds, weapons, and armor. You can easily trust my information related to the best Starting Class in Remnant 2!

There are 10 Archetypes options in Remnant 2; however, only four are available initially. Each of these has its pros and cons. Here, I will discuss the best starting class in Remnant 2 based on your playstyle.

Key Takeaways

  • Remnant 2 offers 10 Archetypes, but you can select from only four as your starting class.
  • These Archetypes are Challenger, Hunter, Medic, and Handler.
  • You can access a fifth one, Gunslinger Archetype, from the beginning if you pre-ordered the game. Nonetheless, you can still unlock it later.
  • Hunter focuses on precise gunplay, excelling in long-range sniper shots that deal high Damage on enemies‘ weak spots.
  • The Challenger is a tank-like character with high durability and access to deadly melee weapons for close-quarter combats.
  • Being the utility master, Handler equips extraordinary skills to help his team or himself turn the tide of battles by boosting the movement speed and damage.
  • Medic class is entirely based on healing and resurrection; hence it is more of a team-focused character.
  • Gunslinger is the class with a high DPS proficiency. It can blast through any obstacle using massive Firepower and ammo reserves.

Starting Archetypes

Remnant 2 has four options to choose a starting class from. There is also another one, but it is only a pre-order exclusive. Once you select a class, you will be able to level it up, and eventually, at a point, you can also combine the various skills of the two classes as you progress.

The choice of the Archetype totally depends on your playstyle. Each has its own perks, skills, and equipment defining its proficiency. Some might be good for solo playing, others for team playing, and some may be aggressive in contrast to the stealth, well-rounded, or slow-paced characters.


Best DPS Starting Archetype
Gunslinger Archetype Remnant 2
Gunslinger Archetype Remnant 2 | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Why did I Choose Gunslinger?

Gunslinger is the best archetype choice when it comes to dominating your opponents in combat in all situations.

Looking into the first one, Gunslinger is undoubtedly the best starting class in Remnant 2. It primarily focuses on high DPS and firepower, with perks and skills complementing the same aspects. Unluckily, only those who bought the pre-order of the game can use it; others might have to unlock it later in the story.

The critical aspect that makes it stand at the top is the insane damage it can do. Having experience with weapons, this character utilizes them at peak efficiency. It best suits people who are into aggressive gameplay, taking fights head-on.

Starting Equipment


  • Wrangler 1860 (Long Gun)
  • Scrap Hatchet (Melee)
  • Western Classic (Handgun)


  • High Noon Hat
  • High Noon Duds
  • High Noon Soles
  • High Noon Armguards

Prime Perk

The Prime Perk of Gunslinger is Loaded, which increases the effectiveness of all weapons in various ways. It automatically reloads all weapons if any skill is activated. Moreover, once this perk is active, you get infinite ammo for all weapons for 5 seconds.


Skill Explanation Unlock Level
Quick Draw – Takes out the Side-Arm and shoots six bullets dealing 35 base damage with a double stagger value.
Press: Fires at all enemies in 25m range. The rounds are divided among all enemies evenly.
Hold & Release: Aims Manually and shoots a single powerful bullet
Cooldown: 38.4s
Automatically Unlocked
Sidewinder – Increases ADS movement speed and weapon swap speed by 50%.
– Changing weapons automatically reloads them.
Active Time: 12s
Cooldown: 76.8s
Level 5
Bulletstorm – Increases Fire Rate by 20% & Reload Speed by 50% for all ranged weapons.
– All single-shot weapons become fully automatic.
– Killing reloads the firearm in use.
– Bows and Crossbows gain 15% increased Critical Chance and 50% Projectile Speed.
Active Time: 20s
Cooldown: 57.6s
Level 10
Gunslinger Skills

  • High Damage Output.
  • Emphasizes Ammo Conservation.
  • Can adapt to various combat scenarios.
  • Specialization in Ranged Combat.
  • Offers variety of perks and skills.

  • Limited Close-Quarter Combat.
  • Dependence on Ammo.
  • Less Effective against Armored Enemies.
  • Less Utility in non-combat situations.
  • Risk of Over-reliance.


Best Starting Archetype For Melee Combat

Challenger Archetype Remnant 2
Challenger Archetype Remnant 2 | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Why did I Choose Challenger?

Challenger is the best tanky Archetype that packs a lot of armor and always proves better in melee combat.

The Challenger class features a highly durable and strong build character that can take on anyone. Combined with the deadly melee weapons, players can rush into swarms of enemies and butcher them instantly without taking much damage themselves. The armor ensures you take the maximum reduced damage from enemies, making it perfect for close-quarter combats.

The main highlight of Challenger is the Prime Perk which makes it invulnerable after getting heavily injured in battles. Hence, most players can get into fights without worrying about their survival. After The Gunslinger, this becomes a good choice for new players who like aggressive game styles but are unfamiliar with the game’s mechanics.

Prime Perk

If the player takes huge damage, he becomes invulnerable and regenerates 50% of their Max Health. The invulnerability remains for 2 seconds in the base form of Perk. It allows players to get out of tricky situations or if they get cornered in combats.

Starting Equipment


  • AS-10 Bulldog (Long Gun)
  • Iron Greatsword (Melee)
  • Silverback Model 500 (Handgun)


  • Bruiser Helmet
  • Bruiser Bodyplate
  • Bruiser Gloves
  • Bruiser Boots


Skill Explanation Unlock Level
War Stomp – Creates a High Impact Tremor that deals damage
– Creates a stagger in a forward cone up to 7.5m
– Deals damage in all directions at point-blank range
Cooldown: 50s
Automatically Unlocked
Juggernaut – Increases Fire Rate by 15%, Reload Speed by 20%, and Movement Speed by 10%
– Killing / Dealing significant damage adds one stack of RAGE.
– RAGE increases Ranged Damage by 2.5% per stack
– After getting ten stacks, Challenger enters BERSERK mode
– BERSERK reloads the current weapon and doubles the Rampage effects for 15s.
Active Time: 10s
Cooldown: 90s
Level 5
Rampage – Increases Fire Rate by 15%, Reload Speed by 20%, and Movement Speed by 10%
– Killing / Dealing significant damage adds one stack of RAGE.
– RAGE increases Ranged Damage by 2.5% per stack
– After getting ten stacks, Challenger enters BERSERK mode
– BERSERK reloads the current weapon and doubles the Rampage effects for 15s.
Active Time: 10s
Cooldown: 90s
Level 10
Challenger Skills

  • Ideal for mid-range combat.
  • Enhanced Armor and Resilience.
  • Utility of Prime Perk.
  • Supports a variety of abilities.
  • Provides passive abilities that offer buffs.

  • Limited Range.
  • Dependent on Strategy.
  • Limited Skill Selection.
  • Balance in Co-op.
  • Risk of Overpowering.


Best Solo Starting Archetype
Hunter Archetype Remnant 2
Hunter Archetype Remnant 2 | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Why did I Choose Hunter?

Hunter Archetype is proficient in long range combat, and is capable of knocking down enemies from large distances so you always stay safe.

The Hunter class is focused on precise aiming and long-range accuracy that deals high Damage to anyone, especially at their Weakspots. They lack the proper healing or durability stats; therefore, survival in a few situations is difficult. Although they can mark enemies for the teammates or themselves, that makes them an effective team player choice.

Their skills are mostly built around the enemy’s marking, making spotting and killing them easier. People who love playing stealthily can opt for this Archetype. Marked enemies receive increased damage.

Prime Perk

Hunter’s Prime Perk is Dead Rights, increasing the duration of all its abilities after dealing with Ranged Damage at Weakspots. This duration can be increased more than the skills’ actual time as well. As most of its abilities are centered across Marking and other buffs that complement the gun handling and damage, this perk allows players to make the most out of them.

Starting Equipment


  • Huntmaster M1 (Long Gun)
  • Steel Sword (Melee)
  • Repeater Pistol (Handgun)


  • Nightstalker Shroud
  • Nightstalker Gloves
  • Nightstalker Garb
  • Nightstalker Pants


Skill Explanation Unlock Level
Hunter’s Mark – Applies MARK to all enemies in the 35m range
– Increases 15% Ranged and Melee Damage
– MARK increases the Critical Damage against Marked enemies by 15% for all allies
Active Time: 25s
Cooldown: 67.2s
Automatically Unlocked
Hunter’s Focus – Aiming at an enemy for 0.01s applies MARK
– Continuous ADS without shooting for 1s starts FOCUSED state.
– FOCUSED reduces Weapon’s Spread, Sway, and Recoil by 75%
– Increases Ranged and Ranged Weak spot Damage by 25% and Ranged Critical Damage by 10%.
Level 5
Hunter’s Shroud – Enters SHROUDED state, reducing enemy’s awareness and making them harder to hit while moving.
– Activating any Skill or Mod exits this state
– Exiting SHROUD marks all enemies in the 10m range and grants AMBUSH for 2s.
– AMBUSH increases Ranged and Melee Damage by 50%, which applies MARK. It diminishes over time.
– Enters SHROUD again if no offensive action is taken for 1.15s.
Active Time: 15s
Cooldown: 86.4s
Level 10
Hunter Skills

  • Ranged Damage.
  • Precision Shots.
  • Marking Enemies.
  • Flexible Builds.
  • Unique Playstyle.

  • Vulnerability in Close Combat.
  • Limited Mobility.
  • Dependent on Weapon Choices.
  • Less Defensive.
  • Limited Healing.


Best Starting Archetype For Beginners
Handler Archetype
Handler Archetype Remnant 2 | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Why did I Choose Handler?

The Dog Companion of Handler is its biggest benefit as it is one of the best supportive Archetype.

The jack of all trades, Handler offers a handful of utilities that help boost the team’s various aspects. Handlers are accompanied by a Dog, who is the base of all their abilities. The dog can act as a decoy, attack others or even heal and revive the player or teammates during battles.

This class is teamwork-based, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless while playing solo. The skills can buff the defensive as well as offensive stats of the player, which is helpful in any scenario. The ability to revive oneself or others makes it a good choice for beginners.

Prime Perk

The Handler’s Prime Perk is Bonded, which gives players another chance on the battlefield. When down, the dog tries to revive the player or his teammates at 50% of their Maximum Health. To revive a teammate, they must possess the Relic Charge.

Starting Equipment


  • Blackmaw AR-47 (Long Gun)
  • Rusted Claws (Melee)
  • Tech 22 (Handgun)


  • Trainer Cap
  • Trainer Workboots
  • Trainer Clothes
  • Trainer Bracer


Skill Explanation Unlock Level
Guard Dog – Dog follows Handler and makes a 15% increased Threat while attacking, which decreases incoming damage by 20%
Single Press: Dog engages nearby enemies at the target location
Double Tap: Dog returns to Handler and stays near him.
HOLD: Dog Howls, which reduces damage to allies by 15% in the 20m range and generates more Threats.
Active Time: 20s
Cooldown: 84.6s
Automatically Unlocked
Support Dog – Dog follows Handler and constantly heals allies in the 3.5m range for 0.25% of their Max Health
Single Press: Dog engages nearby enemies at the target location
Double Tap: Dog returns to Handler and stays near him.
HOLD: The companion Howls increase 2% of Max Health per second and Movement Speed by 25% for all allies in the 20m range.
Active Time: 25s
Cooldown: 84.6s
Level 5
Attack Dog – Dog follows Handler and deals 20% increased damage.
Single Press: Dog engages nearby enemies at the target location
Double Tap: Dog returns to Handler and stays near him.
HOLD: The companion Howls increase damage by 20% for all allies in the 20m range.
Active Time: 20s
Cooldown: 84.6s
Level 10
Handler Skills

  • Companion Support.
  • Damage and Speed Boosts.
  • Revive Speed and Damage Reduction.
  • Versatility in Co-op play.
  • Tankiness and Support.

  • Sacrifice of Speed and Stamina.
  • Limited Flexibility in Solo play.
  • Dependency on Companion.
  • Limited Damage output.
  • Requires Careful Management.


Best Supportive Starting Archetype
Medic Archetype
Medic Archetype Remnant 2 | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Why did I Choose Medic?

If you prefer support play style, then Medic is the ideal choice for you as it can always keep the teammates full on health.

The Medic class is centered around healing buddies and reviving them. It doesn’t offer a lot of Firepower or other offensive/defensive buffs like the other classes. Hence, you should only go for it if you play multiplayer with someone.

Being a teamwork-focused Archetype, new players might face difficulty adapting to its play style. It’s a resourceful class, but it might not be best in the earlier stages. Nonetheless, if you continue to play and level it up, you may get a better build by combining it with the perks of some other Archetype.

Prime Perk

Medic’s Prime Perk Regenerator allows players to replenish a spent Relic Charge for healing 250 total Health to players with Medic Skills or Relics. Additionally, the accumulative healing resets when you rest at a Worldstone or respawn. Damaging friendlies reduce this buildup, and the healing requirement increases by 50% as the player’s number increases.

Starting Equipment


  • XMG57 Bonesaw (Long Gun)
  • Steel Flail (Melee)
  • Service Pistol (Handgun)


  • Field Medic Mask
  • Field Medic Overcoat
  • Field Medic Gloves
  • Field Medic Trousers


Skill Explanation Unlock Level
Wellspring – The Medic creates a Healing AOE spring that heals for 10.5 HP per second in the 3m range.
– It increases Blight Decay Rate
Active Time: 15s
Cooldown: 57.6s
Automatically Unlocked
Healing Shield – The Medic shields all allies in the 25m range using Healing Energy for 100% of their Max Health for 10s
– Shielded Allies replenish 21% of their Max Health over time.
Active Time: 10s
Cooldown: 96s
Level 5
Redemption – It creates a shockwave in the 30m range which revives allies and replenishes 52.5% of their Max Health over 10s.
– Holding Skill key for 1s, heals gain an additional 52.5% each second (Max up to 210%)
– Revived allies only heal up to 50% of the healing amount.
– If revived allies die again, Redemption can’t resurrect them for the coming 180s. It resets at Worldstone or by respawning.
Active Time: 10s
Cooldown: 115.2s
Level 10
Medic Skills

  • Healing and Support.
  • Versatile Perks.
  • Revive Capability.
  • Customizable Builds.
  • Strong Synergy with Other Archetypes.

  • Limited Combat Effectiveness.
  • Dependency on Team Composition.
  • Risk of Overhealing.
  • Potential for Ineffectiveness in Solo Play.
  • Limited Mobility.

Starting Class Summary

Archetype Prime Perk Skills Key Aspects
(Pre-order Exclusive)
– Instantly reloads all weapons by activating any Gunslinger Skill.
– Gets infinite Ammo for all weapons for 5 seconds.
Quick Draw,
Bullet storm
Gun Handling,
Fire Rate,
Challenger Die Hard:
– If Challenger gets Fatal Damage, it becomes Invulnerable for 2 seconds, recovering 50% of Maximum Health.
– Can only use this once every 10 minutes
– Recharges at Worldstone or upon death
War Stomp,
Close Range,
Hard to Kill
Hunter Dead Rights:
– The duration of active Hunter Skills increases by dealing Ranged Weakspot Damage
– It can also extend timer beyond the initial duration
Hunter’s Mark,
Hunter’s Focus,
Hunter’s Shroud
Long Range,
Precision Damage
Handler Bonded:
– Companion tries to resurrect downed Hunter at 50% Maximum Health
– You can also command it to revive allies
– A relic charge is required to revive a downed ally.
Guard Dog,
Support Dog,
Attack Dog
Pet Companion,
Medic Regenerator:
– Regain a spent Relic Charge for healing 250 total Health to players with Medic Skills or Relics.
– Respawning or resting at Worldstone resets the healing accumulation.
– Damaging friendlies & allies reduces buildup.
– Each additional player increases the healing requirement by 50%.
Healing Shield,
Remnant 2 Starting Class Summary

My Opinion On The Best Starting Class

In this guide, I summed up the starting Archetypes in Remnant 2 with their skills and prime aspects, but choosing the best class depends on your gameplay style. If you are an aggressive player, then Challenger or Gunslinger is perfect, while others are made for patience or team play. Similarly, I would recommend you start with Handler if you are new to the Remnant worlds and are getting used to the mechanics. Nevertheless, I advise you to try all the mentioned starting classes to get the taste and then choose the ideal one for yourself throughout the campaign.

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