Remnant 2 BEST Summoner Build

With more than 30+ hours in Remnant 2, here is the best summoner build you can use!

The summoner Archetype is a class in Remnant 2 that focuses on, as the name suggests, summoning, and this build utilizes them to dominate the battlefield. The player uses their own HP to spawn minions to aid them in battle. These summons can be buffed with the available jewelry in Remnant 2 that raises summon damage.

About The Author

I have invested more than 30+ hours in playing Remnant 2. During my playthrough, I was able to tinker with various character builds, weapons, tricks, and armor. Hence, you can easily trust the information I give related to Remnant 2!

Key Takeaways

  • Remnant 2 features a wide array of Archetypes with entirely different playstyles.
  • The summoner is an Archetype that relies on its summons that use the player’s Max HP to summon.
  • The Skill I’ll take on Summoner is the Root Flyer minion.
  • The primary archetype I’ll be using is the Engineer Archetype.
  • The secondary Archetype will be the Summoner Archetype.
  • The Main Ring this build needs is Anastasija’s Inspiration Ring, which gives permanent haste and, for some reason, also boosts the damage for the summons when not aiming.

The play style for this Class is a bit more relaxed compared to other classes that force the player to move quickly and fight until all enemies are dead. The Summoner can fight alongside his minions, which are quite the force to be reckoned with, and can easily come out of fights unharmed as the summons take agro.

Summoner Build Skills

Best Build for Solo Play

Why do I prefer Summoner?

The summoner features extensive summoning perks that deal damage and distract enemies. Combined with the Engineer’s turrets and skills, this build becomes ideal for solo play, having offensive and defensive skills at one’s hand.

As in all classes, the summoner has 3 skills, or 3 summons in this case.

Skill 1

Minion: Hollow Skill for Remnant 2 Best Summoner Build
Minion: Hollow Skill for the Summoner in Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

The first skill I suggest, Minion: Hollow spawns a Root Hollow Minion to fight by the player’s side. This summon has 2 charges and both summons can be used together. The minion here is similar to the ball-shaped enemies that hide in the ground in the yaesha realm.

The cost to summon these minions is 15% of the player’s max HP. Players can hold down the skill cast button to make the minions explode dealing AOE damage in a 2-meter radius. Additionally doing this also decreases the cooldown of the skill by up to 50%. This depends on the remaining health of the minion.

Skill 2

Minion: Flyer Skill for Remnant 2 Best Summoner Build
Minion: Flyer Skill for Summoner Build in Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

Pressing this skill summons a Root Flyer Minion to fight alongside the player. It costs 10% of the player’s maximum HP and when summoned at 1 HP will not kill the player. The thing I like about these summons is that you can summon 2 of them, they can fly, and they can shoot projectiles.

When built properly with a lot of summon damage, these flying minions can deal upwards of 10k damage per shot and are a great source of damage. They function similarly to the engineer’s turret except these can fly around with the player and shoot slower.

The summon button can be held which will sacrifice the root flyer which will do AOE damage in a 4.5-meter radius and shoot 3 homing projectiles which will explode on impact. Once sacrificed the cooldown will be refunded by up to 50% depending on how much hp the summon has left.

Skill 3

Minion: Reaver skill for summoner Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

The third and final skill for my recommended summoner build in Remnant 2 is the Minion: Reaver. This skill summons a giant Root Reaver that uses throwing axes to throw at enemies and can also melee them. The throwing axes explode when hit. The reaver has one charge and uses 35% of the user’s max HP.

The Reaver is a decent summon, in my opinion, but due to the high cooldown and the possibility of only spawning one, it makes it so the playstyle has to change from the others. The reaver is basically another teammate, whereas the other summons are your utility and damage.

Best Skill

In my experience, the best skill in its flexibility and uptime has to be the Flyer minion, as it has mobility, quick cooldowns, and ranged and high damage shots that can be integrated into gameplay very easily and can pretty much solo stages by themselves.

Summoner Build Trait

The class trait you’ll get with the summoner class is Regrowth.

Regrowth Trait for the summoner class in Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

The regrowth trait is a great trait for the summoner. Spawning in minions requires HP and the flyer minions, in particular, use 10% with each spawn. Players will struggle to survive in higher difficulties due to being at low HP. With two spawns, which keeps their health at 80%.

Regrowth, however provides HP regen and a max of 1.5 HP per second at the highest level. I advise players to combine this with HP regen items and jewelry and have infinite HP regen, which would entail infinite Minion spawning as soon as the cooldown is up.

Summoner Perks

Here’s a look at the 4 perks used by the summoner build in Remnant 2 and what they might mean in terms of playstyle.

Perk 1

Dominator perk for Remnant 2 Best Summoner Build.
Dominator Perk for Summoner in Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

The first perk for the summoner I am going to be looking at is the dominator, which increases mod and skill damage by 35%. This is essentially a boost to the summon damage, and it also boosts the skill crit chance by 5% while minions are active.

This perk is also fairly good for a summoner build who wants to be active in fights, as sacrificing a minion will award the user with 30% ranged and melee damage and boost the crit chance by 5% for 20 seconds. This enables possibilities for nuke builds where sacrifice and gun damage take priority.

Perk 2

Residue Perk Summoner Remnant 2.
Residue Perk for Summoner in Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

The second perk I recommend is excellent, especially considering the build and teamwork. When a minion expires, it leaves a 3-meter aura that lasts 10 seconds. This aura heals 2.5% HP per second and increases healing by 20%.

This build greatly relies on HP regen for summoning, and this passive is a massive help for a smooth combat experience for not only the player but the player’s allies as well.

Perk 3

Outrage Perk for Remnant 2 Best Summoner Build.
Outrage Perk for Summoner in Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

As discussed earlier, the main stat this build revolves around is HP regen so players can have proper survivability and can keep summoning without caring for their HP pools and that’s why I prefer this perk. When a player sacrifices a minion, they gain 3% lifesteal per minion sacrificed. Sacrifice also increases the movement speed by 15% and lasts for 10 seconds.

This is not only great to keep you alive but also to get you out of sticky situations by giving you that bonus of movement speed. Moreover, If you’re an impatient player like me who likes getting places quickly, the 15% movement speed boost is really good for traversing long distances.

Perk 4

Incite Perk for Summoner Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

My recommendation for the final perk is the incite that offers survivability and minion dps. This perk makes it so that when a relic is being used, Minions gain 5% Max Hp per second and an increase in their damage dealt by 15%, and crit chance by 15%. This buff lasts for 30 seconds.

Archetype Combo

The combo I am going to be using alongside the Summoner is the Engineer class for one simple reason. The turrets set by the engineer class are classes as summons as well, so every buff received to the summons is given to the engineer turrets as well.

I am going to be using the Engineer as my main archetype and the Summoner as my secondary archetype. For the Engineer, I am going to be equipping the Heavy weapon: Vulkan skill, as it’s a sentry gun that deals huge damage to enemies. It can also be picked up by the player and their allies.

Heavy weapon: Vulcan. Engineer Skill Remnant 2
Heavy Weapon: Vulcan skill for Engineer in Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

This pairing works together super well, as now this Remnant 2 Summoner build is tanky, with a ton of HP regen 2 pairs of Flying minions, and a sentry gun that deals huge amounts of damage. These summons can solo bosses with ease, and players will find themselves having far less to fight with these around.

Additionally, every buff the summons receive goes to the turret as well, so the result is a very well synergized build with all the jewelry and amulets.

Engineer Perks

Engineer Perks in Remnant 2. (image captured by us)
Perk Type Effect
High Tech Prime Perk Holding the Skill butter will overclock a carried or deployed Heavy Weapon. Overclocking grants infinite ammo. Increased Fire Rate and a 25% damage increase for 25 seconds.
Metalworker Damage Perk Increases Skill damage by 50% and skill Critical Chance by 10%.
Heavy Weapons gain 50% ammo capacity, 25% Max hp and 25% weak spot damage.
Magnetic Field Team Perk Heavy Weapons grant 15% damage reduction and gradually restore ammo to allies within 2.5m.
Heavy Mobility Utility Perk While Carrying a Heavy Weapon, Movement Speed is increased by 35% and both evade speed and evade distance are increased by 25%
Surplus Relic Perk using a relic refills 15% of Heavy Weapon ammo. Bonus is doubled when Heavy Weapon is stowed Heavy Weapon is overfilled, the Engineer will drop additional Ammo based on the surplus.

The main perk to be aware of here is the Metalworker perk which boosts skill damage by 50% and skill crit chance by 10%. This is huge for the summons and the engineer turrets and it helps boost the damage a lot in combat.

Weapons For Summoner Build

Stats Chicago Typewriter Western Classic Atom Splitter
Damage 10 32 100
RPS 11 5
Magazine 80 6
Ideal Range 17 meter 18 meter
Falloff Range 55 meter 48 meter
Max Ammo 320 66
Critical Hit Chance 10% 5% 5%
Weap Spot Damage Bonus 105% 105% 90%
Stagger Modifier 0% 5% 6%

Weapon Mods

My suggestions for the two important weapon mods for this build that carry the theme of the summoner are:

  • Rootlash: Launches a projectile that summons a root tentacle. Tentacle deals 135 damage and steals 1.5% of the hero’s Max HP per hit. Lasts 20s (max 2)
  • Space crabs: Launch an alien egg that bursts on impact, releasing 5 space crabs. Crabs follow the caster, leaping toward enemies within 4 meters and exploding, dealing 225 damage each.

These two mods basically add to the summoner build where there are going to be tentacles and creatures all around you doing all the work.


  • Anastasija’s Inspiration Ring: When receiving healing effects, gain Haste for 10 seconds. This ring basically gives you infinite haste since the Class trait for the Summoner provides you with healing effects. This also provides damage to your minions for every second you don’t aim with your weapons for some reason. You can use this to your advantage by standing still before going into battle.
  • Soul Link: Summons Lifesteal 5% of base damage dealt, which returns to the wearer as health.
  • Ankh of Power: Grants a 15% increase to all damage. Consuming a Relic doubles the bonus for 15s.
  • Black Pawn Stamp: Reduces skill cooldowns by 10%.
  • Kinetic Cycle Stone: Increases Mod and Skill Cast Speed by 20%.

  • Damage Buffs.
  • Summons Minions and Turrets.
  • Lifesteal and Healing perks.
  • Perfect for holding enemy groups.

  • Heaviliy dependant on summons for both defense and offense.
  • Requires strategic use of summons.
  • Summons cost a lot of HP.

My Experience With Summoner Build

In my experience while playing Remnant 2, Summoner is a class reliant on its minions, and this build is for high DPS and survivability. With this build, players can walk around and let the summons do all the work while they walk around like the supreme leader of the Minions. The combination with Engineer doubles its summoning capabilities and adds a few more perks that complement it that makes it ideal for Solo play.

As always, I hope the guide was of some help, and I would love to hear your thoughts about the game so far. If you’d like to know more about Remnant 2, please be sure to check out my other guides:

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