Remnant 2 BEST Traits: Core, Archetype, & Decoding

After playing Remnant 2 for more than 30+ hours, here is everything you need to know about all the 31 Traits in Remnant 2 and what value they add in your gameplay.

Best Traits Remnant 2.
The Ultimate Guide for the Remnant 2 Best Traits to Bolster the Character's Prowess.
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I have invested more than 30+ hours in playing Remnant 2. During my playthrough, I was able to tinker with various character builds, weapons, tricks, and armor. Hence, you can easily trust the information I give related to Remnant 2!

In Remnant 2, there are a total of 31 Traits categorized into three types: Core Traits, Archetype Traits, and Unlockable Traits. Strategically selecting and leveling the right traits during the initial stages of Remnant 2 is crucial for shaping your character’s playstyle and overall effectiveness in combat.

Key Takeaways

  • In Remnant 2, there are a total of 31 Traits categorized into three types: Core Traits, Archetype Traits, and Unlockable Traits.
  • Strategically select and level up the core traits available to everyone to shape your character’s playstyle and combat effectiveness in Remnant 2.
  • Archetype traits, which are class-specific, provide specialized abilities for each class, enhancing your character’s strengths and versatility.
  • Unlockable traits offer situational advantages earned through specific objectives and challenges.
  • Customize your character build with trait point allocation and reallocate them using the “Orb of Undoing” from Wallace in Ward 13.

Best Core Traits 

Core Traits in Remnant 2.
The Core Traits encompass qualities accessible to every Archetype. (Captured By Us)

Players strategically select and assign traits to enhance their character’s combat prowess. Focusing on core traits establishes a solid foundation for character development, ensuring a rewarding and successful adventure. Incremental stat bonuses empower players to create unique, tailored characters excelling in various combat scenarios.

Presented below is a summary of the Core Traits:

Trait NameTrait TypeExplanation
VigorCoreVigor in Remnant 2 boosts Max Health by up to +30 HP, enhancing survivability significantly at level 10.
EnduranceCoreEndurance increases stamina by +30 at level 10, enhancing mobility, evasive maneuvers, and benefiting Melee-focused characters.
SpiritCoreSpirit enhances player mod power generation by 2%, maximizing distinctive weapon capabilities' use in late-game encounters.
ExpertiseCore Expertise reduces Skill Cooldowns by -2% per point, proving healing capabilities.


Best Survival Trait

Why did I Choose Vigor?

If you wish to increase your chances at surviving in late game, investing points in the Vigor trait is a must.

Vigor serves as the cornerstone of survival in Remnant 2. It helps to increase Max Health up to +30 HP and naturally enhances a player’s survivability.

By concentrating on Vigor and reaching level 10, players can elevate their health to unprecedented heights. This fortifies them against the relentless attacks of adversaries and formidable bosses.

  • Increased Survivability.
  • Allows customizable builds.

  • Limited Flexibility in builds.
  • Balancing Concerns.


Best Stamina Trait

Why did I Choose Endurance?

To sprint for a longer while when escaping or dodging enemy attacks, Endurance trait is there to save you.

Endurance increases overall stamina by up to +30 at level 10, with a +3 increment in each level. It enhances mobility and evasive maneuvers in combat, addressing the frequent need for running and dodging.

For ranged combat-focused players, other attributes may be more beneficial initially. However, Melee-focused characters can greatly benefit from investing in Endurance. This ensures they can move freely when surrounded by enemies and dodge attacks without worrying about stamina consumption.

  • Increased Maximum Stamina.
  • Improved Mobility and Survivability.
  • Universal Availability.

  • Limited Impact on other Aspects.
  • Potential overemphasis on survivability.


Best Late Game Trait

Why did I Choose Spirit?

When enemies get tougher, you need to fully utilize your weapons which is possible by investing points in the Spirit trait card.

Spirit increases player mod power generation by 2% at each level. As you level up, mod power generation increases, leading to more frequent usage of unique weapon capabilities in combat. This makes it valuable in late-game encounters, maximizing combat effectiveness. 

  • Increased Ability Usage.
  • Versatile.

  • Limited to Mods.
  • Requires Leveling.


Best Trait To Increase Skill Usage

Why did I Choose Expertise?

Expertise trait card will reduce your skill cooldown, that lets you use your archetype abilities more frequently.

Expertise reduces Skill Cooldowns by -2% per level, proving highly advantageous with reduced cooldowns in group situations. Though its benefits might not be fully apparent in early game encounters due to prolonged cooldowns.  

  • Reduced Cooldowns.
  • Helps improve class specific abilities.

  • Limited to cooldowns only.
  • Dependency on Trait points.

Best Archetype Traits 

Ammo Reserves Archetype Trait.
Ammo Reserves grants a simple yet powerful increase to total ammunition in Remnant 2. (Captured By Us)

Archetype Traits are exclusive to particular classes. Initially, you receive one archetype trait; however, as you progress, the dual archetype mechanism enables you to choose an additional trait as a secondary. Moreover, advancing these traits doesn’t necessitate the use of any trait points; instead, they grow with your character’s level, granting you additional trait points.

Below is a summary of all the Archetype Traits found in Remnant 2.

Trait ArchetypeImportance
PotencyAlchemistAt level 10, it boosts consumable duration by 100% and reduces the resistance condition by 15% with Antidote use.
LongshotHunterAt level 10, Longshot increases weapon ranges by 600 cm, vital for long-range combat and distant engagement.
FortifyEngineerBoosts armor defense by 50% at level 10, absorbing substantial damage in crucial battles.
SwiftnessExplorerEnhances movement speeds by 15% at max level.
Ammo ReservesGunslingerBoosts Ammo significantly by 6% per trait level.
KinshipHandlerAt level 10, it reduces friendly fire damage by 80%, enhancing team dynamics.
TriageMedicHealing boosts increase by 50% at level 10, enhancing survivability.
Strong BackChallengerMobility improves by up to 10% as armor load decreases.
RegrowthSummonerBoosts health regeneration rate by 1.5s per trait.
Untouchable InvaderEnhances the time of evasive maneuvers by 3% per trait.

Here is the list of finest Archetype Traits.


Why did I Choose Potency?

The potency trait will allow the Alchemist Archetype to load themselves on consumables for infinite amount of time.

Potency trait is an Alchemist archetype that enhances the duration of consumables by 100% at level 10. With this ability, ingesting an Antidote eliminates the resistance condition by 15%.

  • Extended Consumable Effects.
  • Increased Sustainability.

  • Less Impact on Archetypes with Higher Base Duration Consumables.


Why did I Choose Fortify?

The Fortify trait will make the Engineer more tanky, thus allowing it to survive for longer period when taking damage.

Fortify, an Engineer archetype exclusive trait, significantly enhances the defensive potential of your armor, granting an impressive 50% boost at level 10. Its combat prowess allows it to absorb substantial damage, making it a game-changer in perilous battles.

  • Increased Resistance.

  • No Dual Archetype Combination.


Why did I Choose Swiftness?

When stuck between a large enemy group, the Swiftness trait will get you out smoothly by increasing your movement and dodge speeds.

Swiftness, an exclusive trait for Explorer archetype, boosts all movement speeds by an impressive 15% at max level. It grants the ability to escape perilous situations quickly, ensuring survival in challenging encounters.

  • Increased Movement Speed.
  • Versatility.

  • Dependent on Archetype Level.


Why did I Choose Longshot?

The Longshot trait will increase your combat effectiveness, as all weapons will eliminate opponents at a larger range.

Longshot increases the effective range of all weapons by 600 cm once it reaches level 10. This attribute holds significant importance in long-ranged combat scenarios, as it empowers you to engage enemies from a considerable distance.

  • Increased Range.
  • Strategic Advantage.

  • Dependence on Weapon Type.

Best Unlockable Traits

Yaesha map.
Enter Yaesha to unlock the Bloodstream and Barkskin by picking Doe’s Eye. (Captured By Us)

In Remnant 2, players can acquire unlockable traits by accomplishing specific objectives, often involving defeating bosses and experiencing significant events. Unlike the Core and Archetype traits, these unlockable features tend to be more situational, offering opportunities to improve and customize your character to better suit various scenarios.

Here is an overview of Unlockable Traits:

Trait NameTrait TypeExplanationLocale
HandlingUnlockableEnhances combat mastery with up to 40% reduction in Weapon Spread and Recoil at level 10.Complete the Horde Boss encounter on Root Earth.
RevivalistUnlockableRevivalist boosts revival speed by 50% at level 10, enabling faster resurrection of comrades.Revive fallen partners ten times.
SiphonerUnlockableIt enhances archetype summons with a 3% lifestyle increase at level 10, serving as a lifeline.Dormant N’Erudian region on N’Erud.
AmplitudeUnlockableAt level 10, it increases AOE by 50%, enabling devastating strikes on multiple enemies.Successfully finish the Horde Boss encounter in Labyrinth.
Blood BondUnlockableAt level 10, it boosts summoned entities' defensive capabilities by absorbing 10% of substantial damage.Conquer the Root Nexus boss encounter in Yaesha.
BarkskinUnlockableAt level 10, it provides a 10% protection by diminishing all incoming harm from detrimental origins.Speak to Meidra in Yaesha, pick Doe's Eye.
FitnessUnlockableAt level 10, increases Evade Distance by 30%, providing improved maneuvering and toughness in the midst of combat.N'Erud's Vault of the Formless.
Bloodstream UnlockableAt level 10, it enhances Grey Health regeneration by 3.0/s, facilitating healing from injuries.Speak to Meidra in Yaesha, pick Ravager's Eye.
ScholarUnlockableIt boosts Experience Gain by 1% per level, aiding skill building.On Root Earth overcome Annihilation.
GluttonUnlockableEnables faster consumption and use of Consumables and Relics, increasing by 3% per trait level.Survive the Great Hall end event in Losomn: Eat or be eaten by your co-op partner, or by Dran.
ShadeskinUnlockableAt max level, it enhances resistance against Elemental Status Effect Damage by 20%.Ensure that the hanged man remains unburnt during the Butcher's Quarter event in Losomn.

Below is a compilation of the most exceptional Unlockable Traits. 


Why did I Choose Siphoner?

Siphoner is a must have trait in combat situations as the Lifesteal feature restores your health significantly.

  • Enhances the endurance of archetype summons.
  • Provides a 3% increase in their lifestyle.
  • Rapidly restores half of your maximum health during battles, aiding in a quick return to combat.

  • Enhanced Lifesteal.
  • Versatile Builds.
  • Easy to Unlock.

  • Dependence on other Lifesteal abilities.


Why did I Choose Handling?

Handling trait aids your shooting by making your weapons more accurate and precise so you get more enemies eliminated.

  • Reduces Weapon Spread and Recoil by up to 40% (with a 4% increment at each level).
  • Offers superior precision and control for improved combat mastery.

  • Improved Accuracy and Control.
  • Enhanced Combat Efficiency.

  • Potential for Overshadowing by other traits.
  • Limited Impact on Other Aspects.


Why did I Choose Revivalist?

Revivalist is a must have trait when playing with teammates, as it helps in reviving them or yourself.

  • Accelerates the speed of both reviving and being revived by 50%.
  • Facilitates swift revival of teammates during critical moments, strengthening the team.

  • Increased Revival Speed.

  • Limited to Certain Situations.


Why did I Choose Amplitude?

Amplitude trait aids explosive damage by increasing their exploding radius and damage.

  • Increases the Area of Effect (AOE) by 50%.
  • Enables devastating attacks that affect multiple enemies, dealing substantial damage.
  • These Traits provide valuable advantages in combat, summon management, and team dynamics in Remnant 2.

  • Increased AOE size.
  • Strategic Use.

  • Not Suitable for all playstyles.
  • Limited to certain archetypes.

Decoding Traits

While exploring the diverse landscapes in Remnant 2, keep an eye out for blue-glistening items scattered on the ground, as they grant trait points upon collection. You can also acquire traits by defeating bosses and completing various quests and side tasks during your gameplay. Trait points become particularly important when you want to equip traits that are outside of your Archetype.

For instance, if you desire to acquire Kinship as a Medic, reaching level 10 as a Handler is a prerequisite. In the game, players are required to find 60 out of the total 85 trait points to optimize their character’s traits, while they can obtain the remaining points by advancing their archetypes.

Reallocating the traits 

If a player wishes to modify their trait points and customize their character build, they should visit Wallace in Ward 13. Wallace offers the “Orb of Undoing” for sale, which can only be obtained by exchanging three Lumenite Crystals and 2,500 Scraps. Once the player acquires the Orb, they can use it to reallocate their trait points as desired.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Blood Bond: The Damage Mitigation provided to the summons is not divided linearly which reduces overall damage dealt by the summons.
  2. Triage: This trait heavily relies on healing sources, hence it will not be effective for every archetype.
  3. Affliction: The affliction trait only enhances the effectiveness of status effects rather than increasing the total damage dealt.
  4. Untouchable: Although this is a potential trait for your builds, it limits itself to Invader Archetype only, hence other archetypes do not get affected by its buffs.

Personal Opinion On The Best Traits

There is a lot to understand about Traits, as you need to pick one for all aspects of your gameplay. Therefore, my chosen traits provide a significant range and cover everything, including combat and exploration. In my opinion, with the right combination of traits and weaponry, conquering the challenges within the game becomes an achievable feat. By customizing your character’s abilities and understanding their strengths, you can conquer the challenges that await in Remnant 2. 

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