Remnant 2: Best Weapons & How To Get Them [Editor’s Choice]

After playing Remnant 2 for more than 50+ hours, here are the best weapons in Remnant 2 along with the all the other weapons in the game so you can decide which weapon is best suitable for you.

Remnant 2 Best Weapons
Remnant 2 - Best Weapons.
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I have played Remnant 2 for 50+ hours and went through various modes to understand the game, so you can easily trust my recommendations below.

There are 73 weapons, including 34 melee weapons, 21 long guns, and 18 handguns. which weapons are best for you, and how can you locate them? Let’s find out! 

Key Takeaways

  • All the weapons are categorized into 3 different classes: Long guns, Handguns, and Melee.
  • Each Weapon has its stats and how you can get them. 
  • Bonesaw, Alpha Omega, Nightfall, Blackmaw, Twisted Arbalest, Atom Smasher, and Western Classic are my top picks for Best Remnant 2 Weapons.

My Weapon Picks Comparison

Below, I am listing a comparison table for a quick overview of the best weapons in Remnant 2:

NameSpecialityDamageCritical Hit ChanceMax Ammo
XMG57 BonesawExtended Mag1210%300
Alpha OmegaHighest DPS1510%275
NightfallMod Compatibility315%90
Blackmaw AR-47Best Early Game Weapon1710%190
Twisted ArbalestMid-Long Range Accuracy805%22
Atom SmasherBest Heavy Melee Weapon725%-
Western ClassicBest DPS325%66

All Weapons Comparison

XMG57 Bonesaw

Best Extended Mag Weapon

Why do I prefer XMG57 Bonesaw?

XMG57 Bonesaw is preferred against bosses where you need more bullets and a bigger magazine.

XMG57 Bonesaw
XMG57 Bonesaw (Captured By Me)

First, I have the XMG57 Bonesaw as the best weapon in Remnant 2 for those who seek sustainability while having combat. This is the long gun you can entirely rely on, and it can meet your expectations of an exceptional weapon.

It can be turned into a beast by adding mods like Hotshot, Deadly Calm, and more. This gun can be your great companion if you can handle the pressure during combat. Another advantage is that you can use it at various ranges.

The downside is that it gets overheated and has longer reload timing. So make sure you reload on time, which may lower your chances of getting stuck in a stressful situation.

Ideal Range19m
Falloff Range45m
Critical Hit Chance10%
Max Ammo300
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%
Stagger Modifier0%

How To Get

You can obtain the Bonesaw in two ways. In the first one, you will have to select the Medic Class at the game’s beginning, and this weapon will become available to you. In the second one, you can purchase it from Brabus in Ward 13 by spending 1000 scrap.

  • Large magazine.
  • High Firerate.
  • Significant damage range.

  • Very high reload time.
  • Less damage per bullet.

Alpha Omega

Best DPS Weapon

Why is Alpha Omega an ideal choice?

It comes in handy when clearing out an unexplored area full of enemies.

Alpha Omega is the best pulse rifle you can lay your hands on. You get to experience a complete boost of energy while using this weapon. The distinct feature this weapon brings you is that it releases five energy bolts as you shoot the Burst through it.

You will surely love this aspect if you prefer continuous shooting at enemies. With each hit, the charge time decreases while the damage boosts up. So, in general, you get the constant firing fun along with the maximum damage.

There is no stagger modifier, and it gives you an amazing weak spot damage bonus. It can stand well against the boss as its mod Beta Ray results in the infliction of Brand on the opponent, and it causes significant damage on an explosion.

Ideal Range24m
Falloff Range70m
Critical Hit Chance10%
Max Ammo275
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%
Stagger Modifier0%

How To Get

The way to obtain the Alpha Omega is to craft it. You must gather specific material, including 650 Scarps, Seven Lumenite Crystals, and One Forgotten Memory. Once you collect them, move to the McCabe NPC, where you can perform the crafting.

  • Mod Effectiveness.
  • High Damage.
  • Special Scaling.

  • Not preferred for solo play.
  • High reload time.


Best Mod Compatibility for Remnant 2 Gun.

Why do I prefer Nightfall?

With correct mod and mutator choices, Nightfall is a very strong weapon that is capable of defeating bosses very quickly.

This is another outstanding weapon you can pick for extraordinary combat gameplay. It is a craftable long gun and offers excellent accuracy and crowd control. If you manage to have the right control,

Then, you can make the most out of this semi-automatic weapon in terms of damage. Nightfall may not seem very impressive initially, but once you activate its mod, this gun becomes lethal.

The Dreamweaver mod is like magic that turns your gun into something unbeatable. With this, you get unlimited ammo, and there is also an additional fire rate, which is 35%. Moreover, the weapon receives the life steal 10% through this mod.

Your playstyle does play a great role while using the nightfall as it demands controlling and managing.

Ideal Range18m
Falloff Range50m
Critical Hit Chance5%
Max Ammo90
Weak Spot Damage Bonus105%
Stagger Modifier15%

How To Get

To craft it, you must collect the following materials: Cursed Dream Silks x1, Lumenite Crystal x7, and Scraps x1000. And then, after taking down the Nightweaver, you can craft it from Ava McCabe.

  • Lifesteal Capability is useful.
  • Mod Compatibility.
  • Higher chance to land a critical hit.

  • Limited Magazine Capacity.
  • Works with specific builds only.

Blackmaw AR-47

Best Early-Game Weapon

Why Blackmaw AR-47?

Blackmaw AR-47 can be unlocked early, and it is a great weapon to keep and get through the first two worlds of the game.

Blackmaw (Captured By Us)

Now, the next best weapon is Blackmaw AR-47, and it is the assault rifle that you must give a shot to. Being a complete auto weapon, it can be handled efficiently and offers fantastic performance during combats.

No matter in what situation you get stuck, this can help deal with almost all of them. The reloading speed is quite satisfactory, and the damage output is also significant. AR-47 is considered more appropriate for mid-range fights,

And at the beginning of your campaign, you can opt for it. The fire control and precision enable you to have perfect crowd control, making it more classy. Go for an upgrade to enhance its damage, and it can prove to be an awesome starting firearm.

Ideal Range20m
Falloff Range60m
Critical Hit Chance10%
Max Ammo190
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%
Stagger Modifier0%

How To Get

You can buy the Blackmaw AR-47 from Brabus for 1000 Scarps.

  • The ideal weapon for starting missions.
  • Significant magazine size.
  • Sustained DPS.

  • Less damage per bullet.
  • Slow fire rate.
  • Ammo Consumption.

Twisted Arbalest

Best Mid-Long Range Weapon

Why do I recommend Twisted Arbalest?

Twisted Arbalest is a potential weapon against mini-bosses, as it deals significant damage to mid-long ranges.

Arbalest is another long gun that made it to my weapons list. It can be an excellent pick for close and mid-range combats. This one will suit you if you have a strategic approach to dealing with the crowd.

The ideal range to use this gun is 20m, so try to be nearly this number to benefit from its performance. Furthermore, you can shoot an energy disc that can strike approximately 5 adversaries, making it handy when crowded by multiple enemies.

You must be careful regarding timing and aim to get the most out of this gun. Twisted Arbalest comes with the Guardian’s Cell Mod, and its power requirement will be 750. The energy disc is part of this mod, and the activation of the mod powers up the primary fire amazingly.

If you ever get into a situation where you face difficulty in surviving, you must equip this gun to make your survival possible.

Ideal Range20m
Falloff Range70m
Critical Hit Chance5%
Max Ammo22
Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%
Stagger Modifier5%

How To Get

At McCabe, the twisted Arbalest can be crafted, and the materials you will need are Twisted Lazurite x1, Lumenite Crystal x7, and 650 Scrap.

  • High Damage Potential.
  • Effective with certain Mutators.
  • Good for Dungeon exploration.

  • Chance of getting Self-damage.
  • Unreliable due to bouncing mechanic.

Atom Smasher

Best Heavy Melee Weapon

Why is Atom Smasher Recommended?

Atom Smasher is an all-rounder melee weapon with the best damage output for your melee-focused build.  

You use the melee as the best weapon and perform well in close-range combat. It is too good to be true as Atom Smasher has so many great factors, and with its single hit, it can deal severe damage.

You can create the perfect Chaos on the battlefield by having this weapon in your hand. The distinct mod in Atom Smasher enables accelerated melee attacks with a speed increase of 10%, so you don’t have to wait to deal your enemy with cruel damage.

It is more like a high-tech device that can give too complicated time to the opponents, and its damage output can be increased with rocket technology.

Critical Hit Chance5%
Weak Spot Damage95%
Stagger Modifier11%

How To Get

Atom Smasher will be available in the last wagon of the train right after the event of the train on Terminus Station, and this will be on the N’Erud Planet.

  • High Damage and Stagger.
  • Perfect for Melee builds.

  • Swing is lengthy and slow.

Western Classic

Highest Damage Per Shot

Why You Should Go With Western Classic?

Western Classic goes hand-in-hand with a handgun’s aesthetic appeal and damage output, making it a perfect choice for aggressive builds. 

Western Classic
Western Classic (Captured By Us)

Last but not least, this handgun is another great weapon that you must check out. It is a revolver that doesn’t disappoint you and can go extremely well with an aggressive playstyle. You can use it during both types of combats: close and medium-ranged.

It provides a highly impressive weak spot damage bonus of +105%. Along with it, you get fine aim accuracy which helps you to target enemies with a lesser chance of missing the shot. With a stagger modifier, you can disrupt the actions of your adversaries.

This is a versatile weapon; its damage can be increased through upgrading.

Ideal Range18m
Falloff Range48m
Critical Hit Chance5%
Max Ammo66
Weak Spot Damage Bonus105%
Stagger Modifier5%

How To Get

To have the Western Classic, you can simply purchase it from Brabus.

  • High damage in a single shot.
  • More chance of landing a critical hit.
  • Significant shot range.

  • Requires precision.
  • very small magazine.

What Would I Recommend?

In my opinion, Automatic weapons like Nightfall and Blackmaw AR-47 are for situations where the place gets crowded, and you need quick clearance. 

After completing the game multiple times, I have listed these weapons from experience. You must also try weapons like Western Classic if you are confident about your aim.

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