Remnant 2: BEST XP Farm [Top 3 Methods]

I have played Remnant 2 for 30+ hours, and I'll be sharing the best XP farm with you guys!

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Remnant 2: Best XP Farm

In Remnant 2, players need a lot of XP in less time to level up fast and upgrade their Archetypes. For this, some farming techniques and spots give you more XP than usual, which can boost your leveling-up speed. I will guide you through some of the best xp farm methods in Remnant 2.

About The Author

I have invested more than 30+ hours in playing Remnant 2. During my playthrough, I could tinker with various character builds, weapons, tricks, and armor. Hence, you can easily trust my information related to Remnant 2!

Key Takeaways

  • XP is useful for leveling up your Archetypes, unlocking new skills, and increasing your power level. 
  • Players must earn a lot of XP while wasting less time to unlock more things.
  • Before attempting an XP farm, players must include Sagestone Ring, Mudtooth’s Elixir, and a Scholar trait in their builds. 
  • All the mentioned things will boost your XP by a certain percentage.
  • A Sagestone ring is found on Yaesha as a random drop.
  • Mudtooth’s Elixir is a concoction available for purchase at Mudtooth for 500 Scrap.
  • Scholar trait is a trait banner unlocked after completing the game once on any difficulty.
  • The Chimney farm involves players killing all the enemies that spawn when clearing the dungeon.
  • The Great Hall farm in Losomn is practiced during the Feast event, where you will eat your allies to gain XP.
  • Killing elite enemies at the Widow’s Court in Yaesha provides 2000 XP in a few minutes.

Firstly, I’ll cover the main uses of XP in the gameplay, so players realize its importance. Gaining XP points is the only way to increase the power level to unlock advanced skills

Other than that, players can upgrade their Archetype level up to 10. After that, you can keep a secondary Archetype, which is only possible if you score huge amounts of XP while spending less time on the grind.

I present several XP farming spots and methods to make this all possible. It is worth mentioning that some of the Farming methods may require you to omit solo play and continue in the Co-op mode

Optimal XP Farm Build

XP farm build
The Perfect XP Farm build | Image Made By: VeryAli Gaming

There are consumables and other gear items that provide an XP boost. It means that players will receive twice or thrice the amount of XP they would earn before equipping these items. 

Equipping Sagestone Ring will enhance XP gain by 10%. Players can find it in Yaesha through a random drop from killing enemies, elites, bosses, or opening chests. Unfortunately, if you still can’t find it, try re-rolling your world and exploring more until you get it. 

sagestone is potential xp farm gear item
Picking up Sagestone found randomly in Yaesha | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Mudtooth’s Elixir is a concoction consumable purchased from Mudtooth himself for 500 Scrap at Ward 13. Gamers who have the Ultimate Edition of Remnant 2 will already find the Elixir in their inventory. Moreover, Mudtooth will give you the bottle as a reward for completing the game if you visit him.

For the last item on the list, players must unlock and upgrade the Scholar trait that provides enhanced XP gain of up to 15%. You can upgrade it to Level 10 using Trait points earned by collecting Tome of Knowledge. Scholar Trait unlocks after you finish the game once on any difficulty setting.

When you equip all these items in your archetype build, you will notice tremendous amounts of XP leveling up your primary and secondary archetypes. Note that the Secondary class gets half the XP your primary class gets. Therefore, swap your Archetypes if the primary class is already maxed out.

The Chimney Farm

Why Risk Chimney Farm?

The Chimney is the ideal farming technique for solo play. Although it requires timing, you can easily get through the dungeon with an XP.

The Chimney is an optional dungeon on Yaesha where players experience a unique mechanism. This XP farm can be performed in Solo and Co-op. Performing this farm at a party is advised as it will be much quicker and more efficient.

Players are required to reach this location inside the Dungeon and pull the lever. As you do that, you will notice root enemies crawling out from holes inside the walls and a shock layer descending on top of you. This is a timed dungeon where you must find a way and travel down the enemies until you reach the bottom.

XP Farm is possible in the chimney dungeon
Pull the Lever to start the timer and kill every enemy in your way | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The XP farm demands you to kill all enemies you interact with. This task is challenging as a shock layer falls on you, and you have to move fast. Furthermore, keeping a powerful weapon combination that involves Shock and Burn damage can speed up the procedure.

Note that ammo will not be a problem throughout the farming period as the enemies will drop a significant amount of long and short-gun ammo, which can be picked up at any moment. 

As you reach the end floor, refrain from shooting the glowing object in the middle of the room. Destroying that object will complete the dungeon quest. Your objective is to keep eliminating enemies as they approach you from all directions. 

These enemies will keep appearing forever, and the way to stop them is to shoot the glowing object. Killing everything that comes your way will give you a lot of XP if you have the appropriate build prepared.

XP farm by killing enemies and elites
Hold ground in this final location and keep killing enemies for XP | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

  • Replayability.
  • Adventure Mode Compatibility. (infinite re-rolls)

  • Requires learning patterns. (High Difficulty Level)
  • Higher risk of dying.

The Great Hall Farm

Why Do I Recommend Great Hall?

Always go for The Great Hall Farm at a party, as it is perfect for group play and coordination. 

This potential XP farm requires you to play with two other players in Co-op mode. The Great Hall is a farming location in Losomn.

Players can farm XP by starting at the Palace Courtyard. This is necessary as you must meet Jester, an NPC in the Palace Courtyard, who will give you a magic quill that can open traveling portals.

jester gives key to travel in Losomn
Magic Quill is important for opening a portal to reach The Great Hall | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

After you find Jester, watch his show, grab the key, return to the main room, and use the key on a locked door. Your next location must be The Great Hall. If that is not the case with you, keep re-rolling your world until you get the desired location.

Once inside The Great Hall, you must activate the Feast event by opening a door close to the starting World Stone of this location. For that, players need to find a quest item called Ravenous Medallion. This is another key item that will grant you access to a large dining room with a table full of eatables. 

Players will get the Medallion at the end of their The Great Hall exploration phase. Ensure all players in the party have their armor pieces removed, which will help in the later part of the XP farm.

feast on your teammates to earn XP
Use the Ravenous Medallion to access the Feast Event | Image Credits: Born 2 Game
  1. When all three players find their way inside The Great Hall, they must set roles for each player.
  2. The first person will start eating the food on the table.
  3. The second one will stay outside the room and kill any enemy that comes their way. The third one will feast on the first player.
  4. To start feasting, you must fill up your Ravenous meter. Wait for the first player to start feasting. Then, the third player comes into action as they shoot player one and complete their Ravenous meter. When player one is knocked down, the third player starts eating them, which will give them 2000 XP immediately.
  5. When the third player is done feasting on the first one, player two outside the room should let themself get knocked down by the enemies and crawl inside the room.
  6. The third player should approach them and start feasting again. This will give them an additional 2000 XP, summing up to 4000 XP in under a minute.
  7. After this procedure, all the players can either die from the enemies or drink the Liquid Escape Potion that will take them to the nearest checkpoint and take everything back to normal.
  8. Note that your Archetype choice matters in this XP farm as choosing Engineer and Summoner Archetype can assist in enemy killing through the turret and minion support.
  9. They can be inside the feasting room, killing all the nearby enemies while you perform the farming procedure.

  • Very High XP Gain.
  • Versatile Methods of Farming.

  • Not preferred for solo play.
  • Good Communication is necessary.

The Widow’s Court Farm

Why You Should Go With Widow’s Court Farm?

The Widow’s Court Farm can be performed in solo and group play. This farm will become easier and quicker if you have the appropriate build.

Coming towards a late-game farm, the Widow’s Court is another potential solo XP farm location. Players must farm roughly 2000 XP in a couple of minutes. The Widow’s Court is in Yaesha, and players can only get here if they have chosen the Red Throne and the Corruptor storyline. 

It is worth mentioning that reaching this location on your first try from the Great Bole may not be possible. However, several re-rolling of the worlds may help due to the random nature of Remnant 2.

potential xp farm spot in the widow's court
Take the stairs on the left to fight Brutes | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

After reaching The Widow’s Court, walk to the left side, where you will notice some stairs. Use them to get on the higher surface, where you will meet three to four Elite enemies that are Brutes with armor. Each brute will have two giant swords in their hand, so maintain a safe distance while you are in combat.

After you defeat all of them, you will notice an XP increase of roughly 2000. Use the Liquid Escape potion to respawn at the starting point and repeat this process as long as you wish. I suggest you keep the Escape potion in the quick slot window, as it is faster.

  • Easy to implement with the appropriate build.
  • XP Retention Upon Death.

  • Requires Specific Equipment.
  • Optimal for Group Play.

The table below summarizes all XP farming methods briefly for your understanding:

Farming TechniqueLocationDescriptionXP Count
The Chimney FarmThe Chimney, YaeshaKill all enemies in the dungeon, don’t end the dungeon and let enemies keep spawning forever.Depends on how long you hold your ground.
The Great Hall FarmThe Great Hall, LosomnAccess the feast event through Ravenous Medallion, let your teammates and you must eat them to earn XP.2000 XP per body. If two players, you will earn roughly 4000 XP per minute.
The Widow’s Court FarmThe Widow’s Court, YaeshaFind four Brutes close to the checkpoint which provide significant XP.2000 XP per 2 minutes.

XP Farming Method Summary Table

Personal Experience With The Best XP Farm

I have tried all the farm techniques in solo and group play, and I can confidently say that The Chimney Farm is the easiest. Although it requires some pattern learning, it is very easy to run down the stairs. Moreover, The Great Hall Farm is strictly for group play, as you can’t cover it while going solo. As for the last choice, it is flexible. However, you must focus on your build selection.

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