Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence [Farming Guide]

Here's how you can farm the Blood Moon Essence needed to buy items from the Blood Moon Alter

Blood Moon Essence is a rare material you can only get during the Blood Moon Event in Remnant 2. However, figuring out the Blood Moon event is the real crux.

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With 30+hours into the game I have learned a lot about the game. But the best part is building a community here for sharing our strategies. Here is mine that you can completely trust for your playthrough. 

Key Takeaways

  • Blood Moon Essence is only acquired during the Blood Moon Eclipse event in Yaesha.
  • Purple Wisps floating during the eclipse event can be shot to collect the Blood Moon Essence.
  • If the event isn’t triggered, traveling in and out of the world can force the blood moon event.
  • The farming technique can be repeated until the blood moon essence is collected. 

Only certain locations on the map will contain the Blood Moon Essence, which is not easily accessible within the game. Therefore, it is understandable that many players, new and old alike, are having trouble collecting the rare resource. 

Blood Moon Essence

Blood Moon essence requires Bloodmoon Altar, which can be found while exploring Yaesha’s luscious forests. It can also be used to obtain a variety of interesting-looking armors, weapons, rings, and crafting materials. But I must tell you that those items can only be bought with the Blood Moon Essence currency.

Make sure to thoroughly explore Yaesha to find the Bloodmoon Altar because, like many other items in the game, it appears to spawn in random locations. Once you are close to it, you can easily track it as it shows up as a blue icon on the map.

Farming Blood Moon Essence

When shot at, purple wisps with a trail behind them in Yaesha drop Blood Moon Essence. Only around the wooden houses during a red moon eclipse event do the purple wisps spawn (You can spot this event with its signature reddish tint to the map). If you want to buy everything at the Bloodmoon Altar, I recommend getting at least 66 Blood Moon Essence.

Purple wisps || Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The blood moon can spawn randomly anywhere on Yaesha, but I found during my playthrough that The Forbidden Grove and Faithless Thicket are the sweet spots for the moon to spawn. Now, to repeatedly farm these wasps, follow along:

  1. Once you spot a purple wisp (characterized by a purple glow and a long trail behind it floating in the air).
  2. Shoot them; they automatically travel towards you and are added to your inventory.
  3. These wisps are jumpy and flee if you miss a shot, so quickly kill them with a ranged weapon.
  4. They’re usually spotted around or near wooden shacks and always in pairs.
  5. You can spot them quite easily from a distance if they’re there.
  6. Once you clear the area of all the purple wisps, go through a golden mist door and travel back to the previous area to respawn all the wisps again.
  7. Repeat the last steps until you collect all the Blood Moon Essence needed.
Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

NOTE: There is a chance that a Blood Moon might not spawn. In that case, you can force the blood moon to spawn by traveling in and out of Yaesha using either the world stone or the mist doors. It can take significant time, but you will eventually get one.

All Bloodmoon Altar Items

Items Available in the Altar || Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Plenty of items can be bought from this strange alter, requiring not only Blood Moon Essence but also some other items, so more exploration may be required before everything can be bought. Here’s what you can buy:

Item NameCostDescription
Knotted Cage (Body Armor)

·         10 Blood Moon Essence

·         800 Scrap
Gives low resistance to Bleed and Blight damages but is a huge defensive buff against Toxin.
Knotted Gloves (Glove Armor)·         3 Blood Moon Essence

·         250 Scarp
Medium-weight gloves with moderate protection from physical attacks, high resistance to Toxins, and moderate defenses against Bleed and Shock.
Knotted Greaves (Leg Armor)·         7 Blood Moon Essence

·         600 Scrap
Grants high protection and increased resistance against Bleed, Blight, and Toxin
Knotted Helm (Helmet)

·         5 Blood Moon Essence

·         300 Scrap
Offers moderate protection and resistance to Blight and Toxin damage types.
Blade of Gul (Melee)·         10 Blood Moon Essence

·         1250 Scrap
Faded Grimoire (Needed to unlock the Summoner Archetype)·         15 Blood Moon Essence

·         5 Lumenite Crystal

·         1500 Scrap
Used as a crafting material for the Tome of The Bringer Engram, which grants access to the Summoner Archetype.
Soul Anchor (Amulet)

·         10 Blood Moon Essence

·         3 Lumenite Crystals

·         1000 Scrap
Increases all damage dealt for a small duration after summoning.
Sanguine Vapor (Concoction)·         1 Blood Moon Essence

·         500 Scrap
Increases Ranged and Melee Lifesteal by 3.5% of base damage for 60 minutes and boosts damage taken by 10%. You may only have one concoction active at a time.
Soul Guard (Ring)·         5 Blood Moon Essence

·         2 Lumenite Crystals

·         750 Scrap
Gives you a stack of Bulwark for each active summon you control, making you more resistant to damage.

What Would I Recommend?

I advise everyone to get their hands on the Blood Moon Essence. It qualifies players to earn a handful of rewards for crafting items, armor, or even weapons. The best approach is to discover it in the regions of Yaesha. If it does not, you can rotate around the world, and you will start seeing spawns quickly. 

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