Remnant 2 Engineer Archetype Guide [All To Know]

The Engineer Archetype is an unlockable secret class in the newly released Remnant 2. For many, this secret class seems to be the most enjoyable out of the rest.

Remnant 2 Engineer Archetype
Remnant 2: The Engineer Archetype. The Image displayed is captured by VeryAli Gaming.

In Engineer Archetype, you wear the boots of a skilled expert in Heavy Weapons and strong Armor. The Engineer archetype is an offense-centric Archetype that has slowly started becoming a fan favorite cause of its reliance on heavy weaponry. After all, everyone enjoys blasting stuff away.

For example, one of the default weapons you acquire with the archetype is the flamethrower. The Engineer’s unique skillset and abilities, such as Fortify, Metalworker, and Magnetic Field, can completely turn the tide of the battle and force your foes into the defensive. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2 excels in offense with Heavy Weapons and strong defenses.
  • Unlocking involves acquiring the Alien Device from N’Erud or the Timeless Horizon Area.
  • Farming Scraps and Lumenite Crystals is necessary.
  • Wallace in Ward 13 forges the Engineer’s Class Engram, the Drzyr Caliper.
  • Engineer features powerful, medium-range weapons and starting Armor with elemental resistance.
  • Prime Perk, High Tech, grants temporary infinite Ammo.
  • Skills focus on summoning versatile Heavy Weapons, switchable between Carry and Turret forms.

Unlocking The Engineer Archetype

Remnant 2 Engineer Archetype
Meeting Wallace at Ward 13 – captured by VeryAli Gaming.

Despite its growing popularity, The Engineer archetype seems to be one of the trickiest archetypes to unlock. The procedure for unlocking this archetype will require patience but the end result is worth all the effort.

To unlock The Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2, players should focus on locating an essential item, the Alien Device, found on the second map of N’Erud first. The Alien Device is a crucial part of unlocking this archetype and should be prioritized. 

Once you have acquired the Alien Device, you should focus on creating the Drzyr Caliper. To create this item, you should bring 10 Lumenite Crystals and a thousand Scraps to Wallace.

Steps for Unlocking The Engineer Archetype

Locating the Essential Alien Device

  1. The Alien Device is typically found on the second map of N’Erud.
  2. Look for a location covered in fog, situated between a smooth cliff and spiked rocks.
  3. Use caution while navigating through the fog until you discover the device.
  4. To expedite the search, consider utilizing the Treasure Hunter skill available in the Explorer Archetype, which highlights nearby items.

An alternate Location to note for the Alien Device

  1. An alternate location to find the Alien Device is Seeker’s Rest. You can find the Engineer in the Timeless Horizon area, which is the second open area of N’Erud’s storyline.
  2. Once again, using the Treasure Finder Perk can help you immensely if you have the Explorer Archetype.
  3. Activate the Treasure Finder Perk when you’re roaming around the edge of the Eon Vaut map. Eventually, you are bound to come across a body within the poisonous fog.
  4. Be careful of the fog’s blight. Keep moving through the fog until you reach the body which will contain a complete set of Engineer Armor. Beneath the Armor set you will also find the item of your interest, the Alien Device.
  5. Note that you may lose your life trudging through the poisonous fog but as long as you pick the Alien Device you will complete your set goal.
Remnant 2 Engineer Archetype
Alternate Location for the Alien Device – captured by VeryAli Gaming.

Once you have acquired it, take it to Wallace to forge the Drzyr Caliper for fifteen hundred Scraps and ten Lumenite Crystals this time.

Farming Lumenite Crystals and Scraps in Remnant 2

  1. Alongside the Alien Device, Scraps and Lumenite Crystals are needed to forge the Class Engram for The Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2.
  2. Scraps serve as the primary currency, easily obtainable from various in-game activities or by selling unwanted items.
  3. Lumenite Crystals can be acquired by purchasing them from Cass near Wallace in Ward 13, costing around 300 Scraps each.
  4. If needed, Crystals can also be obtained by defeating Aberrations or Elite Enemies.

Creating the Drzyr Caliper

Remnant 2 Engineer Archetype
Forging the Drzyr Caliper – captured by VeryAli Gaming.
  1. To forge the Drzyr Caliper, obtained after acquiring the Alien Device, head to Ward 13 and meet Wallace.
  2. Ensure you have ten Lumenite Crystals and approximately a thousand Scraps in your inventory.
  3. Once all items are gathered, visit Wallace in Ward 13 to construct the Drzyr Caliper.
  4. This Class Engram unlocks The Engineer Class in Remnant 2.

Here you can find a detailed analysis of this Archetype and all of its available features.

The Engineer Archetype Starting Equipment 

Remnant 2 Engineer Archetype
Starting Equipment that comes with the Archetype equipped –  captured by VeryAli Gaming.

When you start off with this Archetype, you will be provided with the following equipment and weapons:


Note: The dead body in the Eon Vault in N’erud also has all of these items available as loot.

Armor NameDescriptionArmor PointsWeightBleed ResistanceFire ResistanceShock ResistanceBlight ResistanceToxin Resistance
Technician HelmetA medium-weight Head Armor which can give the player moderate-level defense against physical attacks and improve Fire, Shock, and Toxin resistance in the game.14801202
Technician Bodyplate"The Xul were engineers and builders, but this armor was made to withstand a grenade blast."
The Technician Bodyplate Armor is a heavy armor piece which can offer high-level protection against potential damage from attacks by foes. It also provides players with a good amount of Shock Resistance, along with little Fire and Toxin Resistance as well.
Technician Greaves"designed for stability rather than speed."
The Technician Graves are heavy leg armor. They can provide high level defense against Shock, Fire and Toxins. You also become harder to be moved or thrown by wearing these.
Technician Gloves"A tingle runs across your palm within these gloves - like bugs skittering over your hand."
The Technician Gloves are medium-weight hand armor in Remnant 2. They are a part of the starting armor kit once you've acquired The Engineer Archetype and can offer moderate level defense against physical attacks. Along with that, they also offer Shock, Toxin, and Fire Resistance. They lack Bleed and Blight Resistance.


Weapon NameDescriptionAlternate LocationsDamageRPSMagazineAccuracyIdeal RangeMax AmmoCritical Hit ChanceWeak Spot Damage BonusStagger Modifier
Pulse RifleThis weapon is a Long Gun variant in Remnant 2. It serves as a high-tech gun with Great levels of accuracy and quick three-round bursts. Pulse Rifles are best for medium-ranged fights.Pulse Fire can be found after utilizing the Decorum Cipher and Memory Core 2 in order to open both doors in Abyssal Rift.167.83070-80%22 meters21010%+105%5%
Atom Smasher"A powerful crushing device that harnesses rocket technology to increase smashing force."
Atom Smasher is a Melee Weapon obtained with the starting weapons kit for The Engineer Archetype. This Melee Weapon is highly useful for close-range combats.
Atom Smasher can be obtained in N'erud, somewhere within the final train wagon after The Train Event in Terminus Station.72---Point Blank Range (Melee Range)-5%+95%11%
Rupture Cannon"A mid-range Pistol Shotgun with a brisk fire rate and medium recoil slower reload."
This Hand Gun is highly effective for dealing heavy damage during medium-range combats. It has medium recoil, and can provide higher stagger bonus.
You can obtain a Rupture Cannon in N'erud, after the Vault of the Formless event. During the boss fight, the giant claw will often turn over huge cylindrical tubes to show hallways. The second cylinder, once turned around twice, will lead to a hallway with a Holographic keycard. After finishing the Vault of the Formless event, there will be a locked door there that can be opened. You will find a Rupture Cannon inside that room.423.11295%13 meters605%+100%10%

Available Perks

Every Archetype consists of one special Prime Perk exclusive to it. The Engineer Archetype is no different. If you equip this Archetype as your Main Class, you will be able to utilize its Prime Perk, which can then also further get two upgrades. Level 5 grants you the first upgrade, and Level 10 lets you upgrade to the max level.

Along with that, you also obtain additional Perks which can prove extremely useful in strategizing your gameplay style in both solo and co-op modes. You can find an extensive summary table below detailing each Perk available to The Engineer Archetype.

TypeNameUnlocked at which LevelDescriptionUpgrades
Prime PerkHigh TechAutomatically UnlockedThe Prime Perk you receive upon using this Archetype is called High Tech. When holding down the SKILL button, you will overclock a Carried or Deployed Heavy Weapon. This can grant you infinite Ammo, improved Fire Rate, and around 25% damage boost for 15 seconds. The cooldown time for this Perk is around 60 seconds.Upgrading this Perk at Level 5 can increase the time duration from 15 seconds to 20 seconds. Further upgrade at Level 10 adds another 5 seconds, totaling 25 seconds.
Damage PerkMetal WorkerLevel 1This Perk can improve your Skill Damage by about 5%. It also grants you 5% Ammo Capacity and around +2.5% Max Health boost.Upon upgrading, you can expect raise in Skill Damage by a whopping 50% increase, along with Skill Critical Chance by 10%. Heavy Weapons can obtain about 50% Ammo Capacity. Along with that, there is also a 25% increase in Max Health and Weakspot Damage.
Team PerkMagnetic FieldLevel 2Heavy Weapons can provide 15% Damage Reduction to every one of your allies within 2.5 meters radius.Along with the basic stat boosts, upgrading grants allies to gradually restore their Ammo if they lie within the AoE.
Utility PerkHeavy MobilityLevel 3Movement speed when carrying a Heavy Weapon will be improved by 35%.Upgrading this Perk can grant 25% increase to both Evade Speed and Evade Distance along with the base stat boosts.
Relic PerkSurplusLevel 4Whenever you use a Relic, expect 15% of your Heavy Weapon Ammo to be refilled. This can be even doubled if your Heavy Weapon is stowed.You can upgrade this Perk at Level 9. Upon upgrading, if the Stowed Heavy Weapon is overfilled, then you'll drop additional Ammo as surplus.

Available Engineer Skills

Remnant 2 Engineer Archetype
The Engineer Archetype Skills and Perks – captured by VeryAli Gaming.

Each and every Archetype available in Remnant 2 will have three skills available to them, but only one of them can be equipped at an instance. Skills also usually have longer cooldowns and cannot be upgraded. So, strategically using them can often become the deciding factor during combats.

NameUnlocked at which LevelPRESSHOLDDOUBLE PRESSAdditional Stat Boosts
Heavy Weapon: VulcanAutomatically UnlockedPressing SKILL can deploy a Vulcan Turret which will prioritize targets that the player aims at. Pressing SKILL again can also enable autonomous targetingHolding down SKILL can deploy Heavy Carry Mode. If the Prime Perk is available, then holding down SKILL can overclock the weapon if already in hand.You can reclaim the cast Vulcan Turret by double pressing SKILL, returning 75% of its remaining ammo aswell.Heavy Weapon Ammo will be regenerated by 1.25% every second.
Heavy Weapon: FlamethrowerUnlocked at Level 5You can cast a Flamethrower Turret by pressing SKILL. Pressing SKILL again can enable autonomous targeting.Holding down SKILL will deploy it to Heavy Carry Mode, similarly to the Vulcan Turret.Once again, double pressing reclaims the cast Weapon Turret.Same as Vulcan Turret.
Heavy Weapon: Impact CannonUnlocked at Level 10Pressing SKILL can deploy an Impact Cannon Turret which may last until its Ammo is finished. Pressing SKILL again can enable autonomous targeting.Holding down SKILL will deploy it to Heavy Carry Mode, similarly to the Vulcan Turret.Same as the Vulcan and Flamethrower Turrets.Same as the Vulcan and Flamethrower Turrets.

Note that:

  • All Heavy Weapons for The Engineer Archetype scale only with Skill Damage.
  • Vulcan Turret is a minigun in both Turret and Heavy Weapon Carry form. All other Heavy Weapons act differently in different deployed forms.
  • In Remnant 2, Amulets and Rings consider Heavy Weapons as “Summons.

Engineer Archetype Trait

The Engineer Archetype utilizes a specific unique trait called Fortify, which can increase the defense stats of equipped armor. Archetype Traits level up along with the Archetypes.

Fortify improves Armor Effectiveness up to 50% when maxed out. At Level 1, it provides a 5% increase in overall Armor Effectiveness. With each Level gained, there is an additional 5% increment to the Armor Effectiveness Stat boost, until you finally reach Level 10.

Wrap Up

The Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2 is a powerful Archetype to use especially if you love to dive into the enemies in every battlefield. Its use of Heavy Weapons and strong Armor can make you act like a tank in combat and allow you to set off spectacular bursts and blasts to destroy your foes with.

We hope you found our Remnant 2 Engineer Archetype Guide definitive and helpful!


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