Remnant 2: Faelin or Faerin? [Who To Choose]

Faelin or Faerin are two choices for a boss fight on Losomn that provide rare items for crafting weaponry!

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Remnant 2: Faelin or Faerin

When exploring Losomn, you will witness a throne room where a boss fight is planned. An imposter sits on the throne, and you must defeat him for the safety of the people of Losomn. However, you must choose your boss as Faelin or Faerin. Let’s discuss more about it!

Key Takeaways

  • Faelin or Faerin are imposter kings in the world of Losomn
  • They rest in a large Palace and fight for the throne.
  • You aim to kill the imposter so the rightful king sits on the throne.
  • However, choosing any boss fight will not disorient the storyline.
  • Defeating Faelin will get you crafting material Imposter’s Hilt, which is for creating Deceit weapons.
  • Players will receive Melded Hilt material upon defeating Faerin for crafting Godsplitter, a melee weapon.
  • You must consider the rewards and choose the boss according to your choice of Archetype.

Choosing Faelin or Faerin is completely your choice, as it will not affect the storyline. However, each boss drops different rare items that can be later crafted into secret weapons. So, you’ll have to choose the boss that drops the items related to your archetype. 

To make your decision, you’ll need to find the mural of Faelin and Faerin. A Lever will be close to it, which you must push to rotate a large circle in the center of the room. The circle has two halves: shiny and dull. Therefore, you must point the right surface towards the large door to choose your imposter king.


choosing faelin to fight after debating over faelin or faerin
Cutscene before fight | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Faelin is one of two imposters who are fighting for the throne in Malefic Palace. He associates with light and will use all his laser attacks to defeat you. Faelin’s weak point is his head so you must target it whenever you get the chance. 

To choose Faelin as your boss, you must point the shiny side of the circle towards the door before the boss fight starts. This will redirect your path to the Beatific Gallery. Upon defeating Faelin, you will receive “Imposter’s Hilt.” Use this crafting material to create a long-range weapon, “Deceit.”

Note that players can craft on their return to Ward 13 by visiting Ava McCabe. Moreover, it is said that Faelin is the real imposter as he is cruel to the people of Losomn and gives them a hard time. Although this may be true, any bossfight choice will not change the course of the main story.

Ava McCabe showcase
Visit Ava for crafting special weapons | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

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choosing faerin to fight after debating over faelin or faerin
Before initiating boss fight | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Faerin is the second boss choice you can explore. To take him as your opponent, you must point the dull side of the large circle towards the main door. Your main objective will guide you to visit the Malefic Gallery to initiate the boss fight.

Faerin is equally difficult as Faelin and he will use all his fancy techniques to make you suffer. Hence, you must keep your stamina reserved at all times and try to dodge any fatal attacks. 

Defeating Faerin will get you a rare crafting item known as “Melded Hilt.” If you take it to Ava McCabe with other materials like Scrap, she will craft “Godsplitter,” a powerful melee weapon for you to pick.

Rumor says that Faerin must sit on the throne as he is the kind one and can take care of the people of Losomn. However, this does not change the course of the Lore as the outcome from both choices is the same. 

Who Should You Pick

Now that you know about bosses Faelin and Faerin, you must be curious about what is the better option. This choice is completely dependent on your character. If you were unaware and chose the wrong boss, you can always reset your game to the last checkpoint or reroll the world to pick the other one.

As mentioned, Faelin leads you to Deceit, a long-range weapon precisely for those who have the skill set to utilize it. Hunter Archetype is the ideal choice for using Deceit as it can unleash its maximum potential by enhancing damage, reload speed, and other stats.

Other classes like Gunslinger can also take advantage of it as they are strong with all kinds of weaponry. However, when it comes to Faerin, you get Godsplitter, it is one of the most powerful melee weapons in Remnant 2 that can help when you are low on ammo. 

collecting rewards after defeating faerin
Collecting Melded Hilt crafting material | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Challenger Archetype strongly utilizes melee weapons as their skills and perks can enhance movement and melee damage which are of advantage. Other classes like Medic and Handler can also benefit from it as they have strong healing options.

To help you choose, we present a summary table that briefs all the details about Faelin or Faerin.

Boss Location Rewards Weaponry Suitable Archetype
Faelin Beatific Gallery Imposter’s Hilt, Faelin’s Sigil Deceit (long-range) Hunter, Gunslinger
Faerin Malefic Gallery Melded Hilt, Faerin’s Sigil Godsplitter (melee) Challenger, Handler, Medic

That is all you need to know about picking Faelin or Faerin. Although choosing both will not divert the story, picking a boss according to their Archetype will help players have a stronger build. 

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