Remnant 2: Ford Chest Code [SOLVED]

The Ford Chest Code can be used to unlock a footlocker which holds a key to gather a super powerful SMG known as MP60-R

remnant 2 ford chest code
Remnant 2 Ford Chest Code [Solved]

In Remnant 2, the Ford Chest Code is required to open the foot locker chest in the Ward 13 area. In this guide, we go over how you can easily acquire this code and obtain the SMG MP60-R further.

Key Takeaways

  • Open your inventory and inspect your flashlight from the bottom, where you’ll find the 4-digit code 0415 embedded in it. Enter the code inside the foot locker chest.
  • Gather the cargo control key inside the chest.
  • Go to the end of Ward 13 to access a locked door with the cargo control key.
  • After unlocking the door, you’ll see the MP60R SMG placed on a silver-rusted table inside the room.

First, from your inventory in the quest section, you can access your flashlight and look it over. Once you do that, manoeuver and rotate the flashlight until you reach its bottom. You’ll find the number 0415 scratched on the metallic surface, essentially the Ford Chest Code.

Enter the 4-digit code into the foot locker chest and open it up. Collect the Cargo Control Key placed inside the Locker.

remnant 2 foot locker chest
Interact With The Foot Locker Chest To Open It – Image Captured By Us

Next, make your way toward the end area of Ward 13 and approach a locked door, which you can see below:

remnant 2 locked door of ward 13Open The Locked Door With The Cargo Control Key – Image Captured By Us

Take out the cargo control key you collected earlier and use it to open the locked door. Once you do that, you’ll find a small-compact SMG named MP60-R placed towards the left on a complex steel-rusted table. Pick that up.

remnant 2 mp60-r
MP60-R In-game – Image Captured By Us
Damage 9
RPS 14.2
Magazine 42
Accuracy Very High
Ideal Range 17m
Falloff Range 50m
Max Ammo 252
Critical Hit Chance 10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus +100%
Stats Table For MP60-R

To wrap up, that is all you need to know about the Ford Chest Code in Remnant 2, and through that, you can acquire the super powerful and robust MP60-R SMG to add to your arsenal. Stay tuned for more exciting guides on the way!

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