Remnant 2 Kill The Doe + Revive [Expert Advice]

The decision to kill or revive the Doe significantly impacts the rewards and the destiny of Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Kill The Doe.
In Remnant 2, players face a defining choice - to preserve or kill the enigmatic Doe, setting the course of their destiny.

Among the various choices, Killing or Reviving the Doe is a notorious challenge players face in Remnant 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Killing the Doe aligns with the Corrupted Ravager, causing Yaesha’s gradual demise; however, it grants the Ravager’s Mark amulet for enhanced damage against Bleeding targets.
  • Saving the Doe leads to a boss fight with the Corrupted Ravager, getting the Doe’s Antler for crafting the Red Doe Staff.
  • This summons the Spirit of the Red Doe for a stampede and health regeneration.
  • Engaging the Corrupted Ravager without saving the Doe causes the Doe’s demise, granting the Crimson Membrane, but the Doe’s Antler remains inaccessible.

Kill The Doe

Ravager in Remnant 2.
Embark on a Fateful Journey: Your Decision Between the Doe and the Ravager Holds the Key to Rich Rewards!

The act of killing the Red Doe and aligning with the Corrupted Ravager results in the gradual and dreadful demise of Yaesha.

Furthermore, the player receives the Ravager’s Mark amulet, which can increase the damage inflicted on Bleeding targets by 20%

Revive The Doe

To save the Doe, players can use a Relic charge to heal it, causing it to escape. After defeating the Corrupted Ravager, you obtain the crucial Doe’s Antler for crafting the powerful Red Doe Staff. This melee weapon manifests the summoning of the Spirit of the Red Doe, which embarks a stampede on your foes.

I should let you know that the Spirit of the Red Doe’s stampede facilitates health regeneration, restoring 10% of health to allies within its vicinity. Players will also obtain the Crimson Membrane, enabling crafting the Merciless Long gun. Thanks to the Bloodline mod, this combination offers exceptional crowd-clearing capabilities, potent energy blasts, and unrivaled penetration.

To conclude, players must carefully evaluate their character’s build and intended playstyle before deciding on Remnant 2. Firstly, choosing the first option grants the valuable Ravager’s Mark amulet to Bleed-focused players. On the other hand, the second option provides a safe and beneficial choice, catering to various builds and scenarios.

I recommend avoiding the third choice for its unfavorable outcomes and limited rewards.

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