Remnant 2: Labyrinth Sentinel [Boss Guide]

Labyrinth Sentinel is a unique boss made of giant stone cubes. Find the boss on Labyrinth and shoot the shiny weak spots to eliminate it.

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Remnant 2: Labyrinth Sentinel Boss Guide
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I have played Remnant 2 for 20+ hours; going through various modes to understand the game, so you can easily trust the information.

Worlds of Remnant 2 holds various enemies that amaze the players with their uniqueness. Labyrinth Sentinel is one of those bosses that is made of giant stone cubes. Defeating these bosses can be a challenging task. 

Key Takeaways

  • Labyrinth Sentinel is a unique boss involving a gigantic stone cube that splits into eight normal-sized cubes.
  • To locate the boss, you must grab the Master Portal Key from the Guardian and use it at the Fractured Ingress.
  • The portal will take you to Labyrinth Sentinel boss.
  • Target the weak shiny spots on these eight cubes to damage them by creating hollow spaces.
  • You can also hide inside these hollow areas if the cube passes above you.
  • You will receive Lumenite Crystals, Scrap, Tome of Knowledge, Orb of Undoing, and Cube Gun when defeated.

Boss Description

Initially, the Labyrinth Sentinel is a gigantic cube that floats in the air. As you approach, it will split into eight stone cubes, which rotate on the surface to kill you. Moreover, the cubes have shiny and dull surfaces that are important to notice.

The instant death effect makes this boss fight very challenging. If the cube rotates and falls on top of your character, you will die at that moment. Therefore, you must practice your dodging skills before planning to defeat this boss.

Labyrinth Sentinel Location 

in this area you meet labyrinth sentinel
Fractured Ingress is the part of Labyrinth where you meet Labyrinth Sentinel | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Labyrinth Sentinel boss resides in the Labyrinth, a world you access after exploring your first randomly assigned world. Finding the boss can be time-consuming since you need to explore all areas.

Players must search every region joined by the portals to make things easier. Completing the Colosseum of Ruin quest is compulsory as it will lead you to Master Portal Key. Moreover, grab this key item and travel towards Fractured Ingress.

getting access to boss area
Use this at the initial location to give you access to the boss | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Fractured Ingress is close to the initial checkpoint on the Labyrinth. Use the Master Portal Key over there to initiate the portal, which will redirect your path to the Labyrinth Sentinel. Ensure you eliminate any ground or air units in your way when exploring Labyrinth, as they can drain your health bar.

Tips And Tricks To Defeat Labyrinth Sentinel

labyrinth sentinel weak spots
Target these shiny spots to destroy the cubes | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Here are the steps:

  1. Shoot the shiny spots on the eight-stone cubes to damage the boss.
  2. Use rifles or snipers to target and explode these shiny areas.
  3. Navigate the maze-like boss fight location, using narrow passages to escape pursuing cubes.
  4. When you shoot the shiny spots, the cube becomes hollow on that side.
  5. If a cube is approaching, crouch to hide in the hollow space above to avoid being chased.
  6. Watch out for mini stones the Labyrinth Sentinel boss shoots—they can drain your health and should be destroyed by shooting them.
  7. Stay alert to cube movements and dodge to avoid getting crushed, as it results in instant death.
  8. Find safe corners where the cube can’t reach you for healing or reloading during the boss fight.
  9. Focus solely on shooting the shiny white spots throughout the Labyrinth Sentinel boss fight.


When you successfully defeat the boss, you will receive plenty of rewards that are useful for upgrading weapons and unlocking new skills. Using them in your future gameplay will be to your advantage.

  • Lumenite Crystals x10
  • Scrap x1000
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Orb of Undoing x1
  • Cube Gun

After you end the quest, the Guardian of Labyrinth will provide you with a Biome Portal Key that gives you access to the complete world of Labyrinth. Furthermore, you will also receive a Trait point. Use it to upgrade any available Traits.

you get a trait point after defeating labyrinth sentinel
Quest Completion Rewards | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Here, our guide on Labyrinth Sentinel Boss guide comes to an end. I hope that you found the boss’s location without much trouble. Defeating the boss is easier if you focus on your dodges and the shiny white spots. Using the maze to your advantage will end this boss fight earlier.

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