Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle [SOLVED]

Here's a step-by-step guide to help solve the enigmatic Plinth Puzzle in Remnant 2.

Plinth Puzzle Walkthrough

There is a mysterious puzzle called the Plinth puzzle, found in three different locations among the 12 puzzles in Remnant 2. Although these puzzles can be challenging to solve, they can yield great rewards once deciphered. The Plinth puzzle is no exception, and successfully solving it can grant you a powerful weapon or a piece of armor. If you find yourself struggling while decoding these puzzles, then this guide is for you.

Key Takeaways

  • The Plinth Puzzle is a puzzle found in various locations across Remnant 2.
  • It consists of a dial with four different symbols, and you must find all four corresponding symbols to solve the puzzle.
  • It is necessary to thoroughly explore the area to uncover more clues since the symbols on the dial are generated randomly.
  • After finding all four clues, you must match the symbols on the dial to those in the clues.
  • The door to the reward opens as soon as you successfully solve the puzzle.
  • As this puzzle can be found in three different locations, the reward you get is also different in each location.

Introduction To Plinth Puzzle

Overview of Puzzle in Remnant 2
Plinth Puzzle in Remnant 2(Captured by Us)

The plinth puzzle consists of a dial with four symbols on it. The symbols on the dial are randomly generated, so it is necessary to explore the surrounding area to find the clues. In The Lamnent, the clues are found in a diary.

In Imperial Gardens, the clues are found on four doors; and in The Expanding Glade, the clues are found on four stone tablets. After solving the puzzle, the door to the reward will be unlocked. From there, you can collect your reward depending on your location.

How To Solve Plinth Puzzle In Remnant 2

Whenever faced with a challenge or puzzle, it is necessary to employ a strategy. Understanding and finishing a task on time can be challenging without the appropriate guidelines. Therefore, following the instructions in the same order as given below, you should be able to solve the plinth puzzle. 

  1. Find the B00k:  To begin, you’ll need to locate the Book in The Lamnent. The Book is housed in a small room within this area and may be protected by enemies; therefore, you should be prepared.
    Book found in Lamnent
    Book in The Lamnent(Captured by Us)
  2. Check the symbol on the Book:  You’ll notice a symbol on the front left page when you open the Book. This symbol is one of the four symbols that you need to discover. The symbol’s color matches the color of the blanket on the coffins.
    Book in Imperial Gardens
    Opening the Book to find the symbol color(Captured by Us)
  3. Find coffins with matching blankets:  Your next task is to locate the coffins with blankets of the same color as the symbol in the Book. Look at the blankets on the coffin to find the corresponding symbols.
    Sarcophagus in Remnant 2
    Matching the Color of the Blankets to find symbols(Captured by Us)
  4. Match the Symbols:  To solve the puzzle, match the symbols on the dial with those on the coffins. Then, set the symbols on the dial to match those on the coffin. It’s important to note that the order of the symbols doesn’t matter, so there’s no need to adhere to the pattern on the dial.
  5. Set the symbols on the dial:  As soon as you collect them, now is the time to set them on the dial. After you have successfully set the symbols on the dial, the door to the reward will open, providing you with a powerful weapon or armor to proceed with.
    Dial to set symbols
    Setting up symbols on the dial(Captured by Us)

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips that could be useful.

  • Explore the area thoroughly.

When solving a puzzle, it’s easy to miss clues, so exploring the environment thoroughly is essential. Be sure to search for all clues, including doors, symbols, and the colors of those symbols, etc.

  • Reload if you are stuck.

If you are stuck at finding a clue while solving the puzzle, reloading the area might be helpful.

  • Keep pushing forward

Solving the Plinth puzzle can be difficult for many players, but it is possible with perseverance. You can complete the puzzle in due time by thoroughly searching for clues.

The Reward For Solving The Puzzle

The reward you receive after completing the plinth puzzle depends upon where you located the puzzle first. If your puzzle is in The Expanding Glade, you will get a Blooming Heart. The Blooming Heart is an amulet that can boost your max health. It also allows you to revive yourself if you cannot function.

Weapon as a reward
Crossbow in Remnant 2(Captured by Us)

In Imperial Gardens, the reward is a Crossbow which is a powerful weapon. It can fire bolts that can penetrate through enemies with ease. Lastly, you will receive a Blood-Tinged Ring upon solving the puzzle in The Lament, which can increase your vulnerability while dodging enemies. 

Wrap Up

Following the tips written in the guide above, you must be able to solve one of the most tricky puzzles in Remnant 2 now. Although solving the plinth puzzle can be complicated and time-consuming, the reward you get after solving it is worth your time and patience. Therefore, it’s a must-try for every player out there to explore their game differently.

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