Remnant 2 Relic Fragments [Definitive Guide]

Relic Fragments give a unique buff in Remnant 2. There are 3 basic types depending on their application like defense, damage or support.

Remnant 2 Relic Fragments Cover
Remnant 2: Relic Fragments

Relic Fragments are unique items in Remnant 2 that give certain buffs to players. They can be defense, damage, or support based. In my Today’s guide Learn how to acquire and use them to maximize their effects according to your Archetypes.

Key Takeaways

  • Relic Fragments are special items that boost the player’s attributes in various ways in Remnant 2.
  • They are commonly found by defeating Bosses and Elites, opening chests, or they can be bought from Dwell in Ward 13.
  • You can place them in the Relic slots that your character possesses.
  • A maximum of three Relic Fragments can be in use at any time, irrespective of their type.
  • They have three categories depending on their color: Red (Damage and Offensive), Blue (Armor and Defensive), and Yellow (Passive Skills and Support).
  • They can also be divided into three categories based on their rarity as Cracked, Ordinary, and Solid, with Solid being the rarest and most powerful.
  • Acquiring the same type of fragment upgrades it.

What Are Relic Fragments?

Relic Fragments
Various Relic Fragments | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Relic Fragments refer to the peculiar stone pieces you pick up while playing Remnant 2. These give you specific passive enhancements like stamina, damage, skill cooldown, and more. They are almost everywhere in the game, and their usage might be confusing initially.

They can be added over the slots of any Relic you may find in the game. Relics are consumables that are used to heal or give other passive boosts. You can store many Relic Fragments in your inventory, but only the ones equipped in the Relic will be effective.

How To Get Relic Fragments?

Relic Fragments are prevalent in Remnant 2; however I must inform you that, getting a specific type is never sure. Due to the randomness in the game’s mechanics, you don’t know which one you will acquire from any specific location. Nevertheless, you can test your luck at the following places.

Elites and Bosses

This is not the easiest method as per my experience to get the Relic Fragments. Beating any Boss or Elite has a huge chance to drop these. The boss locations are specific, but the elites can spawn anywhere in the world.

The stronger the enemy, the better the chance of getting a rare and strong fragment. The bosses and elites at the far end of the story are more prone to drop superior items than the ones in the beginning. Moreover, you can look forward to defeating a few optional bosses in order to acquire them, but it isn’t recommended.


Dwell - NPC Merchant in Ward 13 Sells Relic Fragments
Dwell – NPC Merchant in Ward 13 Sells Relic Fragments | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The NPC merchant in Ward 13, Dwell, also sells Relic Fragments at the cost of Relic Dust. However, a similar scenario is with him; you never know which one you will get from the three categories. You can keep checking him to see if he has preferable offers.


Another place to try your luck is opening the random chests present along the path. They have a decent probability of containing these. Additionally, you should explore locations thoroughly for side quests and hidden locations, as they may have chests with rarer fragments.

How To Equip Relic Fragments?

Relic Fragments equipped on Relic
Relic Fragments equipped on Relic | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Do the following steps to equip Relic Fragments:

  1. Open the Character Menu and select the Relic you wish to use.
  2. “Right Click” on the Relic in the lower left corner to open up its stats.
  3. There will be three slots to equip the fragments of your choice.
  4. Select any slot, and a menu with all available Relic Fragments will open. Choose any of your choices from there according to your build.

You can equip fragments of any type you wish; there is no restriction on selecting a distinct color per slot. Although you cannot select the same one twice in two slots, one specific fragment can only be equipped once. For example, you can have all fragments of Red color, or two of Red and one Blue, and so on, but you cannot have the “Cracked Mod Damage” fragment in two slots simultaneously.


Upgrading Relic Fragments works a little differently in Remant 2 than other things. To upgrade this item, you must acquire another piece of the exact same fragment. Once you get two, they will automatically merge and increase their rank.

You can check any fragment’s potential rank or effectiveness by observing the number written after its name. The higher the number, the higher the rank; thus, it will be more effective. Likewise, you can’t upgrade it unless you get the same one, which is rare considering the game’s random spawn mechanic for this item.


The Relic Fragments can be divided based on the attributes they boost or their rarity. Their build gives the rarity of the fragments, while their color gives the effect. A better build means stronger effects; hence, the Solid is the strongest type.


  • Red – Damage & Offensive Effects
Cracked Ranged Fire Rate - Red Fragment
Cracked Ranged Fire Rate – Red Fragment | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

One of the three colors of these fragments is red, which signifies the Damage and offense-based stats. These include weapons and other damage buffs like Melee Damage, Weakspot Damage, Ranged Fire Rate, and more. Therefore, you should focus on these if you are working on a high DPS build.

  • Blue – Armor & Defensive Perks
Cracked Elemental Resistance - Blue Fragment
Cracked Elemental Resistance – Blue Fragment | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The next is blue, which affects the Armor and other defense stats. These also buff up things like Elemental Resistance, Stamina, Health, Damage Reduction, and a few more. If your build’s weak spot is bad armor or you are fighting some boss with heavy elemental effects, this fragment type can be helpful.

  • Yellow – Support Based
Cracked Mod Duration - Yellow Fragment
Cracked Mod Duration – Yellow Fragment | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The last color you can find is Yellow, which focuses on Support and other passive abilities. These usually enhance your character’s innate abilities like Skill Duration, Skill Cooldown, Weapon Mod Duration, and much more. You can take these if you feel your skills should be active for a little more time or if you are fighting a boss whose weakness is specific Weapon Mods.


  • Cracked

Cracked is the most common or least rare fragment type, and you can easily get your hands on it. Hence, these give the least boost to your abilities and are abundant in the game’s early stages.

  • Ordinary

They are one step above the Cracked rarity and are a little more powerful too. However, you need to beat some strong enemies or look for them once you have decent progress in the game to get these.

  • Solid

These are the rarest and the most powerful fragments you can find. Their buffs are very strong and better than the other two types. Although these are only found in the late story near the end and are very difficult to find.

All Relic Fragments

The following table summarizes all the Relic Fragments we got in Remnant 2:

Red Blue Yellow
Weakspot Damage Stamina Recovery Delay Weapon Swap
Elemental Damage Health Ammo Pickups
Melee Damage Blight Resistance Consumable Duration
Melee Attack Speed Armor Effectiveness Consumable Speed
Mod Damage Stamina Mod Duration
Ranged Critical Chance Revive Speed Recoil
Stagger Damage Shield Effectiveness Skill Cooldown
Ranged Damage Damage Reduction Ammo Reserves
Melee Critical Damage Charge Melee Cost Weapon Spread
Ranged Critical Damage Elemental Resistance Mod Cost
Melee Critical Chance Grey Health Rate Casting Speed
Skill Damage Healing Effectiveness Skill Duration
Ranged Fire Rate Stamina Cost Spread Recovery
Ranged Weakspot Damage
Relic Fragments

Wrap Up

That’s all there is to know about Relic Fragments in Remnant 2. These play a crucial role in the battles; hence you should always remember which ones you acquire. Keep the ones equipped that suit the best according to your build and I hope you benefit from my guide and it makes things easy for you to get started with Remnant 2.

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