Remnant 2 Rings [All 127 Rings Locations]

Rings are accessories in Remnant 2 that feature unique effects in battle. Here is a full list of all the Rings in Remnant 2, their effects, and their locations.

Remnant 2 Rings
All Rings in Remnant 2

Each Ring in Remnant 2 has a unique perk that players can benefit from upon equipping. There are four slots for Rings, meaning you can equip up to four rings simultaneously. Let’s look at all available Remnant 2 Rings, where to find them, and their effects.

Key Takeaways

  • Rings are accessories that come with unique perks and attributes in Remnant 2.
  • Players can equip up to four rings at once by going into the Character menu.
  • Most rings spawn at random or specific spots through different worlds. Some can be purchased or crafted from shops, and some are given as a reward.
  • Some rings don’t have an exact spawn location for each player.

Here’s an overview of all available Rings, their effects, and how to get them:

Ring Name Ring Effect Ring Location
Assassin’s Seal Reduces enemy Awareness Range by 25%. Increases all damage dealt to enemies not targeting the wearer by 10%. Council Tribunal, Losomn
Alumni Ring Increases all Elemental damage dealt by 10%. Outside the Asylum where you kill the Nightweaver
Acid Stone Increases ACID damage by 10% and ACID Resistance by 15%. Available at Reggie, the Merchant
Alchemy Ring Increases base Lifesteal by 5% while suffering from a negative STATUS or BLIGHT Effect. Ironborough, Losomn
Archer’s Crest Increases Projectile Speed by 20% and Decreases Weapon Charge Time by 25%. Endaira’s End, Yaesha
Anastasijia’s Inspiration When receiving healing effects, gain HASTE for 10s. Available at Whispers The Merchant
Blood Jewel Charged Melee Attacks apply BLEEDING, dealing 360 BLEED damage over the 20s The Forbidden Grove, Yaesha
Booster Ring Increases all Status Resistances by 10. Council Chamber, Losomn
Blasting Cap Ring Increases Explosive damage by 10%. The Timeless Horizon, N’Erud
Black Cat Band When taking fatal damage, the wearer’s Health will drop to 1 instead of dying, and Movement Speed will increase by 25% for 10s 2m cooldown. Available at Reggie, the Merchant
Bright Steel Ring It gives the wearer the fastest evade roll regardless of their Armor Encumbrance. Available at Reggie, the Merchant
Band Band Ring Increases Speed of Revive and being Revived by 35%. Increases Downed Health and Downed Movement Speed by 100%.

It is obtained as a reward for playing a melody near a waterfall in Endaira’s End.

Berserker’s Crest Increases Melee Charge Speed by 20% and reduces Melee Stamina Cost by 25%. The Chimney, Yaesha
Burden of the Follower Reduces Fire Rate by 15%. Increases Mod Power Generation by 50%. Endaira’s End, Yaesha
Burden of the Gambler Disables Weakspots. Increases Critical Chance by 10% and Critical Damage by 20%. Available at Cass’s Shop
Black Pawn Stamp Reduces Cooldowns of Skills by 10%. Reward for Torches Flame Event (Blue)
Burden of the Mariner Increases Skill Cooldowns by 25%. Generate 10% additional Mod Power for each Skill on Cooldown. Available at Drzyr Replicator
Burden of the Audacious

Decreases all healing by 75%. Perfect Dodges heal for 15% of Max Health.

Available at Cass’s Shop
Blackout Ring After dealing 20% of the Weapon’s Total Magazine base damage, it increases Reload Speed by 3%. Stacks 5x Cleared on Reload. Vault of the Formless and Void Vessel Facility
Burden of the Divine Reduces enemy Awareness Range by 25%. Increases all damage dealt to enemies not targeting the wearer by 10%. Random Drop in Losomn
Burden of the Rebel Reduces Skill Cooldowns by 15% but reduces Relic Use Speed by 25%. The reward for gifting Thaen Seed to the Eternal Empress
Blood Tinged Ring Gain 2 Health Regeneration per second within 10m of a BLEEDING entity. The Lament, Yaesha
Burden of the Warlock Reduces Mod Power Requirement by 15%. Activating a Mod costs 15% Health as Grey Health. Activation cannot kill the wearer. Random drop in Losomn
Burden of the Stargazer Reduces Skill Cooldowns by 15%. Activating a Skill costs 15% Health. Tower of the Unseen and Spectrum Nexus
Celebrity Stone Increases Consumable and Relic Use Speed by 20%. The Lament, Yaesha
Constant Variable Ring Increases Ranged damage up to 20% based on the current Weapon’s Overheat value. Tower of the Unseen, N’Erud
Cataloger’s Jewel Automatically generates 8 Mod Power per second. Beatific Palace, Losomn
Conservation Seal For every 10% of Health missing  [Max 50%], gain a 3% chance not to consume Relic and 5% increased Relic Efficacy on subsequent use. Vault of the Formless, N’Erud
Captain’s Insignia Increases Revive Speed and Relic Consume Speed by 25% per downed or dead ally. Max 2 stacks. Endaira’s End, Yaesha
Drakestone Pearl Enables Stamina Regeneration during Melee Attacks at 20% of the average rate. The Great Sewers, Losomn
Deceiver’s Band After performing a Slide, gain 15% Evade Speed and 10% Movement Speed for 12s. Available at Cass’s Shop
Deep Pocket Ring Increases Ammo Reserves by 25%. The Putrid Domain, N’Erud
Dense Silicon Ring Gain 200% of Health Regenerated as Mod Power. Entangled Gauntlet, The Labyrinth
Defensive Action Loop While reloading, and for 3s after reload completes, incoming damage is reduced by 10%. Astropath’s Respite, N’Erud
Dran Memento Increases Max Stamina by 20 and reduces Encumbrance by 5. Butcher’s Quarters, Losomn
Dead King’s Memento Increases Health by 15. Available at Cass’s Shop
Dread Font Increases Grey Health Regeneration rate by 2 per second. Random Drop in Losomn
Dying Ember Gain 5% of base Melee damage dealt as Lifesteal. Ashen Wasteland, Root Earth
Excess Coil Activating a Skill grants a Shield for 25% of Max Health. It cannot stack with itself. Lasts 10s. The Dark Conduct, N’Erud.
Encrypted Ring Using a Mod regenerates 10% of Max Health over 10s. It can stack up to 30s. The Labyrinth
Endaira’s Endless Loop After Sprinting for 2s, the wearer gains 1.5 Health Regeneration per second until they stop Sprinting. Endaira’s End, Yaesha
Faerin’s Sigil Critical and Weakspot Hits generate 10% additional Mod Power. Kill Faerin in the Malefic Gallery
Faelin’s Sigil Melee Damage generates 10% additional Mod Power. Kill Faelin in Beautific Gallery
Fae Hunter Ring Increases Range of Firearms by 30%. Great Sewers, Losomn
Fire Stone Increases FIRE damage by 10% and FIRE Resistance by 15. Available at Reggie, the Merchant
Flyweight’s Sting Effect Increases Melee damage while Armor Encumbrance is below 50. Damage bonus increases with lower Encumbrance, up to 25% at 0 Weight. Corrupted Harbour, Root Earth
Feedback Loop Perfect Dodge triggers a 3m AOE blast with 115 SHOCK Damage and applies OVERLOADED. Phantom Wasteland, N’erud
Fae Warrior Ring Increases Melee Damage by 15%. Random Drop
Fae Shaman Ring Increases Health Regeneration by 0.25 and Relic Use Speed by 25%. Council Chamber
Feastmaster’s Signet Increases active Concoction Limit by 1. Great Hall, Losomn
Fae Bruiser Ring Dealing Melee damage grants 2 Stack of BULWARK for 7s. Does not stack with itself. Random Drop in Losomn
Fae Protector Signet Increases Max Health and Stamina by ten and Reduces Encumbrance by 5. Council Chamber event in Council Chambers
Generating Band Regenerate 3 of Max Health per second while a Shield is active. Flooded Room Event in N’Erud
Guardian’s Ring Adds 1 Stack of BULWARK when within 7m of an enemy. Increases to 2 Stacks for 10s after taking Melee damage. Random drop in Yaesha
Grounding Stone Increases SHOCK damage by 10% and SHOCK Resistance by 15. Available at Reggie, the Merchant
Game Master’s Pride Reduces all healing by 50%. Splits all damage and remaining healing evenly among all allies wearing this Ring. Postulant’s Parlor, Losomn
Galvanized Resupply Band Increases Ammo Pickups by 50%. Complete the Supply Ship event
Gunslinger’s Ring Increases Firearm Swap Speed by 30% and Reload Speed by 10%. Listen to 10 stories from Mudtooth
Haymaker’s Ring Increase Melee damage by 0.2% for every 1 point of Armor Encumbrance. Ashen Wasteland, Root Earth
Hex Ward Prevents CURSE Blight. Crafted at Nimue Shop
Hardcore Metal Band Taking damage adds one stack of BULWARK, which individually falls off after 10s. Max 5 stacks. Random drop in N’Erud
Heart of the Wolf Increases Max Stamina by 25 and Movement Speed by 10%. Endaira’s End, Yaesha
Hardened Coil Reduces all incoming damage by 3% for each 10% of missing Health—Max 15% reduction. The Expanding Glade and Forgotten Field
Kinetic Cycle Stone Increases Mod and Skill Cast Speed by 20%. Corrupted Harbor, Root Earth
Low Yield Recovery Ring Killing an enemy regenerates 5% Max Health over 5s. Additional kills increase the duration by 5s. Max 30s. Tower of the Unseen and Astropath’s Respite
Lodestone Ring Increases all damage dealt against illuminated enemies by 5%. Wear the Lodestone Crown and talk with Bedel of the Vaunnt
Lithic Signet Reduces all incoming damage by 5%. Random drop
Meteorite Shard Ring Increases Encumbrance by 50. Increases Unarmed damage by 50%. Craftable at Drzyr Replicator
Mechanic’s Cog While carrying an Engineer Heavy Weapon, gain 15% Movement Speed and 1 Stack of BULWARK. Purchasable from Cass’s shop
Momentum Driver After Sprinting for 2s, Movement Speed is increased by 15%, and Stagger Level is reduced by 1. N’Erud
Microcompressor Reduces Heat Generation when firing weapons that Overheat by –30%. Increases Heat Reduction Rate by 30%. Craftable at Drzyr Replicator
Metal Driver Killing Blows increase Reload Speed by 5% for 7s. Stacks 3x. Vault of the Formless, N’Erud
Outcast Ring Increases Reload Speed by 5% for 15s after reloading. Stacks 5x. Rewarded from the event Man in the Sewers
Power Saver At Max Health, gain a 25% chance not to use a Relic charge. N’Erud
Propulsion Loop After killing an enemy, increase Movement Speed by 5% and Consumable Use Speed by 10% for 10s. Stacks 3x. Tower of the Unseen in N’Erud
Point Focus Ring Reduces Initial Spread and Recoil by 35%. Random drop in N’Erud
Probability Cord Increases Crit Damage by 30%. Corrupted Harbour, Root Earth
Rerouting Cable Gain 5% of Max Health as a SHIELD for 5s after spending 25 Stamina. Accumulation resets after 5s of inaction—Max 50% SHIELD. Putrid Domain, N’erud
Restriction Cord Restricts the wearer from Healing above 50% of their maximum Health and reduces all incoming damage by 10%. Available at Bedel of the Vaunnt
Ring of the Damned Increases all damage dealt by 10% while Grey Health is present. The Great Sewers, Losomn
Reaping Stone After an Elemental Status Effect is removed from the wearer, they become immune to all Elemental Status Effects and gain 2% of base damage dealt as Lifesteal for 10s. Ashen Wasteland, Root Earth
Ring of Restocking Reloads within 1.5s of a Critical Hit or Weakspot Kill are 20% faster. Random drop in N’Erud
Ring of Retribution Incoming enemy damage increases Reload Speed and all outgoing damage by 10%. Lasts 15s. Losomn
Rusted Heirloom Grants Stacks of BULWARK below 50% Max HP. Inside the safe of Tiller’s Rest or Harvester’s Reach
Ring of the Forest Spirit Relic Healing Effectiveness is increased by 15%. Random Drop in Yaesha
Ring of Flawed Beauty Ranged Weakspot damage is increased by 25%. Ranged damage is reduced by 15% when failing to hit a Weakspot. Available at Cass’s Shop
Reserve Boosting Gem Increases Health Regeneration by 0.333 per second. 1s after going below 50% Health, increases regeneration value to 2 per second until 50% Health is reached. Putrid Domain or the Hatchery
Ring of Diversion Increases invulnerability window while evading and sliding. Complete the Consort’s Puzzle in The Lament
Ring of Deflection Direct Damage against the wearer has a 20% Chance of being converted entirely to Grey Health. Putrid Domain, N’Erud
Rotward Prevents ROOT ROT Blight. Purchasable from Bedel of the Vaunnt
Ring of the Robust Increases Max Health by ten and Armor Effectiveness by 15. Harvester’s Reach/ Butcher’s Quarter/ Tiller’s Rest
Ring of Omens Evades cost 15% Max Health as Grey Health instead of Stamina. Cathedral of Omens
Rock of Anguish Gain 5% Movement Speed and 7.5% Reload Speed for every 25% of Max Healthmissing. Clara sells the Ring in exchange for 500 Scrap
Ring of Crisis When the wearer’s Health drops below 25%, gain a Shield for 25% of Max Health. Lasts 10s. The Hatchery, N’Erud
Ring of Grace Taking enemy damage causes 10% of Maximum Health to regenerate over 10s. Rewarded by Riewen
Seal of the Empress Increases Max Health by 20. Reduces Max Stamina by 10. Rewarded by the Empress
Sagestone Increases earned Experience by 10%. Twisted Chantry/ Forgotten Fields/ The Nameless Nest/The Lament
Shiny Hog Lure Reloading grants 25-30 Mod Power to both weapons based on a percentage of Magazine reloaded. Butcher’s Quarter, Losomn
Sapphire Dreamstone Critical Hits reduce Skill Cooldowns by 3%. It can only happen once every 2s. In the secret area in Losomn
Soul Guard Gain a stack of BULWARK for each active Summon. Craftable at Bloodmoon Altar Shop
Shard Banded Ring Increases Mod damage by 12%. The Labyrinth
Stone of Balance Increases all damage by 7%. Random drop in Yaesha
Stone of Malevolence Elemental Status damage generates 15% additional Mod Power. Random drop in Losomn
Singed Ring Increases all damage dealt to BURNING enemies by 10%. During the burning event in Butcher’s Quarter
Soul Link Summons Lifesteal 5% of base damage dealt, which returns to the wearer as Health. Random drop in Yaesha
Stone of Continuance Increases Skill Duration by 25%. Tower of the Unseen, N’Erud
Stone of Expanse Increases Ranged damage by 12%. Reduces all other damage dealt by 6%. N’Erud
Stream Coupler Using a Skill regenerates 10% of Max Health over 5s. Appears in Losomn.
Spirit Stone Increases Mod Power generation by 10%. Random drop in Yaesha
Stockpile Charger After picking up ammo, the damage of that Ammo Type increases by 13% for the 20s. Losomn
Slayer’s Crest Increases Melee damage by 25% when attacking enemies from behind. Random drop in Yaesha
Subterfuge Link After killing an enemy, increase the Cast Speed of the next Mod or Skill Cast by 35%. It lasts 15s or until consumed. N’Erud
Suppression Ward Prevents SUPPRESSION Blight. Craftable at Drzyr Replicator
Tear of Kaeula Increases Relic capacity by two while equipped. Kaeula’s Rest, Yaesha
Tomb Dweller’s Ring Increases Movement Speed by 10% for 7s after Vaulting, Climbing, Leaping, and entering Water, stacks 1x. Reduces Fall Damage by 25%. The Chimney/ The Lament/ The Twisted Chantry in Yaesha
Targeting Jewel Increases Range on all Firearms by 4m. Reduces Spread by 15%. N’Erud
Tarnished Ring Increases the damage of Unarmed Attacks by 30%. Available in Ward 13
Tempest Conduct After receiving Elemental Damage, increase all damage dealt by 70% and Resistance to the received Element by 20 for 20s. Endaira’s End, Yaesha
Timekeeper’s Jewel Increases the duration of all Status Effects applied by the wearer. Time varies per status. Hewdas Clock, Losomn
Tightly Wound Coil When spending 75% or more of a current magazine, gain a SHIELD for 10% of Max Health for 5s. Does not stack with itself. Inside a capsule in Void Vessel Facility, N’Erud
Vestige of Power After 7s of not being damaged, Ranged and Melee Damage increases by 10%. Random Drop in Yaesha
Vacuum Seal Increases Automatic Pickup Range for Scrap by 100%. Picking up Scrap, Iron, or Ammo grants a SHIELD for 10% of Max Health for l0s. It does not stack. Randomly drops in N’Erud.
Wind Hollow Circlet Increases Reload Speed by 12%. Endaira’s End, Yaesha
Wax Sealed Ring Killing blows increase Ranged and Melee Damage by 4% for 15s. Stacks 3x. The Far Woods, Yaesha
Worn Admiral’s Ring All damage received is increased by 200%. All damage dealt is increased by 10%. Available at Reggie the Merchant
White Pawn Stamp Reduces Mod Power Requirement by 10%. During the Flames event
Zania’s Malice Dealing Weakspot damage increases Weakspot damage by 10% for 7s. Stacks 3x. Ashen Wasteland, Root Wasteland
Remnant 2 Rings Conservation Seal
The Conservation Seal is perfect for when you’re losing Health. (Image captured by me: Ayesha Haq)

My Thoughts

In my experience, choosing from the plethora of Remnant 2 Rings is tricky. However, once you understand your build and the situation’s specific needs, selecting the right Ring will be a piece of cake. Thankfully, Remnant’s Ring roster is diverse and features effects for every situation. And I found most of them with ease!

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