Remnant 2: Savior Weapon [Unlock Guide]

In this guide, we talk about Savior Weapon and how can you obtain it.

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Remnant 2: Savior Weapon

Remnant 2 has specific weapons that unlock after completing certain tasks in their gameplay. Savior is one of those weapons, and it is a time-consuming task to grind for it. However, the gun is very strong and useful in many situations to help you wipe out enemies. This guide will be all about the Savior weapon and how we can unlock it. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • Savior is a unique long-range primary weapon that deals damage through laser shots.
  • Players can unlock it by completing the game on the highest difficulty setting.
  • Visit Brabus after game completion to purchase the weapon for 1500 Scrap.
  • Savior comes with a built-in mod Shatterstar that deals with burning damage through a laser beam.
  • The weapon recharges for roughly two seconds after every bullet is fired, indicated by the red animation at the muzzle.
  • If you don’t let it recharge, Savior will deal less damage to nearby targets.
  • If enemies start to gang up on you, initiate the weapon mod and burn all the enemies to clear the area.

Weapon Description

take a look at savior weapon
Savior showcase | Image Made By: VeryAli Gaming
Weapon Savior
Built-in Mod Shatterstar
Mod Description Deals 100 Burning Damage for 10 seconds
Damage 72
RPS 1.9
Magazine 6
Ideal Range 25m
Falloff Range 75m
Max Ammo 42
Critical Hit Chance 10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus +115%
Stagger Modifier 0%

The Savior weapon is a potential candidate for defeating tough bosses and elites through significant long-range damage. Moreover, it comes with a built-in mod, Shatterstar, which is its biggest benefit. Players are expected to use the laser bullets for long range and utilize the mod on opponents at point-blank range.

Savior uses laser bullets to deal damage that requires a recharge time of one to two seconds after every shot. If you don’t wait for the laser to be recharged, then the bullet shot will deal less damage. Furthermore, players can use the recharge mechanic to deal damage to enemies who are far away and spam the bullets if they get close.

Savior comes with ten weapon upgrade levels that require some materials other than Scrap for upgradation purposes. These weapon enhancement steps will improve stats such as damage, fire rate, and reload speed.

Additionally, players must have Iron, Forged Iron, Galvanized Iron, Hardened Iron, Simulacrum, Lumenite Crystal, and Scrap. To acquire these items, you must farm them at specific spots during gameplay.

How To Unlock

  • Players can unlock the Savior weapon by completing the game at the hardest difficulty setting, Apocalypse.
difficulty settings
Choose the Apocalypse difficulty and complete the game to get Savior | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  • Most players might need to finish the storyline at a lower difficulty first to understand what they are dealing with.
  • However, veteran players who have experience with the first installment of the Remnant series are qualified to start playing at the Apocalypse difficulty setting.
  • After you complete the game, visit Brabus in Ward 13 and the Savior weapon will appear in his collection.
  • Players can purchase the weapon for 1500 Scrap.
  • If you don’t have enough scrap, you can sell Lumenite Crystals and other unwanted materials in exchange for Scrap.

Optimal Situations To Use Savior

Although players understand that the gun is long-range, they fail to utilize it at full potential which can give them an edge over their enemies. First things first, try to maintain significant distance from your enemies if it is possible.

Aiming Savior at weak spots will deal more damage. Furthermore, when at a distance, recharge your weapon after every bullet shot so it deals maximum damage.

If enemies get dangerously close, activate your weapon mod by pressing the desired key bind and it will deal burning damage to the opponents. A laser emerges from Savior that can pass through multiple enemies, taking out all of them with less ammo used.

If you wish to pair it with a strong secondary pistol, using Tech 22 or MP60-R will be a wise choice as it assists with automatic bullet firing. 

Here, our guide on the Savior’s weapon comes to an end. We hope that you found it helpful and were successful in unlocking the long gun for yourself. Leave feedback for us in the comment section below. We expect you to use it in worlds like Yaesha, where the enemies are made up of tree roots whose weakness is fire.

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