Remnant 2: How To Get Severed Hand [Easy Guide]

Severed Hand is a unique item that can be found in Tiller's Rest in The Great Sewers of Losomn.

Severed Hand Cover
Remnant 2: Severed Hand [Walkthrough]

Remnant 2 has hidden rare materials used to improve the gameplay experience. One of these items is the Severed Hand. I will guide you on where to locate it and what rewards it grants you. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Severed Hand is a quest item found in the World of Losomn.
  • Players can locate it in the Tiller’s Rest inside The Great Sewers.
  • You can find this hanging from a dead man in a cage above you.
  • It will glow purple when hanging. However, once you shoot it, it will be an orange glow.
  • You can interact with it to find the Ring of The Damned and Strong Arm Band.

Severed Hand is a Special quest item found in the World of Losomn. You can use this to unlock further items. Upon interacting and inspecting the hand, you can get either of the two items: Strong Arm Band or Ring of The Damned

Locating The Severed Hand

severed hand showcase
Severed Hand | Made By: VeryAli Gaming
  1. You can find the Severed Hand in The Great Sewers which is located in the World of Losomn.
  2. You can find this in a place inside the Sewer called the Tiller’s Rest.
  3. I’d like to share that Another item called the Spirit Wasp Amulet is also located in the same area where you can interact with an NPC.  
  4. Players are expected to reach the place inside the Tiller’s Rest where they will find multiple cages hanging above their head.
  5. One of these cages will be glowing in purple with a dead man hanging from it.
  6. I advise that you shoot the cage with your weapon until the purple glow disappears and the hand drops.
  7. After this, the hand will drop on the platform right below it and will now appear as an orange glow.
  8. To reach this place, turn left walk towards the water, and take the stairs on the left side. Take another left and climb up the stairs.
Great Sewer
Finding the Severed Hand in The Great Sewer | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

I recommend you must take the ladder and make your way up. Reach the other side by circling the area and jumping down on the wooden ledge to reach the hand itself. Pick up the hand after interacting with it.


Open your inventory to locate the Severed Hand. Interact with the hand to receive either of the two special items.

  1. Ring of The Damned (increases damage output by 10% when grey health).
  2. Strong Arm Band (increases throwing distance by 30 and grants a 0.5% increased consumable effect)

My Closing Remarks on Severed Hand

This is all you need to know regarding the Severed Hand from my side. I believe The Great Sewers is one of the best farming spots in Remnant 2 and holds importance in that regard. Ensure you fully search it to find all rare items and rewards other than the Severed Hand as they can be extremely beneficial later in your journey.

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