Remnant 2: Shattered Gallery [Location & Collectibles]

Shattered Gallery is an area players must explore on Losomn. Completing "The Lost Heir" quest gives you access to it in the region of Rhom.

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Remnant 2: Shattered Gallery

Among many hidden areas that players come across, Shattered Gallery is a challenging one as you are required to explore the area and expect some tough boss fights as well. However, you get valuable rewards that can help in crafting as well as weapon upgrades. In this guide, we will explore Shattered Gallery and discuss everything you will find in this region. 

Key Takeaways

  • Shattered Gallery is available in the region of Rhom, which is in Losomn
  • Complete “The Lost Heir”quest to find the key to this area.
  • You will face multiple enemies, including Armored, Melee, and Ranged Fae, along with Lantern Horror.
  • At the end of the Gallery, players will face a final boss, Magister Dullain.
  • The gallery has a Chess Piece Torch Puzzle that requires you to bring all 10 flames in a huge hall to the same color, either black or white.
  • Performing this act will open a hidden room that provides you with either a Black or White Pawn Stamp Ring.
  • Defeating enemies will give you a lot of Scrap and Lumenite Crystals
  • Players are also expected to find other rare items, such as Silver and Golden Ribbons.

Shattered Gallery Location

Among few Worlds of Remnant 2, Shattered Gallery is on Losomn. Following the game mechanics, we can not predict when you will enter this world due to the random nature of this game. 

However, getting towards Shattered Gallery is inevitable as players will be bound to get here when they enter Rhom. To reach here, you must travel from the Lost Woods, as its other end is connected to the region of Rhom, which is further joined with the entrance of Shattered Gallery. 

Note that participating in “The Lost Heir”quest before coming to Shattered Gallery is compulsory as it will give access to this area. Moreover, the desired mission will demand you to collect a Plain Ribbon and wrap it around a statue with two faces. 

Upon this act, a chest will show itself that will contain the key to Shattered Gallery. Players must collect it and be on their way for more exploration.

Chess Piece Torch Puzzle

Puzzle Description

chess piece torch, or the flame puzzle
The Flame puzzle | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

During your examination of the Shattered Gallery, you will come across this area which has flames on both sides. Five flames are on one side of the hall and five on the other. To solve the puzzle, you must bring all 10 flames to the same color so a hidden room unlocks, containing a rare ring item.

Note that if you keep all the flames white, you will get the White Pawn Stamp Ring, offering a Mod Power reduction of 10% in any weapon. This can keep the weapon mod active for a longer period.

Changing all the flame colors to black will get you a Black Pawn Stamp Ring. It will reduce the Skill Cooldown period by 10%. Furthermore, this perk applies to all skills available in the game.

Puzzle Solution

  • To solve the Chess Piece Torch Puzzle in the Shattered Gallery, players must start from either the left or the right corner.
  • Shooting alternative flames will keep all flame colors similar. However, it is your choice whether you want white or black flames.
  • After you make all the 10 flame colors the same, you will notice a door opening at the other end of the big hall.
  • Remember that only one of two doors opens, depending on which flame color you choose.
  • The puzzle does not reset after saving the game at a checkpoint, therefore, opening both doors is not an option. 

Types Of Enemies

As Shattered Gallery is a huge area, you will face multiple enemies, mini-bosses, and a final boss that will test your skills. Furthermore, to counter them, you must keep your inventory packed with healing and other combat-assisting items.

Before entering this region, ensure you find a checkpoint to visit Ward 13 and upgrade your weapons from Reggie.

Let’s look at the mini-bosses you will encounter once you enter an explored room. They can appear randomly at any time so you must stay focused throughout your journey. Furthermore, all the enemies have weak spots which you must target to get rid of them quicker.

Armored Fae

fighting enemies in Shattered Gallery
Armored Fae | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  • Armored Fae is a ground unit that roams around the Shattered Gallery and you will notice them in every corner.
  • They appear in two variants.
  • In your early areas of the gallery, they come with a spear and wear an armored helmet that saves them from any headshots.
  • However, when things get tough, they also wear all body armor so your weaponry becomes less effective.
  • Their weak spot is on the lower body as hitting headshots will not give you any advantage.
  • However, when they appear with full body armor, a few melee hits can eliminate them.
  • Armored Fae’s attacking move includes a spear hit to your stomach which is quick and hard to dodge.
  • When you see them take a step back, as that is an indicator that you are about to get hit by a spear.
  • When dead, players can collect long gun ammo, short gun ammo, and scrap from their bodies.

Ranged Fae

clearing enemies
Ranged Fae | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Ranged Fae is an aerial unit that will give you trouble from ranged attacks.
  • They are creatures made of light and have wings to support flying.
  • Their quick movements can make your shots inaccurate which makes them hard to hit.
  • Ranged Fae’s weak spot is on their head as they don’t wear any armor.
  • They are weaker than other enemies you find in Shattered Gallery so one shot to the head with a revolver or a sniper will get the job done.

Lantern Horror

  • Lantern Horror is a unique enemy that holds a glowing lantern in its right hand.
  • He has a larger health pool and other enemies like Armored Fae provide him assistance during combat.
  • Lantern Horror’s weak spot is exactly inside their mouth.
  • His attacking moves include throwing a flame ball created from the lantern.
  • Moreover, he can also charge at you with his mouth open.
  • Lantern Horror will frequently open his mouth to bite you, that is when you dodge and shoot inside his mouth to deal high damage.
  • The most common area of finding him is inside the hall where you solve the Chess Piece Torch Puzzle

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Melee Fae

  • Melee Fae is a stronger enemy than all the other ones.
  • He has a spike ball attached to his right hand and a sickle to the left hand.
  • Melee Fae will constantly charge at you to land disastrous hits on you that can drain a high amount of your health.
  • A weak spot is on his back where you see his backbone.
  • As this is a mini-boss, you will receive a Lumenite Crystal after defeating him.
  • There is a chance you can get Cracked Blight Resistance Relic as well but due to the random nature of this game, this is only a prediction.

The table below summarizes all enemy types in Shattered Gallery

Enemy Type Weak Spot Rewards
Armored Fae Ground (Common) Lower Body Short gun ammo, Long gun ammo, Scrap
Ranged Fae Aerial (Common) Head Short gun ammo, Long gun ammo, Scrap
Lantern Horror Ground (Elite) Inside Mouth Scrap, Lumenite Crystal
Melee Fae Ground (Elite) Backbone Scrap, Lumenite Crystal

Magister Dullain Final Boss

shattered gallery final boss
Magister Dullain is the Final Boss of Shattered Gallery | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Players will meet the final boss, Magister Dullain, in the upper half of Shattered Gallery. He is a wild creature with ugly-looking textures and strong attacking moves.

You are allowed to save your game before the boss fight initiates, in case you get eliminated. However, if you don’t save your game at the checkpoint, you will restart at the start of this Gallery. Furthermore, Magister Dullain is a powerful final boss who holds a stick in her left hand and a lantern in her right hand. 

You may notice her as a bigger and more powerful version of the Lantern Horror you came across in the halls. She will use both Basic and Acid attacks against you which can drain your health faster.

Attack Moves And Their Counters 

  1. Lantern Fireball: This move is used in the earlier phases of the boss fight. Magister Dullain swings her lantern to throw a fireball at you. When hit with it, you have a burning effect on your health that slowly drains your health. Dodging towards left or right is the only counter for the Lantern Fireball.
  2. Vomit Balls: When you shoot back at Magister Dullain, she gets angry and throws Vomit balls at you which indicates an ACID effect. Counter them by turning left or right as she will shoot four or five in a single throw. Moreover, these balls have AOE so avoid standing on the affected areas to avoid ACID.
  3. Gravity Attack: The attack is initiated after you take more than 25% of the boss’s health. Magister Dullain will strike the stick in the ground so all the minor enemies roaming around start floating mid-air. Then, she starts throwing bodies at you which deal high damage. Remember to dodge left or right and stay away from any ground units.
  4. Tongue Attack: The deadliest attack by the final boss. When you get closer to her, she opens her mouth and grabs you with her tongue. This results in instant death, hence, you must dodge it to survive at all costs. Tongue Attack usually lands when least expected, so you must be ready at all times.

Magister Dullain’s weak spot is at her tongue. Whenever she takes it out, shoot as much as you can but give priority to avoiding the Tongue Attack. Refer to the table below to overlook all details about the Final Boss.

Boss Type Attack Moves Weak Spot Rewards
Magister Dullain Ground Lantern Fireball, Vomit Balls, Gravity Attack, Tongue Attack Tongue Lumenite Crystals, Scrap, Tome of Knowledge, Tainted Ichor


After you defeat Magister Dullain, you will receive:

  • Lumenite Crystal x4 (used for crafting at Ava McCabe)
  • Tome of Knowledge x1 (gives one trait point for upgrading trait cards)
  • Scrap x500 – x700 (used in gear upgrades, modes, etc.)
  • Tainted Ichor x1 (used to craft Corrosive Rounds)

Shattered Gallery Collectible Items

All items you can collect in Shattered Gallery
Shattered Gallery Collectibles | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Every area you explore provides certain materials that help improve gear and armor. Upon exploring and killing mini-bosses and the final boss in Shattered Gallery, players can farm Lumenite Crystal for weapon mod upgrades. 

If the huge hall with ten flames appears in your version of Gallery, you can solve the Chess Piece Torch Puzzle to get a Black or White Pawn Stamp Ring that has its perks. Moreover, the appearance of a two-faced statue will reward you with Silver and Golden ribbons

Alas, you will receive two quest items in Shattered Gallery:

  • Plain Ribbon (from the two-faced statue)
  • Soulkey Tribute (a key to be used later on Losomn as part of the lore)

The table below summarizes all items you will find in Shattered Gallery.

Collectibles Description Location
Black Pawn Stamp Ring 10% Mod Power reduction Two-Faced Statue
White Pawn Stamp Ring 10% Skill Cooldown period reduction Two-Faced Statue
Silver Ribbon 25% Skill damage increased. HASTE effect for 15 seconds The Great Hall / Shattered Gallery
Golden Ribbon 25% Mod Damage increased. HASTE effect for 15 seconds Council Chamber / Gilded Chambers
Soulkey Tribute Use it to open a door in Losomn In the last room of Shattered Gallery

Tips For Clearing Area

inside shattered gallery
Exploring the Halls of Shattered Gallery | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  • Search every corner of the Gallery as there are hidden chests that contain rare items such as Bottled Schaedberry.
  • Use melee to destroy all breakable objects as some of them have a significant amount of Scrap hidden inside that provides a way of farming.
  • If the Chess Piece Torch Puzzle appears in your version of Shattered Gallery, grab the ring more suitable for your Archetype build.
  • When dealing with enemies, keep a safe distance from them and use long-range weapons.
  • Use the maze-like pattern of the area to your advantage to dodge enemy attacks.
  • Staying too close to the final boss can result in instant death. Therefore, avoid it

Here, we conclude our guide on the walkthrough of Shattered Gallery in Remnant 2. We hope you found it helpful in your gameplay. The key is to stay cautious every time you enter a new room as enemies are awaiting your arrival. Leave a comment for us if you have any doubts as we will clear them. 

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