Remnant 2 Shining Essence Echo: Location & Uses

This guide will cover the location and the possible uses of the Shining Essence Echo Remnant 2

The Shining essence echo Remnant 2 is a mid-game item players will be rewarded with after defeating N’erud boss. Let’s learn more about it in this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Shining Essence Echo is a crafting material players can get from completing the N’Erud storyline.
  • N’Erud has an NPC named the Custodian who will instruct players to defeat Tal’Ratha and bring back the Shining Essence Echo.
  • To get to Tal’Ratha players will need to get the Soul Spark Cylinder.
  • Players will engage in conversation with Tal’Ratha where they will get the choice of either being consumed or not.
  • If the players decide on being consumed they will face Tal’Ratha (Metaphysical).
  • If the players decide against being consumed they will face Tal’Ratha.
  • The shining essence echo can be given to the custodian for a relic or be used to craft an amulet called the Void Idol.

Players will need to go through a storyline in one of the worlds in Remnant 2 to get the Shining Essence Echo. Let’s start by discussing the general location of the storyline.


To begin, the location players will need to get to is N’Erud. N’Erud is one of the explorable worlds in Remnant 2 with its own quests bosses and enemies. While players traverse the lands of N’Erud they’ll come across many building structures and one of these will contain an NPC called The Custodian.

The custodian serves as the main protector of the N’Erud and Drzyr. He can be found close to the Ascension Spire waypoint at the Phantom Wasteland.

The custodian in remnant 2 in N'Erud
The custodian Remnant 2. (Image captured by us)

The Custodian will Task the players to face Tal’Ratha and to acquire the Shining Essence Echo and bring it back to him. This storyline will make the players go through a series of events where they will need to go into vaults scattered throughout N’Erud. The first of which Players can get to after completing a dungeon is called the Eon Vault.

The purpose of the first task is to acquire the Soul Spark Cylinder which can be acquired after solving the Green Capsule Room event. After receiving the Soul Spark Cylinder, I recommend that Players must make their way to the Forgotten Prison where they will find Tal’Ratha.

Tal’Ratha boss in Remnant 2. (Image captured by us)


Players will start of the interaction with a cutscene. A conversation will happen in which players have two options. Either being a sacrifice and being consumed, or not being eaten. If players choose not to be eaten they will face Tal’Ratha as the boss. If players decide on being consumed they will face the Metaphysical Tal’Ratha.

After beating the boss players will receive the following rewards:

  • Lumenite Crystal
  • Scrap
  • Spiced Bile
  • Shining Essence Echo
  • Tome of Knowledge

Shining Essence Echo

The Shining Essence Echo is a Crafting Material and can be used in two ways.

The Shining Essence Echo in Remnant 2
The Shining Essence Echo Remnant 2. (Image captured by us)

Option 1

Players can choose to give the Shining Essence Echo to the Custodian who will, in return give the player a Siphon Heart.

Siphon Heart Relic
Siphon Heart Relic in Remnant 2. (Image Captured by us)

The relic offers 11.5% of base damage as lifesteal for the player. This Relic is great for DPS builds who want to focus on survivability.

Option 2

Players can also use the Shining Essence Echo to craft the Void Idol at the Drzyr Replicator. The Void Idol is an amulet that increases Reload Speed by 20% and makes it so that reloads only require 50% of the magazine from reserve to fully reload. This amulet is good for builds struggling with ammo management.

To craft the Void Idol players will also need 15 Hardened Iron and 1000 Scrap.

Wrap Up

Remnant 2 is full of choice quests and in this guide we covered the quest for the Shining Essence Echo. where players can get their hands on a new amulet or a new Relic. As always we hope this guide served it’s purpose in helping you and I would love to hear how you’re enjoying the game so far.


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