Remnant 2: The Chimney [Exploration Guide]

The Chimney is a dungeon found in Yaesha. It is a time-restricted puzzle that involves electric beams and fighting enemies.

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Remnant 2: The Chimney [Quest]

The Chimney is a randomly located secret dungeon, making it challenging for most players to find and explore. It features timed puzzles and challenging enemies.

Key Takeaways

  • The Chimney is a tough dungeon found in Yaesha.
  • It spawns randomly, but players can find it in the Forgotten Grove region.
  • It involves a time-dependent puzzle against electricity.
  • You have to fight five different types of enemies in the Dungeon.
  • Destroying crystals will make the quest less challenging to complete.
  • Destroy the vines in the end to finish the Dungeon.
  • Claim the Heart Seed to complete the quest.

Locating The Dungeon

the chimney
The Chimney on Yaesha Map | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The chimney dungeon isn’t often found in the same area due to random placement. Typically, players discover it in the World of Yaesha. Since it’s a hidden area, you need to search for it.

I recommend you Begin your search in the Forgotten Grove, which is accessible after passing the World Stone. If not, you’ll need to travel further. Look for a unique entrance with a golden opening surrounded by stone once you locate it.

What To Expect?

Exploring and completing this dungeon won’t be easy. You’ll need the right gear and weapons. The dungeon includes a time-limited puzzle to reach the bottom and destroy vines before using the Purple Seed elevator.

You’ll also encounter five different types of enemies inside the Chimney:

  • Root Zombie
  • Root Wart
  • Root Shaman
  • Root Hulk
  • Stalker

I recommend using melee or short-range weapons to counter these enemies, as you must fight at close ranges. Moreover, players must keep healing consumables, such as bandagesblood roots, and healing water. Lastly, Rings can also help boost your regeneration, which can be helpful in fights.

Entering The Chimney

The First Half

the chimney starting position
Pull the lever on the platform to proceed | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Upon entering the Dungeon, you’ll find a staircase leading to a lever. Activate the lever and engage in a race against time, descending the circular staircase while combating enemies and avoiding electric beams.

There are various approaches to this challenge. You can swiftly descend the stairs while eliminating enemies, but be cautious not to reach the lit crystals, as they redirect electricity and pose a threat.

shoot these crystals to progress in the chimney
Shoot these Glowing crystals to avoid getting electrocuted | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

A safer descent involves destroying these crystals before crossing them to prevent electrocution. Fight your way down while avoiding delay, as enemies will continuously spawn from the side walls of the stairs. You can choose to run past these enemies, but ensure you eliminate those blocking your path to avoid significant damage. Dodging them might lead to falling down open ledges, so it’s best to eliminate them before proceeding further.

The Second Half

creating a way forward
Shoot the shiny areas to remove the branches | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

When you reach halfway, encounter vines blocking your path. Shoot the red glowing pulses to clear the way for your descent.

Continue down the stairs and halt just beneath the edge. Destroy any crystals, including the red pulses in the center. Jump down when the electric field briefly ceases.

I’ll highly advise you to try your best and Survive until the crystal elevator, activated with the lever at the start, reaches the bottom. When it does, it will eliminate all enemies, completing the quest.

ending the quest
Shoot the shiny region to complete the Dungeon | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Before you leave the dungeon, you must interact with the Purple Seed in the elevator, which was in the elevator, dropping you the Heart Seed. Once you collect this, it can be used to craft various materials and weapons. 

the dungeon rewards
Heart Seed is the reward for completing The Chimney quest | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

This is all you need to know regarding the Chimney. Playing co-op can make this dungeon easier to accomplish as your teammates will be there to assist. Furthermore, remember to keep using consumables to survive the last stages as your health bar will drain more and it can lead to your death.

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