Remnant 2: Hatchery Locked Door [How To Unlock]

In this guide, we discuss how to open the locked door inside The Hatchery, a Dungeon on N'Erud.

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Remnant 2: The Hatchery Locked Door

Every Dungeon in Remnant 2 has a secret location that is mostly a room connected through a locked door. To find it, players must search the area from start to end without leaving any corner unchecked. These secret locations hold various rare items that can be useful for your Archetype build. Let’s discuss more about a locked door in The Hatchery, also known as the Aerary Glyph Door.

Key Takeaways

  • Inside The Hatchery, there is a locked door close to the starting checkpoint.
  • Search the area to the right side of the Dungeon where all the robots start to appear.
  • The locked door can be opened by an Aerary Glyph found at the end of the dungeon or by fighting W. D. 109, an optional boss.
  • If you try to open the door before the boss fights and without Aerary Glyph, your character will knock, but it won’t open.
  • You must rush outside the circular room so all the robots behind the locked doors escape, completing your purpose.
  • The first door to the left is of interest that holds a Crisis Ring, which adds a shield to your health bar if it is very low.
  • Apart from the door, players can also find a hidden room that has the Rerouting Cable ring.
  • This ring extends your health pool by adding a shield if stamina drains below a quarter level.

Where Is The Hatchery

the hatchery is located at the marked spot
The Hatchery location on the world map | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The Hatchery is a Dungeon that players must explore as part of the main story. It gives access to one of the three Seeker’s Keys required to unlock the World Tower which gets you one step closer to completing the world of N’Erud. Moreover, players are required to keep exploring the world of N’Erud as they will automatically get directed toward this Dungeon.

It is a two-story facility that involves a couple of optional bosses as well as a final boss, Primogenitor. Ensure you have enough healing items to survive at least half of the Dungeon as it has a checkpoint mid-way. However, you will come across the secret Locked door before reaching the half point.

The Locked Door Location

opening this locked door will get you a rare item
Your objective is to open this locked door | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

As you explore the right side of The Hatchery, you will observe that the enemy kind switches from Cockroaches and Beetles to Robots. This is an indicator that you are near the Locked door. Climb the ladder at this location to find yourself in the robotic land.

As you take some steps forward, you will observe multiple Locked doors that have robots trapped inside. One of these doors is of importance and you must find a way to open it. When you move past these Locked doors, a battle with optional Boss W. D. 109 starts, who is a giant robot with a strong shield to block your bullets.

Open The Locked Door

Main Strategy

defeating this giant robot is essential for opening the locked door
W. D. 109 | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

There are numerous ways to defeat W. D. 109 inside The Hatchery, but you must utilize the one that gets the Locked door open. As soon as the battle starts, try to lure the boss to chase you outside the circular area and towards the ladder, which you initially climbed. As you perform this act, all the robots stuck behind the Locked doors will start coming out to attack you.

Applying this strategy will open all the doors, and you can easily get rid of the optional boss by fighting him in a large open area. Moreover, this will give you enough room to dodge his laser sword attacks and prepare a counterattack.

When you defeat the boss, collect rewards and go back up the ladder. The locked door of our interest will be the first one to the left; it holds a Crisis Ring that provides Shield when you have low health pool.

Alternative Strategy

If you fail to apply the first method, don’t worry because another technique can get that door open. If you search other locations of The Hatchery, there is a chance you will find the Aerary Glyph close to the finishing point of this Dungeon. A key will open the same Locked door. However, you must travel back to the starting point where the door is.

Although this is the easier way, it is much more time-consuming, and there is a fair chance you won’t find the Aerary Glyph as the game randomizes significant locations. This means that all players may focus on a similar point of interest, but not all can find the same item. Therefore, it is wise to focus on the main strategy.

The Hatchery Hidden Location

the hatchery is located at the marked spot
The Hatchery location on the world map | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

As the Locked door was a unique feature of The Hatchery, there is another secret location that should interest you. If you find a way to this point, you can find an opening inside the floor that will take you to a hidden location. Furthermore, destroy the hollow containers using melee or any weapon to create an opening.

Follow the path by jumping inside the opening that will take you to another room. Searching the corners of this hidden location will get you the Rerouting Cable ring that appends the shield bar on top of your health pool when a quarter of your stamina is utilized. This keeps on stacking if not left unattended for 5 seconds.

That is all about the Locked door in The Hatchery. Ensure you are utilizing the strategy correctly so that the door opens and you collect the ring. However, if things take a turn, you can always find the Aerary Glyph that is the key to that door. Moreover, players can also find a Secret Location if it appears in their game.

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