Remnant 2: The Lament [Step-By-Step]

The Lament is a dungeon found in the world of Yaesha. It includes puzzles like symbols and floating rocks, which lead to Lodestone Crown.

The Lament [Quest] Cover

Are you struggling to find all the puzzle solutions in the Lament dungeon? My guide will tell you how to complete the Lament quest, including all the puzzle solutions and tweaks. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Lament is a Dungeon found in Yaesha
  • You will find several unique items, such as a Red Widow armor set and a Lodestone Crown helmet. 
  • Red Widow armor set has 88 armor strength and 45 weight, which is very light for a significant armor strength.
  • Lodestone Crown is a lightweight armor that has Five armor and Three weight. 
  • You must solve several puzzles, including the Symbols and Floating rocks. 
  • The symbols puzzle will open the door to the Red Widow armor set.
  • The floating rocks puzzle will lead you to the Lodestone Crown. 
  • Find Kolket’s Key to open the last door of the Floating rocks puzzle. 

Location Of The Lament

The lament location
The Lament on Yaesha | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The locations in Remnant 2 are randomized and might be different for every player. Therefore, this makes it difficult to pinpoint the location of this dungeon. However, you can find this by exploring Yaesha as part of the storyline. Once you enter, you are allowed to save your game if you die during exploration.

Arrow Traps

As soon as you enter the dungeon and move forward, face your first obstacle that is the Arrow Traps. You will see a narrow pathway leading to the other side. However, you will witness an arrow rain, which you must dodge. The arrows fire at alternate positions, so dodging is a challenge.

arrow traps inside The Lament
Passing these arrow traps can be challenging, but not impossible | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

To counter this, follow these steps:

  1. Dodge the arrows by initially moving left, then switching to the right when arrows fire on the opposite side. Jump over obstacles while moving forward.
  2. When reaching the pathway’s end, turn right, crouch to avoid the next set of arrows, and continue moving forward.
  3. Turn left, facing the last set of arrow traps. Jump across a small wall during intervals of arrow strikes, leaving around five seconds in between. Continue dodging front-facing arrows.
  4. At the phase’s end, turn left, open the chest to claim the Relic fragment “Elemental Resistance,” and pull the lever to access the other side through the open door.

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Symbol Puzzle In The Lament

As soon as you enter the next room, turn to the left and make your way to the other side. You may fight or ignore the enemies and keep moving forward, as they are optional. After reaching this side of the area, jump down into a ditch surrounded by graves.

puzzle book is for solving the plinth puzzle
You should consider only the bodies with this symbol on them | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Your objective is to find a book that will guide you on which symbols to find. These symbols can be random for every player, but the mechanics behind this puzzle are the same. You must match the symbol on the book with the exact symbol on the bodies present on the graves around you.

Once the body symbol matches the one in your book, read the symbol above the grave on the wall and note it down. There will be four bodies with the same symbols as the book, so you must collect a total of four in order to unlock the puzzle.

solving the puzzle
Arrange the symbols to decode the puzzle | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

When you collect all four symbols, move your way to the floor above you, where you will find a round puzzle piece with symbols on it. Enter the four symbols in any order to unlock the puzzle and enter the next room.

Finding The Floating Puzzle

You have to find the key to the floating puzzle. For that, open the chest in the next room to release a boss called Wither. However, there is a chance it will not spawn. It depends on the random generation, as no one can tell about the spawn probability. However, if it spawns, you can defeat it to find “Kolket’s Razor.” Open your inventory and interact with it to transform it into a key.

Hidden tunnel in the Lament
Hidden tunnel marked by circle | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Move forward in the hallway, and you will find Blood Tinged Ring. There is a secret opening to an underground tunnel near the Rest checkpoint in the room shown by the white circle. This tunnel will lead to a “Supply key room.” Go back up using the stairs to find the supply door, and unlock it using the key.

Once inside, open the chest on your left to receive the following:

  • Scrap
  • Hardened iron
  • Relic dust
  • Oilskin balm
  • Relic dust

Take the ramp down to a tunnel. Here, you will find more traps, which will be spikes coming towards you. Start running to your left side as soon as the first left spike starts to move away from you. Keep alternating sides to right and left and finish the trap tunnel.

Here, at the end of the path, you will find a chest that contains a Red Widow Armor Set. It has the following attributes:

Item Armor Weight
Red Widow Raiment – Body armor 45 23
Red Widow Bracers – Gloves 7 5
Red Widow Headdress – Head armor 13 8
Red Widow Leggings – Leg armor 23 12

The overall attributes are:

  • 88 Armor
  • 45 Weight

Which makes it medium-weight and durable in fights. It offers some resistance to toxins and moderate Bleed and blight resistance. Claim this and return back to the rest checkpoint. Exit this room using the puzzle door and turn left to another door. Enter this area and keep moving forward.

Solving The Floating Puzzle

You must take two consecutive left turns and head down to a tunnel. Jump down and then take a right where you see enemies. You can either fight or ignore them. Keep moving down until you come across floating rocks.

this path will lead you to a chest
Find the invisible path | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You must come across three floating rocks, out of which one has an invisible path in a straight line. You must shoot below the rocks to figure out which rock has the invisible path. Once you find it, I recommend keep moving on to the next rock, which matches the symbol as the previous one.

Reach the end of this area to find another locked door. Use the Kolket’s key to unlock the door. Here, you will find two chests, each with a unique item:

  • Ring of Diversion
  • Hardened iron x2

There will be a hidden pathway to stairs just on the right side of the door you entered. Run through the wall and take the stairs. In the end, you will find a hanging chest that contains a Helmet called a Lodestone crown. This will be the last item you find in the Lament.

Hidden wall
Hidden wall marked by circle | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Lodestone Crown is a historical item once worn by King Kolket himself. It provides low protection since it is a Lightweight Helmet. However, it has great Blight Resistance.

The attributes are:

  • 5 Armor
  • 3 Weight

This will be the last item you find in the Lament, completing the quest. 

This is all you need to know regarding the Lament dungeon. It is not necessary to find all the items; however, exploring the whole dungeon can be a very exciting and adventurous experience, combined with unique rewards.  

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