Remnant 2 Trophy List [Definitive Guide]

Here we have listed down all 51 trophies in Remnant 2 and how you can unlock them.

Remnant 2 - Trophy List
Remnant 2 - Trophy List

There are a total of 51 Trophies that you can earn in Remnant 2, Let’s everything about these trophies and how you can get them.

Key Takeaways

  • In Remnant 2 there are 51 trophies and you can unlock them by doing various objectives.
  • These trophies are categorized into Platinum, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
  • Some objectives are simple while others are complex and time taking.
  • The description of each trophy is also mentioned in this article along with the method of how you can unlock them.

Trophy List

Here are all the trophies in Remnant 2 along with the methods required to unlock them.

Trophy Description Type How To Get
Unstoppable  Collected All Trophies Platinum You can unlock it by attaining all other trophies in Remnant 2.
Blue Goddess Meet Nimue Bronze You can look for the Nimue in Nimue’s Retreat which lies in the Losomn Realm and interact with her to unlock the “Blue Goddess” Trophy
Familiar Face Meet the Flautist Bronze In Yaesha Realm you come across the Flautist multiple times during the playthrough, the areas where he can be found are Withering Weald and Forbidden Grove. Communicate with Flautist to earn this trophy
Equal Measures Receive an Alignment Reading from Meidra Bronze Meet Meidra, an elf in the Far Woods Area, Yaesha. She will ask you some questions and by answering all of them you can get the “Equal Measures” trophy
Not a Janitor Meet the Custodian Bronze Interact with Custodian to get this trophy and you can look for him in the N’Erud’s Ascension Spire Area
Tall Tales Listen to All of Mudtooth’s Stories Bronze Mudtooth will be available in Ward 13. Go there and talk to him to get this trophy
Am I Seeing This? Defeat 10 Aberrations Bronze You have to take down 10 red glowing enemies (Aberrations)
Not So Special Now Defeat 100 Special Enemies Bronze Special enemies are the ones more stronger and powerful than standard ones. You have to defeat 100 of them and then this trophy will be yours.
Only Human Defeat a Boss in Single-Player Without Taking Any Damage Bronze You have to defeat any boss from any of the worlds without getting any damage in return. This can be done in offline mode. Select the mode and get in Yaesha. Play until you reach the Forgotten Grove location. You will have to solve the Water Harp Puzzle there and afterward, you can communicate with Ravager. He will ask you a favor and by fulfilling it you can get this trophy
Quest for Survival Defeat a World Boss Bronze Take down any of the world bosses in Remnant 2
The Killing Jar Defeat the Root Mantis Bronze In the Tutorial of game you are required to kill Root Mantis to lay your hands on this trophy
Red Room Discover a Blood Moon Room Bronze Upon finding the Blood Moon Room you will be rewarded with a Red Room trophy
The Agenda Discover Leto’s Stash Bronze Look for the portal in Labyrinth that will take you to Ward 13 where Leto’s Stash is located
Boss’n Up Craft a Boss Weapon Bronze To earn this trophy you are required to craft the boss weapon by using the materials that you obtained by defeating the boss
Edgelord Acquire 10 Melee Weapons Bronze You have to obtain the 10 Melee weapons to unlock this trophy. You can also get through crafting at McCabe or from Brabus
Cutting Edge Acquire 20 Melee Weapons Bronze This trophy will be unlocked after acquiring 20 Melee weapons
First of Many Choose Your First Archetype Bronze After completing the tutorial make your visit to Wallace and choose an Archetype and this will unlock this trophy
Duality Slot a Second Archetype Bronze You will have to get 10 trait points and then purchase the specific items from Ward 13
Shh…It’s a Secret Obtain a Secret Archetype Bronze This trophy can be earned by unlocking the secret Archetype. And this can be done by trading certain items with Wallace
Not Your Average Trait  Obtain a Non-Starter Trait Bronze By getting a non-starter trait you can get this trophy and you can do it by doing the side quests or by taking down the bosses in Remnant 2
All These Traits Obtain 10 Traits Bronze Get yourself 10 traits in total to unlock this trophy
Proving Grounds Obtain 20 Traits Bronze This trophy will be unlocked after getting 20 traits
Scrap Collector Acquire 50,000 Scrap Bronze You are required to collect 50,000 Scrap. You can get it from killing the adversaries or from the areas where loot is available
Strapped Acquire 15 Guns Bronze Attain 15 guns through purchasing or from the world
The Web Obtain an Item From the Nightweaver’s Web Bronze You can look for the Web in Morrow’s Parish in Losomn
Was This Supposed To Happen? Acquire a World Boss’s Alternate Reward Bronze By performing the alternate kill on a boss you will attain the alternate reward which will unlock this trophy
Bad Moon Rising Craft an Item at the Blood Moon Altar Bronze Create a new item by using the Blood Moon Altar
Carnage in C-Minor Play a Secret Song on the Water Harp Bronze You have to play the melody by following the right peg sequence to unlock this trophy. The Water Harp is located in the Forgotten Grove area, Yaesha. Firstly kill the Ravager here and then head to the Harp to play the music.
Expanding Horizons Craft a Non-Starter Weapon Mod Bronze While traveling or exploring find the weapon mod and craft it to earn the trophy
Crafty Craft 15 Weapon Mods Bronze To unlock this trophy you will have to Craft 15 Weapon Mods. You can get the weapon mod by killing the bosses. After getting them go to Ward 13 and communicate with Ava and ask for crafting the Mods by using the material you obtained while traveling.
Trait Chaser Upgrade Any Trait to 10 Bronze Upgrade trait to level 10 by using trait points
Almost There Upgrade a Boss Weapon to +5 Bronze Head to the McCabe and upgrade the boss weapon 5 times to get this trophy
Good, But Could Be Better! Upgrade a Standard Weapon to +10 Bronze Head to the McCabe and upgrade the boss weapon 10 times to get this trophy
Make Some Room Upgrade Relic Capacity Bronze You will need to get the Simulacrum first. Then go to Wallace who will be at Ward 13 and then you can upgrade the Relic capacity to unlock this trophy. Simulacrum is dropped randomly by the adversaries or you can also buy it in exchange for Scraps from Ward 13
Transmutate Upgrade a Weapon Mutator to +10 Bronze Head to the Dwell who can be found near the world Stone at Ward 13 and get the Mutator upgraded 10 times to get this trophy
Chaos Defeat the Ravager Silver You can find the Ravager in Yaesha and by defeating him you will unlock this trophy
Dark Designs Defeat the Nightweaver Silver The Nightweaver world boss can be found in Losomn and there you have to take him down to earn this trophy
Ghost in the Machine Defeat 25 Aberrations Silver To unlock this trophy you have to defeat 25 red glowing foes
Gleaming the Cube Defeat the Labyrinth Boss Silver The Labyrinth boss is more like an enormous moving block but it has weak points which you can identify with the white spots on them. Target those points to defeat the boss and get the trophy
Madman’s Paradise Defeat Tal’Ratha Silver Tal’Ratha can be found in the Forgotten Prison area in N’Erud world and by defeating him you can unlock this trophy
Power Surge Defeat Guardian of N’Erud Silver Take down the Guardian right after attaining the Override Key and Seeker Key
The God Gambit Defeat Many Faces Silver Many Faces is considered as the Corruptor and you can look for him in the Great Bole area in Yaesha. Defeat the boss to earn a trophy
Traitor Defeat the Fae Imposter Silver In Losomn world Fae imposter can be found in the Beatific area. But first, you will have to fulfill Faerin’s request of searching for the imposter and then you will be able to kill him and get the trophy
Top Performer Reach Level 10 on Any Archetype Silver As you play through the game your Archetype level will reach level 10 and the trophy will be unlocked automatically
Scrap Hoarder Acquire 100,000 Scrap Silver Unlock this trophy by gathering 100,000 Scrap by killing the enemies or by looting the areas
The Trigger Acquire 30 Guns Silver You are required to attain 30 guns either through purchasing or by exploring the game’s world
The Collector Acquire 10 Relics Silver The Relics can be attained by killing the enemies and by collecting 10 of them you can earn this trophy
Maxed Out! Acquire the Max Number of Trait Points Silver There are 60 Trait points in the game so far and by unlocking all of them you will receive this trophy
The Ultimate Weapon Upgrade a Boss Weapon to +10 Silver Head to the McCabe and upgrade the boss weapon 10 times
No One Should Have All That Power Upgrade a Standard Weapon to +20 Silver By upgrading the boss weapon 20 times at McCabe you can unlock this trophy
Forever is a Long Time Coming Defeat the Final Boss Gold By taking down the final boss enemy you will get this trophy

The Remnant 2 Trophy list guide ends here. We have written about all trophies and the ways to get them. We hope that now you will be able to collect all of them and complete your trophy list.

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