Remnant 2 BEST Weapon Mods [Top 10]

Weapon Mods are special Perks or powerups added to your weapon to give it certain strengths or abilities in Remnant 2.

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Remnant 2: BEST Weapon Mods

Weapon Mods are unique perks in Remnant 2 that can be added to your guns to increase their various attributes. These include immense firepower buff, special fire or venom-coated ammo, and much more. There are around 60 weapon mods, but we will only go through the top 10.

Key Takeaways

  • Weapon Mods are special add-ons that enhance your weapon’s abilities by adding powerful perks.
  • A few of these come with weapons, while others can be found during the main story, side quests, or defeating bosses.
  • Go to Ava McCabe in Ward 13 to craft a mod and give her the required Materials and Scarp for crafting.
  • To equip a mod, open the weapon’s stat menu and click on the Mod Slot to choose your preferred mod.
  • The game allows you to add only one mod to a weapon.
  • You cannot apply mods on Melee Weapons, so you should use Mutators with them.
  • Considering their usability and effectiveness, Fargazer, Hot Shot, and Voltaic Rondure are the best Weapon Mods in Remnant 2.
  • Among the honorable mentions are the Overload and the Corrosive Rounds, which work similarly to Hotshot, inflicting Shock and Toxic effects, respectively.

What Are Weapon Mods?

Remnant 2 has many additional bonus attachments that give powerful buffs to weapons. Weapon Mods in Remnant 2 enhance the overall firepower of the guns by adding unique perks that damage or imbue enemies with deadly effects that make them easier to kill. You can add only one mod to a weapon; however, there is no slot for Mods in the case of Melee Weapons.

Mods can imbue ammo with effects like Fire, Poison, shock or shoot shields, projectiles, and effect-inflicting bullets. These effects include SLOWED, MADNESS, BURNING, BLEEDING, and others. You can equip a mod by going to the weapon’s stat menu and then selecting the mod for it from the given choices.

How To Craft Weapon Mods?

Buying Weapon Mods from Ava McCabe
Buying Weapon Mods from Ava McCabe | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Ava McCabe in Ward 13 is the person who can craft Weapon Mods for you in Remnant 2. Once you get the specific materials for some mod, visit her, and she will do it immediately. Although, you might need some Scrap and Lumenite as well to craft these, so make sure you have them beforehand.

You can find the required materials for the mods by defeating certain bosses or during quests. Another way to acquire these mods is to buy their unique weapons. However, such weapons have these applied to them permanently, and you can’t use them on other guns.

Best Remnant 2 Weapon Mods

Best Weapon Mods in Remnant 2
Best Weapon Mods in Remnant 2 | Credits: VeryAli Gaming


It is one of those perks that has significant damage over time effect. When active, the gun shoots out an Eye of Legion, targeting enemies in the player’s sights while in ADS. After every 0.25s, the targets in the 25m range are inflicted with a stack of MADNESS for 5s.

Each stack of MADNESS deals 3 damage per second, and you can get a maximum of 10 stacks. This ability lasts 30s, heavily damaging even a single enemy like an Elite or Boss. However, you must keep your ADS on to get the most out of it.

  • Materials
    • 1x Agnosia Driftwood
    • 5x Lumenite Crystal
    • 500x Scrap

The Agnosia Driftwood is found in The Twisted Chantry in Yaesha, and to acquire this, you must defeat the region’s boss, Legion. It has no specific gun requirements, like a good fire rate, damage, or something. Therefore, you should equip it with your secondary weapon to keep the slot free for another powerful mod on your primary weapon.

Hot Shot

Hot Shot Weapon Mod
Hot Shot Weapon Mod | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

This is one of the best Fire based perks, as it imbues bullets with Fire and applies BURNING damage over time. The BURNING effect deals 200 FIRE damage over the time span of 10s. The fire damage is effective against many enemies; hence keeping this in Arsenal is a good option.

Hot Shot works best with weapons with a big magazine and a good rate of fire, as it is necessary to hit most targets. Hence, the XMG57 Bonesaw and the Blackmaw AR-47 are decent weapons of choice. Due to its effectiveness, it works well against any enemy, whether it’s a swarm of monsters, elites, or bosses.

  • Materials
    • 1x Root Ganglia
    • 1500x Scrap

Root Mantis drops Root Ganglia in the game’s Prologue. Another advantage of this perk is that it’s found early in the game and can be equipped before you enter the real adventure. Due to high damage output, it is safe to say you should craft it and then keep it till the end of the story.


The Skewer Mod requires precise aim, but it has relevantly good outcomes. It shoots a spear that sticks to its target, spreading inside his body. The initial hit lands 120 damage, and the spear bursts into further projectiles, further dealing 140 damage to all targets within the 3m range.

The spears remain in their place for about 10 seconds. The only downside of this mod is that it’s two shots per recharge; therefore, you have to aim pretty well for it to work. Another application of this mod is that you can use it as a trap, as it remains in the surrounding for a few seconds, but that isn’t much advantageous for prolonged times.

  • Materials
    • 1x Dread Core
    • 5x Lumenite Crystal
    • 500x Scrap

You can get the Dread Core by defeating Venom in Root Earth, the final location in the game’s lore. It requires high Mod Power, which is 850, but it’s still better than many others with lower Mod Powers.


Another mod with a sufficiently good AOE, Witchfire, leaves down a linear trail of Fire that burns anyone who comes in contact with it. It shoots a Molotov-like projectile that spreads fire, dealing 55 FIRE damage per second. It also applies BURNING, which gives 200 damage over 10 seconds.

This fire lasts for 5 seconds only, but you get two shots once you activate it. It works great against swarms of enemies rushing toward you; nonetheless, it’s not useless against bosses as they move a lot. Moreover, it’s useless against flying hostiles as the fire burns the ones on the ground level only.

  • Materials
    • 1x Alkahest Powder
    • 5x Lumenite Crystal
    • 500x Scrap

To get the Alkahest Powder, your task will be to beat Gwendil The Unburnt in the Cotton’s Kiln in Losmon. She is an optional boss, so you might have to find her or miss the chance to get this perk.


Defrag is unique because of its working mechanics. The shots from the gun are imbued with MALWARE for 30 seconds, which applies FRAGMENTED for 5 seconds on targets. When an affected enemy dies, they leave behind a Glitch that remains there for 15 seconds.

The Glitch has two outcomes based on what you do to it, the first is to pick it up, and it will buff up your overall damage by a hefty amount of 20% for 15 seconds. The other one is to destroy it, which makes a Virus Pool of 5m that lasts for 15 seconds. The enemies within the pool will get 25 damage per second and are infected with FRAGMENTED again.

  • Materials
    • 1x Necrocyte Strand
    • 5x Lumenite Crystal
    • 500x Scrap

The Necrocyte Strand is dropped by the boss, Cancer, in the final region Root Earth. Defrag requires a huge Mod Power of 1500; considering its results, that is not much. But it won’t allow you to spam it repeatedly, and it’s not much of use against flying enemies.

Voltaic Rondure

Weapon Mod - Voltaic Rondure
Weapon Mod – Voltaic Rondure | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Voltaic Rondure shoots an Electric Ball that gives 20 SHOCK damage to anyone within the 3m range, applying OVERLOAD for 15s. The Ball/Orb moves slowly in space, pulsating every 0.5s, and it lasts for 20 seconds. Moreover, you can shoot the Orb to overcharge it, to deal more damage.

Applying it on a Pistol ensures you can free slot for other mods for your primary weapon. Voltaic Rondure can be used against swarms as it targets many enemies simultaneously. Additionally, its high output manages to startle elites and bosses.

  • Materials
    • 1x Bone Sap
    • 5x Lumenite Crystal
    • 500x Scrap

Bone Sap can be found by killing the Bloat King in The Great Sewers, Losmon. Depending on where you spawn first, this may be your first boss. Hence, you will be lucky if you get this perk at the beginning of the game.

Energy Wall

Energy Wall is a defensive type perk that creates an energy barrier. The barrier stops any incoming projectiles from enemies but allows the friendly ones to go through it. The damage it can stop is around 500, and you can have only one active at a time.

The barrier lasts 30 seconds, which is decent if you want to reload or recover your stamina or health. It is very effective in Multiplayer, as you can revive or assist your teammates from behind the wall. This might not be useful for solo gameplay as the barrier’s health might be less in case of boss fights or elite attacks.

  • Materials
    • 1x Ionic Crystal
    • 5x Lumenite Crystal
    • 500x Scrap

Ionic Crytal is found in Timeless Horizon N’Erud. It is one of the mods with lower Mod Power requirements.


Tremor can be one of your early perks that has the least disadvantages. If you are bad at aiming or have difficulty dealing with large groups of monsters, this one will surely help you. It shoots a projectile that wreaks the ground leaving shockwaves.

The shockwaves deal 75 damage in a radius of 9m lasting 6 seconds. Moreover, they also inflict 3x impacts, constantly staggering enemies. It doesn’t affect you or your teammates, so you can fire it without worrying about sabotaging your team.

  • Materials
    • 1x Cordyceps Gland
    • 5x Lumenite Crystal
    • 500x Scrap

The Cordyceps Gland is obtained by defeating Mother Mind in The Nameless Nest in Yaesha. If you see enemies rushing towards you, you can use Tremor on the ground near you, and that will decrease their pace, giving you a good window to kill them.

Stasis Beam

The Stasis Beam unleashes a deadly laser beam dealing 15 damage per second and applying SLOW. As 3 seconds pass, the enemies hit and become frozen for 10 seconds because SLOW converts to STASIS. It greatly benefits fights against elites with huge HP, freezing them in their place.

It is great for crowd control, whether you are playing solo or Co-OP. You should attach it to a secondary weapon, so you can still damage frozen enemies with your primary gun, preferably with a high DPS. It works on anyone except bosses, as it only slows them down instead of freezing them.

  • Materials
    • 1x Stasis Core
    • 5x Lumenite Crystal
    • 500x Scrap

The Stasis Core is earned by completing the Zombie Cave event in N’Erud. This event is an optional quest, and there is a chance you might not see it in your first playthrough. Kill all zombies and clear the area to receive Stasis Core at the end of the event.


The last one on our list is Bore, which shoots a drill into the target. The projectile initially had 80 damage and starts to drill into the target’s body. Once completely inside, it becomes a Purplish colored weak spot that gives 50% normal weak spot damage.

If, by any chance, you manage to shoot it at the enemy’s existing Weak Spot, then it gives an additional 15% Ranged Critical Chance that lasts for 15 seconds. The major advantage of this perk lies against elites and Bosses, especially the ones with hidden Weak Spots. Shoot this at them and deal heavy damage in no time using another weapon of high DPS.

  • Materials
    • 1x Mutated Growth
    • 5x Lumenite Crystal
    • 500x Scrap

Abomination is an optional boss in N’Erud that drops the Mutated Growth item.

Comparison Table

The following table summarizes the Best Weapon Mods in Remnant 2:

ModDescriptionMaterials RequiredLocationMod Power
Fargazer– Summons an eye of Legion that targets the player’s aimed enemy.
– Applies a stack of MADNESS for 5s on target if it is focused for 0.25s in the 25m range.
– Every stack deals 3 damage per second
– Active Time: 30s
– 1x Agnosia Driftwood
– 5x Lumenite Crystal
– 500x Scrap
– Legion Boss drops Agnosia Driftwood in Yaesha – The Twisted Chantry
– You can purchase Fargazer from Ava McCabe after getting items
Hot Shot– Ammo is coated with FIRE, which applies BURNING.
– BURNING deals 200 FIRE damage over 10s.
– Ranged Damage is increased by 15% for 20s.
– 1x Root Ganglia
– 1500x Scrap
– Root Mantis from Prologue drops it
– You can purchase Hotshot from Ava McCabe after getting items
Voltaic Rondure– Shoots out an Electric Orb.
– It moves slowly, pulsing every 0.5s, dealing 20 SHOCK damage in the 3m range.
– It also applies OVERLOAD for 15s to targets.
– Shooting or Damaging the Orb overcharges it.
Active Time: 20s
– 1x Bone Sap
– 5x Lumenite Crystal
– 500x Scrap
– Bloat King drops Bone Sap in Losmon – The Great Sewers
– You can purchase Voltaic Rondure from Ava McCabe after getting items
Skewer– Shoots a spear that implants on the target
– It deals 120 damage on hitting and then bursts to give 140 damage to enemies in the 3m range.
– Spears remain in place for 10s.
– 1x Dread Core
– 5x Lumenite Crystal
– 500x Scrap
– Venom drops Dread Core in Root Earth
–  You can purchase Skewer from Ava McCabe after getting items
Witchfire– Shoots a projectile that explodes to make a linear flame trail
– The Flames deal 55 FIRE damage and apply BURNING.
– BURNING deals 200 damage over 10s.
Active Time: 5s
– 1x Alkahest Powder
– 5x Lumenite Crystal
– 500x Scrap
–  Gwendil The Unburnt drops Alkahest Powder in Losomn
– You can purchase Witchfire from Ava McCabe after getting items
Defrag– Applies MALWARE on the weapon for 30s.
– Shots apply FRAGMENTED for 5s. The targeted enemy dies to create a Glitch lasting 15s.
– Collecting Glitch increases all damage by 20%. Lasts 15s.
– Destroying Glitch creates a 5m Virus Pool, dealing 25 damage per second.
– Virus Pool applies FRAGMENTED and lasts for 15s
– 1x Necrocyte Strand
– 5x Lumenite Crystal
– 500x Scrap
– Cancer in Root Earth drops Necrocyte Strand
– You can purchase Defrag from Ava McCabe after getting items
Energy Wall– Puts down a barrier that blocks the enemy’s bullets (can receive 500 damage).
– Allies can shoot through it and you can only deploy one barrier at a time
– Active Time: 30s
– 1x Ionic Crystal
– 5x Lumenite Crystal
– 500x Scrap
– Purchase Energy Wall from Ava McCabe after getting Ionic from Crystal N’Erud – Timeless Horizon500
Tremor– Shoots a projectile that breaches the ground and makes shockwaves
– It deals 75 damage for 6s in the 9m range.
– Shockwaves wreak 3x impact.
– 1x Cordyceps Gland
– 5x Lumenite Crystal
– 500x Scrap
– Mother Mind in Yaesha drops Cordyceps Gland
– You can purchase Tremor from Ava McCabe after getting items
Statis Beam– Fires a deadly beam dealing 15 damage per second and applying SLOW.
– Target freezes for 10s after 3s of ability’s application, converting SLOW to STASIS
– 1x Stasis Core
– 5x Lumenite Crystal
– 500x Scrap
– You will earn Stasis Core as the reward for solving the Zombie Cave quest.
– You can purchase Stasis Core from Ava McCabe after getting items
50 / Pulse
Bore– Shoots a drill that bores into targets dealing 80 damage.
– Creates a weak spot to grant 50% normal weak spot damage once it completely bores into the enemy.
– If the drill hits the existing Weak Spot, then the Ranged Crit Chance increases by 15% by hitting the drill.
Active Time: 6s
– 1x Mutated Growth
– 5x Lumenite Crystal
– 500x Scrap
– Abomination in N’Erud drops Mutated Growth
– You can purchase Bore from Ava McCabe after getting items

So, here we wrap up our guide on the top 10 Weapon Mods in Remnant 2. These mods are not build-specific, so you can adapt to anyone that suits your preference. However, use the right combination of builds, weapons, and perks to use them effectively.

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