Remnant 2: Yaesha [Map And Guide]

This guide is all about Yaesha and everything you encounter inside the lush green forest!

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Remnant 2: Yaesha [Map And Guide]

Yaesha is a huge world with lots of areas to explore and bosses to deal with. Players will find themselves in a forest surrounded by roots and trees. This guide will be all about Yaesha’s map and how players can get through it to progress in the storyline. 

Key Takeaways

  • Yaesha is one of Remnant 2’s three worlds, with challenging puzzles and enemies.
  • Optional dungeons offer valuable items like Amulets and Rings .
  • The Bloodmoon event yields Bloodmoon Essence for crafting armor.
  • Two storylines lead to different versions of Yaesha and final bosses, randomly assigned without lore impact.
  • Puzzles in dungeons like The Lament and The Chimney demand significant effort and skill.

Unlocking Yaesha

yaesha map at the world stone
Yaesha | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Its unlocking can occur randomly at the start or before the final phase.
  • If not initially unlocked, players obtain Yaesha after the Labyrinth.
  • Defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel boss to obtain the Biome Portal Key, necessary for unlocking Yaesha’s portals.


In Yaesha, players encounter two distinct storylines, each with its own starting point and final boss. The choice of storyline is random and unrelated to the game’s lore, with both paths converging after defeating the final boss and getting an Index Segment key to travel to the next world.

  1. The Red Throne And The Corruptor:

    • Starting Point: Red Throne
    • Final Boss: Corruptor
    • Players interact with an Empress at the Red Throne, where they must decide to fight or support her. Supporting the Empress leads to facing the Corruptor, a challenging boss. The choice affects the rewards received after defeating the boss, with options including the Hollow Heart or Twisted Lazurite for crafting unique weapons.
  2. The Ravager And The Doe:

    • Starting Point: Forbidden Grove
    • Final Boss: Ravager
    • Players begin in the Forbidden Grove, a forested area populated by enemies made of tree branches. Progressing through the Grove, players encounter Elite enemies providing valuable Lumenite Crystals. They meet Bedel of the Vaunnt, who tasks them with defeating the Ravager. The storyline involves a choice regarding the fate of the Doe, influencing the rewards received, such as the Stalker’s Claw for crafting a unique weapon.

Regardless of the chosen storyline, both paths ultimately lead to getting an Index Segment key and progressing to the next world.

starting the exploration of yaesha
Choosing the Ravager and the Doe storyline will take you here | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Enemies In Yaesha

There is a wide variety of enemies in Yaesha that you come across in different areas. They spawn randomly in locations that you expect the least. They assist the Elite enemies and the Bosses to eliminate you. We provide a list of all enemies you will come across in Yaesha so you know what you are facing.

  1. Root Axeman:
    • Weak Spot: Glowing spot on the Head
    • Loot Drops: Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Ammo
  2. Root Zombie:
    • Weak Spot: Head
    • Loot Drops: Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  3. Root Hulk:
    • Weak Spot: Glowing areas around the body
    • Loot Drops: Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  4. Root Horror:
    • Weak Spot: The red area between the eyes
    • Loot Drops: Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  5. Root Sniper:
    • Weak Spot: Head
    • Loot Drops: Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  6. Root Wart:
    • Weak Spot: The glowing area around the body
    • Loot Drops: Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  7. Root Moth:
    • Weak Spot: Head
    • Loot Drops: Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  8. Root Flyer:
    • Weak Spot: Eye
    • Loot Drops: Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  9. Root Wisp:
    • Weak Spot: One Hit
    • Loot Drops: Blood Moon Essence
  10. Root Slasher:
    • Weak Spot: Red glowing regions
    • Loot Drops: Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  11. Root Shaman:
    • Weak Spot: Head
    • Loot Drops: Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  12. Root Tumbler:
    • Weak Spot: None
    • Loot Drops: Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  13. Pan Warrior:
    • Weak Spot: Back
    • Loot Drops: Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  14. Infector:
    • Weak Spot: Head
    • Loot Drops: Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  15. Empowered Slayer:
    • Weak Spot: Head
    • Loot Drops: Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  16. Stalker:
    • Weak Spot: None
    • Loot Drops: Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  17. Slayer:
    • Weak Spot: Head
    • Loot Drops: Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Ammo, Iron
  18. Stalking Statue:
    • Weak Spot: Crystal in between eyes
    • Loot Drops: None

Bosses In Yaesha

bosses in yaesha
Fighting one of the Bosses in Yaesha | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Apart from these enemies, some dungeons and story-related areas in Yaesha have Bosses that have a larger health pool and extended ability set. They test all their abilities on you which you must dodge. Let’s take a look at what Bosses you will face and how to defeat them.

Boss Location Weakness Rewards
Legion The Twisted Chantry Shoot eye when it glows
Agnosia Driftwood
Mantagora Imperial Gardens Head Momentum
Rot The Chimney Glowing Head region Extender
Wither The Lament Chest
Kolket’s Razor, Overdrive
Atrophy and Rot Stalker Endaira’s End None Bulletweaver
Shrewd The Expanding Glade Head Soul Silver
Root Nexus Faithless Thicket Red Core Hallowed Egg
Mother Mind The Nameless Nest Eye in the center, red areas on branches
Cordyceps Gland
The Weald Stalker and the Gnarled Archer Forgotten Field Head Bandit
Defiler Forgotten Field Red regions on the body Reinvigorate
Kaeula’s Shadow Kaeula’s Rest Fire Damage
Twilight Dactylus
Corruptor The Great Bole Red areas in the center
Hollow Heart, Twisted Lazurite, Segment
Ravager Ravager’s Lair Roots at the back
Ravager’s Maw, Crimson Membrane, Ravager’s Mark, Broken Antler

Items In Yaesha

As there is a lot to explore in Yaesha, players will interact with numerous items that are useful for their Archetype build and upgrading gear. A stronger build will help them survive against tough enemies. Moreover, Upgraded gear can be useful to deal more damage and have higher DPS with strong resistance.

Items, or materials, are of different kinds such as amulets, relics, and other consumables. We will mention all of these in a summary table so you can overlook all of them.


Weapons showcase | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Apart from the base weapons you purchase from Brabus in Ward 13, you can find secret weapons across Yaesha that have powerful stats and can suit your Archetype. To find them all, players must search every hidden place with hopes of finding these weapons.

Weapon Location How to get
Bolt Driver Forbidden Grove
Solve the music puzzle
Blade of Gul Bloodmoon Altar
Craft at the Altar in exchange for 10 Blood Moon Essence
Crossbow Imperial Gardens Solve the puzzle
Merciless Ravager’s Lair Kill the Ravager
Edge of the Forest Imperial Gardens
Pass the starting world stone. Find the katana on a platform to the left
Red Doe Staff Ravager’s Lair
Heal the Doe and kill the Corrupted Ravager to Doe’s Antler. Craft at Ava McCabe
Sorrow Kaeula’s Rest
Go to NPC called Meidre and exchange Sorrow with Tear of Kaeula
Royal Broadsword Red Throne
Get it during an event
Twisted Arbalest The Great Bole
Kill Corruptor to get Twisted Lazurite item. Take it to Ava McCabe for crafting.

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Amulets And Rings

you can find these amulets and rings in yaesha
Rings and Amulets showcase | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Amulets and Rings can be equipped in the inventory and they provide buffs in your gameplay. A wise choice will be to pick them according to your Archetype and build so these items unleash their full potential. Below is the list of Amulets and Rings you find at Yaesha.

Item How to get
Seal of the Empress
Given to you by the Eternal Empress
Soul Guard
Collect Blood Moon Essence and craft at the Altar
Laemir Censer
Search the Forgotten Field region to find it
Blood Tinged Ring
Solve the Plinth puzzle in the Lament dungeon to get it
Vestige of Power
Explore the Chimney dungeon to find it
Wax Sealed Ring
Search it in the Far Woods region
Soul Link
Find it in Kaeula’s Rest on the ground. Players must explore all the hallways.
Matriarch’s Insignia
Obtained from the Widow’s Court
Downward Spiral
Explore the Crystal Elevator inside the Chimney Dungeon to find it
Ring of Diversion
Find it inside a chest in the Lament dungeon after crossing the floating path
Talisman of the Sun
Search the Expanding Glade area to get it
Soul Anchor
Gather the required items to craft at the Bloodmoon Altar
Berserker’s Crest
Collect it during the Coffin event at The Twisted Chantry
Vengeance Idol
Find it randomly in Yaesha


armor snaps
Armor Showcase | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Choosing a good armor for your build is necessary as you have to balance out the strength-to-weight ratio for efficient dodging and running. Yaesha has some good armor picks that you can obtain at different locations. Choose a suitable armor for yourself from the list below.

Note that armor pieces in Yaesha are either crafted at the Bloodmoon Altar by gathering Blood Moon Essence during the event, or inside the Lament dungeon by solving various puzzles and fighting an optional boss, Wither.

Armor Location
Red Widow Headdress The Lament
Knotted Greaves
Bloodmoon Altar
Red Widow Leggings The Lament
Knotted Gloves
Bloodmoon Altar
Red Widow Bracers The Lament
Knotted Helm
Bloodmoon Altar
Red Widow Raiment The Lament
Knotted Cage
Bloodmoon Altar

Here, our guide on Yaesha comes to an end. We hope that you enjoyed exploring this world in your gameplay. Ensure you cover each aspect of this world so you can grab all the items and weapons it hides. Leave feedback for us in the comments below if you found this helpful.

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