Remnant Best Weapons: 10 Best Weapons Ranked (2024)

Knowing which weapon to choose can be a stressful undertaking for most players. Here are the 10 best weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes.

Remnant Best Weapons
Remnant Best Weapons

Remnant: From the Ashes takes a different approach to the whole monster shooter genre. Calling it the Dark Souls of shooting games would be highly disregarding the game. Remnant takes the Dark Souls formula and adds its unique twist to it. Much like the Best Dex Weapons in Dark Souls, you have tons of weapon choices and build options. This is why today’s guide will focus on the Remnant Best Weapons.

Key Takeaways

Here are my top Remnant 2 Weapon Picks, and what they offer:

  1. The Devastator is an extremely strong crossbow that deals a minimum of 32 damage and up to 96 damage but requires reloading after every shot.
  2. The Coach Gun is a double-barrelled shotgun with an increased rate of fire and decent reload speed, making it great for DPS.
  3. The Beam Rifle is one of the best weapons in Remnant, with consistent damage and a 30-round magazine. To get it, the player must complete a random event called The Lost Ghantry.
  4. The Sniper Rifle is the best weapon for long-range attacks, with 135-375 damage and a 20% chance to strike critically.
  5. The Sporebloom is a powerful shotgun with a built-in mod that causes enemies to take 50 rot damage.
  6. Assault Rifles are a must-have in the Remnant Best Weapons list, ideal for mid to long distances, and can deal a consistent amount of damage.
  7. Riven is a deadly melee weapon with good reach and damage, making it a great choice for melee builds in Remnant.
  8. Defiler is a strong revolver that deals insane damage at close range and can be combined with either the Sniper Rifle or Assault Rifle.
  9. The Repulsor is a powerful shotgun with a Banish Mod that allows it to banish enemies for a few seconds and deal an additional 1.25 times damage.
  10. Ruin is the best weapon in Remnant, with Undying, reduced damage, and immunity to effects for up to 5 seconds.

Finding the ideal weapon can be a cumbersome task, but you’ll mow down the herd of monsters standing in your way when you find it. With that being said, every player will prefer a different weapon according to their playstyle and build.


Powerful, High-damage Output Weapon
Remnant Best Weapons
Devastator stats and description

Why did I Choose the Devastator?

I would suggest using the Devastator for its immense high-damage output and its ability to fire projectiles that do damage overtime.

The Devastator is a powerful crossbow in Fallout 4, favored for stealth kills. It deals a minimum of 32 damage, with the potential to reach up to 96 damage. However, it has a drawback of requiring a reload after each shot, reducing your rate of fire and leaving you vulnerable if surrounded by enemies.

Its unique ability, the Skewer Mod, is particularly effective against bosses and weaker foes. When activated, it fires a high-damage spike that also staggers enemies and inflicts bleeding. Bleeding enemies suffer 600 damage over the next 20 seconds. To maximize the Devastator’s damage, you need to get up close to your targets.

To obtain this crossbow, you must defeat The Unclean One in Corsus. The Unclean One drops the Unclean Heart, a key component for crafting the Devastator. Once you have this item, you can craft the impressive crossbow without any issues.

  • High-damage output.
  • Projectile embedded weapon.
  • Damage over time (DoT) due to the projectiles.

  • Limited Ammo.
  • Friendly Fire.
  • Slow Rate of Fire.

Coach Gun

High Damage per second and incredible close-range damage dealing weapon
Remnant Best Weapons
Stats of the Coach Gun

Why did I Choose the Coach Gun?

I chose the Coach Gun during my playthrough because of its incredible damage at close range. The double-barrel and reload time both come in handy when dealing with a horde of enemies.

Moving on towards a variant of the shotgun. You’ll find this weapon at the start of Remnant, and it is wonderful. With the damage of 102 – 306, you will obliterate any enemies standing in your way. The main reason I picked this over the ordinary shotgun is due to its increased rate of fire. On top of that, the reload speed is quite decent, making your DPS better.

It has a long barrel which means that you can use it from a distance rather than getting up close and personal. This gives you more wiggle room, especially when you’re fighting bosses. The only downside is that you have to reload after 2 shots since it is considered as a double-barrelled shotgun.

Obtaining this weapon is easy as you can start the game with it if you choose the Ex-Cultist class. Even if you don’t pick that class, you can buy it from Rigs for only 600 Scrap.

  • Offers versatility as a mid-range (sniper) and close-range shotgun.
  • Damage buff and switching to slugs increase the range.
  • High Damage Per Second due to the double-barrel

  • Magazine size is limited compared to other shotguns in Remnant 2.
  • Precision aiming is required.

Beam Rifle

Best known for its increased and consistent damage over time
Remnant Best Weapons
Stats of Beam Rifle

Why did I Choose the Beam Rifle?

I would highly recommend players to use the Beam Rifle for two reasons; Consistent increase in damage while holding the trigger button, and its status effects.

The Beam Rifle has an impressive fire rate of 4 rounds per second, which means you’ll blast your way through its 30-round magazine. Worry not, however, as you get a total of 200 ammo with it which means that it will take some time to use up all the ammo. It has a damage of 20 – 60 depending on the distance you fire it from.

The best part about this gun is that the longer you hold the trigger, the more damage it’ll deal. You can either use it like a burst weapon or an automatic one; the results will always be positive. The Beam Rifle is one of the best weapons with consistent damage across the board.

Enemies that get hit with the Beam Rifle have a Radiation status applied on them. This reduces their stamina, and they are more prone to getting staggered. However, if you hold the trigger without letting it go, the rifle will overheat, causing you to wait a few seconds before using it again. The only issue is that you will run through your ammo in no time if you don’t keep track of it. Once you run out, fights can get pretty awkward for you.

To get this weapon, the player must complete a random event called The Lost Ghantry which is situated on Rhom. This event can be a little difficult to complete as you have to kill waves of enemies that get stronger with every subsequent wave. Once you have survived though, the Beam Rifle will be given to you as a reward for your valiant effort.

  • Impressive fire-rate.
  • Can be used as a burst or automatic weapon.
  • Applies Radiation Status.

  • Limited Magazine Size.
  • Overheating causes a cooldown period.
  • Ammo depletes quickly.

Sniper Rifle

Best One-Shot Sniper for long range
Using the scope of the Sniper Rifle

Why did I Choose the Sniper Rifle?

The Sniper Rifle has given me a high advantage in open areas where I can snipe enemies from a long distance.

The sniper rifle is the best choice for long-range attacks, offering high damage (135-375) with a 20% chance to critically strike. It’s effective for one-shotting most early-game enemies. However, it only has one shot per chamber, so it’s less suitable for close-range combat. When facing bosses, consider kiting or letting teammates draw aggro while you snipe from a distance.

You can obtain the sniper rifle early in Remnant by going to the Church’s basement. Find it behind some debris after entering the location. Aiming may be challenging initially, but practice makes it easier. Overall, the Sniper Rifle is considered one of Remnant’s best weapons.

  • High damage per shot.
  • The scope and hit scan allow for precision shots.
  • Prevents aggro.

  • Low Critical chance compared to other weapons.
  • Slow reload speed.


A close-range menace
Sporebloom has high damage

Why did I Choose the Sporeboom?

It was fun to use the Sporeboom weapon in Remnant 2 due to its immense one-shot-high-damage output. However, it is not suitable to use against multiple enemies.

The Sporebloom shotgun excels at close range with damage ranging from 200 to 600, often eliminating enemies in one shot. Although you need to reload after each shot, the reload speed is reasonable, and the high damage compensates for it.

Additionally, the Sporebloom features a built-in mod that inflicts 50 rot damage on enemies, with an area of effect, allowing you to apply the rot effect to multiple enemies simultaneously. To obtain the Sporebloom, defeat the Ent and collect the Spore Gland it drops. You can then craft this powerful weapon with the collected material.

  • Excellent burst damage.
  • Best Crowd-Control mod.
  • Extremely high damage output.
  • Pairs well with certain rings.

  • Requires time for reload.
  • Lacks range.
  • Other players may not agree with its mod damage.
  • Bullet spread is excessive which may cause low damage.

Assault Rifle

Remnant Best Weapons
The AR in action

Why did I Choose the Assault Rifle?


The Assault Rifle is a crucial addition to any Remnant Best Weapons list, and it can be found in the Sorrow’s Field Dungeon on Earth. This automatic rifle excels at mid to long-range combat, offering consistent damage ranging from 19.5 to 45, with a rapid-fire rate of 7.3 rounds per second.

The Assault Rifle proves versatile, suitable for both boss fights and clearing waves of enemies. When fully upgraded, it becomes a high-damage weapon. However, be mindful of your ammo supply, especially in prolonged boss battles.

To obtain it, venture into the Sorrow’s Field Dungeon, where a random Supply Run event will occur. Defeat the enemies to access a door containing the rifle and the Spirit Trait.




Remnant Best Weapons
This scythe is extremely deadly

Why did I Choose the Riven?


Riven is a top-ranked melee weapon known for its flamboyant appearance, excellent reach, and substantial damage output. It serves both defensive and offensive purposes, allowing you to block enemy attacks while dealing damage. Each successful attack with Riven also heals your character, which is valuable in Remnant where healing items are limited.

Riven enhances the appeal of melee builds in Remnant, addressing the previous lack of incentives to use melee weapons over guns. With its healing capability, decent reach, and strong damage, Riven becomes a must-have for players who prefer close combat.




Remnant Best Weapons
Crafting the Defiler

Why did I Choose the Defiler?


If you’re looking for a strong revolver, Defiler is certainly ideal for you. It has six rounds and they deal insane damage to any enemy you hit. If you do not prefer to use shotguns, Defiler is superb at dealing with close-range enemies. The ideal combo would be to use it with either the Sniper Rifle or the Assault Rifle. Most players use the submachine gun instead of this but in my experience, this revolver is better.

After you defeat The Harrow on Rhom, you’ll be able to craft this gun. A fully upgraded Defiler can one-shot most enemies at close range without any second thought. On top of that, the Radioactive Volley mod allows you to fire all 6 bullets at once causing radiation damage to enemies. Not only that, but those bullets also bounce from walls or the floor causing chaos in the area. If you equip the Hunter’s Halo and the Iskal Hunter Band, this weapon will be effective at long range as well. But there are tons of better options for long-range than this, so it’s best to when the enemies get close.




Repulsor is ideal at close-range

Why did I Choose the Repulsor?


The Repulsor is a high-DPS weapon ideal for players seeking to eliminate enemies in one or two hits. It currently holds the highest DPS among all available weapons in the game. While it has a lower fire rate, its damage output justifies this drawback. As a shotgun variant, it has a similar range to the Coach Gun, dealing 100-300 damage per shot, but it can fire 5 bullets before needing to reload.

What sets the Repulsor apart is its mod, the Banish Mod, which temporarily banishes enemies, allowing you to focus on other threats. When banished enemies return, they take 1.25 times increased damage from all weapons. This ability can even be used on large bosses, although they won’t get banished due to immunity, they will still take the additional damage. This makes the Repulsor effective for thinning out groups of enemies or quickly defeating bosses.

To obtain the Repulsor, you must defeat the final boss of Remnant, the Dreamer, who drops Dreamer’s Mana, a key component for crafting this potent shotgun. 




Remnant Best Weapons
Fighting enemies with Ruin

Why did I Choose the Ruin?


Finally, the best weapon in Remnant, Ruin. It is a rifle that is best used as a primary weapon much like the AR. However, unlike the AR, Ruin is overwhelmingly superior once fully upgraded. On top of that, it also comes with a scope that can be zoomed almost 3x times with a good critical hit chance. The damage ranges from 19 – 57 but the rate of fire is superb.

Ruin has Undying, which revives the player when they die with 50% of their HP. When you get revived, you’ll take reduced damage and will be immune to effects for up to 5 seconds. This mod can be used as much as you want only if it is not on cooldown. Due to this ability, the weapon can be considered broken or overpowered.
Obtaining it can be a bit troublesome, however. You have to defeat the Undying King because he will drop the Undying Heart. Use it to craft this amazing weapon and you’ll always get revived if the mod has full power.




There are tons of great weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes. Depending on your playstyle and your build, you have to find the perfect one for yourself. All of the weapons mentioned in this list are extremely viable and strong against all types of enemies. No matter what build you are planning to do, there is a weapon for everyone in this guide.

With that, we are at the end of my list about the Remnant Best Weapons. Let me know in the comments below which weapon is your favorite and why.

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