Resident Evil 4 Remake Church Puzzle Solution

The Resident Evil 4 remake is mainly action-packed but still has riddles. Chapter 4's church problem needs you to connect colored dials to a stained glass Los Illuminados insignia. This puzzle can be confusing due to its presentation. We have everything you need to tackle this Resident Evil 4 church puzzle.

Church Puzzle
Resident Evil 4 Church Puzzle Solution

The Resident Evil 4 Remake significantly changes, but some elements remain unchanged. You’ll still have to solve the Church Puzzle. This puzzle will likely be one of Resident Evil fans’ first major progression hurdles. Trial and error solve this problem, which will likely drive players crazy at first. But you may avoid all those errors by following this solution.

Key Takeaways

  • The Resident Evil 4 Remake church greets you with a prominent insignia and color pieces next to two dials.
  • Go towards the cupboard that is situated at the end of the passage.
  • When you open the cabinet, you will find a blue dial wedged inside it.
  • Get the blue dial in the room’s right passage and bring it to the middle of the church.
  • Go to Chambers Heart and lift the lever to start the puzzle.
  • After pulling the lever, you can complete the puzzle by positioning the blue dial between the green and red ones.
  • Spin all dials until the color parts are appropriately placed on the insignia logo.
  • After all the color parts are in place, the church entrance will open automatically.
  • You can go to the upper floor after completing this puzzle.
  • Here Ashley will be waiting for you to take you with him.

Where To Find Blue Dial

You will first need to locate the nearby blue dial enabling you to interact with the stained glass window to get the puzzle for the church window started correctly. Fortunately, it is situated close to the actual problem.

After you enter the church, turn to your right and proceed down the hallway immediately to your left. You’ll locate a cupboard at the very end of that corridor. If you open the cabinet, you’ll find the Blue Dial has been stashed inside.

The next step is to walk to the center of the church and place the Blue Dial on the altar. You can begin this challenging challenge accurately once you interact with the altar. Find a lever on the left wall of the center of the room and proceed to the center of the room. Pull that lever down to begin solving the mystery involving the church dial.

How To Solve The Church Puzzle

Please ensure the blue dial is positioned correctly before starting the dial problem. The puzzle will start once you have positioned the blue dial correctly. The final step is changing the dials to the point where the insignia logo’s colors appear on the screen.

Three dials (green, blue, and red dial) are present here.

Green Dial

Firstly you have to unlock the green dial. You have to do these steps.

  • Turn it until the green pieces are marked on the wings of the symbol.
  • You only need to arrange the green pieces to fit into the open spots near the figure’s head and upper torso. Check out this image to understand it wisely.
Church Puzzle
Green Dial Image Captured by: Veryali Gaming

Red Dial

To unlock the red dial, you have to do these steps.

  • Attempt to arrange the red pieces to be in the correct spot.
  • One of the main red pieces matches the right side of the figure’s body, making it easy to detect. Check out this image to understand it wisely.
Red Dial
Red Dial Image Captured by: Veryali Gaming

Blue Dial

Blue Dial is considered the easiest to unlock, which can be unlocked by following this step.

  • Turn the blue dial until the blue pieces automatically lock themselves into place. This should be done once you have ensured the red and green pieces are in their correct positions.
  • When you turn the green and red dials correctly, the blue pieces will move to their corresponding slots independently. Check out this image to understand it completely.
Church Puzzle
All Dials In the Correct Position Image Captured by: Veryali Gaming

After Completing the Puzzle, What Comes Next?

When you have finished the puzzle, a door inside the church will unlock, and you can access the structure’s upper floor. You will find a door on the upper floor, and Ashley will be waiting for you on the other side of the door there.


This brings to a close our walkthrough on how to solve the Church’s Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake. We have included everything you need to do to solve the puzzle, so there shouldn’t be any surprises. We hope the guide was helpful to you in resolving one of the game’s most challenging riddles.

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