Resident Evil 4 Lunker Bass Location [Guide]

This article will help you locate the Gold Lunker Bass in Chapter 4 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, released on March 24, 2023, so you can fulfil the "Merchant Request: Catch Me a Large Fish."

Lunker Bass Location
Residental Evil 4 Lunker Bass Location

For many years, the original edition of Resident Evil 4 has been a mainstay in the collections of many players. The upcoming remake will be an exciting experience for the game’s devoted following. This game features several challenging objectives, including “Catch Me a Huge Fish.” To complete this quest, you must reel in a species of fish known as a Lunker Bass.

Fishing in a specific game area is the only way to catch the Lunker Bass. If you want to complete the “Catch Me a Big Fish” goal, which requires you to capture a Lunker Bass, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out where the Lunker Bass is, where the Request can be accepted, the rewards for fulfilling it, and some valuable tips!

Key Takeaways

In Resident Evil 4, the Lunker Bass is a massive and monstrous fish found in the southern part of the lake. Here’s how to catch it:

  1. Boathouse Location: Find the Boathouse in the Lakeside Settlement area.

  2. Boat Docking: Dock your boat on the left side of the Boathouse.

  3. Spot the Fish: Carefully scan the water for the giant fish swimming nearby.

  4. Harpoon: Quickly grab the Harpoon and throw it at the Lunker Bass.

  5. Unlock the Quest: To capture a Lunker Bass, complete the side quest “Catch Me A Big Fish” by defeating the Del Lago, the Lake Monster, at the end of Chapter 3.

  6. Quest Completion: After completing the quest, take the boat to the northwestern part of the Mural Cave.

  7. Rewards: Completing the challenge yields 5,000 Pesetas and four Spinels. Afterward, bring the Lunker Bass head to the trader located southwest of the lake.

This will help you secure the Lunker Bass and claim your rewards in the game.

Location Of Lunker Bass 

You can catch the monstrous Lunker Bass if you go to the lake’s southern end and look for the Boathouse. After completing the optional quest “Catch Me A Huge Fish” in the Lakeside Settlement region, proceed to the Boathouse to turn in your completed task.

Lunker Bass Location
Lunker Bass Location // Image Captured by Veryali Gaming

How To Get Lunker Bass

After obtaining the Insignia key in the game, you can board the ship and head to your destination, where you’ll encounter a locked door. Look for an entrance marked by a blue piece of paper that reads “Catch Me a Big Fish.” This paper illustrates the fish species and its location next to it.

Here’s what you need to do to catch the Lunker Bass Fish:

  1. Get on your boat and position it close to the boat house to increase your chances of encountering the Lunker Bass Fish.

  2. After parking your boat to the left at a short distance, carefully scan the water around you.

  3. You’ll eventually spot a giant fish swimming nearby. When you see it, pick up the Harpoon.

  4. Depending on your gaming platform, press ‘X’ on PlayStation, ‘A’ on Xbox, or ‘Enter’ on PC to use the Harpoon and kill the Lunker Bass Fish.

Killing Of Fish // Image Captured by Veryali Gaming

Completion Of Catch Me A Big Fish Side Quest

To complete the “Catch Me a Big Fish” quest in Resident Evil 4 Remake, follow these steps:

  1. Progress Through the Main Storyline: Play through the main storyline of Resident Evil 4 Remake until you reach the end of Chapter 3, where Leon defeats the Del Lago (Lake Monster or Crocodile boss).

  2. Unlock the Boathouse: After defeating the Del Lago, the Boathouse will become accessible to you as part of the game’s progression.

  3. Accept the Side Quest: Once you have access to the Boathouse, take the boat and head to the Lakeside Settlement. Look for a Blue Request Notice on the wall, which is the “Catch Me a Big Fish” side quest.

  4. Locate the Lunker Bass: After accepting the quest, you can find the Lunker Bass in the area near the boat house as mentioned previously.

  5. Visit the Merchant: Board the boat and travel to the northwestern section of the Mural Cave, where you will encounter the Merchant NPC.

  6. Sell the Lunker Bass: Initiate a conversation with the Merchant and choose the “Sell” option from the menu. Select the Lunker Bass from your inventory using the d-pad or arrow keys, and then press and hold the action button to sell it.

  7. Complete the Quest: Selling the Lunker Bass to the Merchant will complete the “Catch Me a Big Fish” quest.

Lunker Bass
Lunker Bass Fish // Image Captured by Veryali Gaming

Reward For Lunker Bass

Once you have killed the Lunker Bass, you should bring its head to the merchant southwest of the lake. You will need to purchase from this Merchant to accomplish the mission. You will be rewarded with 5,000 Pesetas and four Spinels if you complete this mission.

Players can begin this side quest in this manner, finish it quickly, and collect Pesetas and other goodies, all of which are extremely useful throughout the game. Pesetas are crucial for any purchase, whether an upgrade to a gun or purchasing any other item.

Closing Remarks

Our walkthrough for obtaining the Lunker Bass Location has reached a successful conclusion. Now you know about the Lunker Bass Location and the side quest “Catch Me A Huge Fish.” We sincerely hope that all gamers interested in acquiring this uncommon fish have found this guide informative and helpful.

The Resident Evil 4 remake is now available on the Xbox Series X/S and the PC, PS4, and PS5.

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