Resident Evil 4 Remake: All 200 Collectibles

This Guide covers all collectibles in Resident Evil 4 Remake. It elaborates the location of each collectible located in their specific chapters.

re4 remake cover image
Resident Evil 4 Remake: Collectibles

There are around 200 Collectibles in Resident Evil 4 Remake. These can include items you can collect, side quests you can participate in, or weapons to add to your inventory. Getting all of them can be tedious, but we will make it easier for you.

This article will discuss all the Collectibles’ locations and the shortest path to get there. Note that there are rare trophies you can earn if you get collectibles of each category.

Key Takeaways

  • There are different types of Collectibles in Resident Evil 4 Remake, including Clockwork Castellans, Treasures, Blue Medallions, Merchant Requests, etc.
  • You must destroy some collectibles and collect the remaining ones.
  • Getting all the collectibles can be tedious work, but a dedicated gamer will try to get them all in the minimum time possible.
  • As these collectibles are available in every chapter, you must search every new area you discover.
  • However, some chapters do not have specific Collectibles, so you can focus on the story more.

Clockwork Castellans

Collectibles such as Clockwork Castellans are 16 in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Each chapter has at least one of them. They are tiny toy figures that make a ticking noise when you get close. You can destroy these Castellans by shooting at them.

Your objective will be to find where these collectibles are and destroy them by using any weapon. After you have eliminated all 16, you will unlock Revolution Wind-up Trophy.

Chapter 1

collectibles category: Castellan 1 map location
Castellan 1 location | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

At the start of Lakeside Settlement, your objective will be to Head into the Lake. You will see a broken house to your right when you get to this marked location. Get inside this house from the back window, which has no glass.

After you enter, you will hear the ticking noise we mentioned. Look up to identify the Castellan on the wooden plank.

first collectible map location
Collectibles: Clockwork Castellan #1 | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 2

map location of castellan 2
Castellan 2 Location

After you pick up the Sapphire treasure from under the narrow opening, you must walk up the stairs and enter the first house to your left. The castellan will be on the entrance’s right, standing on hay.

finding the second castellan
Go inside the house above the hill to find it | Image By: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 3

third castellan map location
Castellan 3 Location

There will be an area before entering the Quarry and after passing the Fish Farm. Here, you will find the Merchant. When standing before him, you should go down the ladder to Merchant’s left and chase the torch right in front.

When you make a left, you will see the Castellan on top of the wooden box.

third castellan mark
Look on top of the box | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 4

Collectibles: Castellan | 4/16
Chapter 4 Castellan Location

Right where you pick up the request, Catch Me a Big Fish; you should enter the door next to it and climb the ladder. Walk straight toward the wooden fence. The fourth Castellan will be behind the wooden fence.

If you have trouble finding it, use your gun to aim down sights and look behind the fence for better vision.

shooting castellan
Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 5

going here will get you the fifth castellan of re4
Castellan 5 Location | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

After you possess Elegant Bangle, your main story objective will be to Head for the Extraction Point. Get out of the room where you found the treasure and follow the road. Open the gate and proceed. Please take out your torch to see, as it will get dark.

Skip the house on the left and open another gate. You will see a front home. Get inside through the main door and walk to the second floor. Make a double right turn to enter the bedroom.

A yellow lever will be behind one of the photo frames hanging on the wall. Take it down and push the lever down. It will open the hole leading to the attic. However, to get to the attic, the ladder should slide down.

Boost Ashley up on the ladder so she kicks it down. Please get to the attic and find the Castellan behind one of the wooden boxes with yellow paint.

shoot the castellan to make it count
Look behind the boxes to find it

Chapter 6

castellan 6 shown on the map
Castellan 6 Location

After getting the Chalice of Atonement placed inside the room, you must go out and look where the fire originated. The castellan will be placed right in front of the fire. Look at it clearly when aiming down sights on your pistol or another weapon.

sixth castellan location
Find it in front of the fire

Chapter 7

chap 7 map showing where castellan is
Castellan 7 Location | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Inside the Dungeons, after you defeat the Garrador, you will end up at this point.

From here, you must open the door in front and climb up the ladder. Go right behind the boxes; you will find the seventh Castellan on top of one of the shelves.

enter this building to get to the castellan
On the second floor, on top of a shelf

Chapter 8

look for the castellan at this mark
Castellan 8 Location

You will face the Armored El Gigante when you progress through the chapter and reach the Castle Battlements. Ignore him and make a right as soon as the cut scene starts. Keep going right until you see a ladder.

Climb it to get to the rooftop. Then, walk some steps then make a right turn. Keep going straight until you see the Castellan blocking your path. Shoot it and move forward.

this is where you find your eighth castellan Collectibles
Avoid the boss to get here | Picture By: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 9

you have to make your way to this point on map
Castellan 9 Location

Close to the start of this chapter, you will be somewhere around the Northwest Courtyard. The Castellan will be hidden behind a barrier. If you are having trouble seeing it first, you can get close to the specified location and listen to the noise it creates for identification.

Chapter 10

reach here in chapter 10
Castellan 10 Location | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

When at the Merchant inside the dome, look back and get out of the door. The gutter wall will have a small window with square holes. Aim at its top with your torch to see the Castellan’s head. Make sure you shoot it and then continue with the campaign part of this chapter.

Collectibles: tenth castellan secured
Find castellan inside the sewer.

Chapter 11

reach here to find 11th castellan
Castellan 11 Location | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

When you are at the Stopover, precisely at this location, make a right before you go up the stairs. There will also be a Flagon treasure before entering the room. When you enter the room with no door, look up toward the broken roof to locate Castellan.

You can also shoot it from outside the room, but you won’t be able to hear the noise. Therefore, it isn’t easy to know precisely where it is if you do this for the first time.

destroy the 11th castellan over here
Castellan can be found on the roof top

Chapter 12

getting toward the 12th castellan
Castellan 12 location | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

You will see a yellow lift outside the room to the North of the Ballroom at the Merchant location. Please take it to get to the other side of the building. Take the stairs on the left and open a door as you head inside.

Again, go up the stairs and make a left. Some boxes will be under the left wall, and the Castellan will be on top. Shoot it by using any weapon to move forward.

destroy 12th castellan over here
Look under the wall to your left | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 13

go here in chapter 13 to find castellan
Castellan 13 Location

After obtaining the treasure, the Golden Lynx, make your inside Surveillance from the South and reach this point.

Go down the stairs where the red containers are, and the lifters are moving them. The Castellan will still be under one of the red containers attached to the truck. Others have been unloaded from the truck. Find that container and look under it to find the Castellan.

getting toward the 13th castellan
Look between the red container and green lifter | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 14

destroy castellan 14 over here
Castellan 14 Location | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

After acquiring the Crystal Ore treasure, enter the Amber Storeroom at this precise map location.

Go through the sizeable grey-colored gate that automatically opens. Make two right turns and then find a room with its door opened. Head inside to see the Castellan standing on top of the lockers.

destroying the third last castellan
Castellan can be found on top of the locker inside this room | Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 15

if you reach here, you can find the 15th castellan
Castellan 15 Location

You must enter the Specimen Storage from its South to get to this Castellan. You might also find one of the treasures at this point as well. Pass the black punching bags without touching them, as they are evil.

When you reach the next room, look above for the planks supporting the roof. The Castellan will be on those planks. Make sure to take it down by shooting.

destroying castellan 15
Look toward the ceiling to locate the Castellan | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 16

castellan 16 is located here
Castellan 16 Location | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

For this last Castellan, you must go through the Underground passage and reach this point. This is a storage room with many boxes and stuff piled up. The castellan must be found quickly as you escape the island within a time limit.

When in the room, look to your right to see a green lifter. Look behind it to find the Castellan on top of the boxes. Upon shooting it, you complete your Castellan hunt and successfully achieve the trophy, Revolution Wind-up. 

destroy the castellan and escape
When escaping the island, you will find Castellan over here

You will be awarded the Primal Knife as a bonus weapon. To equip it, go to the main menu and inside the bonus weapons category. This game has three bonus weapons, and you scored one by shooting 16 Castellans.

Merchant Requests

Collectibles can also include completing several tasks, such as Merchant Requests. They are side quests that you can take part in by taking part in the activities mentioned in the letter found. These are 19 in total and can award you with Spinels, which are essential items for trading.

All the Merchant Request letter locations are discussed below. You will participate in some side-quests like Destroying Blue Medallions or killing rats for Pest Control.

Chapter 1

  • Destroy The Blue Medallions:
blue medallion map location
Reach here to collect your first Merchant Request | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

After entering the Farm from the South entrance, enter the field and walk toward the windmill. From there, make a right. Keep walking forward until you see a large gate to your left. The Merchant Request will be on the wall before the entrance.

collect before entering gate
Out of all the collectibles, these are the most important ones

After taking the request, you have to shoot five Blue Medallions. You must hit blue circles around the target area.

Chapter 2

  • Pest Control

The Merchant’s Request can be found outside the Abandoned Factory where the Merchant is. It will be posted on the tank to Merchant’s right. Enter the Abandoned Factory and kill three infected rats to complete the request.

Chapter 3

  • Viper Hunter
Collectibles: Merchant request | Viper Hunter
You need to be here to get the Merchant Request | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

The request can be collected close to where the Merchant sits in Village Square. On the wall opposite the Merchant, letter will be on the wall. The side quest demands you to sell three vipers and get rewarded by Spinels.

The first viper can be found after you pass the Church and reach the Quarry. During the passage, you will find a small room. Break the crate on the table, and the viper will come out. Shoot it once and then keep it with you to sell it later.

You can find the second viper when destroying the third Blue Medallion. The viper can be found on the ground roaming around. Sell these vipers when you visit the Merchant.

  • Grave Robber

After passing Village Square, you will get to the Church. Before entering it, enter the alley to the right of the church. Reach the end of the path to find the Grave Robber Merchant Request. You will be asked to destroy the Tombstone Emblems to complete this side quest.

There is a graveyard outside the Church where you must complete this mission. Enter the cemetery and locate two tombstones behind an old tree. Shoot the emblems to complete the quest.

  • Destroy The Blue Medallions

After collecting the first viper, head inside the tunnel and make a left. Walking a little would be best, then take the first right turn that appears. The Merchant’s Request for Destroying the Blue Medallions is on the tunnel opening.

Chapter 4

  • Egg Hunt

At the Mural Cave, you will find a Merchant Request, which will indicate you to sell a Golden Chicken Egg.  Find it next to the old wayshrine key before you enter the lake.

collectibles: Merchant request | Golden egg hunt
This location is where you will find the Golden Chicken Egg

You can complete this request by going toward the East of the lake on your boat. The golden chicken egg will be close to the back fence. You can track the precise egg location by walking close to the wall from left to right; it will not trouble you much.

  • Catch Me A Big Fish

To get this one, you must go to the Lakeside Settlements first. This is located North of the lake; you will find a substantial house. Moreover, there will be a gate to its left, which you can open from your Insignia Key. The entrance will take you inside a tunnel.

Collectibles: merchant request
Go left after you open the gate with Insignia Key | Imagy By VeryAliGaming

After entering, make a left to find the request, Catch me a Big Fish. The location is directed by the picture in the letter, and it is also said that you must sell a Lunker Bass.  

Find the Merchant after crossing Quarry, where you can submit all the complete requests to get Spinels. The Golden Egg goes for 9000 Pesetas, whereas the Lunker will go for 5000 Pesetas.

Chapter 5

  • A Savage Mutt

This Merchant Request requires you to go to Town Hall, the East of Village Square. You will find the Merchant there, and the request will be close to him. Completing the request requires you to defeat a severe threat to Village Chief’s Manor.

The threat mentioned is an infected wolf found precisely towards the middle of Village Square. Moreover, the wolf has several levels of mutation, and it keeps getting stronger. Using frag grenades will bring it down faster, followed by multiple Melee attacks.

Chapter 6

You will not find any Collectibles material in this chapter.

Chapter 7

  • Destroy The Blue Medallions

When inside the Castle parameters, you will come across a huge canon that needs to be lifted to the rooftop if you want to use it. After you find its lever and bring it to the roof, you must use it to destroy the main castle gate and make a path for yourself.

After doing that, go through the area to find a door behind. The Merchant Request will be on the wall to the right of the door. Moreover, you can also find the Blue Medallions over there, starting from where the canon is.

Chapter 8

You will not find any Collectibles, such as Merchant Requests, in this chapter.

Chapter 9

  • Destroy The Blue Medallions

In the ninth chapter, Merchant sits inside the Grand Hall at this location. You will find the Medallion side quest request on the table in the middle of the room. Moreover, if you leave the room and look high at the left wall, you will find the first medallion.

There are five more in the exact location. Start by going up the stairs and looking for all of them.

  • More Pest Control

You can also find the Merchant Request for pest control when shooting the Blue Medallions. Get out of the Merchant’s room and walk on the stairs to your right. There will be a door to your left; the side quest letter will be on the wall to the right of that door.

To complete the challenge, you must enter the room and kill the infected rats. However, you will only find two rats inside that room. The last rat will be found at the start of the next chapter.

Chapter 10

  • Merciless Knight

After killing the third rat inside the library of the Grand Hall, you should get out of the room. When outside, you will find a table with the challenge letter. Furthermore, it will dictate that you eliminate a severe threat nearby in the Mausoleum area.

You must go back inside the library and stick to its left. Find a door on the left side and go inside it. Your path will have some stairs that will take you down the hallway. Continue until you reach the lift.

The lift will take you to a lower level of the Grand Hall. After you get out of it and move some steps forward, three scare knights will start approaching you. Using some frag grenades against them is always a good choice.

Keep a safe distance from these knights as they take a big step and attack you with their swords. Use a shotgun or any automatic weapon to aim at their necks, which is the weak spot. Repeating these steps will eliminate them quickly.

Chapter 11

  • Insect Hive

After your intense cut scene inside the trolley, you must reach this point inside the Hive. Getting here will be reasonably straightforward as you won’t have much trouble. The merchant request will be found on one of the wooden brackets inside the shed.

You must destroy the hive entrances close by to save others. After collecting the request, walk out of the shelter and look directly upwards to locate the first Hive. Shoot its yellow center multiple times to take it out.

To get to the second Hive, go inside the tunnel to the right of where you collected the letter. On its other end, you will identify the second hive by looking upwards. Moreover, to reach the next one, go right and enter the tunnel.

Keep going straight inside it until you see a red explosive barrel. Take a left before it comes. When you are in the open, the last two Hives will be in front of you; you can take them out without trouble.  

Chapter 12

  • Jewel Thief

The following Merchant Request can be found on one of the walls outside where the Merchant itself sits. To complete the request, you must sell a scratched emerald in the courtyard area to get rewarded with spinel.

It would be best if you went to the hallway, joining Courtyard and the Wine Cellar to do this activity. The scratched emerald is found inside a bird’s nest on the side of the ceiling. Shoot down the nest to bring it down. Collect the scratched emerald from the ground.

Opening the door to your left will take you to the Merchant. You can sell the collected emerald for 5000 Pesetas to complete the task.

  • The Disgrace Of The Salazar Family:

This side quest letter can also be collected from the same wall where you found the Jewel Thief Merchant Request. You must find the room in the picture and Deface Ramon’s portrait to complete the challenge.

The attached picture is from the Throne Room. After you go up the main stairs, the portrait can be found to the left of the throne. Only one image will hang on the left side, so reaching it won’t be a problem.

You have to throw a golden chicken egg at it to deface it. The egg can be found in the opposite corner of that room. There will be a locked box you will find. Use your cubic device to open it and find the egg inside.

After you have your hands on the egg, go to the inventory and equip it. Then aim at the picture to throw the egg and complete the side quest.

Chapter 13

Sadly, you will not find any Collectibles in this chapter.

Chapter 14

  • Destroy The Blue Medallions
the blue medallions merchant request
Second last Blue Medallions request location

A gate must opened as part of the story that will be locked from the other side. Boost Ashley from an opening to the other side so she can open the gate for you.

The letter will be on the wall to the right. You will go to the Cargo Depot from the Holding Cell, then find the Merchant. The Blue Medallions come after you open the double door.

  • Even More Pest Control

The Merchant is toward the West of the Cargo Depot. In his room, you will find the request for killing the infected rats for the last time. To find them, you must find your way to the waste disposal by going right.

After you reach the narrow opening by crouching, rats will start to appear.

  • The Wandering Dead

Inside the Cargo Depot, precisely to its center, you will find a massive crane with a boulder attached to it. Furthermore, you will also see a gap in the broken cement wall. Go through the wall to find the request on top of a box.

A severe threat in the Incubation Lab needs to be taken care of. Return to the Merchant by opening the two double doors behind you to reach the lab. The path will directly take you to the Incubation Lab. Enemies will be waiting for you. Using grenades and rocket launchers can be very useful against them. 

Chapter 15

  • Destroy The Blue Medallions

The last Merchant Request can be found at the Cliffside Ruins. Make sure you get to the location shown on the map. Remember not to go down the ladder and follow the path to its right when you get there.

Keep walking till the end; stop when you see a door. The request will be on the wall to its left. Moreover, looking toward the sky, find the first medallion on the long pillar. The remaining four are also located in the same area. 

Chapter 16

No Merchant Requests, a type of collectibles, is in the last chapter.


There are, in total, 29 weapons in this remake. They are also Collectibles you have to add to your inventory. Collect ten of them by focusing only on story mode. Moreover, there are ten weapons you can buy from the Merchant by spending Pesetas. Two can be traded for Spinels; the remaining four are bonus weapons.

  • SG-09 R

You will automatically get this pistol once you start a New game.

collectibles: weapons | first
Collectibles: Weapon -> SG-09 R | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
  • Combat Knife

Same as SG-09 R, this is added to your inventory for free when you start the campaign mode.

collectibles: weapons | second
Combat Knife | Image By Backseat Guides

Story Mode Weapons

  • W-870 Shotgun

Close to the end of chapter 1, you will face Chainsaw Man in the village. There will be a big house ainthe center. The shotgun will be in that house.

collectibles: weapons | third
W-870 Shotgun | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
  • Kitchen Knife

In Chapter 1, when you have made your way to the farm, there is a large gate with square holes. Before entering, collect the Kitchen Knife from the house to its right.

The main door is locked, so you need an alternative. Approach the window on the left that exposes the back side of the main entrance. Shoot the lock to collect the Kitchen Knife.

collectibles: weapons | fourth
Kitchen Knife | Image Credits: Backseat Guides
  • Red9 Pistol

In the fourth chapter, there is a big lake where you must go. In the middle of the lake, there will be an abandoned ship. The Red9 handgun will be found on that ship.

collectibles: weapons | fifth
Red9 Handgun | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming
  • Boot Knife:

In Chapter 7, you will face an opponent inside the Chapel. When you defeat him, Boot Knife can be collected from his body.

  • CQBR Assault Rifle

Collect this iconic assault rifle from Chapter 10. To get to the gun, you must solve a puzzle using a Cubic Device. Head to the library’s second floor by taking the stairs. Be aware of Armaduras roaming around the bookshelves.

collectibles: weapons | seventh
CQBR Assault Rifle | Image from: VeryAliGaming
  • LE 5

You must reach Chapter 13 and have a Level 1 Keycard to get this weapon. Push the power control lever to open the door. Solve the Green screen circuit puzzle to get the level 1 keycard placed on a tray behind the bed.

eighth weapon
LE 5
  • Fighting Knife

The trend in knives is that they come from the loot boss’ leave after dying. The same is with the Fighting Knife in Chapter 14. Inside the Ruins area, you must climb the long ladder to reach a high point.

A cut scene will start over here, leading to a boss fight. Defeating the boss over here will give you the Fighting Knife.

ninth weapon
Fighting Knife | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Buy From Merchant

Purchase for 24000 Pesetas from the Merchant.

tenth weapon
  • Riot Gun

Purchase for 28000 Pesetas from the Merchant.

eleventh weapon
Riot Gun
  • Striker

Purchase for 38000 Pesetas from the Merchant.

collectibles: Weapon | Twelfth
Striker | Picture taken from: Backseat Guides

Purchase for 10000 Pesetas from the Merchant.

collectibles: weapon | thirteenth weapon
Bolt Thrower
  • TMP

Purchase for 10000 Pesetas from the Merchant.

fourteenth weapon
TMP | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
  • Rocket Launcher

Purchase for 160000 Pesetas from the Merchant.

fifteenth weapon
Rocket Launcher | Picture From: VeryAliGaming
  • Broken Butterfly

Purchase for 42000 Pesetas from the Merchant.

sixteenth weapon
Broken Butterfly
  • Killer7

Purchase for 77700 Pesetas from the Merchant.

seventeenth gun
Killer 7
  • Stingray

Purchase for 30000 Pesetas from the Merchant.

collectibles: weapon | eighteenth
Stingray | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
  • SR M1903

Purchase for 12000 Pesetas from the Merchant.

nineteenth weapon
SR M1903
  • Punisher

Get it from the Merchant by trading 5 Spinels.

Punisher | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming
  • Matilda

Get it from the Merchant by trading 10 Spinels.

collectibles: weapon | 21/29

Bonus Weapons

  • Chicago Sweeper

Obtain by completing RE 4 Remake on Professional Difficulty Settings with an A rank, which means to finish in under 7 hours. You will have to spend 1000 CP on the menu further to buy it. Knowledge about Ranking Systemessentialtant when you are aiming to get the Bonus Weapons

  • Handcannon

This weapon is the hardest to get out of all 29. You must complete RE 4 Remake on Professional Difficulty Settings without using any bonus weapons: Primal Knife, Infinite Rocket Launcher, and Chicago Sweeper.

Another condition is that you must also start a new game from scratch. When done, go to the main menu to buy it for 1000 CP.

  • Infinite Rocket Launcher

Purchase for 2,000,000 Pesetas from the Merchant. This is the last weapon you will add to your Collectibles collection.

Weapon Parts

Weapon Parts are additional attachments that you can use on your guns. They also count as Collectibles. Modified versions appear more powerful and can help eliminate opponents more quickly. There are, in total, seven Weapon parts you can access in the game.

Six of them can be bought from the store. The final one, the Biosensor scope, will be found during the story mode. The list of weapon parts is as follows:

  • Matilda Scope – Trade for 12 Spinels
  • TMP Stock – Trade for 8 Spinels
  • Red9 Stock – Trade for 9 Spinels
  • High-power Scope – Trade for 7 Spinels
  • Scope – Buy for 4000 Pesetas
  • Laser Sight – Trade for 10 Spinels
  • Biosensor Scope – Get from Incubation Lab

The Biosensor scope can be found in Chapter 13 when you are inside the Incubation Lab. Enter the door behind this lab to find an open box. Collect biosensor scope from there. You can use it with any weapon that supports a scope attachment.

Remember to have the Level Two keycard with you to enter the Incubation lab. Collect keycard from the freezer. This concludes the weapon parts section, the last collectibles.

Final Remarks

This is all about the Collectibles in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Getting all the collectibles will take some time, but it is worth it when you eventually get there. Make sure you get all the mentioned collectibles to get rare trophies. Take your time when trying to complete each Collectibles category before you move on to the next one.

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