Resident Evil 4 Remake Blacktail Location, Upgrade & Guide

Blacktail is one of the strongest handguns in Resident Evil 4 Remake. It can be bought from the merchant in chapter 7 for 24000 Pesetas.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Blacktail

Handguns are essential to a survival game like the Remake version of Resident Evil 4. More powerful weapons are available to you, like shotguns, but a secondary weapon like Blacktail always helps when your primary runs out of ammo.

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about Blacktail and whether buying this handgun is worth it. We will prove this by comparison with other powerful firearms Resident Evil 4 Remake has for you to play with.

Key Takeaways

  • Blacktail is one of the most used handguns in Resident Evil 4.
  • It can be bought from the Chapter Seven merchant for 24000 Pesetas. 
  • Selling Blacktail in RE4 Remake will give you 12000 Pesetas in return.
  • Blacktail has a high fire rate and reloads faster, helping you in tough situations with bosses and enemies.
  • You can upgrade the gun from any merchant station.
  • Four statistics of Blacktail can be upgraded, which include Power, Ammo Capacity, Reload Speed, and Rate of Fire.
  • Blacktail gives tough competition to Red9 regarding damage and precision, as Blacktail proves better in some outcomes.


inspecting Blacktail
Blacktail Handgun Statistics | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Blacktail has a supportive fan base because it was used in the initial release of Resident Evil 4 in 2005. Even though its stats have changed, it can still be helpful in intense moments. The high fire rate of this weapon gets you many kills if you are packing sufficient ammo.

Along with it, the reload speed is a significant advantage because if the enemies are ganging up on you, quick reloads save your life, and you make a fantastic escape out of a challenging situation.

Inside the gaming community, the Red9 handgun is considered the most potent sidearm, but Blacktail is no less as it can wipe out enemies with almost the same bullets as the Red9 does; we will discuss this shortly.

The fully upgraded version of Blacktail is even better as it further increases your fire rate and power, dealing more damage to your enemies at close range. Moreover, the gun feeds on handgun ammo, which you can craft or buy from the merchant.

Another essential fact about Blacktail; it consumes the least space in your inventory out of all the other handguns, making enough space for you to keep other essential items when you are going in for a boss fight.

How To Get

Getting Blacktail is the more accessible part. You don’t have to care about searching every corner of a place. You can get Blacktail from the merchant in Chapter 7 at the earliest. It will cost you 24000 Pesetas when you are first buying it.

If you plan on selling the handgun for some reason, it will give you 12000 Pesetas back. To visit the merchant in chapter 7, reach this point. To buy, you need to see the merchant in Chapter 7.

this is where you find merchant
Visit Merchant over there to buy Blacktail | Image Courtesy: VeryAliGaming

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Blacktail Upgrades

Like every weapon, you can upgrade your Blacktail handgun by getting to any merchant location. Make sure you have significant Pesetas before you max out this handgun on upgrades.

upgrading blacktail handgun
Upgrading Blacktail gun statistics | Picture By: VeryAliGaming



Ammo Capacity


Reload Speed


Rate Of Fire


Exclusive Upgrade

After you upgrade the four attributes of this gun, you can buy the complete Blacktail upgrade, which amplifies your gun power by 1.5x. It can be purchased for 100,000 Pesetas.

Comparison With Red9

Comparing Blacktail with Red9 will give a definitive answer on which gun to keep. How many bullets both handguns shoot to knock down an enemy will be seen initially. It takes seven Red9 bullets and nine Blacktail bullets to kill the enemy. However, we see a different outcome when both guns are maxed.

When guns are fully upgraded, it takes three bullets each to eliminate. These were the results when the opponent was in its standard form. However, both handguns took 11 shots to kill when the enemies were in Plaga Mandibula form.

From these results, we conclude that when Blacktail gets upgraded, it becomes more potent than its fellow handgun. Moreover, during the testing, we also saw that our desired pistol Blacktail was more precise and accurate, and it had a higher fire rate giving it an advantage over Red9.

Is It Worth Buying Blacktail

People crave high fire rates in any weapon they choose to shoot with. Other factors are also crucial, but fire rate gives you more advantage as you fire more bullets in less time. Blacktail gives you that. Additionally, its accuracy statistics are excellent in close range, providing a solid reason to buy it.

Every gun has drawbacks; for Blacktail, it’s the ammo capacity. After all the capacity upgrades, you get moderately enough space. But this is left unnoticed when its advantages are put into the equation. Moreover, the less inventory size is also a plus point.

In conclusion, keeping Blacktail with you will not disappoint once you get used to playing with it. It’s a perfect companion that gets you out of a tricky situation where you might die without this gun. 

Summing It Up

This is it for the guide on Blacktail. We hope you decide on the results based on e presented and are satisfied. Try using Blacktail more when enemies are pushing up on you, as it works best for closer ranges. Ensure you follow VeryAliGaming so you keep getting notified for helpful guides on the latest releases. Also, check out the following:

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