Resident Evil 4 Remake Charms: Best & Full List

Resident Evil 4 Remake has 31 charms that grant the player exclusive perks including better Health Recovery and ammo crafting bonuses. Here are all of the 31 Resident Evil 4 Remake charms, including the pre-order exclusive ones.

All 31 charms in Resident Evil 4 Remake.
Take a look at our list of the charms in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Resident Evil 4 features 31 charms that are ranked from Common to Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Pre-Order Bonus. Here are all of the charms and their effects explained.

Key Takeaways

  • The game features 31 charms in 5 categories: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Pre-Order-Exclusive.
  • Common charms include Zealot with Bowgun, Bella Sisters, and Don Estaban.
  • Some of the best Rare charms include J.J., Ada Wong, and Luis Sera.
  • The most powerful Epic charms are Merchant, Illuminados Emblem, and Ashley Graham.
  • There are 2 Legendary charms: Striker and Cute Bear.
  • Additionally, there are 2 Pre-Order-Exclusive charms: Handgun Ammo and Green Herb.

Best Charms 

Below, I will list a summary table for all of the charms in the game. 

1CommonLeader ZealotGreen Herbs get a 10% Health Recovery boost.
2Zealot With Shield+20% bonus Shotgun Shells frequency when crafting.
3Zealot With Bowgun+20% bonus Bolt frequency when crafting.
4Zealot With Scythe+20% bonus Submachine Gun Ammo frequency when crafting.
5Don Jose+15% bonus Handgun Ammo frequency when crafting.
6Don Estaban+15% Shotgun Shells craft bonus.
7Don Diego+15% Rifle Ammo craft bonus.
8Dr. Salvador+20% Rifle Ammo craft bonus.
9Don PedroVipers get +40% Health Recovery.
10Don Miguel+15% Submachine Gun Ammo crafting bonus.
11IsabelVipers grant +30% Health Recovery
12Maria+15% Magnum Ammo craft bonus.
13Bella SistersGrants a +20% craft bonus for Magnum Ammo.
14Soldier With HammerGrants a +20% crafting bonus when making Handgun Ammo.
15Soldier With Stun Rod+15% Bolt crafting frequency bonus.
16Soldier With DynamiteAttachable Mines get a +30% crafting bonus.
17RareLuis SeraIncreases weapon resale value by 20%
18Black BassGrants a +100% Health Recovery bonus when using the Black Bass.
19Ada WongGives you an exclusive 30% discount on Body Armor repairs.
20J.J.40% off on all resources.
21Leon With Handgun30% off on all Knife repairs.
22Leon With Rocket LauncherGrants a 20% discount on the Rocket Launcher.
23Leon With ShotgunIncreases the Ammo resale value by 40%.
24ChickenAll Egg Types grant +100% Health Recovery.
25EpicRhinoceros Beetle+100% Health Recovery Item resale value
26MerchantAll weapon upgrades have a 5% discount.
27Illuminados EmblemIncreases the Critical Hit Rate on melee weapons by +20%.
28Ashley GrahamGreen Herbs grant +50% Health Recovery.
29LegendaryStrikerRun speed is increased by 8%.
30Cute BearReduces Gunpowder cost by 1 during crafting.
31Pre-Order Bonus (Standard Edition)Handgun AmmoGrants a +30% Handgun Ammo crafting bonus.
32Pre-Order Bonus (Deluxe Edition)Green HerbGreen Herbs grant 15% more Health Recovery

Common Charms

Common is the lowest rank in charms. As the name suggests, these charms are pretty common to come by. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t powerful.

Most of these are focused on granting you either extra Health Recovery or more ammo when crafting. 

Leader Zealot

  • Effect: Green Herbs get a 10% Health Recovery boost.

In my opinion, Leader Zealot is the best charm to get for your character. This charm lends a Health Recovery bonus to Green herbs. In case you don’t know, Green Herbs are the in-game items aiding in healing your character.

By increasing the healing capacity, you get to last longer during your adventures,

Zealot With Shield

  • Effect: +20% bonus Shotgun Shells frequency when crafting.

Zealot With Shield is the first among several Zealot-themed charms. This charm boosts the yield of Shotgun Shells when crafting by 20%. In essence, it means that you get more Shotgun ammo and don’t have to scavenge for it through the map.

Zealot With Shield is the best charm for players who prefer using Shotguns and are tired of crafting ammo.

Zealot With Bowgun

Zealot with Bowgun, a Resident Evil 4 Remake charm.
For Bolt Thrower users, the Zealot w/ Bowgun charm is ideal. (Image captured by us)

Zealot With Scythe

  • Effect: +20% bonus Submachine Gun Ammo frequency when crafting.

The Zealot With Scythe charm is the best charm to equip for players whose fighting style involves Submachine Guns. This charm boosts the yield of Submachine Gun Ammo when crafting by 20%.

Considering that you need to craft ammo very often, this charm is a lifesaver when you’re going on long expeditions.

  • Effect: +20% bonus Bolt frequency when crafting.

Another crafting bonus charm, this one has to do with Bolts. The Zealot With Bowgun Charm increases your Bolt craft yield by 20%. This means that you can take your Bolt Thrower into battles without worrying about having extra Ammo stocked up.

Don Jose

Don Jose charm.
Don Jose grants you a 15% Handgun Ammo craft bonus. (Image captured by us)
  • Effect: +15% bonus Handgun Ammo frequency when crafting.

Don Jose is the first charm in line when talking about charms in the Don group. This charm grants a 15% Handgun Ammo craft boost. What this basically means is that you craft more Handgun Ammo in one go, reducing the need to craft frequently.

For players who use their handguns for longer battles, this is perfect.

Don Estaban

Don Estaban, a Resident Evil 4 Remake charm.
Don Estaban grants a 15% Shotgun Shell craft bonus. (Image captured by us)
  • Effect: +15% Shotgun Shells craft bonus.

Don Estaban is pretty similar to the Don Jose charm. But instead of granting a crafting bonus for Handgun Ammo, it does the same for Shotgun Shells. Shotgun Shells are precious when you need to take out multiple enemies at once. A crafting bonus means you always have a few Shells handy.

Don Diego

  • Effect: +15% Rifle Ammo craft bonus.

The Don Diego is the perfect match for players whose playing style heavily relies on powerful rifles. The charm boosts the rate at which Rifle Ammo is crafted, meaning you get more Ammo in less time.

Since rifles need the most ammo out of any other weapon in the game, this charm is more of a blessing.

Dr. Salvador

Dr. Salvador charm.
Dr. Salvador is perfect for rifle users. (Image captured by us)
  • Effect: +20% Rifle Ammo craft bonus.

If you need more Rifle Ammo than the Don Diego charm can give you, then you’ll prefer Dr. Salvador. It increases the Rifle Ammo craft bonus from 15% to 20%.

Given the boost is not much of a difference. But when crafting Ammo in bulk, you’ll see just how quickly Dr. Salvador makes a difference.

Don Pedro

  • Effect: Vipers get +40% Health Recovery.

The Don Pedro charm grants a +40% Health Recovery bonus when consuming Vipers. Vipers are similar to Green Herbs in that they’re used to heal up in-game.

One thing that I should let you know is that the amount of healing they provide is very low. Hence, the extra Health Recovery boost is a major advantage when you’re all out of Green Herbs.

Don Miguel

  • Effect: +15% Submachine Gun Ammo crafting bonus.

The Don Miguel charm grants a boost in Submachine Gun Ammo production when crafting it. Submachine guns are incredibly fast and hence, require a lot of ammo, much like rifles.

This means that the Don Miguel charm will grant you more ammo when crafting it, making you last longer in battle.


  • Effect: Vipers grant +30% Health Recovery

Another charm for Vipers, this one is a bit less powerful than the Don Pedro charm. It increases the Health Recovery that the Vipers grant you by 30%. Considering Vipers are not as powerful as Green Herbs, the Isabel charm is a much-needed upgrade.


  • Effect: +15% Magnum Ammo craft bonus.

The Maria charm increases your Magnum Ammo yield when crafting by 15%. For players who love using magnum firearms like the Broken Butterfly and Killer7, this is the ideal charm.

Magnum Ammo is not easy to come by in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Hence, keep this charm on you at all times if you use magnum firearms.

Bella Sisters

Bella Sisters, a Resident Evil 4 Remake charm.
Bella Sisters grants a boost in Magnum Ammo generation. (Image captured by us)
  • Effect: Grants a +20% craft bonus for Magnum Ammo.

An upgrade from the weaker Maria charm, the Bella Sisters charm grants you a 20% Magnum Ammo craft bonus. Players who use the Killer7 should utilize this charm and increase their Magnum Ammo yield.

Soldier With Hammer

  • Effect: Grants a +20% crafting bonus when making Handgun Ammo.

The Soldier With Hammer charm is a handy charm for people who rely on the good old Handgun. This charm increases the yield of Handgun Ammo by 20% when crafting. It’s an upgrade from the Don Estaban charm, though you’ll need to acquire it separately.

Soldier With Stun Rod

  • Effect: +15% Bolt crafting frequency bonus.

If you’re fond of the new Bolt Thrower weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake, then you should use the Soldier With Stun Rod charm. This charm increases your Bolt crafting frequency and is a major upgrade from the Zealot with Bowgun charm.

It’s best for people who are always short on Bolts.

Soldier With Dynamite

Soldier with Dynamite charm.
This charm is perfect for players who use Attachable Mines. (Image captured by us)
  • Effect: Attachable Mines get a +30% crafting bonus.

Attachable Mines in Resident Evil 4 Remake are resourceful weapons for taking out multiple enemies at once. When crafting Attachable Mines, however, you’ll find that the Soldier With Dynamite charm improves your yield.

Specifically, it increases the yield by a whopping 30%.

Rare Charms

Rare charms are a bit harder to find. These charms have special effects that do not follow the same pattern as common charms. These provide you with exclusive discounts, higher item resale value, and better Health Recovery.

Luis Sera

  • Effect: Increases weapon resale value by 20%.

The Luis Sera charm is ideal for players trying to make extra cash. This charm increases the price at which your weapons sell by 20%. It might not seem like much.

Considering that some weapons can cost a fortune, increasing the resale value means you make more of a profit. It only works when selling weapons.

Black Bass

  • Effect: Grants a +100% Health Recovery bonus when using the Black Bass.

Black Basses are healing items much like Green Herbs. Their healing power isn’t as high as Green Herbs, countered by the fact that they are more easily found.

They can be found in water bodies like lakes and fountains. This charm grants a 100% Health Recovery bonus, meaning if you’re going to a place with water, this charm is a must-have.

Ada Wong

  • Effect: Gives you an exclusive 30% discount on Body Armor repairs.

Body Armor is constantly getting wrecked and rendered weaker with every battle. With this charm, you can save up on Body Armor repairs by a whopping 30%.

This lets you get right back into the action instead of heaving to scavenge for currency. It’s best equipped when you’re going to repair your armor after a major fight.


J.J., a Resident Evil 4 Remake charm.
J.J. greatly reduces the cost of your resources. (Image captured by us)
  • Effect: 40% off on all resources.

The J.J. charm is extremely powerful, despite only being a rare charm. This charm grants you a whopping 40% discount on all resources.

Now, this doesn’t include all items in the game. But it will help you buy your desired items at a cheaper rate.

Leon With Handgun

  • Effect: 30% off on all Knife repairs.

Much like Body Armor, Knives also tend to get damaged with use. If you want to hone the edge of your Knife but don’t want to spend a lot on it, then this charm is for you.

The Leon With Handgun charm is the ideal choice for when you need to quickly get your Knife repaired and then jump right back into the action.

Leon With Rocket Launcher

  • Effect: Grants a 20% discount on the Rocket Launcher.

The Leon With Rocket Launcher charm comes as a blessing as it grants a 20% discount. This reduces the final cost to 1.6 million Pesetas. It’s still a fair amount of money to gather. But at least it saves you 400,000 Pesetas.

Leon With Shotgun

  • Effect: Increases the Ammo resale value by 40%.

When crafting Ammo, it’s a given that you might sometimes make more than you need. Or, you might be collecting Ammo for a weapon you no longer use.

Hence, the Leon With Shotgun charm lets you sell your Ammo for higher. If you’re already selling unwanted Ammo, might as well sell it for higher and gain some extra cash.


  • Effect: All Egg Types grant +100% Health Recovery.

Eggs also grant Health Recovery just like Green Herbs and Black Bass. Considering that they’re not the easiest to find, you’ll need this charm.

The Chicken Charm grants all Egg types a +100% Health Recovery bonus. This includes Gold and Brown Chicken Eggs as well as others scattered throughout the game. The charm lets you heal up more.

Epic Charms

Epic charms are better than Rare charms. There are only 4 epic charms. These charms grant more powerful perks. The effects include higher Critical Hit Rates and even weapon upgrade discounts. 

Rhinoceros Beetle

Rhinoceros Beetle charm.
This is the best charm for selling Health Recovery Items. (Image captured by us)
  • Effect: +100% Health Recovery Item resale value

The Rhino Beetle charm is an example of a charm that’s very situational. However, once you know how to wield it correctly, it can change the pace of the game.

This charm grants a +100% resale value to all Health Recovery items. Some of these are rarer but others are easier to find. Hence, if you can sell them, you’ll be able to rack up insane amounts of currency.


Merchant charm.
Use Merchant before upgrading your weapons. (Image captured by us)
  • Effect: All weapon upgrades have a 5% discount.

This is one of those charms that you want to hold on to. The Merchant charm is a special Epic charm that reduces the cost of all weapon upgrades by 5%. For players who quickly want to cycle through weapons and get the most powerful version of a weapon, this is a must-have.

Illuminados Emblem

  • Effect: Increases the Critical Hit Rate on melee weapons by +20%.

The Illuminados Emblem charm is straightforward yet impactful. This charm grants you a Critical Hit Rate bonus of 20% on melee weapon hits. Since melee weapons require you to close the distance, extra damage to end the fight quicker is necessary.

Hence, the Illuminados Emblem is perfect for people who like to fight with Knives. pair this charm with the Primal Knife and the Indestructible perk to make the most of it.

Ashley Graham

  • Effect: Green Herbs grant +50% Health Recovery.

Green Herbs are your primary source of health regeneration. Hence, the Ashley Graham charm is one of the most powerful charms in the game. This charm boosts the Health Recovery gained from Green Herbs by 50%.

This is furthered by the fact that green herbs are more common than other forms of Health Recovery, such as Black Basses and Vipers. The charm is not only a blessing for regular players but also for those who like to play in higher-difficulty settings and need to last longer.

Legendary Charms

Legendary charms are the most powerful charms you can find in Resident Evil 4 Remake. There are only 2 legendary charms. These provide boosts that, at first, don’t appear to do much. But when you use them, you start to see their true potential.


  • Effect: Run speed is increased by 8%.

For starters, it grants you a higher run speed. Now, how can this be better than more Health Recovery or a higher Critical Hit Rate?

Well, a higher run speed means that you can evade attacks faster. For players who are playing in higher-difficulty settings or are slow to respond, this charm is a blessing.

Additionally, when taking down bosses, you’ll need to evade attacks more often. Evasion is just as important as Health Recovery, as, the more hits you avoid, the less health you lose.

Cute Bear

  • Effect: Reduces Gunpowder cost by 1 during crafting.

The last main charm in the game is the Cute Bear charm. The name sounds silly, but it’s very powerful. This charm reduces Gunpowder cost by 1 when crafting.

While a reduction of 1 might not seem like a lot, in the long run, it’ll save you a lot of Gunpowder. This leaves you more room for crafting, so you can stock up on ammo and take down enemies ruthlessly.

Pre-Order Bonus Charms

In addition to the main charms, 2 additional charms are exclusive to those who ordered the game earlier.

Handgun Ammo

  • Effect: Grants a +30% Handgun Ammo crafting bonus.
  • How To Acquire: Pre-Order Bonus (Standard Edition)

The Handgun Ammo charm is pretty straightforward. However, it has many implications within the game. This charm increases the Handgun Ammo crafting bonus frequency by 30%. This means that you have a higher chance of getting extra bullets when crafting Handgun Ammo. For handgun-only runs, this charm is a perfect choice.

Green Herb

  • Effect: Green Herbs grant 15% more Health Recovery.
  • How To Acquire: Pre-Order Bonus (Deluxe Edition)

The Green Herb charm is a DLC-exclusive charm that grants the Green Herb 15% of Health Recovery. Since Green Herbs are pretty common in the game, you’ll want to heal up as much as you can through them. Hence, this charm is a major advantage for players who want to do speed runs and cannot be bothered by health setbacks.

My Thoughts On Charms

These were all the charms that players could get their hands on in the game. For my recommendation, I tested all of them and it is quite hard to narrow down a few. But I would recommend you to GO with the Health Recovery charms such as Leader Zealot. Or if you are much into the guns blazing, you can get the boosts for Shotguns or Rocket Launcher. 

If you have more queries, share them with me in the comments section below. 

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