Resident Evil 4 Remake CQBR Assault Rifle Location & Upgrade

This guide covers everything there is to know about the CQBR Assault rifle, including the scenarios where this gun might be used more effectively. Let’s dive right into it.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Assault Rifle

Automatic rifles are essential to any survival game, especially if we are talking about Resident Evil 4. The CQBR Assault Rifle is one of the 29 weapons you will come across and has much to offer. You only get to secure this gun into your loadout once.

Key Takeaways

  • CQBR Assault Rifle is found in Chapter 10 of RE4 Remake inside the library on the map’s south side.
  • Take the stairs up from the Grand Hall to reach the library.
  • When in the dining room, you should take a quick right and find yourself among the bookshelves.
  • Go through these by killing the Armadura on your way. Hit their weak spots to eliminate them quickly.
  • After you are done, find a staircase leading to the library’s second floor.
  • Go to the south corner (by following the map) to find the square lock box inside the library wall.
  • Install the cube and rotate it until it fits inside the hole to solve the puzzle successfully.
  • After doing that, the wall will decode, awarding you the CQBR Assault Rifle.
  • Visit the merchant on an upgrade station to boost your weapon stats.
assault rifle examination
CQBR Assault Rifle in the inventory | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

The CBQR Assault Rifle is an iconic RE4 weapon that can quickly eliminate tough bosses. It is highly used close to the end of this game due to its high fire rate and damage statistics. You will find this gun pretty late in the game, precisely in the 10th chapter, The Depths of Hell.

The gun is powerful, but finding its Rifle Ammo is hard, so it should be used wisely. Furthermore, you can find the rifle ammo in various locations on the map in the first and the second chapters, or you will find it on the bodies of dead enemies. 

CQBR Rifle Location

As already mentioned, you will find the assault rifle inside the library, just like the image below shows the map. 

find your assault rifle on this point
Assault Rifle map location | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
  1. In the previous chapter, Dire Situation, you have already been to this place, but you played as Ashley and explored this area.
  2. Now, you must return to this place but as Leon.
  3. You first need the keys to the puzzle to get to the rifle, which will lead you to the gun.
  4. You didn’t have the keys while playing as Ashley, so you could not reach the gun.
  5. Now as Leon, you need to get to the Square Lock Box shown on the map with the Cubic Device in your hands.
  6. The cubic device is a key that you must have secured in the 9th chapter.
  7. To reach the desired location, you first need to get to a specific library section, where you will find yourself among a maze of bookshelves.
  8. Then, find a staircase that will directly lead you to the puzzle after you reach the library’s second floor.
key needed for the assault rifle
Should be collected in the 9th Chapter | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Beware of Armaduras inside the Library. They are dressed up as knights and wear similar armor. You must aim your weapon at the weak point close to their necks to kill them. Shoot them multiple times to get them on their knees and eventually finish them.

After getting rid of Armaduras, go up the stairs and quickly leave to find the puzzle inside the wall. Press the desired key as shown on the screen to start. The mystery is nothing but to fit the cubic device inside the wall.

You will do this by rotating the device multiple times and finding the side that fits the pattern drawn on the wall. When you do that, the cube automatically fits inside and opens up the vault. Moreover, as it opens, you see the CBQR Assault Rifle resting on its stand.

collecting assault rifle
Collect Assault Rifle from over here | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Collect the weapon and go inside your inventory to equip it. You can also examine it to look at its stats which are mentioned in the table above.

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My Recommended Upgrades

assault rifle upgrades
Visit merchant to upgrade your Assault Rifle | Picture By: VeryAliGaming

You can visit the Merchant on an upgrade station to boost your rifle stats. In exchange for Pesetas, I recommend three details that can be upgraded: Power, Ammo Capacity, and Reload Speed.

It also comes with an exclusive upgrade to increase the rifle’s power by 1.5x, but it is costly. There are a total of five levels for each upgrade, so that makes a total of 15 levels. Therefore, they gathered many Pesetas before deciding to upgrade the rifle.



Power Upgrades Table.

Ammo Capacity


Ammo Upgrades Table. 

Reload Speed


Reload Speed Upgrades Table. 

In the end, we have an exclusive update for the CQBR Assault Rifle that further increases the gun power by 1.5x, which is a massive boost to the power, and the gun is at its maximum potential right now.

This will cost you 100,000 Pesetas which is a very huge amount. Moreover, you can only unlock this upgrade if you have bought all the levels of the previous upgrades.

That is all the information you need about the CQBR Assault Rifle in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Ensure you catch the Cubic Device in the previous chapter while playing as Ashley. Upgrading the weapon will require a lot of currency, but it returns the favor once done, trust me.

After all the upgrades, the assault rifle can eliminate almost every boss this game throws at you, as it has so much power and a big magazine. However, as the gun is automatic, ammo usage will be very high. Therefore, try using it against only the difficult enemies, where there is no chance of surviving otherwise. 

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