Resident Evil 4 Remake Grandfather Clock Puzzle

There are two Grandfather Clocks that you'll need to unlock. The guide will explain how to find the correct time you need to add in the clock!

Resident Evil 4 Remake Grandfather Clock
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Puzzles in Resident Evil 4 Remake are a hassle sometimes. Today we’ll crack the Resident Evil 4 Remake Grandfather Clock Puzzle, similar to the “Wall With Four Slots” puzzle we solved in the Bindery. 

In the hunt for Leon, you’ll encounter the clock while playing as Ashley during Chapter 9. You’ll be venturing through the library after getting separated from Leon. Ashley will be determined to succeed on her own. There is a whole section of mazes, puzzles, and exciting battles, such as the one with the great knights in chapter 9. If you’ve already done the initial steps, you’ll play as Ashley.

At this stage, you’ll have to scout the whole library to look for clues and notes scattered around for clues. The clues will help you with the Grandfather clock. It’ll be easier when you find the notes and see what time stamp they are covered with, and you’ll be able to enter the exact time on the clock to open the secret door.

Additionally, the Grandfather puzzle will only be solved depending on the time of your playthrough, which means the time on the notes will vary! The solution I provide in this guide might not even help you solve the puzzle. Therefore, you must scout the library and find the note, ultimately tallying the time written on the note.

Key Takeaways

  • The time on the note depends on your playthrough and difficulty settings.
  • Repeating the puzzle might give different clock times!
  • You’ll encounter the Grandfather Clock in Chapter 9.
  • You will also play as Ashley once you’re in the library.
  • The clock will open when you enter the correct time.
  • There will be two clocks in Chapter 9 that you need to unlock.
  • You also need to find the Salazar Family Insignia and use it to access the elevator that leads you to Leon.

Grandfather Clock

Fast forward to when you separated from Leon, unlocked the door to an elevator to escape from the Knight, and briefly spoke with Leon from the other side. This is the scene when Ashley says, “Hang on, I’ll figure something out!”

You’ll find the first Grandfather Clock. From here, move toward the back of the clock and enter the room to see a note left on the table.

Correct Time on The Note
Here’s the note that you’ll find on the table next to the clock – Image By VeryAliGaming

Pick up the note and tally the time. Assuming it’s your first time solving the puzzle, the time on the clock will read “11:04.” However, this may change depending on your playthrough, but whatever it is, you’ll find it on this note!

Adjusting The Clock Hands
Here you’ll have to adjust the clock to the time 11:04 – Images By VeryAliGaming

Go back to the clock and assign the clock hands to the time, “11:04.” You’ll hear four bell rings, and after that, the passage will open. Walk through the staircase, and shine your light at the first Knight that appears to stun him.

You’ll find another door with a lever; press “X” to turn it over, and the door will open. You might find more knights here, so shine your light directly at their faces to slow them down!

 Second Grandfather Clock

Second Grandfather Clock
Use the same time, 11:04, to unlock the door behind this clock! – Images By VeryAliGaming

You will find another clock similar to the one you unlocked before. Use the same time, which is 11:04, and adjust the hand clocks to this time, and the bell will ring four times before opening the path for you. Remember that the time depends on your playthrough and the difficulty with which you’re playing the game.

For first runners, the correct time will be “11:04,” and the second playthrough will be 7 O’Clock! As for the difficulty levels, here are the right times you need to input for both the Grandfather Clocks;

  • Assisted / Normal Difficulty “11:04”
  • Hardcore / Professional Difficulty “7:00”
Salazar Family Insignia
You’ll find this Insignia after completing the puzzle that requires shining the light on the walls – Image By VeryAliGaming

Although, you may skip finding the note and exploring the library and apply the correct time on the clock for them to unlock the secret passages. However, to regroup back to Leon, you’ll need to find the Salazar Family Insignia through a series of puzzles and routes with Ashley.

Upon finding the Insignia, you’ll have to run for the elevator leading to the balcony. And there, you will find Leon trapped inside a cage at the Grand Hall. The cutscene will start, and Ashley will be taken away by the enemy ending Chapter 9.

Final Touches

Resident Evil 4 Remake takes you through some of the most challenging puzzles in the game. The game has 16 chapters, allowing the players to enjoy the game for a fairly decent time. Moreover, wrapping up the Resident Evil 4 Remake Grandfather Clock puzzle, players will have to invest their time in the game to complete Chapter 9. They might miss out on a few details, so we’ll be sure to update you with a fresh Walkthrough for this chapter!

Until then, here are some guides that will highly benefit you;

  • Re4 Remake Cabinet Code: Unlocking the cabinet code will give you access to the Crystal Marble. You will later have to plug this Marble inside a wood with a dent. Later, you can access a room with the Insignia Key, which you’ll need to unlock the “Door with Insignia” back at the Lakeside Settlement!
  • Re4 Remake Lake Symbol Puzzle: You will encounter this puzzle in Chapter 4 to enter the Church. The extra items you forage during this journey will help you complete the main story!
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