Resident Evil 4 Remake: How To Kill Chainsaw Man [Guide]

Diving right into the Chainsaw Man in the first act in Resident Evil 4 Remake is challenging but don't worry we'll guide you the way.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

We are all familiar with the Chainsaw Man since the first original Resident Evil 4 was launched in 2005. The Chainsaw Man has no background story but is known as “Dr. Salvador,” an infected card in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. When Leon reaches the village, The Chainsaw Man arrives to do lethal damage with his chainsaw.

  • The first boss fight in RE4 Remake is with the Chainsaw Man.
  • Use a shotgun. Handgun, grenade, and flash grenade to kill the Chainsaw Man.
  • Make sure your ammo is complete before the fight.
  • We would recommend taking the higher ground because it’ll make it much easier for you to kill. 
  • Have some aid spray for healing yourself.
  • Use the farm’s fire lamp to burn the Chainsaw Man.
  • Kill the Chainsaw Man or wait for the bell to ring.
Resident Evil 4 Remake
Location of the chainsaw man – Image Captured by: Veryali Gaming

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, we’ll meet the Chainsaw Man in the village with dozens of Las Plagas. Leon will have to fight his way through to reach the town when he sees the first cop dead; he’ll go searching for the other one. That’s where Leon will end up in a small village surrounded by.

Resident Evil 4 Remake
Grab some ammo – Image Captured by: Veryali Gaming

First things first, your handgun ammo must be enough. You’ll have a bunch of time grabbing ammo before the boss fight. Also, Make sure to save your aid spray and grab some herbs for crafting so that you can heal yourself. Try not to waste your ammo before reaching the village.

Resident Evil 4 Remake
What’s going on – Image Captured by: Veryali Gaming

Once Leon opens the door, you’ll see a path leading toward’s a point where you’ll use your binoculars to see what’s happening in the village.

Resident Evil 4 Remake
Sacrificing the cop – Image Captured by: Veryali Gaming

When Leon looks through his binoculars, he’ll see Beard Cop, who says to Leon go and see what’s taking so long at the start of the game. Leon immediately looked for the other Cop “Mario Fernandez” who was already found dead in the basement.

Resident Evil 4 Remake
Mario Fernandez Found Dead – Image Captured by: Veryali Gaming

There’ll be a voice of the Beard Cop with broken signals coming from the radio attached to Mario Fernandez. After that, when Leon reaches the village, he’ll see the Beard Cop burning to death, and he won’t be able to save him.

The Chainsaw Man

The chainsaw man immediately comes in the original Resident Evil (2005). But in Resident Evil 4 Remake, he won’t arrive until and unless you kill some of the villagers fighting them and running towards the village could be chaos. Try shooting them in their leg. It will slow them down and give you the option to melee attack and enough time to think.

Killing them won’t solve your problems. Try to find the open door; it’ll be on the left side of the church. Go inside. Once you go inside, you’ll see a cinematic cutscene where Leon is locking the door, and he’ll see through the broken wall that a man is walking toward him with a giant chainsaw.

Resident Evil 4 Remake
Chainsaw Man – Image Captured by: Veryali Gaming

Methods To Counter Chainsaw Man 

There are two ways to survive in the village: first, to kill him, which can be challenging but doable, and second, to wait for the church’s bell to ring.

Kill Chainsaw Man 

Chainsaw Man
killing the chainsaw man – Image Captured by: Veryali Gaming

He’ll be busy cutting the door in half. In the meantime, you’ll see stairs going right up behind those stairs. There’ll be ammo for the shotgun. Go upstairs you’ll see a hand grenade and a gun mounted on a wall. Everyone will come to the first floor through the ladder and break the glass. The man with the chainsaw will go into the house from the stairs. Throw the grenade at him when he’s coming right up. After throwing the grenade, run toward’s the window and jump through it. 

After that, keep running, and you’ll see a small farm. On that farm, there’ll be a fire lamp. It would be best to wait for him to come right below it. Shoot at the fire lamp to burn the farm, and the man with the chainsaw, but boiling the farm will not kill him. Instead, you can use your shotgun while he’s burning. If he’s still not dead, try taking the higher ground and throwing the ladder so no one can come up.

Chainsaw Man
Melee Attack On The Chainsaw Man – Image Captured by: Veryali Gaming

Now when he is just about to die, let him come near you and take a headshot from near then; you’ll see a melee attack option that will finish him off. When you kill him, some resources will be on the ground, which you can use further in the game. Now that you have killed him, you won’t see his face again in the game, but if you leave him alive in that village, he’ll return for you.

Wait For The Bell To Ring

Chainsaw Man
Church’s Bell Ringing – Image Captured by: Veryali Gaming

If you find killing him difficult, you can still endure. Surviving won’t be difficult. Just keep running and stay away from him. To survive, you may have to fight at specific points just because, most of the time, you’ll be surrounded from everywhere, and they’ll be no place to run. As time passes, you’ll hear the bell ringing, and everyone will stop and start walking right toward the church.

Closing Remarks

Surviving the journey is easy, but killing the Chainsaw Man and not seeing him is a relief. The Chainsaw Man can do too much damage through a single Resident Evil 4 Remake attack. This was the first boss fight of the game. The upcoming boss fights are going to be much more challenging. 

That’s all for the Resident Evil 4 Remake guide. Today will catch you in the next one. Let us know if our guide was of any help.


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