Resident Evil 4 Remake Luis Sera [All To Know]

In this guide learn all you need to know about Luis Sera and his role in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Luis Sera
Luis Sera Cover Art | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Resident Evil 4 is Filled with many Amazing Characters. While Ada Wong plays a crucial part in the game, she plays no role in the actual gameplay. Ashley also stays with you in many chapters, but your only responsibility is to protect her. Luis Sera is one supporting character that stays with you in some Resident Evil 4 Remake branches. He Brings Much Humor into the game’s Dialogue and helps Leon out in specific chapters.

Key Takeaways

  • Luis Sera is an Important Side Character in Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • He Belongs to the Same Village the game is set in.
  • Umbrella Employed him because he was a Genius Biologist.
  • Luis Worked in the Umbrella Laboratory Six Team, responsible for studying a virus that can control its host.
  • He Shows Up in Some Chapters of the game.
  • Leon Gets Helped by him along his way in the Underground of the Castle.
  • He Helps Leon and Ashley to Suppress the Virus and Remove the Parasites inside them.

Luis Sera Overview

Model of Luis Sera
Model Of Luis Sera | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Andre Pena has voiced the Character of Luis Sera. He has been a fan favourite survivor of the Resident series since he was introduced in the original Resident Evil 4. The Remake revamps and showcases more of the Luis Sera character in the game as he is in more scenes and has more screen time now.

Luis Sera aids Leon in his journey to save Ashley from the cult leader Osmund Saddler while his mysterious backstory comes to light bit by bit. This time, Luis Sera’s role has changed a lot, providing him with more Character and playing a more vital role in the main storyline of Resident Evil 4 Remake. 


Luis Sera cover art in Resident Evil 4 Remake
Cover Art Of Luis Sera | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Luis Sera Navarro was raised in the same Village where Resident Evil 4 is set. He lost his mother during childbirth and was raised by his grandfather, who later died, and Luis was left alone.

After this, Luis leaves the Village to earn a name for himself and enrols in a public university to become a genius biologist. Luis gets employed by the umbrella corporation due to gaining his fame and later on joins the Umbrella Europe Laboratory six team. This team is responsible for overseeing the nemesis project. They worked on a similar project to the Plaga virus, which also hijacked the host’s body.

However, sometime later, Luis was not entirely convinced by the work the Umbrella cooperation was doing and resigned. So during the Racoon trials, when the government was looking for everyone linked to Racoon city destruction incidents, They also came after Luis. But by that time, Luis was already in his remote Village of Valdelobos

Role In Game

Luis Sera shows up as an ex-researcher for the umbrella cooperation, and because of that, Leon is mistrustful of him at first. Leon saves him from Mendez when he is tied up in the game’s early chapters. As the game progresses, Leon also begins to trust his words, and Luis aids Leon on many occasions. Leon has the company of Luis During boss fights, protecting a cabin and a very thrilling cart ride.

The main reason why Luis is essential is that He has also worked on the Las Plagas virus and knows about it a lot. Due to this, he can also give Leon and Ashley medicine to suppress the virus’s spread and effects on them. Luis is also vital to the game as he has access to his laboratory, which plays a crucial part in the survival of Ashley and Leon.

He also helps Leon with much of the knowledge about the virus and the overall situation of the whole cult of Los Illuminados.

Chapter 2: First Encounter

In the ending moments of Chapter 1, you find Luis Sera tied up with his head covered up with a bag. After trying to rescue him, you also get caught by the village head, Mendez. Later on, Luis and Leon are both tied up at the start of chapter 2. While the two talk, Luis hints at where Leon can find Ashley.

He tells Leon that he saw people drag someone to the old church, which is his destination, in chapter 2. They escape their chains in a cutscene while Luis gives you the key to your cuffs and then disappears. After this, Leon asks Hunnigan to run a background check on Luis Sera over the telecom.

Chapter 5: Protect The Cabin

Luis Sera Resident Evil 4 Remake
Leon Pinning Luis Against The Wall | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

After Locating Ashley and running away from the swarm of enemies, you end up in a large villa house with Luis surrounded by many Ganados. Leon pins Luis against the wall. He starts questioning him while Luis points out that Ashley is the missing Senorita. Luis gets saved from many questions Leon due to the swarm of Ganados attacking the villa to capture Leon and Ashley.

Leon and Luis fight against and survive the villa attack together. They run through a wooden gate until Ashley finds an escape route where they can run, and Leon successfully shoots a rope hinge to close the wooden door. After which, Ashley starts to cough up blood. Luis explains that they are infected with the same Plaga virus, making all the villagers aggressive and mad.

Luis explains how they can eliminate the parasite through a surgical procedure. He offers them a solution which Leon agrees to. Afterwards, Leon asks him why he is helping them. Luis says it is to make himself feel better. He leaves while telling them that he will contact them later on.

He also proceeds to meet Ada Wong in a cut scene then. They talk about an arrangement they had involving protection and amber.

Chapter 11: Two Vs Two

At the start of chapter 7, Luis asks you to meet him further inside the castle. At the beginning of chapter 11, Leon finally meets with Luis after successfully defeating the Verdugo boss. However, Ashley has been captured this time and is not with them, so this chapter goes on the journey of only Leon and Luis.

After the Verdugo boss fights, Leon starts to feel the symptoms of the virus, which are suppressed thanks to the medicine Luis brings. Now you must return to the ground level to Ashley with your new companion Luis. Afterwards, Leon and Luis search for dynamite to clear the blocked path.

They both fight countless Ganados, including a chainsaw man and a woman. Defeat all the enemies to get to the dynamite and return to the original path to clear out the way.

El Gigante
Luis And Leon VS El Gigante And Armoured El Gigante | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Leon would break a vent, and Luis will offer him to go first. Then you will be surprised with a jumpscare from the El Gigante. Luis and Leon will end up inside the room with two giants. The Armoured El Gigante and the normal El Gigante are returning for a rematch with Leon. But this time around, you have Luis to cover your back.

El Gigante is easily defeated by throwing him down the hatch into the lava. But after a while of fighting with the armoured giant, Luis leaves Leon alone to fight.

Luis will grab some dynamite which is then used to expose the weak plaga point of the armoured giant. You can also throw it down the hatch into the lava while he is stunned. The winners of the two versus-two fight will be the unstoppable duo of Luis and Leon.

Chapter 11: Mine Cart Ride

Luis Sera And Leon in Resident evil 4 remake
Banter Between Leon And Luis | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You hop on inside a cart in the mine, allowing Leon and Luis to travel faster. Unlike the original, Luis is here to accompany you on the thrill ride this time.

Before the start of the cart ride, Luis asks Leon if he enjoys thrill rides because he will love this one. Luis drives you around in the cart, while Leon’s job is to handle obstacles. Leon also takes care of the Ganados riding on coaches as well. He also leans on the right and left to ensure the cart stays on the track.

Leon and Luis go through countless jumps on the cart while maintaining its health points and condition. Hop off to explore more of the mines and then hop back on to enjoy the second part of the thrill rides. This time the caves are much more open, and there are many threats along the way.

Leon must also remove several fire crossbow users and chainsaw men on the carts near you to protect the cart after countless dangerous turns and falls. Luis and Leon will face their final jump after breaking the cart brakes. They somehow manage to jump off the cart in mid-air to save themselves safely and find themselves inside the room where the Plaga Virus was found.

This room is now a hive for the Novistadors.

Chapter 11: Hive And Krauser

Suppose you want to avoid Spoiler! Avoid this section.

The hive in re4 remake
Conversation In Elevator And Luis Opens Up A Bit | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

After successfully fighting off the Novistadors in the hive, Leon and Luis will find themselves on an Elevator. On the elevator, Leon will once again question the intentions of Luis Sera and ask him why he is helping them and to answer honestly. Luis tells Leon that he worked for the Los Illuminados cult and does not want anyone else to get hurt now.

He says he knows helping Leon and Ashley would not make up for it, but it makes him feel better. Your good conversations and moments will finally end when you leave the lift. Leon meets an old friend and teacher, Jack Krauser.

As Luis is celebrating escaping the hell hole, the good times end with a knife in Luis Sera’s back and him gasping for air. After a very intenser battle with Jack Krauser, Leon ends up on the ground; Jack Krauser comes to finish Leon. However, a well-placed and timed shot from Luis saves Leon’s life. He shoots his gun at Krauser while coughing up blood and leaning against an object.

Final Moments 

Luis Sera in Resident Evil 4 Remake
Leon Lights Up Last Cigarette for Luis | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Even in his final moments, he retains his sense of humour and jokes about his death by saying, “And such a loss to the ladies of the world.”. He then proceeds to give Leon the key to his laboratory. Luis tells Leon to help Ashley by removing the parasites. He also starts to light up a cigarette but fails to ignite the lighter.

Leon lets him fire up the cigarette, and Luis starts talking about his life. Luis mentions how he led a very shitty life but then asks Leon if Leon can say that people can change as he talks about himself. Luis then sadly passes away. The cigarette falls from his mouth, and Leon puts his lighter back in his dead hands.

Ending Remarks

Luis Sera is a very mysterious character at the start of the game, which keeps the player guessing whose side he is on. But later in the game, you realize how much of a fun character he is. There are many things Capcom has changed from the original to the Remake about the Character of Luis Sera in the game.

They did the character justice with a lot more backstory on him. As well as some chapters about him being a companion of Leon.

Sadly the journey of Luis Sera with Leon is small. He will probably not appear in any of the Resident Evil series now. But he remains a perfect side character with a lot of fan love on his side.

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