Resident Evil 4 Remake Merchant Requests [Full List]

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Merchant Requests In Resident Evil 4 Remake
A detailed guide on Resident Evil 4 Remake Merchant Requests.

There are 19 merchant requests in Resident Evil 4 Remake, each with a new task the player can embark on. Once players obtain the side quest pages and fulfill the given task, they must go to the Merchant and inform him.

The Merchant will reward the player with some Spinels, a sort of exchangeable gem you use to trade with the Merchant. Players can obtain various unique items such as Weapon Equipment, Exclusive Upgrade Tickets, or Treasure Maps in exchange for Spinels.

Key Takeaways

  • These requests come with a particular task the player must complete and act as side quests in Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • Out of all 16 chapters, Chapters 6, 8, 13, and 16 do not contain any Merchant Requests.
  • Upon completing each Merchant Request, players are granted Spinels, a form of the gem used for trading at the Merchant Store.
  • Once you complete all 19 Merchant Requests, you unlock a silver trophy/achievement named “Jack Of All Trades.”
Spinels can be used for trading in Merchant Store
Spinels can be used for trading in Merchant Store – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Here is a walkthrough of all Merchant Requests to help players complete each one of them with ease:

Destroy The Blue Medallions 1 (Chapter 1)

Destroy the Blue Medallions Merchant Requests
Destroy the Blue Medallions Merchant Requests – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Description: “For the love of god, will somebody please get rid of the blue medallions those religious lunatics left hanging around?”
  • Quest Location: There is a windmill in the Farm area; go there and look for a closed gate. The quest page is on the wall right of that gate. The quest is available in Chapter 1; you can not perform the quest once you move past Chapter 5.
  • Objective: In Chapter 1, players can find five Blue Medallions throughout the farm area. If you have trouble tracking them down, here is our Blue Medallions guide to help you during the process. Destroy these Blue Medallions with the help of a weapon.
  • Reward: Spinel x3

Pest Control (Chapter 2)

Pest Control Merchant Request
Pest Control Merchant Request – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Description: “Get rid of the rats that have taken up in the factory! We don’t know if they are carrying any diseases, but we’d rather not find out!”
  • Quest Location: To start the Pest Control side quest, go to the first Merchant you encounter at the farm in Chapter 2 and look for a pinned paper on the wall next to him.
  • Objective: There are three rats inside the Abandoned Factory you were in; go back inside and track down three rats. Kill these rats and report back to the Merchant outside to complete the quest.
  • Reward: Spinel x3

Viper Hunt (Chapter 3)

  • Description: “A dear friend of mine is gravely ill, and I’d very much like to treat them to some delicious vipers before they pass. Is there a snake charmer willing to lend a hand?”
  • Quest Location: The Viper Hunt Merchant Request is available in Chapter 3 of the game. Right outside the Town Hall, there is a Merchant store with a Request page on the wall beside it.
  • Objective: There are three vipers you must find and kill. Sell those Vipers to the Merchant to complete the quest. These Vipers are located anywhere; however, they’re mostly seen in the Fish Farm area or the Town Hall.
  • Reward: Spinel x4

Grave Robber (Chapter 3)

  • Description: “Those traitorous twins should not be allowed to rest in peace for joining that evil cult. Won’t someone-anyone-destroy the emblems engraved upon their tombstones!”
  • Quest Location: Go behind the Church and look for a Merchant Request stuck on a wooden pole around the corner.
  • Objective: Once you have collected the request, enter the cemetery right ahead of the Church. Go to the center of the graveyard and look for two graves next to each other. They’ll both be engraved with an emblem; destroy them.
  • Reward: Spinel x2

Destroy The Blue Medallions 2 (Chapter 3)

  • Description: “Is there anyone who can destroy those blue medallions?? The area is polluted by their presence, and I can’t bear it!”
  • Quest Location: Players can start this quest by going to the Quarry Entrance. The Merchant Request is on the wall right before you enter the Quarry.
  • Objective: The second set of Blue Medallions exists in the Fish Farm and Quarry area. There are five of them, which you must locate and destroy. Follow our Blue Medallions guide to track them down easily.
  • Reward: Spinel x4

Egg Hunt (Chapter 4)

  • Description: “Someone fetches me a rare gold chicken egg! What will I do with it? Well, sometimes it’s more fun not knowing, right?”
  • Quest Location: Make your way toward the lake, but do not leave the area just yet, or else you’ll skip the quest. Once there, go outside the Mural Cave and look for a request page stuck on the wall.
  • Objective: Get yourself a Gold Chicken Egg, which is inside a small area on the east side of the lake. The place carries a lot of chickens and has a golden egg lying around. Pick up the egg and sell it to the merchant to complete the request.
  • Reward: Spinel x3

Catch Me A Big Fish (Chapter 4)

Catch Me A Big Fish location
Catch Me A Big Fish location – Image Credits: insanegamer52
  • Description: “Could someone catch the gigantic fish that lives in the lake for me? Fish oil has many uses, after all.”
  • Quest Location: You must carry the Insignia Key to gain the Request page. Now visit the Lakeside Settlement and unlock the Insignia Gate. Head inside and find a Merchant Request note.
  • Objective: Go in front of the Boat House and look around for a Lunker Bass, a giant fish roaming around in the water. Kill it with Harpoon attacks and pick the fish up. Sell the fish to the Merchant and fulfill his request. In addition, make sure your inventory has enough storage before starting the quest.
  • Reward: Spinel x4

A Savage Mutt (Chapter 5)

  • Description: “I need someone to get rid of the wild dog that’s been roaming around the village. It’ll be easy to spot; it’s not like normal dogs.”
  • Quest Location: Right outside the Town Hall, there is a Merchant. Go to him and find a Request page stuck on the wall next to that Merchant.
  • Objective: Visit the Village Chief’s Mansion and boost Ashley up. Now explore the attic area. Once done, go back to Village Square, and you’ll face the beast Savage Mutt. The dog will not spawn if you don’t visit the Village Chief’s Mansion beforehand; therefore, make sure to complete the prerequisites. Defeat the spawned Savage Mutt in order to complete the quest.
  • Reward: Spinel x8

Destroy The Blue Medallions 3 (Chapter 7)

  • Description: “Those blue medallions have been strung up around the castle by those crazy zealots. They’re a damn eyesore! Someone get them out of my sight.”
  • Quest Location: In Castle Gate, there is a Request note on a pillar near a door. It is the same door you destroyed open with a cannon. Collect it to start the third side quest of destroying Medallions.
  • Objective: There are six Blue Medallions located all over the Castle Gate area. Destroy them all in order to fulfill the Merchant’s Request. Check out our Blue Medallions guide to find each of these Blue Medallions faster.
  • Reward: Spinel x5

Destroy The Blue Medallions 4 (Chapter 9)

  • Description: “Those annoying blue medallions are a blemish, and I want them gone! Let us show them that we are not afraid and that we will not stand for this!”
  • Quest Location: Go to the room with a Typewriter and a Merchant inside the Grand Hall. Here, look for the Request page lying on a table.
  • Objective: Players can find six Blue Medallions inside the Grand Hall, destroy them all, and complete the request. Read our Blue Medallions guide as it covers each of the Blue Medallion’s locations.
  • Reward: Spinel x5

More Pest Control (Chapters 9-10)

  • Description: “Rats have infested a section of the castle and are gnawing away at all the precious books, but those heretics couldn’t care less! Please, someone, get rid of these vermin before it’s too late!”
  • Quest Location: The Request page is outside the Dining Hall of the Grand Hall. Here, you will find a statue; the Merchant Request is nearby that statue.
  • Objective: You need to find three rats infesting the castle and kill them. The first rat is roaming inside the Dining Hall, the second one is in the Hallway with Armory, and the third one unlocks in Chapter 10 beginning. Track it down in the Hallway nearby library.
  • Reward: Spinel x3

Merciless Knight (Chapter 10)

Merciless Knight (Chapter 10)
Fighting with the Merciless Knight – Image Credits: Tutankhamon
  • Description: “I seek a brave soul willing to dispose of that monstrosity of a knight. But be warned: it is much stronger than the others. He cut down our best with a single strike.”
  • Quest Location: Right before you enter the library in the Grand Hall, you can find a Request note on a desk in that area.
  • Objective: In Chapter 10, players start by playing as Leon. Make your way to Mausoleum; here, you will encounter the Merciless Knight along with two of his men. Take all three of them down. The combat with them will be challenging; therefore, prepare well before you dive into it.
  • Reward: Spinel x8

Insect Hive (Chapter 11)

  • Description: “Too many have lost their lives to the never-ending swarm of insects. It is a plague! Please destroy the entrances in their gigantic hive and save us from further tragedy!”
  • Quest Location: While in the Hive area, travel towards the east. Here, keep an eye out for a wooden pallet, as it holds the Request page.
  • Objective: There are four Hive entrances throughout the Hive area, allowing insects to travel and spread diseases. These entrances are in the form of a yellow orb attached to the ceiling. Find all four of them and destroy the path for nasty insects to travel from. Once done, report back to the Merchant.
  • Reward: Spinel x4

Jewel Thief (Chapter 12)

  • Description: “Someone help me recover a stolen jewel snatched by a thieving crow! I bet it can be found in the vile thing’s nest. It is an heirloom of our family and cannot become some bird’s plaything.”
  • Quest Location: Go to the elevator area in the Ballroom; there, you can see two Request Pages on the wall, one of which contains the “Jewel Thief” side quest.
  • Objective: Visit the Courtyard through the west gate of the Ballroom. Once at the Courtyard, go near the merchant and look for the thieving crow’s nest resting on a balcony. Aim and shoot at the nest till it drops the Scratched Emerald. Now visit the Merchant nearby and sell him the retrieved jewel.
  • Reward: Spinel x3

The Disgrace Of The Salazar Family (Chapter 12)

The Disgrace Of The Salazar Family (Chapter 12)
The Salazar Portrait
  • Description: “That detestable Ramon Salazar… Even the very sight of his image makes my skin crawl. Do me a service and find some way to deface the portrait of him in the room shown in the photograph, will you? I’m not particular about how you do it. Hitting it with something might do the trick.”
  • Quest Location: The Request page is on the same wall as the “Jewel Thief” Request.
  • Objective: Go east of the Ballroom to visit the Throne Room. Here, collect a Golden Chicken Egg from the Shrine located on the right. Now comes the fun part, locate Ramon Salazar’s portrait in the same room and throw the egg on the portrait to “deface” it.
  • Reward: Spinel x4

Destroy The Blue Medallions 5 (Chapter 14)

  • Description: “If anyone has a moment to spare, would you please turn those blue medallions into a broken mess on the floor? I know that it won’t bring back the old days, but I can’t let this stand!”
  • Quest Location: The Merchant Request is available right outside the Merchant’s room, located in Facility 1 Storage.
  • Objective: There are five Blue Medallions all over the Cargo Depot. Your job is to track them and destroy them with a weapon. I recommend checking out our detailed guide on Blue Medallions in case you have trouble finding them.
  • Reward: Spinel x5

Even More Pest Control (Chapter 14)

  • Description: “I’ve had enough! Disgusting rats are running all over my area, making the place filthy. Will someone help me keep things clean and take care of those tiny terrors once and for all?”
  • Quest Location: The Request page is resting on machinery near the Merchant in the Waste Disposal area.
  • Objective: There are four rats, or “tiny terrors,” you must locate and defeat. All four of them are in or around Waste Disposal. Check out our Pest Control guide to know the exact location of these disgusting rats.
  • Reward: Spinel x3

The Wandering Dead (Chapter 14)

  • Description: “There have been sightings of what appears to be a strange corpse wandering around, likely the result of some immoral experiment. Won’t someone put it out of its misery and end its pathetic existence?”
  • Quest Location: In Chapter 14, once Ashely knocks down the wall with a wrecking ball, you can find the Request lying on a crate nearby.
  • Objective: Make your way to the Incubation Lab, which is located east of Facility 1 Storage. Now get your weapon ready along with a scope and take down the Strange Corpse lurking in the area. Kill the parasites inside of the body by aiming at the corpse. The enemy should be down within 4-5 shots, so there’s no need to waste your Rocket Launcher over it.
  • Reward: Spinel x8

Destroy The Blue Medallions 6 (Chapter 15)

  • Description: “I want every single blue medallion in these ruins smashed to pieces! Even this piece-of-shit island would look better without them hanging around.”
  • Quest Location: Go to the Cliffside Ruins exit; the Request page is pinned on the wall there.
  • Objective: The Cliffside Ruins area contains five Blue Medallions. You have to find each one of them and destroy it. Check out our detailed Blue Medallions guide to help you with their location.
  • Reward: Spinel x5

Reward For Completing The Merchant Requests

Upon completing all 19 Merchant Requests, players obtain a silver achievement/trophy, “Jack Of All Trades.” Therefore, if you are planning to earn all available achievements, going through the Merchant Requests is a must.

Each Merchant Request consists of an entertaining task, sometimes quite effortless and sometimes challenging. These side quests may not directly impact the main storyline, but they’re definitely worth your time, especially if you wish to discover every aspect of the gameplay.

I hope our Merchant Requests guide proves helpful and allows players to take on any side quest without much trouble. Good luck!

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